The 2012 Election: A Verdict on White Nationalism



For over a year now, Occidental Dissent has been investigating the ethnic and cultural divisions between “White Americans.”

Just yesterday, I posed a meaningful question to OD readers: Can White Northerners Say “No” To Black Run America (BRA)?

It didn’t take long for us to find out that the answer to that question was a definitive “NO.” Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, DC and Hawaii.

In New England, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan only won five counties. They lost every county in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. They only won one county in Maine, one in Connecticut, and three in New Hampshire. Yes, Romney and Ryan even managed to lose Belmont and Janesville to Barack Obama.

This evening told us a lot about “White America.” It also told White Southerners a lot about the potential (or lack thereof) of “White Nationalism.”

Although Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were unable to win Belmont, Massachusetts or Janesville, Wisconsin, they had no trouble winning far away from home in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina. They were also able to drag North Carolina back into the Republican fold.

In Virginia, Romney and Ryan lost a narrow race in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William County in the DC suburbs in Northern Virginia. In Florida, the race still hasn’t been called at this late hour, but Romney and Ryan are down by 0.05% with 100% of precincts reporting.

Isn’t it strange how it broke down that way – again? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost every county in Massachusetts, even though their campaign was based in Boston, but won every county in West Virginia. They lost Massachusetts by 61% to Barack Obama, but won West Virginia by 62%.

If this election had only been held in the South, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would have won 148 electoral votes to Barack Obama’s 42. Without the huge Yankee enclaves in Northern Virginia, the I-5 corridor, and South Florida, Romney and Ryan would have easily swept Florida and Virginia too.

In the House of Representatives, Republicans picked up 1 seat in Kentucky, 1 in Oklahoma, 1 in Arkansas, 1 in South Carolina, 1 in Georgia, 3 in North Carolina, held their own in West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and lost 1 in Texas and 2 in Florida.

Among other notable accomplishments, Republicans won the North Carolina governorship, finally succeeded in knocking off Rep. Ben Chandler in Kentucky, and won control of the Arkansas General Assembly. They won a supermajority in the Tennessee state legislature and expanded their control of the North Carolina state legislature.

White Nationalists claim that the problem is the “System.” They claim that “Jews control the media.” For some reason, White people in Massachusetts voted for Barack Obama twice while White people in Tennessee voted against Barack Obama twice. Roughly 60% of people in Massachusetts and Tennessee participated in the “System” and voted for exactly the opposite candidates for president.

Are the Jews who control the media emitting some kind of secret signal via MSNBC to vote for Barack Obama that can only be intercepted and deciphered by White Yankees? If the “System” itself is the problem, why does the very same “System” produce such strikingly different and predictable results along the same regional and cultural lines?

I’m ready to propose an alternative theory: the real problem is neither the “System” or “Jews control the media.” White Southerners ignored the Mainstream Media and were convinced that Romney would win in a landslide right up until his defeat. They also ignored the Mainstream Media, which most of them dislike anyway, and overwhelmingly voted a second time to remove Barack Obama from office.

The real problem is that there is … NO SUCH THING AS “WHITE PEOPLE!” White Southerners are culturally ready to say NO to BRA, but we were shot down yet again in another Pickett’s Charge.

The majority of White Northerners do not identify with their race. They don’t think in terms of “white interests” or “white identity.” They don’t see “the Jews” or changing racial demographics as a threat to their identity. On the contrary, these demographic changes in the South and West are exciting to them because the growth in the non-White population works to their immediate short term political advantage.

For 180 years, Yankees have thrown White Southerners under the bus for the sake of their negro allies, mostly out of lust to dominate the central government: they armed almost 200,000 negroes and marched into the South at the head of negro armies to destroy the Confederacy, they crippled our economy for nearly a century when they abolished slavery, they overthrew the Constitution at gunpoint, made blacks into U.S. citizens, and imposed negro rule on much of the South for nearly a decade, they alone passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act which destroyed the Jim Crow South, and now they have elected Barack Obama as president twice over our opposition and even in preference to one of their own kind.

That’s the latest addition to their sparkling record on race.

White Nationalists have created an mythology of whiteness and extended it to all “White people.” They seek to create a “White Republic.” Presumably, this “White Republic” (an abstract fantasy that exists only in their own minds, which has no physical correspondence to any specific geographic area or ethny in the real world) would be a homeland for the “White people” who are supposedly a “nation.”

Do these “White people” act like a nation though? That’s not what we saw in the 2008 or 2012 elections. Instead, we saw almost the whole predominantly “White” Northeast and West Coast called as a Greek phalanx within minutes of each other for Barack Obama. The “White people” who live in those areas share a mindset and a culture that is utterly alien and irreconcilably opposed to our own.

It is easier to make excuses like “the Jews are controlling our minds” or “the System is hopelessly broken” than to admit that the cold hard truth: the majority of White people in the North support Barack Obama because they approve of his policies, and they consider blacks, Jews, and Hispanics to be their political allies, and White Southerners to be their biggest political enemies.

That’s the way it always breaks down. Always.

The South is almost monolithically Republican now because Dixie is a nation that is increasingly alienated from the rest of the United States. White Southerners are a distinct ethnic group. We share a common ancestry, a common culture, a common history, and a common destiny. There are various other alien racial and ethnic groups living within our national territory. The exact borders of our ethnic group do not neatly correspond to the borders of our states.

We saw that again tonight.

Just as most of the Northeastern states were called within moments of each other, the same was true of most of the Southern states. White Southerners voted against Barack Obama virtually everywhere we are numerically predominant. There is no need to invent a fictitious “metapolitical” bond of “whiteness” because there is a natural sympathy among our co-ethnics in different states.

Moving forward we need to nurture those organic bonds of blood, culture, and interest and eschew abstract ideological bonds which are no substitute for kinship. We need to quit thinking of ourselves as “White Americans.” We need to quit believing that our ethnic group is co-extensive with “America.” We need to quit pretending that this Union is anything but a a curse and a prison for our nation.

Hopefully, the rejection of the South tonight by the rest of “White America” shattered some of these illusions, and reminded millions of people that we are the permanently degraded minority in this country. I also hope this latest display of affection and solidarity between African-Americans and Yankees comes to be seen as a verdict on the distraction that is White Nationalism.

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  1. “Do you have a source quote?”

    Sorry, I don’t, I’m not a professional scholar. Such people can be very useful and necessary because of their professional rigor, but I simply have a different temperament. I’m just the kind of guy who reads a lot of things and is generally honest cuz I resist the urge to make stuff up — my authority for the Freud quote is that I’ve read a lot of Freud (just read, don’t necessarily agree) and it simply wouldn’t occur to me to make that line up out of nowhere, so my bet is that he really said it. I suppose it’s technically possible that somebody else fabricated it –ferreting those sorts of things out is what scholars are for– but, knowing something of Freud’s character, to me it sounds authentic. It strikes me as one of those things that, as Shaw put it, are “too true to be good.”

    But I can’t cite a footnote for you alas.

  2. Ravenswald,

    I don’t believe in the existence of “White people” because the racial solidarity that you assume is non-existent. Far from being on our side, Yankees are plainly on the side of blacks and Jews.

  3. Following on the heels of that effort, I am thinking seriously about hiring Alex Linder to lead a political racial based coalition founded on his ideal economic policies up in Ohio. His superb strategy of calling the white workers there white niggers is what I ‘m really banking on to haul in the supporters and bring in the cash contributions.

    I figure that on the enormous strength of these two strategic locations we can take back the country inside of two years and wrap this up for all time.

  4. Alex,

    Obviously, Romney couldn’t make any racial appeal, overt or coded, primarily because that would have upset the Chris Matthews/Lawrence O’Donnell constituency in the North that swallowed his nonsense about creating a “post-racial” utopia the first time around and who flinch at any overt sign of racial identity.

    He lost among those people anyway because in Massachusetts they preferred their nigger president in every county to one of their own. He also won 59% of the White vote and still managed to lose the national election.

  5. If only Mitt Romney had been a tough anti-semite and harshly open racist, he would have swept New York and Illinois.

  6. “Hunter’s analysis on this is as flawed as his earlier analysis showing a Romney win. The best exit poll data shows that whites, on average in ALL STATES, voted at just a shade under 60% as a block. Blacks voted 93%, Asians 73% and Latinos 71% in a block. Whites in all parts of this county voted as a block, against the combined strenght of everyone else. As Virginia and Florida clearly demonstrate, the only significant difference between, say, California and Alabama in final outcome is that Alabama hasn’t been targeted yet for massive Latino immigration. When it does, Alabama will go blue, just as Texas will shortly, just as Virginia is in the process of doing. There is no doubt that Whites in the South have more race consciousness than elsewhere, but Hunter’s assertion that all other Whites in the U.S. are hopeless is clearly simply not true.”

    Looking at the results in the truly rural counties in this state, I find results in the 60’s and up to the high 70’s percentile for Romney and as low as the low 20’s for Obama, the same percentages as in typical rural counties in Alabama — the difference being, however, that blacks accounted for most of the 20’s and up for Obama in Alabama, and in the rural counties in this state, where the black and Hispanic components barely total 1 or 2 %, the 20’s and up for Obama came mostly from white voters, mostly “traditional” coal regions Democrats who hate “the party of the rich.”

  7. Are we still discussing electoral politics?

    How do we get publicity for partition?

    Do we do a “We are change” and ambush politicians and business men with “are you OK with the blending out of existence of the white race?” and that type of stuff?

    Billboards on major roads in Red States?

    Armaments, gardens, neighborhood organizations?

    Internet chatter?

    Surely economic boycotts and general strikes have to be in there somewhere?

  8. The White vote in Virginia and Florida for Obama was greater because of the Yankees enclaves in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, and Prince William County in NOVA and in Florida because of Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida.

    Romney easily won Virginia minus NOVA and North Florida.

  9. The “Yankees” (a very strange term that I encounter only here) who transplant into the south and other places are generally some of the worst.

  10. “When Yankees live in the South, they vote with the local black population like they do nationwide. WNs can pretend otherwise, but that’s the truth of the matter.”

    I believe it. It’s just like Californians moving elsewhere in the West.

    Or blacks, for that matter, moving into a house in a nice neighborhood and turning it into a little ghetto, spreading outward.

  11. Hunter said:

    … I don’t believe in the existence of “White people” because the racial solidarity that you assume is non-existent. Far from being on our side, Yankees are plainly on the side of blacks and Jews.

    First: I don’t assume what you say I assume. Just saying it don’t mean a thing.

    Second: I agree that there is a huge difference between Southrons and Yanks in terms of LOYALTY to their “own people”, by which I mean all Whites targeted for genocide by anti-Whites. We don’t even need to discuss blacks and Jews. All we need to talk about is anti-Whites.

    Third: Yes, there is no “racial solidarity” present. But the actual “thing” of RACE is rather REAL. The anti-White enemy thinks it’s real, and they attack based on their belief in its reality. Whites have no choice but to assume that the anti-Whites are not talking about Yanks or Southrons when they say “racists” and “supremacists”. They are talking about White People.

    Fourth: The fact that there is not YET the “solidarity” which leads to collective action is NOT a reason to kill the potential solidarity in the crib. Stop doing that.

    Fifth: “Our Struggle”, in the long run, has no choice but to center discourse on White People as a whole, even though our diversity means we will never be a homogenous whole. Anti-Whites don’t hate us because we’re (fill in the blank) type Whites. They don’t just hate Southrons, or Yankees, they hate ALL of us.

    Sixth: In the short run and the long run, subgroupings of White People (call them whatever they wish) will exist. Southrons are one such group. The South CAN and probably SHOULD be “its own nation”. But that doesn’t make it the enemy of northern Whites just by virtue of geography. Think co-operation, once another subgroup becomes aware.

    Seventh: Yes, the “yanks” are not aware. Lots of White People EVERYWHERE are not yet aware. Moving them in the right direction is our task. The “unaware” will soon be under the same “oppression” as the “aware”. This makes it easier.

    Eighth: Did I already say, “Stop creating division where it’s not necessary for overall survival”?

  12. I hear there are serious rumblings in New England today. They are complaining the New York Times and Barney Frank are just not Liberal enough. Something has to be done.

  13. There are still plenty of racially aware whites north of the Mason Dixon line. I’d venture to say that more than 50% of white heterosexual non-Jewish males voted against the mulatto, even in my deep blue Marxist hellhole of a state. Of course, the same demographic would probably poll more than 80% in most of Dixie.

    Don’t get too down on us Yankees, Hunter. Romney, if elected, may have led us into another catastrophic war in the Middle East. Also, the national debt currently stands at $16 trillion and will only continue to swell in the next four years. Having the inept half-caste at the helm of our sinking ship may work out for us in the long run.
    Cheers, Copperhead

  14. Brutus: Don’t limit your scope to just the white folks out in Seattle.

    Think: Networks of Nodes, with “invisible” bamboo-like root structures (rhizomes) connecting the nodes.

    The method is implicit in the technology of the net. We no longer have to rely on spacial contiguity to form nodes with “life” into a network. We have the tools, right now.

    We are not playing Chess, where we think in terms of “pieces” which have certain powers to “capture” enemy pieces. We are now playing Go, or Weiqi, a game of creating networks of walls that surround space. That “space” doesn’t have to be whole extents of connected territory, but can be a network of smaller spaces, linked by rhizomes of intention and loyalty.

    It’s a whole new game. We don’t need to “take back” the Kwa. We need to create networks of nodes that are protected from the power of Sauron to bleed dry. I’m sure you’ll think of some ideas to put this in place where YOU “are”.

  15. Till you break the censorship of whites being able to talk about what is good for whites then debates like these are intellectual fluffery.

    The absolute first thing that must be done is to destroy that censorship and secure the right to free speech.

    Then the people will come.

  16. Thank you VERY MUCH for that map!!!

    Just look at Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Wyoming, and Nebraska!!!

    Oil, food, ports, rivers, mines, and high tech population centers of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin!

    Can someone explain the blue counties in Colorado? Are they reservations?

  17. RobRoySimmons, I agree, a bill board might be a great converstation starter:

    Two whites talking while their little girls practice soccer: Hey Bob, did you see that new bill board on I-30?

    Which one?

    The Texas Independence Now! Billboard

    Is that real?

    Maybe, I thought I saw a sticker on John’s car when I ran into him and Carol a Applebees

  18. “Oil, food, ports, rivers, mines, and high tech population centers of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin!”

    I know. If we made a country out of the red states, what would we lack? We’d even have (aging) nukes cuz there are still Peacekeeper ICBMs in Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY.

    “Can someone explain the blue counties in Colorado? Are they reservations”

    No. Libtard refugees from the shithole they created in California. Came to (formerly all red) Colorado in the 90s, settled in the (formerly) beautiful Front Range of the Rockies areas and promptly began working to crap in their new nest to make it just like the one they fled. Same as happened in Jackson Hole, WY.

  19. Ravenswald,

    Lumping Yankees together with Southerners as “White people” is like saying that the English and the French are the same people. See my latest post on the shift in the state legislatures.

  20. Landshark,

    Yes, the Yankees in California who have moved to Colorado have done the same thing ot that state that they have done to Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. In the South, they vote with the black population. In the West, these Yankees ally themselves with Hispanics.

    If you live around Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, the tendency of these Yankees to ally themselves with non-Whites is unmistakable. Yankees moving to Nevada from California have already tipped the scales in that state.

    The normal conservative refugees from Southern California have moved to Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

  21. “Lumping Yankees together with Southerners as ‘White people’ is like saying that the English and the French are the same people.”

    Dividing Anglo-Celts with nearly identical genetics and the same distant ancestries and origin into “different peoples” by the chance of being born on one side of the Line or the other is like saying that horses of the same breed, ancestry, and even colour, are different kinds of horses depending on which side of the barn they were born.

  22. I think Romney has a humanitarian’s heart. I simply feel he lacked the intellectual depth (culturally) to properly sort and reject the appropriate issues and accept the correct ones. I believe his record in MA proves that.

    I like how it’s put here:
    “Finally: you didn’t like Romney that much either. So are you really surprised? The entire Republican primary was a search for a “Not-Romney” candidate. In fact, you probably once contemplated voting for Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, or Rick Santorum precisely because Romney was a flip-flopper who invented Obamacare in Massachusetts. Just a year ago, my dear conservative friend, you were likely very much against the idea of Romney being your nominee. So how can you be surprised that other Americans never warmed to him as a choice for president?”

  23. No this was about niggers, spice, Jews and Asians voting as a bloc along with North Eastern Whites and midwestern whites (Who have not caught on yet) It’s really that simple. Racial war filtered through a ballot box.

  24. Sure. But I do not believe a better candidate couldn’t have won more of the white vote. I do believe in four years a better candidate, if cleared a path through the nonsense, can take the white vote.

    How many more percentage points of the white vote would a candidate needed to have taken in order to win?

    All Romney needed to do was hit a tiny little note. Just a little one. Yet he couldn’t hit a piano key with the broadside of a barn. I’m surprised he did as well as he did. I can’t imagine it’s impossible to find someone better.

  25. “As for the White Nationalist movement, it is misnamed as usual, by people that have no experience in real world politics.

    It should have been called the Pro White Movement, right from the start, so it gives people only two choices: ”

    geeze good point, that’s a no-brainer. Great point. Just ask the “anti-federalists”, I’m sure they’re lying in the grave still kicking themselves for not being “pro-states”.

  26. “Obviously, the ethnic and cultural lines are not identical with state borders, but we have already been over that many times.”

    Obviously, the average DNA profiles of the Anglo-Celt “Yankees” and of the Anglo-Celt “Southrons do not differ enough to mark them as “different peoples.”

    Someone born of Welsh parents whether in Pennsylvania, or Virginia, or the Falklands or Australia, or Wales, is still one of the same Welsh people, for example. The Amish German Swiss are really the same people as Reformed German Swiss. The Scottish-, Welsh-, English-, Irish-, Dutch-, Scandinavian-, Swiss-, West German- and other northwest European-derived inhabitants of America are pretty much all the same people. Dividing our common Anglo-Celt genetic identity, or even our common Western-European identity by the Mason Dixon Line into two separate peoples is unscientific.

    Think genetic identity, and genetic conservation.

  27. Different culture? Yes, to be sure. Different political conditions, history of slavery, blood feud with descendents of Union soldiers, constitutional right to secede from the Union? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Different PEOPLE? I do not agree.

  28. test is right, from the Southron White man’s point of view the yankee quibble is of no importance. It don’t make a tinkers damn worth of difference. They vote they way the do and force their horseshit on us through the ballot box. That’s what matters in practical terms. That and showing our brothers we can’t have the nation we want hitched to the yankee bandwagon.

    Mosin what does it matter to us how your rural folk vote when your whole state reniged? I don’t understand why people keep going back to things like. yankeedome as a whole are the problem which isn’t to say every yankee is the problem

    The jew mind control stuff makes less sense the more I think about it. I can GUARAN-damn-TEE you yankees we’ve had more anti Southron White man programming/ propaganda thrown at us and for a longer period of time then y’all can imagine. Straining in the 1820’s or so

    Almost as dumb as the idea of the lily White north going for the negro because of minorities. Again the logic doesn’t follow. Most of those states and counties are way Whiter then the South and yet…

    A few hours ago, the yankees here were contrite now they are pissy. Southron White men, watch and learn the real nature of the yankee

  29. Genetics no longer count, then. There is no white race, when peoples or nations are defined by factors such as culture, or unsettled blood feud, or unique heritage of Negro slave use and importation — rather than DNA!

  30. I appreciate your take as well mosin. But let’s face it, there’s something in the water down there. If there’s one Southron left in the country and 100 million Yankees, that motherfucker’s gonna rag those Yankees till every damn one of them is a Southron. So let’s just all be members of the Republican “Confederate” Party and smoke a peace pipe.

  31. “Mosin what does it matter to us how your rural folk vote when your whole state reniged?” What does it matter, then, how your state voted when some of your counties, including your cities of Charlotte and Raleigh, also reniged?

    Well, it’s none of my business how your state votes, or how your county votes — or even he multiculturals of the Philadelphia metropolitan area, the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg areas, and other urban areas vote. This state is two different states, as many other “blue” states are — and as are many “red” states with their internal “blue” urban areas, like Charlotte and Raleigh, or Atlanta. Some of our rural counties voted Romney in the seventies percentile, similar to many counties in the southeastern states. To deny that such people exist in considerable numbers is wrong, I think.

  32. Why? What does it matter to a Southron Nationalist? How does knowing that bring me one step closer to a free and independent South?

  33. I suppose it doesn’t matter at all, and I have no problem with secession. It is your right. But remember that there really are many distant blood brethren settled north of the Line, even Ulster-Scots, not a “different people” who are “worse than n—–s.” None of my ancestors, to my best knowledge, ever served in Lincoln’s army.

  34. Yes, Hunter. Italy, Vatican City and San Marino are different nations, as are Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Not necessarily truly “different peoples,” however. America revolted from the British nation, over certain poltical and economic issues, forming a different nation. Are we splitting a hair? But I do not agree that there is no white race, or that there is a very significant genetic difference between us, above and below the Line.

  35. There can be no common ground as a people as long as we are not a free people unless that common ground is breaking the union and freeing Southron White men

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