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Bill Yancey once mentioned Tasmania as a possible destination in the comments …

Note: The Yankees have reniged and now it looks like the Republicans are going to cave on amnesty. I’m growing increasingly afraid that these people have gone mad and that they are going to take us down with them. I’m also not really thrilled about sticking around for the 23rd iteration of “worse is better” with the vanguard.

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  1. The entire thing looks planned somehow. Obama wins and the next day the establishment comes up with the insane idea that not a single grassroots Republican was probably considering (that of more amnesty), then Jeb Bush pops up, Latina wife and all.

    This is a new level of evil. Really, a new level. It’s one thing to kick the people when they are up (Bush), a whole other thing to kick the people when they are down.

  2. LandShark says:
    ‘then Jeb Bush pops up, Latina wife and all.’

    Not another compassionate(faux) conservative name Bush! Hell no!

  3. Yeah Chrissy is right I’d only leave if I can do it like McArthur “I shall return”. Else I would have “run away,run away” stuck in my head. I like Australia though, though they have problems over there with the multi cult and de Juden.

  4. Running away is not the answer. I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. And once you get somewhere nice and get attached to the local people and culture you naturally want to do something to halt the same destructive trends going there that plague us here. And it’s hard to do that as a foreigner. Better to fight with folks of our own culture here.

  5. Hunter

    I think you are misunderstanding the “the worse the better” mantra, it’s not that the worse things get the better our lives are going to get, our lives are going to get worse no matter what happens. The worse things get the better the chances of white revolution, millions of white Americans are seeing the GOP die and they are looking for answers they will soon be looking for alternatives, millions of whites have been kicked out of their patriotard freeper world and have entered our racist nationalist world this is all for the best. As long as the United States still exists I hope we have black presidents with each being more repulsive than the last. Maybe we can get the Democrats to run a black post-op transsexual or one of those African tribeswomen with the plate in her lip the worse the better on steroids is what we need

  6. Why is every-one being such a pussy?

    Why run? Think like an Afghani!!! Do those Afghani Warlords act like a bunch a little crybabies? Hell no! they drive out every-one.


    We can have a LOT of fun with monkey wrenches HERE.

  7. The destruction of the Republican Party maybe the most significant event since the CIvil Rights movement the safety valve on white identity and white anger has been removed the left maybe celebrating the death of the GOP but they won’t like its replacement. The GOP is going down no doubt about it they either pass amnesty and make Texas and Florida blue states or amnesty fails but whites keep getting alienated from these losers for their pandering without getting any extra Latino votes. The destruction of the national Republican Party is a potential games changer and you have us Yankees to thank and to all you Southern boys out there, you’re welcome.

  8. Tasmania/Australia are only viably secure for whites on the condition that the USN is the dominant and unchallenged trans-Pacific naval power. That dominance is of course no longer assured.

    Asian and Indian and Arab and African hordes are already descending on Australia like several tons of bricks. If the Jews get their wish and the Christian Anglo-Celtic core identity of Australia is erased, and if/when the core identity of America as a white country is also erased, then there would be little basis for a mutual American-Australian naval alliance.

    Australia might then throw in its lot with the Chinese and Indian regional behemoths (indeed they already show signs of doing so). Then they could either suffer the slow death of a million-mile long conga line of invading immigrating Asian insects, or else the quick death of an actual undisguised Asian military invasion, which the US might well be either unable or else disinclined to halt.

    Either way, unless the political zeitgeist is seriously reversed and soon, Australia as a white refuge is toast. If present trends are not stopped then in a hundred years’ time, the only white people left in the Pacific will be the sex slaves working in expensive high-class brothels, bred for the purpose.

  9. @Prussiancroat
    I wouldn’t write the Republicans off just yet. The Whites in the Republican Party may turn feral, throw off their controllers and become a real White man’s party.

    The anti-whites are really rubbing their noses in it, like I’ve never seen before. This is bound to wake a few of them up.

  10. Hunter, you are a funny one. First you don’t man up and admit you were wrong with your D+10 bullshit, now you believe that Tasmania is a viable escape hatch. Tasmania is part of Australia, dumbazz, and Australia is worse than the US in terms of racial pandering (the Abos), gay rights, feminism. Try it out. Good riddance. Such a smart guy, such a fool.

  11. JamieG says:
    ‘I wouldn’t write the Republicans off just yet. The Whites in the Republican Party may turn feral, throw off their controllers and become a real White man’s party.’

    I hope so.

    JamieG says: ‘The anti-whites are really rubbing their noses in it, like I’ve never seen before. This is bound to wake a few of them up.’

    They really are! Just stiffens my resolve all the more. They will not prevail.

  12. Hell, I was under the impression that the election was about “saving the middle class” in the Midwest from Romney outsourcing jobs last weekend, and now two days after the election is about how we need “comprehensive immigration reform.”

  13. Prussiancroat,

    I ran the numbers. I came away convinced that “worse is better” had absolutely zero effect on racial and cultural attitudes in the Northern states. Yankees call it “worse is better” simply because they want to vote for Obama and other anti-White Democrats like everyone else in their area.

  14. That’s right.

    If you look at New England, the vote for Obama was unchanged after four years of “worse is better.” The only thing that changed is that New England became more liberal and more anti-White than it was before.

    OTOH, “worse is better” ends up punishing the South by putting Democrats in office who are going to do more to promote blacks and illegal aliens in the hope that they can permanently change the demographics in the South.

    Now it seems that we have reached the tipping point where Republicans are so panicked about the changing racial demographics that they will do anything to appease “the Hispanic vote.”

  15. It really isn’t natural to abandon the defense of one’s ancestral home for some greener grass Paradise on the other side of the Line — unless one happens to be surrounded in a multicultural metropolitan area.

    I’ve met one Tasmanian, from “The Apple Isle,” visiting here and picking apples, with an interest in agriculture. But what about Greenland, where you could help restore the farms of the Vikings, or the Falklands where you could help defend the fair Anglo-Celts against a darker-skinned invasion — and see the Auroras of the north or south poles at night, Hunter?

  16. The world is a small and increasingly overpopulated place, and the vast majority of us are stuck. our living space was the last pristine area.

  17. Having an exit plan is smart pool. If things went mad max tomorrow a good part of my sept would be on a plane to somewhere more settled. Historically that’s been a successful model.

    Dismissing the idea of protecting your clan like that is a good indication how thoroughly feminism has killed the idea of men being patriarchs

    Prussiancroat nailed the idea behind worse is better.

    I love the folks in Oz, and there women are a major step up from the typical american chick, but I’d not jump from the frying pan to the fire like that. Many Eastern European nations are actively seeking White and Western immigrants. And their gun laws are often better too

  18. Alas – all I am hearing is “I’m a Christian. Jeebus will fix everything, and we will all live in harmony”.

    Wait til the Amnesty goes through, and they learn about HEY=zoos first hand,

  19. Tasmania may not have any literal Yankees, but believe me, Australia is up to its chin in smug, destructive white-liberal leftist multicult bien-pensants. And they have plenty of dark, pet rape-apes of their own: Pakistanis, Arabs, Sudanese, abos. Plus they’re suicidally importing a foreign Chinese overclass — look at the university stats. If Australia doesn’t turn the ship around soon, whites there will be out of luck.

    I love Australian women, too. Yum. It’s too bad they’ll be extinct shortly. Or traded on the black market among Arab and Indian millionaires.

    Christ, if exquisite Australian womanhood isn’t a thing worth defending, I don’t know what is. But apparently Australian men would rather give away their land, their people and their future rather than be called racist.

    Was there ever before in all history a mighty civilization that curled up and died over a mere insult?

  20. HW: “Now that our Yankee friends have reelected Obama, the next step is to pass a massive amnesty for illegal aliens.” Remember folks, only “the Yankees” renigged. Woman, Latinos, gays, Asian, and Blacks didn’t have a thing to do with it. It was all “the Yankees.”

  21. Everyone, including ODer’s and Beckite Tea Partiers, who supported the pro-immigration Neocons from the beginning of the cycle and elected Romney in the primaries, SHOULD HAVE have supported the viable STATES’ RIGHTS constitutional-minded candidate.

  22. Only the majority-conservative states and counties can take action against the invasion. It is a matter of state and local sovereignty now.

  23. “It really isn’t natural to abandon the defense of one’s ancestral home for some greener grass Paradise on the other side of the Line .”

    How do you think our ancestors came to the U.S.?

  24. Eastern Europe or the white nations of South America are the best bet – almost no blacks, not immigrant meccas, lots of poor and working class whites who don’t mind manual labor jobs.

    Uruguay or Chile should be top on your list. Argentina isn’t bad – though the current woman running the country is literally crazy.

  25. Unfortunately Palmetto probably has the best answer for all us. Most of us couldn’t imagine not being a big mouth. I wouldn’t even know how to live at this point without being a big mouth. Yeah, I guess I could keep my head down and go about my business, but something would be missing. Something would always be missing.

    We all instinctively know that adding our big mouths to the political mix in a non-native country is not cool. Hell, even our presence would alter things, no matter how hard we tried to assimilate.

    If we leave we’d have to leave our overtly political personas behind. Would there be happiness in so doing? Sure. But we’d never fully be able to forget it. It would be like a lost limb. If you’re going to lose a limb, well, I don’t know. Make it count.

  26. “How do you think our ancestors came to the U.S.?”

    Often most of a family, even most of a village, departed together. That’s how it was with my ancestors on both sides. The most common reasons were NOT adventurism or fortune-seeking, but religious persecution, severe poverty and exploitation, and famine. Then there were the deported prisoners and destitute. One elderly immigrant from Brittany (actually speaks Breton) told me his village where he grew up was almost completely abandoned: they all came here. Even Gypsies and other nomads don’t abandon their MOVING “homeland.”

  27. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Would you have defeated foreign freedom fighters from around the world transplant themselves into your state or community?

  28. As-as unlikely as it seems-old Malice Rosenbomb herself said, any woman who would want to run a country is essentially crazy.

    And regarding Australian women in the great days of White Australia, I point to the famous lifeguard scene in Mondo Cane.

    Also see:

  29. Tasmania looks like a great place to weather the storm. How many times do you want to sit here and watch Yankees wreck the country and learn absolutely nothing from the experience?

    Do you want to spend your whole life watching them do it? Do you want to still be here listening to the vanguard twenty years from now saying that “worse is better”?

  30. Speaking of Obama’s base, gotta love Drudge’s sense of humor. He’s got this article up right now:
    “Dear Drudge: Stop the race stories…”

    And directly below it, this:
    “More Than 85% of American-Muslims Picked Obama…”

  31. “I will never leave and be a foreigner in someone else’s country.”

    Fine, just remember that your other choice is to stay and be a foreigner in someone else’s country.

    HW: 12 million illegals? Guess again, it’s 25 mil at least. And when you count in their little greasy ninos (I don’t care where they are born, they are foreign and illegal) the number is probably around 40 mil.

    Don’t you just love how they ignore and break the law by coming here, then demand their rights under the law for their little grease-blobs?

  32. It is terrifying that we are actually about to get amnesty for all +12 million illegal aliens now.

    Why does this surprise you? You are dealing with depraved, sick people that currently run the nation.

    Do you think you are dealing with fellow, “bloggers”?
    I left a comment on election night saying the south will be a target of a massive race replacement upon, o niggers re election.

    Better get busy, IT IS COMING. I have seen White areas disappear.

  33. prussiancroat – good explanation.

    Here’s a VERY general explanation of the reason I checked out Tasmania:

    It’s based on how the American Empire will dissolve. Consider the Roman model and the recent Soviet model. One took centuries to slide down the hill, one just ceased to exist all of a sudden. We all know the various reasons for the difference.

    I believe that while the AE won’t last nearly as long as did Rome, it is more closely modeled on it than on the Soviet one. Again, the many reasons should be clear. I consider the USSR to have been more of an artificial decoy empire.

    The US Empire is unarguably in decline. As with Rome, this decline will stretch out for a long time to come, deteriorating more with each succeeding decade. Who knows how long it’ll last? Maybe 100 years? 200?

    The geographical reach of Roman model empires gradually recedes. Yes, I know we live in an age of instant communications and transcontinental missiles and space satellites but that technology will only serve to inhibit the speed of the fall. And other wannabes have access to this technology too.

    In my estimation the next 50 years should see the US political and military reach begin to pull back from it’s furthest realms. Obviously Australia is an outer realm. I see Australia as one of the first, if not THE first, sizable area that will unyoke.

    I also believe that places like Australia, never having been the center of power themselves, will be less demoralized than the people in the then US. We’ll eventually see this in Europe too. Again, look at Rome and its fringes. I see Australians, not being conquered by China or any other power centers but as having a spiritual rebirth. IOW the future healthiest place to live, for whites, on the planet.

    Now there are surely others places that might see this future first, I don’t know. I do know that more Australians remember their whites only policy than Americans know who was president a decade ago.

    Again, this is a VERY general theory and involves far too much to write in a comments section. It’d take a book.

    The only reason I picked Tasmania in particular was because I see it as a sort of out-of-sight out-of-mind place for Leviathon. The influx of non-whites into Australia will reach Tasmania last, and to a lesser degree. AND it’s BEAUTIFUL (google drive it), in people and in geography, now at least.

    As much as is to be said for standing our own ground, and it has many valid arguments, I foresaw taking my children to a place where they might not only prosper but also have a leg up on the world on the time line.

    And I don’t think of typical Aussies or Englishmen as foreigners nearly as much as I do American DWLs and even 313chris’s. I realize that problem exists there too but I’ve found it to a significantly lesser degree among average whites there than here. Maybe it’s because I’m about 90% English but I can’t see myself getting in the face of Aussies I move next door to about anything, so that’s no problem – for me at least.

    I probably won’t ever be able to do it but I’ll probably regret not doing it.

  34. China is more dependent on the current arrangement than most people realize.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing an independent and militarily strong Australia loosely ally with an independent and militarily strong Japan to check China.

    Wishful speculation.

  35. A Japan-Australia alliance would never be strong enough to check China without nukes and the credible will to use them. Forget China’s massive numerical advantage, it has the edge in terms of pure ruthlessness, to say nothing of nationalist fury. China shows signs similar to the mad Japanese ultranationalists who began their rise in the 1920s in the wake of a similarly spectacular industrial climb: they are goint to feel that the world _owes_ them things.

    What’s that old sci-fi movie called? Oh yeah, “Mars Needs Women”.

    Besides, the Chinese are already busy taking over Australia peaceably, through immigration and investment — aided and abetted of course by You’ll Never Guess Who.

  36. I don’t think you’d like Australia much,.

    No gun rights, no free speech and the Marxists want to track everything the people do and say on the internet and store it on a database for 2 years.

    Apparently the Marxist’s importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims means, Australia now has terrorists on its soil and that means authoritarian controls are required to keep everyone “safe”.

    Every policy of the left is always a complete disaster. They are complete and utter morons and yet they have beaten the respectable conservatives down in every white country all with the oft repetition of their “scare words”.

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