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  1. Via CNN, they’re now saying Lanza used the rifle, shot the kids multiple times. Apparently the mother was a “prepper” and went shooting often, that explains why a CT woman might have the guns… expect the media to go after preppers more if true.

  2. One more point on the shootings.

    The best way to cheat death is to have children. More life fucker! As Rutger Hauer puts it.

  3. I think you could make a case that the constant anti-white propaganda spewing from the msm could tip people who are already on the edge into these kind of killing sprees. I don’t think it actually fits the facts entirely but you could make the case anyway to counter msm propaganda.

    However the more i think of it the more i wonder about the headpills that started to be pumped into children some 20 years or so ago. (I’m not exactly sure when it started.) Given a lot of these shooters are of a similar personality type – whether Jewish, White or Korean – i wonder what their history of headpills was?

    I know that *normally* suicidal types tend to be quiet and withdrawn but you can also get people who are suicidal in a violent and deranged way and after it was mentioned earlier on the thread it’s really starting to make me wonder as i had a few experiences over the years which involved depressed people being given headpills that made them much more violently suicidal.

    If i was the NRA i’d be looking into this.

    (Personally i don’t believe children should be given any kind of headpill at all until they’re fully developed e.g. around age 21, but this is possibly something more specific.)

  4. This is the end of the present political order.

    “Meaningful Action” means gutting the second amendment, by executive order if need be. Hopefully all those who signed the secession petitions will put their bullets where their browsers are when HNIC comes for the guns. And he is coming; if you watched the ABC special tonight, I would not be surprised if there is not a ban on newly made semi-autos and handguns before Christmas.

    Mandela’s dying and the Bantus are sharpening their iklwas to slaughter the Boers, EU commissars are playing kingmaker in Greece vs Golden Dawn, and now the end of any semblance of “constitutional Amurica.” Boehner and the Respectable Republicans will fold on this issue, and then what?

    If these footmen of Manhatten bureaucrats tire you, what will the dusky hordes do?

  5. White Married (married. I emphasize married. Married. Married. Married) women voted AGAINST Obama at much greater rates than White Single Men.

    Maybe some white women were voting out of spite to their husbands because, you know, white women marry Negroes at double the rate white men do.

  6. Denise: Here is an srticle I found: Mental Illness-The Jewish Disease Watchman Willie Martin Archive – Israel Elect—-www.israelelect.com>reference>WillieMartin Its about Schizophrenia being a virus and it has infected America….Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker article in Psychiatric News Oct. 25, 1972—-Guess this will stir up Hornets nest Denise,,,,,,

  7. The killer’s ethnicity, mental state, and all the rest are irrelevant. Here’s what is: Virginia Tech: “gun-free zone”; Columbine: “gun-free zone”; Colorado theatre: “gun-free-zone”; Norway (Breivik): “gun-free zone”; this massacre: “gun-free zone”; and so on and on. Soros, Bloomberg, Peters, Gross, Schumer, Feinstein, Rahm E. and all the other kosher, globalist-Stalinist gun-grabbers are well aware of this, and use the atrocities THEY ENABLE to con (White) people into giving up their weapons so that, when push comes to shove, they too can be massacred…by the tens of millions, Ukraine-style. The Red Jewess Bernadine Sarah Dohrn, Bill Ayers’ controller, projected killing c. 30,000,000 of us a few years back. I expect the Jews and their shabbatz goy servants have a somewhat larger number in mind now. Invest in lead.

  8. Looks like the Jewish Canadian researcher and writer Dr Henry Makow has picked up the anomalies in the official report of the Sandy Hook school shooting. So he is treating as political theatre and psy-op. His work “The Illuminati: the Cult That Hijacked the World” can not be too highly recommended.

    “Who’s Really To Blame for School Shooting” http://www.henrymakow.com

    The Jewish researchers who have a hold of the JudeoMasonic Agenda, ethnopolitics, orgs and networks are extremely clued up about these events so it is no surprise that Henry Makow was the first to start finding the suppressed data in the initial media reports.

    Michael Hoffman, the author of Judaism Discovered and a new work on Usury out this December 2012 has yet to post his analysis on the anomalies surrounding this event. But he has posted “The Massacre of Children in America” Dec 14 2012 on http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com.

  9. The media narrative now appears to be focussing in on murder victim Nancy Lanza as a gun nut.

    Really twisted stuff.

  10. All of the wild spree shooters grew up with single parent. The Media doesn’t mention the fact of one parent household we see so much in commercials women, the provider. But even Without the father, you have ants, uncles, grand dads that fill the void for the child . kids are in isolation the playing Xbox and popin pills,a recipe for disaster.

  11. They are blaming Nancy Lanza for the killings.

    Will liberals never cease? Why shouldn’t a woman who lives alone be armed if she deems it necessary? Women are physically weak enough that the firearm is an equalizer.

  12. The Lanzas divorced recently. They were very wealthy.

    My instinct is that Lanza wanted for nothing. He didn’t grow up with a single mom.

  13. The Left’s underbelly here is the drug issue of the Therapeutic State (actually Dixiegirl’s long meandering posts would actually be helpful).

    Stuka pilot is correct on the gun free zones, but the gun issue is tertiary.

    The Dixiecrats won’t get women to go along if their slogan is an AR-15 , but if its the end of the drug abuse aimed at their children via the Therapeutic State, there is a mainstream winner.

  14. “but if its the end of the drug abuse aimed at their children via the Therapeutic State, there is a mainstream winner.”

    Yes, if there’s any truth in this angle at all – and given the standard profile of the shooters in these cases i think it highly likely that there’s at least some truth in it – then it’s a big thing and very much the sort of thing that would be covered up as you can just imagine how much money the pill pushers would be sued for.

  15. Adam Lanza is the son of Peter Lanza whose brother Michael is married to Marsha Lanza who is blabbing about her smart sensitive nephew Adam. She spells her name Marsha, which is a Hebrew name: Nancy Lanza , the mother, is likely a shiksa-goy.

    Although it sounds exactly like the Russian diminutive form of Mary, the Jewish name Masha is actually of Biblical extraction. Tradition has it that the first Masha was named after a departed male named Moshe (Moses).1

    One upshot is that originally “Masha” was spelled in Hebrew as ????. Had it had non-Hebrew roots, it would have been spelled ???, following the rules for transliterating non-Hebrew names into Hebrew.2

    Yours truly,

    Rabbi Menachem Posner

  16. The shooter Adam Lanza was known intimately by Beth Israel who is honored on the local synagogue website newsletter. Did she know him from his membership in the local synagogue, and did it sponsor his gaming technology activities club ? Was there racial bias in the attack ?

    see beth israel:

  17. They don’t get a pass. The loudest mouths for gun control, especially in positions with government power, are Jews (Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer).

    • The media is saying that Schumer, Feinstein, and Durbin are going to make a push for gun control.

      As always, WNs single out the Jews who support gun control and amnesty while ignoring the White liberals like Durbin and Kennedy who push the same agenda.

  18. They were all in with Masada2000, who are in with the JDL and JDO and ADL. She was keeping weapons for them. Check out their videos. The kid twisted and took out the goyim children as a Hanukkah gift to Zion.

  19. The kid is obviously Jewish hence switching the blame to the mom however…

    i don’t think has anything to do with the incident itself.

    All these shooters – whether Korean, White or Jewish – all have too similar a profile for it to be a coincidence – i bet my back teeth they were all on the same psych meds at some point.

  20. Mom’s née: Champion. Her mother in turn Hanson. Goyische.

    Adam is the nephew of a copper though. So this explains a few things about his clean record especially given the altercation he was not arrested for a day or so earlier.

  21. Test,

    The Champion family got into New England in the 1630s. That’s a
    Very old Yankee linkage. Lanza pere might be Jewish but I’m not holding my breath. Im thinking Italian. He can just be a despised Yankee for the purpose of this website. No need to discredit yourself by pushing the hebe angle on his identity.

    The critical thing is to point out who is attempting to ban firearms. There’s an
    astonishingly large number of Jews doing so. Plenty of North Eastern whites too.

    The picture I am beginning to see emerge is that of a spoiled brat with various high powered relatives or well positioned relatives. A family of tax accountants, cops, teachers. They are the current DWL liberal establishment in all but name.

  22. Jew Feinstein was behind the ’94 weapons ban. She is the tip of the spear this time too. The legislation is coming out of her office.

    Feinstein and Jews are not going to screw up this time and create a ban with a sunset provision and may loopholes.

    So, Jews are driving this, as usual. Feinstein has hardcore proposals on the table.

    Her proposed ban:
    – ALL named models and clones to cease production

    – NO “grandfathering” of anything

    – Turn-in of all weapons, magazines, parts kits

    – Rules and regs to close every loophole from ’94.

    70% of US civilian guns are semi-auto. Banning semi-auto guns amounts to a de facto total gun ban, which is exactly what Jews want.

    Of course, Jews will need help from gentiles like Durbin and Obama. I think they can count on that. Jews are still driving it though. When and if the day comes white men can’t defend their families against blacks with guns, it will because of a Jewish-led effort.

    People in such places as AmRen, Vdare, Kersey’s blog and the HBD world need to get their heads out their asses when it comes to Jews.

  23. Lew, you are so right! These kikes have always been the big pushers of stripping white Christians of their arms. Before this crop it was Metzenbaum, Lautenberg, Kohl and now everytime there is a tragedy it’s some hook-nosed Yid politician yapping his Kosher trap. This demonic tribe with their assault against decency and morals and traditional Christianity has created the conditions that lead to these crimes. And talking about killing children, their kike heaven Israel has murdered over 1400 Palestinian children since 2000 and these sheenies never utter a peep!

  24. I just read the reuters article. Every damn loud voice screaming for gun control were Jews.

    Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg, on and on, etc. were the big loud voices screaming for the gentile Obama to “do” something about this. The DWL gentiles are putting on the sideshow of tears and teddy bears while the Jews push for gun control.

    The fact of the matter is this. Jews in 2012 are the senior partners in these efforts. I see Jew names always in the leadership roles pushing for this crap. There is no doubt about it, if every Jew was removed you would have Yankees doing the same crap but it is a strawman because the reality of 2012 is that it is Jews leading these efforts.

    It is natural in life to have a desire to want to go after the leaders of an effort more than the followers.

  25. Martin Lindstedt TMT Episode 153 The Newton Incident and Explanation666 16Oct12 : Martin sums it up perfectly. Martin in not no nut but tells the truth. Gun Control is UN Agenda and Obama signed it. Everyone is right about the Khazars and Stupid White Whiggers. TO HELL WITH THE KHAZAR WORLD PLANTATION EMPIRE. Sorry but is is true, they own all the big business companies, MALLS, MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD, WALL STREET, D.C. and they are centered in Mile Square City in London. I hate the damn ROYALS…They put my ancestors in the dungeon for not paying tribute tax, took their farms and sent them to America. The Royals intermarried with THE BLACK NOBILITY OF VENICE (See. Dr. John Coleman) Royals are KHAZARS…PIERS MORGAN SUCKS….NO WHITE MAN wants be a SERF or SLAVE for KHAZARS….like the Yellow Chinese are….

  26. It’s hard arguing gun control with ordinary people who don’t know how Jews operate. My conservative friends and acquaintances argue gun control as if the merit of their positions actually matter to leftists, and they assume the left’s public reasons for demanding gun control are their real reasons.

    It’s hard to get people to understand that this covert tribal warfare. Jews’ true motivation for gun control is disarming white goyim to make them easier to kill.

    I found this information on Wikipedia regarding the pro-gun economist John Lott. It turns that when Lott’s pro-gun work first received national attention in the 90s, he was immediately slandered by a Jew (Schumer).

    15 years later, Lott is still being smeared by Jews. Example: Alan Dershowitz said on national TV the NRA paid Lott and offered exactly no supporting evidence.

    In 1996 when Lott’s research first received media attention, Charles Schumer wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “The Associated Press reports that Prof. Lott’s fellowship at the University of Chicago is funded by the Olin Foundation, which is ‘associated with the Olin Corporation,’ one of the nation’s largest gun manufacturers. Maybe that’s a coincidence, too. But it’s also a fact.”[49] Olin Foundation head William E. Simon strongly denied Schumer’s claims in a reply letter. Olin Foundation was funded by the personal estate of the late John M. Olin independently of Olin Corp. Like all candidates, Lott was selected to receive his Olin Fellowship by the faculty of the university, not by Olin Foundation and certainly not by Olin Corp.[50][51] (The most cited criticism of Lott John M. Olin Law & Economics Working Paper No. 41[17] has been Ayres-Donohue John M. Olin Law & Economics Working Paper No. 247.[24])
    In a debate on Piers Morgan Tonight on July 23, 2012, Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz claimed: “This is junk science at its worst. Paid for and financed by the National Rifle Association.” Lott countered: “The NRA hasn’t paid for my research.” Dershowitz continued: “Your conclusions are paid for and financed — The National Rifle Association — only funds research that will lead to these conclusions.” Dershowitz provided no evidence for his claim.[52][53]

  27. When is Adam lanzas funeral?? will msnbc be covering it with a casket cam??will the westboro baptist chuch be on stand by???the media gushing is almost as sickening as the act being reported.I just hope noone brings up the fact that Charles Whitman left
    A staggering death toll and used only….. A bolt action long rifle. We have nothing to fear but fear itself sure comes into play these days. Be well , charly

  28. John
    “No need to discredit yourself by pushing the hebe angle on his identity.”

    I said

    “The kid is obviously Jewish hence switching the blame to the mom however…i don’t think has anything to do with the incident itself.

    i.e. the exact opposite of pushing the “hebe” angle. They switched focus to the mom because the kid is Jewish – it’s just a simple fact of psychology. I doubt they even noticed themselves doing it. However *like i said* it’s a side issue as the sample of kids with brains scrambled from SSRIs will be a more or less random sample.

  29. The mother’s boyfriend is that jew landscapper. After hubby left she took a jew lover as a payback to hubby. The loveboy was hooked up tight with masada2000 and he played her into stashing weapons.

  30. How many breadcrumbs do you need?

    Marsha Moskowitz, a bus driver for the Sandy Hook elementary school,”I’m Jewish
    Alex Israel “You could definitely tell he was a genius,”
    Rabbi Shaul Praver of Temple Adath Israel in Newtown.
    Praver held a community prayer session on Saturday at Adath Israel, and told Israel’s Army Radio Sunday that he castigated the culture that had led to the massacre.

    “Guns were her hobby,” said Dan Holmes, the landscaper of Nancy Lanza’s sprawling yard
    Landscappers website by
    Graphic Design: Dan Knol
    Photography: Michelle Babyak

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