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  1. From NY Post: “A source told The Post Ryan has told investigators he last saw Adam in 2010 and that Adam is autistic.”

  2. Like I wrote, when I hear about crap like this I ask what’s that person’s Kos avatar. It doesn’t fail me, ever. Take the Columbine killing, those two dweebs were nerds and one of them the goy internetted an essay that read like a “Diversity & Tolerance” manual, and then went around looking for christians to shoot. Its what they do, they are moralists in their own world, and reality really, really sucks and there are cult minders out there who push them to the edge.

    If this FB is true then he looks to be a DU type, but I would not rule out a Kos flirtation with maybe a banning or two from the cult.

    Their computer logs are a treasure trove, but of course we are represented by reactionary morons who beg on bended knee for the left to love and respect them so even asking how he connects with the left is verbotten, let us moralize in a sad and creepy way instead.

  3. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/12/14/what-we-know-so-far-about-connecticut-school-shooter-adam-lanza.html

    Newtown Patch reports that Ryan Lanza told a close friend that he thinks his developmentally disabled brother committed the crime. ABC News reports that Ryan Lanza “told authorities that his younger brother is autistic, or has Asperger syndrome and a ‘personality disorder.’ Neighbors have described him as “odd” and said he behaves as if he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. On his Facebook, Ryan Lanza addressed the name confusion while heading back to Hoboken from work: “I’m on the bus home now. It wasn’t me.”

  4. Point being before we march autistics into jail is that if he is a whackjob he still joined a lefty cult which pushed him to do their dirty work for him, much like the Columbine killers were pushed because they really, really loved gays and hated christians, you know like what they say at Kos 24/7/365.

    FTR I wouldn’t doubt the certifiable types like Loughner and the Batman idiot had some help in finding the edge, but we will never know because the investigations always seem to stop if they are not right wing connected.

  5. If he is a leftist, this story will go away very quickly – “It’s just one of those things that happen.”

  6. RobRoy said,

    “…Point being before we march autistics into jail is that if he is a whackjob he still joined a lefty cult which pushed him to do their dirty work….”

    The underbelly of psychiatry (normalized for the public by people s/a Cavuto’s slobbering on the t.v. shrinks from whom he takes talking points)—- is a hell world of bizarre misdiagnosings, druggings, pushing already vulnerable people toward breakdowns, and much more.

    Know someone who well-knew the inside of a rape crisis center. They were taking vulnerable adults (later in life, usually) “re-visiting” the events through abreactive moments (hypnosis, etc, making them feel they were re-living events), then doing ‘regression’ and ‘body therapies,’ (touching and role play)— if the people freaked, drugs would be suggested, etc.

    Even in an open forum—- (a public lecture series) the center had a 2 hour series, where “counselors” from the center would demonstrate their shift between altars (showing their different “personalities” and discussing how their family dealt with “mommy being different people” sometimes. The person told me they looked normal enough—but were getting a lot of attention for this stuff. On the “DID” (dissociative identity disorder) lecture (previously multiple personality) the leading materials were given to all the people present (usually about 20 people at a time).

    They asked if they had “lost time,” etc. Had things they didn’t remember buying, and so on—the assumption was that they had “mpd” (multiple personality disorder). This was giving to every group, 100s of people, ultimately. The person had trouble in trying to make complaint, voice concerns about what was being done.

    Minor story in the large scope of things, of course. But “therapy” (the more you know about it) is quite something.

    Good primer book by Jeffrey Maisson Against Therapy, by a harvard shrink who walked, not as into the drugging aspect as Peter Breggin (Toxic Psychiatry) a lesser book by Tana Dineen (Manufacturing Victims) is clear about why people go from bad to worse. There’s a world of literature about such things.

    The case of Bennet Braun as Rush Northshore medical should be known to everyone. The Pat Burgess case— think she got 10.5 million out of court settlement, which I guess is how much they didn’t want a court case. That’s a lot of money. But what they did to people was pretty bizarre.

    You’d think before the talking idiots of t.v. embraced all that for the public—-they’d read a few books or educate themselves.

    Gayle: think they said the weapons belonged to the mother. Believe Adam may have been living with her, and the altercation began this morning when he woke up.

  7. Sorry, but if that was unclear—- the rape center COUNSELORS were the ones claiming to have “multiple personalities” and were showing the raped women that ‘it was ok if they felt like that too.”

    When I was a kid, rape was just a crime. (The good old days.) It was not an occasion to diagnose and bodily touch the VICTIM, in order to “heal her emotions” from the rape event and possibly make a life-long consumer of various chemical substances.)

    —Oh— and there were strong supporters on that staff for ECT (electric shock treatments). Done more than many know. (There are actually people in the u.s. who think those were outlawed with lobotomies— nope. They’ll wash your memory clean, at least that’s Hemingway claimed before he decided life was not worth him living due to it—he was a good writer, oh well.)

  8. If this guy was indeed a leftist then be certain that his political beliefs had nothing to do with his violent act, according to the media, that is. Thank God he wasn’t a conservative or then everyone to the right of the political spectrum will have been blamed and held morally responsible for creating the so-called climate of hate in the aftermath of Romney’s defeat, especially the secessionists signing the petitions to leave the Union. And yes, since this story does no favors for the left nor the causes its espouses, it will fade away quickly.

  9. Gayle says: So… how did he get the guns?
    On Foxnews, the guns belonged to his mother who then shot her and her classroom.

  10. I think it will probably take a few days for the police to sort out exactly what happened. Obviously, this is a tragedy for the people and families involved in this senseless massacre. I don’t believe incidents like these are “false flag” operations, but I do think that those with their hands on the levers of power will use this event to advance their agenda.

  11. Apparently Nancy the Yankee Schoolmarm owned 2 semi-automatic guns. ….hhhhmm….smell test not going smoothly… if that pic, in the Jewbook page, is Lanza – he was seriously messed us. I don’t meant merely mentally. He looked like he was 55, or something. Autistics tend look young, for whatever their actual age is.

  12. The photo is reminiscent of travon martin, did we ever get a picture of 12 year old loughner? Perhaps the very innocence of the photo is a clue.

  13. http://www.boston.com/news/education/2012/12/14/conn-school-shooting-suspect-was-son-teacher/iElPLevAl8rYwjOXcy1cMK/story.html


    Catherine Urso, who was attending a vigil Friday evening in Newtown, Conn., said her college-age son knew the killer and remembered him for his alternative style.

    ‘‘He just said he was very thin, very remote and was one of the goths,’’ she said.

  14. That doesn’t disprove the motive. Can one identify all Jews by phenotype? See also my comment on Mr Heimbach – “Are Jews White?”

  15. I just caught the Goth thing.

    Edelmeric the Emo and Bertsicht the Burnout.

    His dad is a Tax executive for GE. They appeared to be filthy rich.

  16. They can claim alterity in any situation or inclusion in any situation. It’s quite the trick.

    The kid’s dad is Peter. Italian right? Nancy his mum, sounds slightly jewier. We shall see. I chalk this up to undiagnosed mental Heath issues.

  17. More Jewish commentary from New York Times.

    ‘Beth Israel, 43, said she and her family lived down the street from the Lanzas, and her daughter went to school with Adam Lanza. She said she had not spoken to any members of the family in three years.

    “He was a socially awkward kid,” Ms. Israel said. “He always had issues. He was kind of a loner. I don’t know who his friends were.” ‘


    May need to “No Script” to get behind firewall…

  18. “….hhhhmm….smell test not going smoothly…”

    Good catch, Denise.

    Sociopathic latchkey kid from a broken home turns 18. Indulges his morbid fascination with semi-automatic weaponry. Purchases a Glock, a Sig Sauer, and a Bushmaster, at a time when most young people his age are scraping to get by. Nobody notices anything.

    BAM! Something sets him off. He targets a school which he presumably does not attend, if he ever did, where he successfully breaches the conspicuously new security system, because of inside connections.

    Something is definitely not right about this story.

    Deo Vindice

  19. Same with the Holmes killing. Three expensive weapons, body armor. I could afford that. A 20 year old? How does he have the cash?

  20. This is so sad. I’m at a loss for words.

    The shooter must be seriously mentally ill. What kind of Godless person murders a bunch of children for no reason whatsoever?

  21. I am starting to think there is something in this kid being Jewish, because they are flooding the comment sections with the mental illness angle.

    “The poor boy, was autistic.”

    That is how they will make it go away.

  22. This saga is typical.

    SWPL parents. Kid described as “alternative.” SWPL’s ewwww and awwww over anything described as “alternative” and promote and advocate it. SWPL’s peg as “backwards, ignorant and uneducated” anyone who does not cotton to things “alternative.”

    Therefore, SWPL parents will think nothing amiss, much less wrong, in fact will praise anything and everything that is “alternative,” especially people; especially their kids. They will be as overjoyed as a fifteen year-old boy screwing the hottest chick in school.

    And then the predictable catastrophe comes to pass and the parents, if they are still alive, will be in a bewildered state of shock; they will not understand what went wrong. Will not understand what could possibly have gone wrong. All their social theories predict an ideal result.

    The very same situation exists in millions of SWPL homes as we write. The very same catastrophic outcomes are inevitable. The question is not if, but when the seeds will sprout and bear its bitter harvest. What we are witnessing now is but the early harvest.

    It is extremely problematic that “the good people” can arrest this pathology and reverse it. Most likely they are not capable, for the reasons I have commented on and pointed out a few times in the past, and more recently in a couple of posts over the last forty-eight hours on this site.

    In the meantime, keep watching the news. The next harvest is only weeks, or days, maybe even hours away. Stay tuned.

  23. “This will be THE catalyst.”

    – I doubt it. Like I said earlier, he doesn’t have the guts, or the leverage in Congress to do anything.

    “If you want a rifle or pistol, buy it now.”

    – People should do that anyway — the economy could really crash at any time.

  24. He had mental issues? What nonsense is this he is(was) a cold blooded murderer. He wasn’t a boy he was twenty. Evil exists, don’t chalk it up to a mental flavor of the week. Twas murder, pure, plain and simple.

  25. Another thing that needs pointing out: People are asking about where and how the kid got the guns. People are always asking this questing about these shootings. You know damn well where the brats get the guns.

    Most of us have realized something about the ultra-liberal SWPL. Among a great many other things, they are the biggest hypocrites to have ever walked this earth. The stridently support and advocate for the homosexual agenda, for example, but if their own kid “comes out” as a queer, suddenly the world can crash and the SWPL will seek “help” for the homosexual offspring, to see if he or she can be “cured.” Suddenly being queer is not so great and something to be “proud” of. Not when it hits inside their big happy home. I personally know of just this happening and have heard of similar reports from queers concerning their liberal parents. I therefore can well imagine the reaction is common. We know SWPL’s sure as hell stay well clear of the “diversity” they preach 24/7.

    And we all know the sacred importance of “gun control” to liberal SWPL’s. We have heard until it has long since become tedious their expressed hatred for gun owning “rednecks” and all people who do not faint at the mention of owning a gun. But it is now getting all too obvious what happens to this sentiment when little Johnie decides he wants an arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons, including high capacity pistols and even assault rifles. Old Mom and Dad quickly oblige junior.

    The SWPL never stops agitating for increasing safety and regulations. But when the brat turns sixteen and if it is requested, a factory race car will swiftly show up in the driveway.

    So you know damn well where the guns come from in these cases. And yes, I read a little while ago a “report” that the mother was a “collector.” I call bullshit. I don’t believe it for a second; not in this case. Her photo and what we know about the Northeast virtually guarantees that the Lanza mother was just what I have described above. A Northeastern, ultra-liberal who as surely as night follows day has been a staunch agitator against and hater of guns. Sure, there are a few exceptions and maybe she really did “collect” glock’s and assault rifles. But I would put up a grand against a dime the case is just another one of what I describe in this post: The kid wanted an arsenal, and he got one. That is what SWPL’s do for their kids.

  26. Brutus, good analysis.

    It is always the same story. I always laugh at all the “shock” people express and the nauseating crocodile tears. We will soon see the teddy bears and the flowers and you will see all the white faces crying as if they never expected anything like this could happen. You will keep hearing the word tragedy over and over again in the media. A nation in shock. A nation in tears. A nation standing in solidarity on this day of tragedy they will claim. Hell you might even see the churches a little more crowded this weekend.

    It is all to laff.

  27. His Facebook page says he was a “Anarchist Communist”.

    The spin that he was “….autistic, or has Asperger…” is nonsense. Engineering and hard-science programs in universities are full of nerdy Aspergers types, and they are harmless. If he was autistic its unlikely he would finish high school.

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