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Our Vision

I’m an ethnonationalist.

I believe that ethnicity is more powerful than race. I want a free and independent Republic of Dixie, an Anglo-Celtic nation-state like Hungary or Poland carved out of the wreckage of the United States, that is based on blood, culture, and history, not on failed liberal abstractions.

There are other separatist movements that fall into the same category: Québec in Canada, Flanders in Belgium, Scotland in the United Kingdom, Catalonia and the Basque Country in Spain, and Padania in Italy. Ireland, Croatia, Norway, Hungary, Greece, and Ukraine have already succeeded in joining the European family of nations.

Like the Catalans or Québécois, Southern Whites are a distinct ethnic group within America. Dixie is a nation within the United States that manifests itself in every presidential election, every major vote in Congress, the U.S. Census, and the maps of cultural geographers.

The Southern States:

Source: Wikipedia

The Southern States (Core and Periphery):

Source: Wikipedia

The Baptists:

Source: U.S. Census

Southern English:

Source: Wikipedia

“Real Americans”:

Source: American Ancestry (2000 Census)


Source: Joel Garreau, The Nine Nations of North America

Dixie Coalition:

Source: Colin Woodard, American Nations

Confederate States of America (1861-1865):

Confederate States of America

Jim Crow South (1896-1965):


The Republic of Dixie would include the 11 states of the ex-Confederacy, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and the southern third of Missouri below I-44. In a worst case scenario, we might may have to cede Maryland, the Mexican border counties in Texas, the Washington Metro Area in Northern Virginia, and South Florida.

The international border between the Republic of Dixie and the United States would start at the Atlantic, run under the NOVA counties in Virginia before moving up toward the Shenandoah Valley, it would wrap around West Virginia excluding the Northern Panhandle, follow the Ohio River around Kentucky to Missouri, where it would follow I-44 through Missouri toward Oklahoma before sweeping around the Texas-New Mexico border and down through the Anglo-Hispanic ethnic fault line in South Texas toward the Gulf of Mexico.

The differences between the Republic of Dixie and the White Republic envisioned by the White Nationalists are clear:

– Dixie is a real nation. Southern Whites are a distinct people. This is a place that exists in the real world. It is not an abstraction or a proposition nation. It has a name and already exists in the minds of the people. It is not a vague fantasy that exists only in the minds of alienated intellectuals scattered across a continent.

– Dixie has all the ingredients of an independent nation: a common ethnicity, a common culture, a common ideological outlook, and a common history. White Nationalism is based on a racial identity and racial grievances. Simply put, there is more glue to Southern Nationalism because there is more homogeneity, which means there are fewer areas for conflict and division.

– Dixie has existed as an independent nation in the past: the Confederate States of America. There has been an earthquake along that sectional fault line before which destroyed the Union. It is still to this day the most likely spot where the Union would be cleaved in two.

– Southern Nationalism is a type of European-style ethnonationalism. White Nationalism is a reiteration of Americanism. There has already been at least one White Republic, the United States until 1861, and it failed due to ethnic and cultural divisions among White Americans.

With the exception of Harold Covington, White Nationalists can’t tell you the name of their proposed nation, where it would be located in the real world, what ethnicity would be the basis of their White ethnostate, or how their White Republic would be created. After thirty years of talking about creating a White Republic, you would think these basic questions would have been answered a long time ago.

Golden Dawn, for example, can answer all of these questions in under a minute: Greece, Greece, the Greeks, taking over the government. The Québécois can answer all of those questions: Québec, Québec, the Québécois, taking over the government and seceding from Canada. The Catalans have the same answers: Catalonia, Catalonia, the Catalans, taking over the government and seceding from Spain.

What about Southern Nationalists? We have the same answers as the Scots, Québécois, the Greeks, and the Catalans: Dixie, Dixie, taking over the Southern states, seceding from the Union, and creating the Republic of Dixie.

Our Strategy – Working Within The System

I will say at the outset that we believe reforming the system is impossible.

In the United States, we live under a system of representative government. Southern Nationalists have no objection in principle to the system of representative government – it works in homogeneous countries, but doesn’t work in heterogeneous ones. America is a failure as a nation and there is no political solution but secession and independence to that problem.

Americans no longer share a common race, a common ethnicity, a common culture, a common religion, a common history, or a common philosophical worldview. As America becomes ever more “diverse,” we are finding out that we have ever less in common with other “Americans,” and truth be told, if this were a marriage, we would have gotten divorced a long time ago.

White Southerners are a permanent minority in this Union. We are a permanent minority in a system based on majority rule. In 2008 and 2012, White Southerners voted against Barack Obama in overwhelming numbers, but Obama’s election and reelection only proved the futility of trying to reform a system in which we are a hopelessly outnumbered ethnic and cultural minority.

The consolidated despotism that we are living under today under Obama will only get worse under his successors as changing racial and cultural demographics continue to erode our political power. Obama’s election has proven that Democrats can write off Southern Whites and still win the White House. The Democratic media no longer even tries to hide its racial and cultural contempt for White Southerners.

So what are our options?

The first option is submission. We can submit to being ruled indefinitely by a coalition of Yankees and Jews and “people of color.” We can lose our freedom. We can lose our culture. In the long run, we can allow this “majority” of racial, ethnic, and cultural aliens to plunder us of everything we own.

The second option is self delusion. We can delude ourselves into believing that everything will be fine and that we can run Marco Rubio in 2016 and win over legions of budding “black conservatives” and “Hispanic conservatives.” The unprecedented level of moral cowardice on display at sites like ensures that self delusion will win the day for at least one more election cycle.

The third option is secession. We can seize power in the Southern states, secede from the Union, and form our own nation-state, the Republic of Dixie. In this scenario, we will have a fighting chance to preserve our way of life, and there is already movement in this direction in Texas and the rest of Dixie.

The fourth option is revolution. If our backs are firmly pressed against the wall, armed revolution might become the only realistic way to preserve our way of life. See the White Man’s Revolution of 1876 in South Carolina.

The fifth option is emigration. We can move to some other country. Don’t make me laugh with suggestions of moving to the Pacific Northwest. The same despotism that exists here can be found there as well. If Mississippi or Alabama can’t be pushed to resistance, there is no hope at all for Washington or Oregon.

Secession is our first choice.

We want to peacefully secede from the United States like Ukraine and Georgia seceded from the Soviet Union or Czechoslovakia broke apart in the Velvet Divorce. In Great Britain and Canada, Scotland and Québec have been given referendums to secede, Puerto Rico recently had a referendum on joining the United States, and Catalonia will soon be holding a referendum on secession from Spain.

In order to bring about disunion, we are supportive of “working within the system” – by that we mean at the state level, and only within the South – in order to exacerbate sectional polarization, galvanize our supporters, and advance the cause of secession with the ultimate objective in mind of calling a state convention in every Southern state to vote on the dissolution of this Union.

As we have already seen, our fellow disunionists in Europe and Canada are “working within the system” and they are way ahead of us: the Parti Québécois in Québec, the Scottish National Party in Scotland, the Convergence and Union Party (CiU) in Catalonia, Golden Dawn in Greece, and Vlaams Belang in Belgium.

In the United States, we don’t have a parliamentary system of government and couldn’t hope to reproduce those results with a third party in the South, but it might be possible for Southern Whites to imitate and invert the racial and ideological solidarity of the blacks and Hispanics within the Democratic Party and form a Southern Nationalist Caucus within the Republican Party in the Southern state legislatures.

The future of the Republican Party is unclear at this moment. Whatever its fate, the goal of the Southern Nationalist Caucus should be to split the Republican Party along sectional lines to precipitate the dissolution of the Union. Now that the GOP is pretty much dead as a viable national party, I imagine this will become more feasible moving forward.

Our Strategy – Christianity and Conservatism

Southern Nationalists are “mainstreamers.”

By that I mean our strategy is based on winning over our own people to the cause of secession or closing the gap between the Southern Nationalist vanguard and the White Southern masses until the need to secede from this despotic government becomes so obvious that it is accepted as common sense.

In this area, we are counting on the fecklessness of Conservatism, Inc., the failure of the Tea Party to “Take Back America,” the impotence of the national GOP, and the triumphalism and hubris of the minority-majority and their cheerleaders in the mainstream media to disillusion and alienate the average White Southern male and thereby sow the seeds of disunion.

We are under no illusions that the South is going to cease to be Christian and conservative and embrace White Nationalism and atheism after rejecting the values it has held for almost four centuries.

It is conceivable though that Southerners might be provoked to revolt in defense of the Southern way of life: a conservative revolution like the one in the video below against a hated, despotic central government and the economic ruin and godless, degenerate Northeastern culture that it seeks to impose on Dixie through its abuse of federal power.

As White Southerners lose power at the national level, they will predictably seek empowerment at the state level. When it finally becomes clear that White Southerners have permanently lost power within the minority-majority United States, the allure of White male empowerment through secession will become an irresistible temptation.

Alex Linder has proposed attacking the Christians and conservatives. While nothing would give Southern Nationalists greater pleasure than witnessing the demise of bloodsucking parasites like Conservatism Inc. and the Republican Party or the hucksters who are destroying the Southern Christianity, who we agree can and should be attacked, the following demographic facts must be kept in mind:

Self-Identified Ideology By State

Conservatives are predominant in every Southern state. These numbers also mask the true level of White Southern conservatism by including blacks and Hispanics in the poll:

Mississippi – 53.4%
Alabama – 49.8%
Louisiana – 49.5%
Arkansas – 47.9%
Oklahoma – 47.4%
Tennessee – 45.5%
Texas – 44.8%
West Virginia – 44.6%
South Carolina – 44.6%
Georgia – 43.9%
Missouri – 43.5%
North Carolina – 43.2%
Kentucky – 42.7%
Virginia – 41.3%
Florida – 39.9%

There is no road to secession or revolution in Dixie that doesn’t go through winning over the conservative majority.

Religiosity By State

I shouldn’t have to explain why attacking Christianity and making atheism a litmus test is a non-starter in the Bible Belt. These numbers also mask the true level of White Southern religiosity by including blacks and Hispanics in the poll:

Mississippi – 59% (very religious), 11% (non-religious)
Alabama – 56% (very religious), 16% (non-religious)
Louisiana – 54% (very religious), 16% (non-religious)
Arkansas – 54% (very religious), 19% (non-religious)
South Carolina – 54% (very religious), 18% (non-religious)
Tennessee – 52% (very religious), 18% (non-religious)
North Carolina – 50% (very religious), 21% (non-religious)
Georgia – 48% (very religious), 20% (non-religious)
Oklahoma – 48% (very religious), 23% (non-religious)
Texas – 47% (very religious), 22% (non-religious)
Kentucky – 47% (very religious), 24% (non-religious)
Missouri – 44% (very religious), 28% (non-religious)
West Virginia – 43% (very religious), 26% (non-religious)
Virginia – 42% (very religious), 27% (non-religious)
Florida – 39% (very religious), 31% (non-religious)

There is no path to secession or revolution in Dixie either that doesn’t go straight through the “very religious” and “moderately religious” who make up the Republican base.

Is it even desirable to encourage atheism? In Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, 64% of voters64% of voters, and 72% of voters respectively who “never” attend religious services voted for Obama.

In Wisconsin, 71% of White atheists voted for Obama. In Ohio, 62% of White atheists voted for Obama. In Michigan, 76% of White atheists voted for Obama. In Pennsylvania, 68% of White atheists voted for Obama.

In the 2012 election, Barack Obama won 69% of the Jewish vote and 70% of the “religiously unaffiliated” nationwide. If the goal is to transform Whites into Jews, then obviously promoting atheism is the way to go because there is no measurable difference between Jewish and White atheist political preferences.

Our Strategy – The Message

Southern Nationalists are ethnonationalists who seek a free and independent Dixie.

We have already established the importance of working within the system (like our counterparts in Canada, Belgium, Spain, and the UK) to dissolve the Union. We have established that secession requires winning over Christians and conservatives. We have established the importance of closing the gap between the Southern Nationalist vanguard and the Southern White masses.

In order to succeed, we will need a simple winning message that resonates with our target audience. I think the message should be that Christianity and conservatism are doomed within the United States, we live under a totally consolidated and unrepresentative federal government with unlimited powers, and the preservation of the Union puts us on a fiscally unsustainable course that will inevitably destroy our economy.

The South should be encouraged to revolt in defense of its own values and prosperity. It must be convinced that secession is the only way to preserve the Southern way of life and actualize those values.

In Catalonia, Catalan secessionists have a simple message that the newly rebranded OD will be experimenting with next year: seceding from Spain is necessary to preserve Catalan culture and Madrid has mismanaged Catalonia’s economy by taxing productive Catalans and redistributing their wealth to indolent Andalusians.

It is already clear that fiscal considerations over America’s soaring national debt and unsustainable government programs – such as the “takers” who got the “Obama phone” from the taxes of the “makers” – are weighing heavily on the minds of the White Southerners who are flirting with secession. We need to spend a lot more time responding to these cultural and economic anxieties.

Our Strategy – Talking Points

The Southern Nationalist message relies heavily on our most valuable asset: the unvarnished truth.

We don’t have the money of Conservatism Inc. or the media to contest the White House, but we can give White Southerners an honest assessment of their situation, we can prod them to revolt in defense of their own self avowed values, and we can excite their imaginations with the tantalizing possibility of how empowering it would be to follow their values to their logical conclusion and to assert their right to rid themselves of the ruling class in Washington.

Here are some talking points that advance this message:

1.) We agree with Ron Paul that the Constitution has failed and the federal government has become a consolidated despotism.

2.) Secession is the ultimate check on the growth of the federal government.

3.) America has failed as a nation. There is no political cure for a decompiled culture.

4.) White Southerners are an object of ridicule in America’s national culture. See “Django Unchained,” “Rosewood,” “Mississippi Burning,” “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter,” “Lincoln,” and “Deliverance.”

5.) White Southerners are a degraded and humiliated minority within this Union. See the Susan Rice nomination in which the Democratic media recently told White Southern men that it wasn’t their place to question an African-American women.

6.) Christianity has no future in the United States.

7.) Conservatives tried to “Take Back America” and failed. Dixie is not synonymous with America.

8.) Conservatism is dead in America except as a regional philosophy.

9.) America has promoted secession everywhere from South Vietnam, South Korea, South Sudan, Kosovo, Austria, Taiwan, Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic States, Panama, East Timor, and Ireland to advance its own interests.

10.) America is becoming California. The financial collapse of California will herald the financial collapse of the United States.

11.) The blacks were given their chance. We tried for fifty years to create a “post-racial, colorblind society.” Obama’s reelection on the basis of ZANU-PF-style explicit appeals to class warfare and racial tribalism have closed the book on “MLK’s Dream” and replaced it with “Get Whitey.”

12.) We waged a “War on Poverty” for 50 years and poverty whipped us.

13.) China hasn’t used violence against Taiwan. Russia hasn’t used violence against Ukraine and Georgia. Even North Korea has restrained itself from attacking South Korea. The United States should live up to the standards of North Korea and allow Texas to peacefully secede from the Union.

14.) If you can’t leave, you aren’t free.

15.) The United States is anti-White and anti-Southern.

These are just a few examples that immediately come to mind. Every single one of these talking points has the benefit of being true. The goal of our strategy is to hammer away at these talking points until they are accepted as common sense and disunion is accepted as the only way to preserve the Southern way of life.

Our Strategy – Metapolitics

Southern Nationalists have no objection to “metapolitics.”

Unlike White Nationalists, Southern Nationalists can point to multiple successful examples of just such a metapolitical struggle in the Lower South:

“This idea, though not incorporated in the constitution, was the prevailing idea at that time. The constitution, it is true, secured every essential guarantee to the institution while it should last, and hence no argument can be justly urged against the constitutional guarantees thus secured, because of the common sentiment of the day. Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the government built upon it fell when the “storm came and the wind blew.”

Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science. It has been so even amongst us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even within their day. The errors of the past generation still clung to many as late as twenty years ago.”
– Alexander Stephens, Cornerstone Speech, March 21, 1861

There is a myth on the internet based largely on stereotypes and ignorance that the South is anti-intellectual or completely devoid of an intellectual culture. In reality, the Union was shattered precisely on the finer points of Stephen Douglas’s abstract constitutional theory of squatter sovereignty, and men like Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens left behind huge constitutional treatises for posterity.

Even beyond Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens, these issues were hashed out by the secessionist vanguard in journals like the Southern Quarterly Review, the Southern Literary Messenger, and DeBow’s Review for a decade prior to secession and these ideas were circulated to the masses at the popular level in broadsides in newspapers like the Spirit of the South or Rhett’s Charleston Mercury.

OD spotlighted a fraction of this material during Confederate History Month 2012:

“The hour of that hybrid thing, a democratic republic, for the government of two different races, has passed away forever, and we must now direct our attention to those ethnological facts, from out of which the next government is to flow. …

“The peculiar form of government, under which we have for many years been living – call it by what name we may, whether a democracy or a republic – has been well calculated to demoralize, to some extent, the native, high character, of the South, and to vitiate its progress in statesmanship. There has been too much individual freedom, license rather, conferred upon the masses, through the agency of which fact, the lighter and less worthy material of society has floated to the surface. Men of actual merit, who are generally less adapted to popular approbation, have been compelled to come with their opinions and claims before the same volatile tribunal, with the worthless and flippant demagogue; and they, too, as far as was possible for them to do so, have been compelled to resort to the same vitiated means of success.”

In my reviews of Elizabeth Varon’s Disunion! The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859, Paul Quigley’s Shifting Grounds: Nationalism & the American South, 1848-1865, and William Freehling’s The Road to Disunion, Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-1861, I discussed the success of the Confederacy’s “metapolitical revolution” in the 1850s from the eclipse of American nationalism in the Lower South to the emergence of Southern ethnonationalism in the 1850s to the hardening of racial attitudes mentioned by Alexander Stephens and to John C. Calhoun’s absolutely pivotal “mainstreaming” of secession and the compact theory of government in the 1830s and 1840s.

These issues are discussed in great detail in books like Drew Gilpin Faust’s A Sacred Circle: The Dilemma of the Intellectual in the Old South, 1840-1860 and Michael O’Brien’s massive Conjectures of Order: Intellectual Life in the American South, 1840 to 1860.

The ethnocultural division between Southern Whites and Yankees, which I described at the outset of this essay, was pioneered and discussed in elaborate detail in the years leading up to the War Between the States in articles like “Southern Civilization, or the Norman in America”:

“But the Roundhead, at once a religious fanatic and a political agitator and reformer, could conceive of no government but the rule of the Saints, and form no other idea of the principles of civil liberty than what the levelling philosophy of the covenant taught. A bigot in faith and an idealist in speculation, his sentiments were violent and his convictions impracticable. A visionary from principle and a revolutionist from interest, his prejudices allowed no compromise, while his passions fed equally the flame of his cupidity and ambition. Austere in his morals and inflexible in his principles, he set up his own conduct as the standard of right, and sought to dictate the opinions and control the convictions of others. Rude in his manners and morose in his disposition, he practiced the profoundest dissimulation, while attaining credit for sincerity, and concealed his real character and designs under the cloak of hypocrisy. . . .

Opposite under the banner of the king, stood the Cavalier – the builder, the social architect, the institutionalist, the conservator – the advocate of rational liberty and the supporter of authority, as against the licentiousness and morbid impulse of unregulated passion and unenlightened sentiment. No idealist, enthusiast or speculative system-builder, upheaving ancient landmarks and overthrowing venerable monuments; but a realist, a practical and enlightened utilitarian, bowing to the authority of experience and acknowledging the supremacy of ideas, forms and institutions that had received the hallowing sanction of time . An institutor by genius and a ruler by race, his pride was at once the sword of his most eminent virtues and greatest weaknesses, while honor was the touchstone of his character. Chivalrous in sentiment and magnanimous in deed, glory was his ambition, and loyalty the inspirer of his every thought, impulse and action. Elevated in his ideas and tolerant in his views, his selfishness was vicarious and his very faults wore the semblance of virtue. Unyielding in his principles, but compromising in his opinions, his conduct was governed more by sentiment than reflection, and more by association than either. Courtly in his manners and splendid in his tastes, a knightly generosity he practiced even toward his foes, and never lost his faculties in volumptuousness. Without being an abject advocate of passive obedience or a supporter of arbitrary power, he yet took ground against the revolutionary party, not as an enemy to liberal institutions or a well-regulated liberty: but, discovering in the doctrines and principles of the revolution a greater danger to the social and political system than from the alleged existing abuses, he preferred yielding his loyalty rather to institutions than abstractions, and felt it a duty to attempt to quench the lights of the incendiary philosophy, whose torch had been applied to the noblest monuments of civil wisdom yet erected by the genius of man …”

Southern Nationalists have a great advantage in the area of metapolitics. Ultimately, all we are doing is reacquainting White Southern conservatives with their own tradition and cultural inheritance, the Cavalier ideal, which unconsciously informs their value system and actions anyway, and encouraging them to assert that ideal by sending secessionists to their state legislatures.

Our Strategy – Dealing With The Blacks and Hispanics

An astute commentator at VNN Forum made a comment that is worthy of a formal response in this essay: “Qui gehennam habet hostium cum mediocris ingeni quotientem LXXXV?”

[Who the heck has enemies with an average I.Q. of 85?]

Southern Nationalists agree that blacks are not our real political enemies. The existence of the Union with Yankees is solely responsible for the creation and preservation of Black Run Amerika (BRA).

Secession will solve the problem by eliminating the Yankees and Jews who are responsible for artificially elevating blacks over Southern Whites in Dixie. It eliminates all the Northern Whites who voted for Obama twice, who voted for all the civil rights laws, the federal courts that imposed integration on the South and which obstruct the legislative process, the federal controlled public school system which inculcates White guilt, Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department, etc.

The race question with African-Americans and Hispanics can and should be subordinated to the priority of secession and securing our independence. In an independent South, the Northeastern media will be unable to maintain BRA’s racial etiquette, which will crumble like communism in the dying Soviet Union, and the blacks will be held accountable for their actions without Yankee-spearheaded federal obstruction.

In dealing with the blacks, Southern Nationalists should be practical and focused on the immediate priority of independence: in an independent South, the blacks will be allowed to keep their voting rights and their civil rights, Russian and Chinese international observers will be invited to Dixie to supervise the fairness of our elections, but BRA will be dismantled brick by brick, racial preferences will be eliminated, and power will be restored to the states and local communities to make their own laws … including restrictive covenants.

The solution to the Negro Question in Dixie isn’t a radical proposal: all we have to do is encourage the conservatives and libertarians to act on their own ideas, which is to say, secede from the hated “Big Government,” and with a solid rightwing majority in the Republic of Dixie, they should be encouraged to decapitate the Great Society welfare state and create the free market paradise of their dreams.

Just imagine it: the year is 2025, and every “Black Confederate” is confronted by the sight of the Confederate flag waving in triumph at every public building in the Republic of Dixie. Five years ago, The Day The EBT Card Quit Working unfolded in Atlanta and there was a mass exodus of blacks from every major city and county in the South which diluted their electoral majorities.

The White conservatives who have an iron grip on the Confederate government didn’t stop with the SNAP EBT card when they seized power. They voted to eliminate the whole Geography of Government Benefits: WIC, TANF welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Obama phones, Section 8 housing, energy assistance, “fair housing laws,” disability benefits, federal funding for HBCUs, affirmative action, “disparate impact,” most forms of public transportation, etc.

Even the Post Office was privatized. The Confederate government and the state and local governments of the Republic of Dixie have laid off thousands of government workers. They passed a slew of regressive taxes. They disenfranchised all convicted felons and passed stringent federal and state Voter ID laws.

As in the Jim Crow era from 1896 to 1965, the relative differences in social status, economic opportunities, and future prospects precipitated a mass exodus of African-Americans from the Republic of Dixie to the United States, which responded to Southern secession by creating an even larger and more generous welfare state that was infinitely more attractive to “people of color.”

After the Union was dissolved, the Confederate Congress pounced and quickly repealed the Immigration Act of 1965, while the remainder of the United States (now monolithically controlled by the Democratic Party) passed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2020 to encourage Somalians and other types of exotic Africans to move to hideously White enclaves like Minnesota and Maine.

At the state level, the Southern states began passing ever more stringent types of Alabama-style immigration laws and E-Verify laws, which made life a living hell for illegal aliens. Without access to the federal courts and a friendly Justice Department, the Southern states began passing laws that made it illegal to rent housing to illegal aliens and for public utilities to provide them with electric service and running water.

A huge fence was built on the Texas border which has been decried by Mexico and other Latin American countries as the “Great Wall of Dixie.” Most of the illegal aliens now crossing into the Republic of Dixie are White Midwesterners who brave the Ohio River in a desperate bid to escape the onerous taxation of the United States in the sanctuary cities of Kentucky and West Virginia.

Does this get us all the way to a White Southern ethnostate? No, but it reverses our racial and cultural decline, shuts down the major feedback loops that are driving that decline, it would significantly whiten Dixie, and position us to pass further reforms as the international and cultural context changes in the decades ahead.

The first step is the hardest step to take. It has to be secession.

Our Strategy – Dealing With The Jews

Southerners admire the Israelis.

We ought to use that to our advantage: the Israelis have built a massive border fence and concentration camps for the deportation of illegal aliens from South Sudan and Eritrea. They call themselves a “Jewish state.” They have a great immigration policy which we should claim as the model of our own:

How would Southern secession intersect with the Jewish Question? How many Jews live in the South compared to the rest of the United States?

Source: Wikipedia

Alabama – 8,850
Arkansas – 1,725
Florida – 638,635
Georgia -127,670
Mississippi -1,575
Louisiana – 10,675
Kentucky – 11,300
North Carolina – 30,675
Tennessee – 19,600
Missouri – 59,175
Virginia – 97,290
West Virginia – 2,335
South Carolina – 12,545
Oklahoma – 4,700
Texas – 139,565

Total U.S. Jewish Population: 6,588,065
Total Southern U.S. Jewish Population: 1,164,315
Southern U.S. Jewish Population as Percent of Total U.S. Jewish Population: 17.7%

If the Republic of Dixie seceded from the United States, we would carry out less than 1/5th of the Jewish population in America, over half of which is concentrated in South Florida and the Washington Metro Area.

Of the Jewish members of the 112th Congress, 5 of 26 in the House are from the South (Cantor, Cohen, Yarmuth, Deutsch, and Wasserman-Schultz), and none of the 13 Jews in the U.S. Senate are from the South. Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican, is the only Jew in Dixie who represents a majority Southern White Christian district. There are no Jewish governors in the South.

Secession would eliminate the three Jews on the U.S. Supreme Court: Elena Kagan, a Jewess from New York City, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Jewess from New York City, and Stephen Breyer, a Jew from San Francisco. It would also eliminate every single Jewish federal judge in Dixie.

As a practical matter, the Jews in NOVA who work for the federal government won’t be coming with us in the Republic of Dixie. The great bulk of the Jews in South Florida (where over half the Jewish population in Dixie lives) are snowbirds from states like New York and New Jersey who will simply die out over the next twenty to thirty years.

In the 2012 election, Barack Obama won 69% of the Jewish vote nationwide. In a 2010 Gallup poll of ideology by religion, 43% of the Jews described themselves as “liberal,” 35% as “moderate,” and 20% as “conservative.” A Pew poll recently found that 66% of Jews are “Democrat/Lean Democrat.”

How does this relate to our strategy of encouraging Southerners to revolt in defense of Christianity and their own conservative values? If that actually happened and the Southern states seceded from the Union, it means that Jews who are among the most liberal Democrats in America would among the unhappiest people in the Republic of Dixie, and huge numbers of them would self deport to the United States.

If the Southern states seceded from the Union, we would lose the capacity to fight foreign wars for Israel, which is a common criticism made by White Nationalists, and it is even more unlikely that we could sustain foreign aid to Israel in light of the high costs of the transition to independence.

The Jewish progressive social agenda would be totally and utterly defeated. Every Southern state would ban gay marriage and abortion. Christianity would aggressively move into the public schools and the public square. The site of the cross would have an effect that would look something like this:

Does this solve the Jewish Question? No, but secession alone will ameliorate the problem, break the Jewish stranglehold over Dixie, and put Southern White Christians in charge of their own fate. Without the interference of Washington, they will chart a radically different course, one which liberal Jews will find extremely inhospitable and probably so offensive that they will leave.

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  1. “The doubters on this site need to understand how incompetent Uncle Sugar has become. If the federal government continues its downward spiral and there is no reason to think that it won’t, people are going to become desperate for some kind of competent organization to maintain their society. That is how succession can become viable.”

    Indeed. The current regime CANNOT govern. For all of his faults, Bush could govern. Clinton couldn’t, Carter couldn’t, you have to go all the way back to Truman to find a Democrat who could govern. Hell, even LBJ pussed out after seeing the monster he created in the modern Democratic party. Obama cannot govern. He desperately wants the Republicans to help him out. The GOP is the trustee party. Gingrich saved Clinton’s hide from a budget mess, Clinton realized he couldn’t take care of all of his special interests and I guarantee you still thanks God Newt stepped up to do the dirty work for him. Obama knows he had more IOUs than he has scratch, and it desperate for the House to pare a few down for him. Of course the House will be all too willing to do his dirty work, then take the blame from Obama’s constituents. Obama would have already toppled without a GOP House. He needs them, and they are all too happy to oblige in exchange for a seat at the trough.

    The Democrats and their motley band of mischievous miscreants cannot govern. They can’t. Their entire grip on power can be distilled down to “hate whitey”, therefore they will do whatever it takes to not be left holding the bag when one of their multiple minority malcontent components gets the shaft. The first real crisis will prove this. They are all things to all but whitey, and whitey’s unwitting compliance is the key to their power.

  2. Tamer of Savages said
    (Sorry friends but callow libertarianism isn’t the solution for the Negro problem in a secession scenario. Think massive airlifts to Negro population centers coupled with Christian charities, UNICEF, Red Cross all in overdrive. The state budgets would look great but no chocolate exodus.)

    Lets pretend secession could happen peaceably.
    This is a very important point. The non seceding state would not accept millions of negros. Instead they would form ghettos or camps at best. At worst feral blacks would roam the countryside and be shot or put into these defacto camps to be fed by the redcross. It would end up an apartheid state. Just cutting off the EBT and expecting negros to feed themselves and have a return to the black south wont happen.

  3. Vermont is a no go because its in the heart of the beast of New England.

    Hunter, yes culturally different areas of the country do not have everything in common, but please understand that this is not about saving our culture, this is about literally saving our race. Although the people of Vermont might not have complete cultural similarities to those in West Virginia, they do have racial similarities just as Germans, Anglos, Scots, Irish all eventually blended together somewhat. We are IndoEuropeans and we need to have solidarity and secure a homeland somewhere. Securing a homeland in a 44% white area is a non starter imo.(no matter how much I would like to).

    We cant squabble about this, we are a tiny tiny persecuted minority. We need to have solidarity and be realistic. Our people are not having children and the close is running out for whats left to secure in this country.

  4. The problem with armed revolution is not lack of arms. It’s lack of leadership. Unless God raises up a honorable leader who can bring armed men together into an army, it doesn’t matter how many guns we have.

    We don’t need guns. We need Robert E. Lee. With Robert E. Lee at the front we can win the next Gettysburg. Without him…

  5. The NDAA and patriot act were tailor-made for precisely such a situation.

    Wha… you mean to say it’s against the law?!? In that case forget everything I said. I didn’t realize it would be illegal.

    But you do prove my point. The gov’t is absolutely unbeatable. Full stop. No further thought required.

    Remind me, was our secession from GB legal under British law? It must have been, otherwise no one would have dared lift a finger. Right?

  6. Silent Running says:
    December 1, 2012 at 7:20 am
    The NDAA and patriot act were tailor-made for precisely such a situation.

    Wha… you mean to say it’s against the law?!? In that case forget everything I said. I didn’t realize it would be illegal.

    But you do prove my point. The gov’t is absolutely unbeatable. Full stop. No further thought required.

    Remind me, was our secession from GB legal under British law? It must have been, otherwise no one would have dared lift a finger. Right?

    Go for it Rambo. I sincerely wish you good luck.

  7. No. A civilian militia could not beat the federal entity alone.

    But Robert E. Lee could have beaten the federal army, and very nearly did. And who was Robert E. Lee? He was a United States Army general who commanded the personal loyalty of his men. He was a general officer in the army of the federal entity who decided that his loyalty to Virginia trumped his loyalty to the federal entity.

    Do you catch my drift?

    Perhaps a more recent historical metaphor will help: the Requetés. The Carlists were just a militia from Navarre. They were good, they were motivated, but they couldn’t beat the army of the Spanish Republic. But Franco could. Franco was a general officer in the army of the Spanish federal entity who commanded the personal loyalty of his men.

    Now do you see what I’m driving at?

    I don’t deny that civilian militia can play a role in a struggle for national independence. Given secure sanctuaries, dedicated cadre, and a foreign source of supplies, armed civilians can become an effective guerrilla force against even the most modern enemy. The Viet Cong, for example, dragged the war out for four years, bleeding the U.S. Army with small strokes.

    But the Viet Cong didn’t win the war. They were mostly wiped out at Tet. The North Vietnamese Army won the war.

    It takes an army to beat an army. That’s my position — and history backs me up.

  8. Go for it Rambo. I sincerely wish you good luck.

    No you don’t. You’re a jaded tool, just like all the other doomsayers that infect these sorts of blogs. You hope every idea aired here fails because that will prove you right.

    Thanks for the input, troll.

  9. John, England was not a well-run nation without the Jews. Look up Edward II, Hundred Years War, Wars of the Roses, Protestant Reformation, etc.

    Hunter, I’m not sure why I’m helping you, but here’s an answer for people who believe that each state should seceed on its own. Advocate for a loose confederacy like the Articles of Confederation. That way the state secessionists can continue to go on as they are, without so many pointless arguments about whether the states should unite as a Republic. Most of your people would probably want a weak federal government anyway. Each state could even still be considered a sovereign state, but they would be in a mutual defense/foreign policy pact, much as the EU is now.

    Indeed it will never happen now. You want to get rid of the welfare state; what about all the whites on welfare? Glad you would ban abortion though.

  10. “We need Robert E. Lee.”

    A mortal saviour. Wasn’t he responsible for the Pennsylvania disaster, and the early surrender?

  11. On the other hand, needing “-a-” Robert E. Lee, needing a leader who will step out from among the higher officers of the federal ranks, is a different concept.

  12. Right now, most people are fully content with their daily bread and circuses, even if the food is nuritionally inadequate and the entertainment is all degrading and debauching.

  13. “A mortal saviour.” Or is he infallible and will he rise from the grave to lead an army again?

    Rather follow Christ — the proven, OTHER option. I will stop now.

  14. Hunter Wallace says:
    Vermont and West Virginia are +90% White – and otherwise they have little in common….

    The Vermonters came by a different path from the West Virginians, although both hold pockets of some of the oldest populations in the country (more colonials). Their difference encapsulates the problem with “wn” —so it reads as multiculturalism for whites. Without real “ethno-nationalism,” nothing can be properly analyzed.

    But the real problem is in the “either-or” thinking. Why must be “wn” OR “ethno-nationalism.”
    Why can’t the “right” create the “coalitions” instead, like the “left?” The “left” (code for anti-white) never demanded gays give up gayness to be in their club, or women cease to be “empowered” as “oppressed,” etc. Their whole “party” is based on radically dissimilar populations tied by one word “minority.”

    Adversaries who actually wanted to win would a) use the vulnerability of how radically dissimilar the groups are, divide and conquer, point out the dissimilarities at every turn, etc. (obviously). But the “right” never bothers to do this. Why?

    Also— if they really wanted a voice, they wouldn’t demand “either-or” in regards to being a member. They would promise every single white group that they can be themselves, and show that it is a coalition of whites. “We agree to disagree” on tailgating issues x, y, and z— so, let’s move on.

    A “pan-europeanism” that does not allow particularism is doomed. It really is. Everybody has learned through “multi-cult” that it’s a one-note-deal— EVERYBODY is never a part of the “diversity.”

    So Pan-Europeanism (“wn”) instead of White coalition means only one white ethnic group “wins,” and will dictate to all—- that’s how many people will see it.

  15. @ “…..They want the same fundamental things. Yet allow our selves to be divided by superficial and historical grievances which jews use manipulate us…..”

    Your real history, real trajectory through life (from the dawn of time) is NOT SUPERFICIAL, not unworthy. It is the deepest source of ancestral connectedness, and most religions in the world (including christianity) acknowledge this: e.g., the first thing one learns about Jesus in the opening of the book of Matthew is a list of “begats.” (His entire lineage; it is a census (lineage) that brings him to the birth place, by a star, no less).

    So, to act like these are mere “historical grievances” of no account is NUTS.

    The trick, is to ALLOW PEOPLE to have these historical grievances (if that’s what you must call them)— i.e., their HISTORY, itself. AND to allow them to be in coalition with each other DESPITE also holding “competing narratives,” (as the academics would call it.)

    Look at what the “left” did with the one “God Term,” or “transcendental signifier” (lol), or whatever you want to call it… the one WORD, “Minority.” That makes popper-sniffing drunk gays at ONE with black, churchgoing baptists.

    Really— it’s that easy.

    Coalitions DO NOT demand that everyone be the same.

    The “right” is its own worst enemy.

  16. @ ……..“Then there is the matter of Dixie’s historical baggage.”
    – Robert Oculus

    The south has no “baggage,” no more so than any other nation ever existing on the globe, a fact easily demonstrable by any real history. So, what you decided to overlook here is the movie-and-myth-makers who show it in the ugliest possible way, day after day, to a dumbed down audience.

    Why do you obscure this reality, R.O.? Why are you pro-white Genocide?

  17. @ Lew… “There will have to population transfers, but that doesn’t mean violence. Economic incentives will work….”

    Very true!! The entire “New South” of white yankees, not to mention “mexican” immigration was handled exactly that way. Amazing how many MILLIONS can be made to move with them even believing “they just decided to do so,” (lol).

    And if one understands what HW does, the ethno-national base of voting, you can predict by the economic policies what the “elites” want to “vote in.”

    Discussing policies that forced population transfer (with economic incentive) can make people very uncomfortable, which is good— it challenges their sense of (supposed) “self-determination” begins to show them levels at which they are being manipulated— and is a tool in itself that way.

  18. Everyone needs to read Terrible Tommys website: White Arytan Resistance about Lone Wolf. No open White Leader can exist–the Powers That Be will eliminate any true leadership. The Justice Department Agents main function is CONTROLLING-MONITORING and NEUTRALIZATION. If a White Leader Comes he must be undeground and must learn from Sub Commandant Marcos—just alot more intell and guts….Secret and Hoods come again…..Martin Lindstedt talks about IMPLOSION of Babylon and what to do to survive it. Hunter–your idea has merit—but will not come thru legality. When times get worse your idea will have merit and take root.

  19. Robert Oculus III says:
    “It takes an army to beat an army. That’s my position — and history backs me up.”

    You are right, you will need federal insiders, but if you must secure certain installations, if you expect to prevail. The Union has a long history of bullying those, that don’t pose a serious threat. Secure the right installations and M.A.D. ensures there will never be another war.

  20. Robert Occulus: “White people blaming the Jew for losing the country is like Negroes blaming Whitey because they can’t read or earn a living. Well, please pardon me, but I’m not the kind of person who does that sort of thing. Blaming “the other” has always been the mark of the loser. It’s easier to justify your failure that way. After all, once you push all the blame for your own failures onto someone else, you don’t have to take responsibility for them. “The Jews control the media” = “De white man controls all de jobs!”

    If white people could travel enmasse to Mars, render the planet habitable and found a prosperous society, blacks and Jews would follow them them there. If blacks/Jews did the same, white people would almost to a man stay here on earth. The best test for oppression is this question: will the alleged oppressor let the alleged oppressed people leave if they wish to.

  21. America’s military can be defeated. How? The US military is made up by a high percentage of southerners. Texans alone made up 16% of the military IIRC.

    A real votee for secession would thus destroy the federal military monopoly just as it did in the first Civil War.

    However it won’t be voted in. It would take force. As HAC has pointed out the only real chance at any of this happening is for a federal government default/breakup occurring first.

  22. the blacks will be allowed to keep their voting rights and their civil rights

    Author’s italics.

    Retaining the 14th amendment – even ostensibly as a feint – is an abdication of the Confederate legacy. In the end you’re asking white men to die for equality and I guess “state’s rights”. The Confederates didn’t speak hollow words about equality; they had honesty, honor, and courage – so should their sons. Don’t be disinherited, say no to backdoor-racialism. If Southron’s lack the courage to admit Negro inferiority can they really be expected to defy the United States and quite likely, its armed forces?

  23. Dixiegirl, December 1, 2012 at 2:12 pm:
    Why do you obscure this reality, R.O.? Why are you pro-white Genocide?

    Because I hate White people and want us all to die off. Also, I am a tool of the International Jewish Conspiracy.

    Hope this answers your questions. — RSO3

  24. Jim says:

    Whites, especially Western Europeans, make very poor slaves.

    Not when Thomas Jefferson studied the Roman Empire and marveled at the works of white slaves.

    Lew says:

    George Washington was the richest man in the country

    Nope, the richest man in colonial America was the Carter family, their patriarch Robert Carter I. Owned 1000 slaves and the first American millionaire. His grandson Carter III released 433 slaves before he died.

    John Jacob Astor might have come in second.

  25. It takes an army to beat an army. That’s my position — and history backs me up.

    It doesn’t, actually. The First Chechen War, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, and even Ireland are more recent examples. I guess you missed that Jeff Cooper quote.

    If Caucasians are able to secede, wherever that may be, the federals will certainly make a hamfisted attempt to stop it. It’s already being discussed (see Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland). If, as Hunter noted, this new country has sufficient population, the invading/occupying federal army will simply be bled out the same way it was in Araby. Between the expense of maintaining this force and the steadily mounting casualties (much higher than our foreign adventures, since the quality of the insurgent will be higher and that of the soldier lower), the good people of the USSA likely won’t have the stomach for a protracted insurgency. Even if they did, I seriously doubt they’d have the logistics or the competence to pull it off. Don’t forget that the military has embraced diversity as much as any federal agency.

    The North Vietnamese Army won the war.

    The U.S. decided to stop fighting, and the NVA walked in. It stopped fighting largely because the VC had bled it for so long, and they were wiped out because they decided to act like regulars rather than guerrillas. You’re not seeing this, and that’s why you’re overshooting your target.

  26. “Robert Occulus: “White people blaming the Jew for losing the country is like Negroes blaming Whitey because they can’t read or earn a living. ”

    While Jews are massively over represented in the anti-White movement and are found at the highest levels, they couldn’t have done anything, without the traitors within our ranks. So yes, White anti-Whites like Bill and Hillary Clinton are the strongest contingent.

    When the White Genocide lawsuits come, there will be plenty of documentation, and so much money to be made from these lawsuits, Mothers will turn rat on their own children, if they have money. So I will be happy to let the chips fall where they may, be it on Jews, White anti-Whites, or whomever was a part of it.

    Knowing the feeding frenzy that is coming, I almost feel sorry for these stupid anti-Whites. But then I think of what they have been doing, only to OUR people and my sympathy for them ends.

    Anti-Whites say:
    Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for Everyone?

    DUH… That’s Genocide for White people.

  27. JamieG, December 1, 2012 at 11:17 pm: While Jews are massively over represented in the anti-White movement and are found at the highest levels, they couldn’t have done anything, without the traitors within our ranks. So yes, White anti-Whites like Bill and Hillary Clinton are the strongest contingent.

    This is the correct view.

  28. “First Chechen War”

    Disciplined troops were overseen by Chechen officers that defected from the Red Army that marshalled a proper army to engage in guerilla warfare that was supplemented in no small part by fanatical young Bedouins eager for martyrdom.

    I’m afraid we will see something closer to Chechnya than Catalonia in the South.

  29. Self delusion always wins the day. It’s a lot easier then dealing with diffcult reality

    We do not have to beat the federals in a brawl; all we have to do is not lose long enough for their poltical will power to fade away. You don’t need an army to hold out that long you need regular support from an outside nation. Lucky for us, the feds have stirred a lot of other folks kool-aide over the years and I’m sure many nations would love to repay the favor

  30. After reading through the comments what a lot of trolling! This post definitely got them riled up so it must be a good idea.

    Some thoughts.

    In other words, what makes “us” a people any more than the various Identity Factions of Yankeedom? A real nation has real borders, like Catalonia, Flanders, Scotland and Quebec do.

    A real nation’s borders generally follow the lines of majority ethnicity so using the ancestry map as a basis, although odd at first, does actually makes sense.

    Any scenario that leads to a collection of states aligned with Texas will and must include -not just Oklahoma – but Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota., North Dakota, western Iowa, southern Illinois, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho.

    I think it makes sense to stick to the region that has the strongest sense of unique collective identity – initially at least.

    “Republic of Dixie”

    Not my country so not up to me but i’ve always liked how names like England, Scotland, Catalonia, Germany, France etc are simple expressions of whose land it is so if it was me i’d go for Dixieland.

    Barbados was a sort of clearing house and training ground for colonists in the South. would that constitute a window for significant genetic adaptation? Probably not.

    I don’t know what it was like in Barbados but i do know that at one point criminals sentenced to death in England could get the sentence rescinded by enlisting in the Jamaica regiment as the death rate from tropical diseases was so high. I don’t know how many survivors of that kind of process moved on to Dixie though?

    Every banana republic is sovereign on paper, but how many times has the US intervened in their affairs to prevent them from enacting populist economic reforms?

    The federal government’s ability to intervene is directly proportional to the number of white dudes who will enthusiastically follow the federal government’s orders.

    If you need a law to make you superior, then you’re not superior.


    White people – at least a lot of them – are unique in that they need a law to do what other ethnic groups do instinctively. For example the msm is full – literally full – of jewish pundits – entirely chosen on merit alone and nothing to do with blatant ethnic nepotism despite their massively disproportionate numbers – who would screech about Nazis all day every day if any white country or US state implemented the same immigration and race policies as Israel – literally screech and literally 24/7 and yet Israel does it and nothing, barely a shrug. In fact they’d call you a Nazi for even pointing it out.

    Open hypocrisy doesn’t bother them at all. They call it chutzpah and idolize it as an exemplary trait. Most other ethnic groups are similar if not to the same degree.

    White people – or at least a lot of them – are physically incapable of being *openly* hypocritical in public. They can be so in private and are generally speaking more so in private than other ethnic groups precisely because they can’t do it in public. If they do in public it makes their head hurt. Also although white sociopaths can do it physically, other white people – or at least a lot of them – would ignore what they said because they were hypocrites.

    (It’s actually more likely to be a percentage thing but it doesn’t matter as the end result is the same – the higher white percentage makes them behave in a uniquely different way.)

    Why then did OD come out for the Neocon candidate in the Republican primary instead of supporting a candidate who would have FAVOURED the full exercise of states’ rights including their right to nullify (and even secede) and to dismantle the welfare state in their territories?

    Technically i would (and did) agree with your Ron Paul point until recently but on reflection i think if a particular local or regional white population are voting as an ethnic bloc then tribal cohesion should come first.

    By the time the printing press runs dry, Amurrica will be a Brown country. White men will be blamed for the collapse and third world status will be complete. At that point, even Rubio will be too pro white for consideration.

    Such wishful thinking.

    1) Control the borders
    2) Welfare changes + taxation changes + safe schools + reduced pressure on housing costs + etc = affordable family formation. Currently the rich and the poor can easily afford children while the white yeoman class in the middle is squeezed into extinction. Change the equation and the welfare class will start to shrink and the yeoman class will start to expand.

    The Jews don’t control my destiny. They don’t control America*. They can’t even control Israel, or New York, or 770 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the Jewiest Place on Earth. Hell, they don’t even run L.A. any more, not really. The Chinks and the Arabs run showbiz, and the Armenians run everything else. Canter’s hasn’t been kosher in decades.

    Yawn. Jewish arrogance makes them dumb. They think their success among northern euro populations is/was the result of natural superiority and nothing to do with much higher levels of relative ethnic nepotism. They realised that replacing American-Americans with people with much lower average IQ wasn’t going to work out too well for them so they started to import people who were both at least adequately intelligent and as ethnically nepotistic as them so they’re about to find out that the ethnic nepotism thing was actually more important than the IQ thing after all.


    You could have smooth running nation without Jews. We saw it in England post Edward I expulsion til Cromwell.

    More than that. England exploded economically after the expulsion of the Jews as did the other western european countries that followed suit.

    This wasn’t necessarily a moral failing on their part. When they gained the monopoly on banking and money-lending from the Church they gained control of the money supply and the money supply drives the whole economy. So if Europe was economically stagnant for nearly a 1000 years after the fall of Rome and exploded almost immediately after the Jews were expelled then perhaps it was something to do with the money supply?

    A simple explanation would be if the old Jewish bankers would only only lend out 20% of their gold and keep 80% for security while the new non-Jewish bankers would lend out 80% and only keep 20% for security then you’d get a quadrupling of the money supply almost overnight with a concomitant effect on the economy as a whole.

    So the 900 year european stagnation could have been the result of a 900 year deflationary economic policy caused by Jewish bankers being more paranoid than greedy and the economic explosion after Jewish expulsion the result of the new non-Jewish bankers being more greedy than paranoid.

    John, England was not a well-run nation without the Jews.

    See above. England became the *top* nation without the Jews.

  31. Mosin give it up. The history of your peoples action toward mine shows we will never have help from the damnyankee. Who can underatand what your people have done and think some how, this time yankees with side with liberty and for Southron White men over bra and negros?

  32. Disciplined troops were overseen by Chechen officers that defected from the Red Army that marshalled a proper army to engage in guerilla warfare that was supplemented in no small part by fanatical young Bedouins eager for martyrdom.

    Chechens were considered a security risk by the Russians and were relegated to non-combat duties. The most important guerrilla of CW1, Shamil Basaev, served as a firefighter in the Red Army. Later he was a computer salesman in Moscow. The Chechens were able to arm themselves by looting federal armories and taking advantage of that proverbial Russian corruption by purchasing weapons from the Russian Army itself. Many of the fighters defending Grozny for the first time had never held a firearm before. Arabs didn’t show up until well after the war had started.

    This is not the first time I’ve heard assertions of supposedly elite Chechen units rebelling against Russia, but I’ve yet to see any proof. I’d be grateful if you could provide some links. There are a lot of parallels between us and the Chechens, and if there’s something to the rumor I’d love to confirm it.

  33. Great write up as usual, but I don’t believe this does actually address the Jewish question. The assumption that the Jews would simply leave is faulty. What the White Nationalist rightfully claim, and I don’t like up with them on that much, is that it will be the Zionist influence which will be the greatest enemy of secession. They simply cannot allow it to happen as it will erode their influence in some key areas of the economy, ports, oil and military bases. Also, in the south, I would say 3/4 of those who call themselves very religious are Christian Zionist who come very close to worship of Israel.

    You have to count them with the Zionist as they almost always act on behalf of modern day Israel. Any form of Southern Nationalism whose emphasis is on white being the traditional race and culture of the south will find an enemy among the Christian Zionist.

    You simply cannot ignore the Jewish question nor can you allow Jews access to your movement or it will be usurped and ruined as they are their own group who acts in their own best interest all the time.

    If it is not a 100% white movement it will fail to do anything but insure something similar to what the U.S. now has or in my opinion stands to become something even worse. If that is possible. While I absolutely do not believe in over emphasizing the Jewish question as is done in most White Nationalist circles. It still remains a question that cannot be ignored and you have to count white Christian Zionist with the Jews.

  34. “Mosin give it up.”

    In reference to what comment on this thread, or what other recent commentof mine ?

    Yes, I have continued to express my doubt, occasionally, of implications that Anglo-Celts born north of the Line are genetically distinct (“a different people”) and determined to think differently from Ango-Celts born south of the Line.

    There has been generally MUCH stronger anti-Christian cultural influence on Anglo-Celts in most non-southern states. Yet they are still genetically the same people who come from the same British Isles, and even nearby continental Northwestern Europe. Regardless of their different (worse) predominant cultural influence, and the historical record of many non-southern states that is very bad indeed, the same white people born outside the southern states, who you call “D—-yankees,” are really NOT uniformly evil and monolithically opposed to you.

    Finally, blessing to you on the Lord’s Day, Stonelifter.

  35. “Who can underatand what your people have done and think some how, this time yankees with side with liberty and for Southron White men over bra and negros?”

    Since the Romney vote was used heavily as a proxy of white sentiment on this site I would remind you that he carried the white vote by 59 to 39% nationwide. Even in heavily blue states like California, New York and Pennsylvania he won the white vote by 53, 52, and 55% percent respectively.

    With the real unemployment rate still running at 15-20%, resentment at the outcome of the election is deep and bitter among whites outside of Dixie. With Obama insisting on more deficit spending and “quantitative easing” I still believe a financial collapse could well be upon us in his second term. This and Islamist chaos in the Middle East will be the catalyst for radical change here at home.

    I think your lack of faith in the number of “Yankees” who will side with liberty when push comes to shove is mistaken. Many members of the military and security forces of the federal government (including the large numbers of Southrons employed in federal service) will be willing to fire upon White US citizens. Many others, perhaps even a majority will not.

  36. An Invite to The Movement Turd, tonite

    I’ve been looking at your fighting over at Lender’s/Linder’s Greater Free Range Tard Corral. I see that Linder has not only written ‘spintros/chutzapatros’ and somehow closed down a secret gay bar in Kirksville that nobody but Lender knew existed but that TraitorGlenn Miller wants you to form a big bowel Movement action in which those like him can get in, spend bank-robbery ZOGbux, and then turn tail and snitch. Sum piss-pul never learn. Vargina the LinderMiller Meercat is a technical support whigger tard skilled in the dark arts of colostomy-bag licking and banning Christians. You have exchanged being up to jewr ass in alley-gaters to being mauled & molested by shabbes ZOGtarded meercats.

    Meanwhile Craig ‘Corn’ Cobb is sitting in itz dugout with an expensive automatic shotgun waiting for the jews from the Ashkenazi Defecation League and the $outhern Professional Liar’s Club to figure out that WhiggerTard #16 with a jewfro, maniacal eyes, worshipping a dead jew on a dick so very much different than the other 15 whigger tards and not Leith’s one token hamlet nigger is theyz’ lawfool prey. Actually, I like CornCobb just as I like almost anyone that everyone thinks is more fucked-up in the head than I am.

    Jimmy Marr used to be a Covingtonista, but when he migrated to the Pacific NorthWest Covington had gotten a sale and had no more time and attention for the sold whigger-tard. Therefore, since Tubby’s Tard Corral is sternly moderated by a no-nonsense Warlord, Jimmy had to wander back into a Greater Free Range Tard Corral which had no other reason other than as a playpen for meercats.

    Steven [F]Akins, dedicated post-whore, looks like some Tubal-Kenite Pictish pinched-snout jewboy, would doubtless support your plan to send them niggers back into them ol’ cotton fields back home, if that only meant that he could continue to draw food stamps. Hard work with a whip overseeing them suitably soon-toiling niggers doesn’t seem to appeal to FAkins.

    Now I’m all for your no-longer-secret plan for Southron Nationalism, Hunter. And if any blogger can make it cum to pass, why itz you. Seriously, before Revolution and secession and civil war can begin, an awful lot of a passel of whiggers need to be thinking of it. Itz sorta like looking at a lot of porn before going to the local whorehouse or massage parlor. Been there, done that . . . .

    Anyway, before you face the gut-sick guido kiken-weasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS and the always perilous and only sometimes rational Roid-Rage-Retard tomorrow afternoon, you might wish to make a friendly appearance tonight on The Movement Turd from 9:30 pm to midnight Central Standard Time. Show starts at 8:30 pm Central Time, 8:40-45 pm Granby More or Less UnStandard WTF Time.

    I’ll be kind, as always and respect you in the morning.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  37. Thank you kindly Mosin, but where are the actions of the typical yankee for a Southron man to feel kinship with or think we’ll have friends up north? History shows your people teaming up with negros and the like to turn your hand aginst us time after time, for generations now

    If the north is so White friendly and so short on negros etc all, why did it renig? The two things don’t add up.

  38. Agree Stonelifter. I see no large support from Yankees towards southerners. Mostly they go on about how slow and uneducated they think we are. They move down here and mess things up. I’ll accept help from decent northerners, and I know a few…but then I want them to go home. Don’t move down south. If we ever do leave the union I would be for laws that don’t allow non-native southerners to own land.

  39. I think you are right that you are going to have to appeal to a more cultured and “real world” crowd for Southern Nationalism.

    The Jewish Question has more of a rebelliousness to it, such that it attracts people who want to play the bad guy. But the Yankee Question doesn’t have that same ‘rebellious’ feel to it.

    Therefore you’ll have to rely on the Southern Culture instead of the rebellious attitude.

  40. Given that outside the South (and in it too), many people put the Confederacy on par with the Third Reich, an open attempt to create a Republic of Dixie would likely be opposed far more strongly than the secession of individual states.

    Moreover, individual state secession would be easier as well, since the states already have governments, so it would not be necessary to create a new overarching government.

    If some Southern states managed to secede, nothing would stop them from confederating at a later date. But to announce up front the idea of a revived confederacy would make it far less likely for secession to take place.

    Sure, secession would be good and decent thing, and opposing it with violence would lead to monstrous suffering. But face it: that was true the last time around, yet it did not prevent the Civil War. All one needs is another monstrous politician like Lincoln or Churchill who seeks the power and glory of being a war leader, and there are plenty of such people around.

    So pragmatically speaking, dropping the idea of Dixie and simply supporting the piecemeal secession of individual states would be more likely to produce positive results.

    As for destroying the welfare state just to chase away blacks, that’s like a girl who feels too embarrassed to say “no” to black suitors uglying herself up so they don’t want to ask. Why not keep the welfare state and just reserve it for whites?

  41. Hunter, are you going to be on RFM with Linder again? Despite the unavoidable clownishness of that VNN thread the discussion does appear to be inching ever so slowly towards the truly pertinent issues. That’s momentum worth preserving. If you lose it you’ll find yourself dealing with burning issues like GJ’s homosexuality all over again (a “false fag operation,” obstructionists could dub it).

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