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  1. Check out on google search todays post on WHO KILLED THE CONNECTICUT CHILDREN—–THE VATIC PROJECT……….Lay off the Khazars…What the Hell,,Their is a Khazar World Empire. The Khazars own the banks, malls and big buisiness, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, DC and on an on. They have the Kahilla,Their tool is Demonocracy or Democrapsy. Elections are a fraud. Politicians are Puppets for them. The Khazars love the yellow Chinese because they make good slaves and serfs and easy to control. The Khazars are everywhere, every place, China, Hong Kong, USA, England, India. They are the Marranos, Read IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA by Col. John Beaty. Even the Queen and the Royals are intermarried into the Khazars. Dr.- John Coleman has all the data on this–The Black Nobility of Venice–Shakespears Merchants of Venice. The Khazar Agendas are many, Homo queer crap, Gun Control and on and on to control smf weaken the masses, You say—Lay off the Khazars….To Hell with Khazars. Hunter, you are right about Secession…but what Lindstedt says is true. There will be no legal sucession. FREEDOM COMES THRU BLOOD…..Judges and Lawyers are mostly Khazars… You think its bad in Syria…bull crap—the Khazars will kill millions and millions to keep their power….

  2. Recap.

    Broken home. Pyschiatric troubles. 20 young dumb full of cum.

    However, his mom bought the weapons for him. That’s odd.

  3. The news says that Adam Lanza had Autism. Alot of Doctors and Scientist say that the injections, flu shots are laced with mercury and other chemncals which cause Autism in children. Lanza would look at game videos with snipèrs and shooters all day…..Hum? How many Adam Lanzas are out there? Scary stuff…..

  4. The articles try to make this like an “old rural American town.”

    Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s SUBURBAN NYC. (An hour and a half from Manhattan, with families that come and go from there on the Metro for work). Sort of evidenced by the Hoboken connection.

    Article: “….he lived in the picturesque, 300-year-old Connecticut town….” The news was playing this up.

    The names too—Libinsky, Miskowitz, Lanza… etc….

    A world removed —really— from “small town America.”

  5. God, or lack of God, has nothing to do with these events. China is an irreligious country with little if any of this type of insanity. The problem is this weird urban culture saturated with violent and sexual imagery.

  6. @ “….The spin that he was “….autistic, or has Asperger…” is nonsense. Engineering and hard-science programs in universities are full of nerdy Aspergers types, and they are harmless. If he was autistic its unlikely he would finish high school….”

    The new religion of PC Psychiatry will be increasingly using such events to push its product with controlled care—- so the t.v. commercial “analysis” will bounce between disarming law-abiding population and—

    — The Psychiatric Priesthood appearing to explain its wares of “early detection,” drugging, why Testing for the crucial ailments has never been possible, and why the ailments must be “managed” but never cured with anti-anxiety, anti-depressants drugs, etc, and the obfuscation of side effects, the lingering of Freudian rhetoric about “people not wanting to be cured” to justify overstepping their constitutional boundaries; Why with one-in-four American women (mothers), who are on the drugs, can more easily pass on the rationale of the Psychiatric Priesthood….

    —-Even if you don’t believe in God, you should read the Bible and go to church for that reason—- if nothing else, it will provide an alternative paradigm for interpretation, and allow a person to think more critically.

  7. Yes, apart from the all too familiar gun grabber assh*les coming out of the woodwork there is nothing here the Left can use.

    Given this freak’s political interests would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that he knew about institutionalized White Genocide and was simply doing his part to help it along? At any rate, nothing the Left can use.

    Meanwhile, 28 families are grieving and going through hell and the MSM is busy bumping up its ratings.

  8. By Monday this incident will be just a blip on the radar cause Joe six-pack will be drooling over athletes who have special gift of running and sprinting and have yet to mastered the quarterback position.

  9. Afterthought – schizophrenia is transnitted via virus. Jews are the carriers. Look it up.

    A Mulatto “shrink” is on Fox ‘n Friendz this AM. He’s non-stop yammering about “meds meds meds”. This massacre will not be the catalyst for gun seizures. It will all go away as soon as is manageable. Lanza was a Jew. It will all go away. He needed “help”. Oohhhh…look… .the Fiscal cliff is worse….look over there…..

    Some type of Law Enforcement dude did mention something about psychatric meds, as causation, in the Faux “discussion” There was dead silence, for half a beat – and then our Helpful Mulatto counselor moved everything RIGHT back to “treatment”. He’s been using Big Words, in context, too. So this Mulatto is brighter than most.

  10. My 100% call about predicting the crazies would come from the left is incorrect. Sometime ago OD had a story or two about some gay Canadian who snapped and ate his Asian victims. Well the killer had used a Mantra bit or two, but other than that was mentally damaged from the get go. At that time BUGs had an incoherent poster there who spouted all sorts of gibberish and luckily for us there sometime after the killer was caught and the gibberish poster posted something.

    But its been nearly 24 hours and I have yet to see any linkage, but I would bet some money that the killer sounds like a lefty, because that is what the Big Tent philosophy will get you. (see Kos, some of their minders there seemingly make a career going from thread to thread reminding people they have to expand their coalition even if others are uncomfy).

    In the next few days and weeks the lizard brained elite is going to offer us opportunities.

  11. obama, another yankee gift will push for some minor gun control stuff but nothing major. the left knows it wins the issue by low middle class/ rural White birth rate and using our tax dollars to prop up large families for negros and beaners. couple that with how liberal White women are and they win

    the beaner invasion, and voting rights for negros and women are another gift from those people

  12. Not a psych major but I do believe that much of it comes from Freud and Freudian quackery comes from Jewish neurotics, its merely a reflection of Jewish society of Mittle Europa late 19th century. Genetics research is going to sink that boat, not that that will be a panacea because no doubt Big Pharma is salavating over that prospect.

    Honestly in the next few days and weeks the Left the dominant faction is going to be exposed for the lizard brains they are. I’m not sure the reactionairies can save them.

    The public school system in Amuurika is dangerous to your mental, spiritual, intellectual and now physical health. Will the Dixie Republic stand for anymore of this social experimentation? Our children are inmates used for “social constructing” in the Dewey Camps.

  13. Denise: I looked up schizophrenia and viruses and there is a poorly substantiated chance that viruses could play a minor role in some cases according to one researcher, Dr Yolken of Johns Hopkins.


    Among the more dominant causes are mutations in the Human Leukocyte Antigen section of the Caucasian genome, but as with anything as complex as the brain, there are many ways to make it not work properly.

  14. It looks like twisted degenerate, and erstwhile eunuch with an afro, Craig Cobb is stirring shit up over at VNN. He’s trying to cook up some more “it was the jews!” nonsense as it relates to this story. I’m not saying that there isn’t a fair share of jewish nutjobs out there. But Cobb is simply insane. He should be institutionalized.

  15. “couple that with how liberal White women are”

    Knock it off.

    I put up a beautiful posting on The Nordic Sage that White married women went for Romney (as a proxy for an anti-Obama stance) 61.9%.

    Meanwhile, single White men (the ones who take the brunt of anti-White stuff and should, by any reasonable assessment voted conservative) voted not-Conservative 49.4%. YIKES!

    Married White women are MORE conservative than unmarried White men.


  16. Crowly – are you kidding me. saterated in perversion and violence ??? Our leaders sacrafice children hundreds of thousands of kids go missing a year . Never heard from again. Who is it gettin off every year at the Bohemian grove. Grunting at the cremation of care cerimony where an infant is burned. “they say its a dummy made to scale” your right China isn’t doing it !!! ! Except they have been for the past ten years Without guns !With 8 inch knifes. And its kindergarteners! And mental problems. Look up china kindergarten stabbings. Some one or thing is giving orders. An anarchist Jew that kills chilren and Alex Israel was his schoolmate but they didn’t have class together and he’s not all there but smartest than everyone else and her name is Alex Israel!!! They mock our inntelligence. up China kindergarden stabbings for the past ten years

  17. Could Corncobb’s incessant ‘it wuz da Jooz’ whining be a subterfuge on his part to draw attention away from others discovering that he himself is a Jew? Consider he is scrawny like a lot of Jews. His face also has a Semitic cast to it. And then there’s that kinky-korn-kobb of a hair do he has. It’s so kinkly you can almost hear it krackling with the dry, brittle sounds that such Jewish hair makes. Even looks like a wad of pubic hair glued to the top of his pointy skull. Positively kosher, itz!

  18. He looks like a ten year old Jew – from this picture. Pictures can vary a hell of a lot of course.

    More modern America.

    If nothing else it sounds like another good argument for home schooling.

  19. Wow u are truly sick! Are u kidding me! His classmates name is Alex Israel don’t u see it or have u seen too many movies watched too much tv and are completly brainwashed

  20. I see the gun banners going on the offensive and the 2ers going on the defensive. Typically American. What placid flak. No doubt ‘Republicans’ will be taken aback, hands over the mouth. It’s disgusting.

    Either hold your relatives, neighbors, ‘representatives’ responsible to your own reaction or be Connecticutized.

    So much for paid police forces that sever the average person’s interest in determining his own defense and instead concern themselves with speed-clock revenue.

    The problems exists in your manner of governance and your understanding of the reasons for it.

  21. Denise: Good point about Skitzo being a virus. Many many years alot of White Nationalist Publications had articles on this subject. I remember THE THUNDERBOLT, CHRISTIAN VANGUARD some others had good articles on this. If you hang with or around the SKitzo Infected–you can catch it to—or maybe it even rolls in—in the Fog and Smog….or chemtrails, plus gmos…Whiggers will take their kids for the vaccines—and then later on—what happened t0o my child? Combat Game Videos are all over place—but the liberals will deny that has anything to do with it. Meth destroys the serotonin receptors. 2 4 D Weed Killer messes up Serotonin too. Serotonin controls behavior…The reason so many Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange and Dioxin came back to USA and had crazy behavior is that TOXIC BRAIN SYNDROME (TBS) and not Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome Disorder (Shell Shock) caused the crazy behavior…..It was the CHEMICALS….WHITE FLOUR; WHITE SUGAR AND FLORIDE creates a dum downed population… ZOMBIE WHIGGERS ALL OVER THE PLACE, who dont think or ask questions…

  22. Official racial statistics cannot be trusted, especially when dealing with the Southwest and Northeast. Hebraics, Indians, Amerindians, mestizos, Arabs, Central Asians, etc. are “White” for fedgov purposes. Newton seemingly has a strong judaic undercurrent which Adam Lanza was a part of. Vermont natives are threatened by encroaching hordes of “New Yorkers.” New England is a giant dacha.

    Obama just doesn’t seem like a willing gun-banner. He’s always been a generic brown leftist beholden to corporate power and certain alien interests. Obama wants “gibsmedats” fo’ hee-yis people. Like a sullen child he drags his feet going to school. But eventually, papa AIPAC and mama DOD get him in the minivan. Soft control is Barack’s game. Guns didn’t stop the “Civil Rights Act” after all. Since he ate his veggies yesterday his parents gave him hunter-killer drones to play with.

    If you’re worried about gun bans, stock up on AR-15 receivers. You could buy 5 for the price of one mid-grade rifle. All the other parts can be mail-ordered. Palmetto State Armory makes affordable and quality AR-15 parts. YouTube alone offers all the instruction videos you need to build your “scary evil rifle” from a parts kit. Good luck to all the pro-White Yankees, Rebs, and Westerners out there!

  23. No MSM discussion of shooter christian tea party links or Muslim Jihadi affiliations, ethnicity omitted , but:

    “Adam Lanza belonged to a technology [LAN gaming]club at Newtown High School…Jacob Wycoff also tweeted that Adam was autistic…Milas, whose son Joshua was in the club with Lanza…Beth Israel on Friday tweeted that her daughter went to school with him and he was ‘troubled for a long time.'”


  24. ” School Shooting False Flag or is it Time To Ban Guns RE Connecticut Shooting and UN Treaty” Dec 14, 2012 – 6 min

  25. Anon – I wonder about that too. That “second shooter”. There seems to be a lot of “seconds” around…..all mention of which vanishes almost instantly.

    John – re: the Hebe names and chums – it’s like reading the telephone book in Tel Aviv.

  26. Having “heeb” chums is part of the tri-state experience. A jewish bus-driver? That’s actually funny.

    A student in his tenth grade Honors English class recalled he was very quiet, very thin and carried a black briefcase to class, which stuck out when all the other kids carried backpacks.

    He dressed more formally than other students, often wearing khaki pants, button-down shirts and at times, a pocket protector. Many recalled that he was highly intelligent.

    All of the above is great for a school dress-code but since the kids at that school could wear spaghetti straps and concert t-shirts he used proper dress to rebel. If his school had a briefcase policy the contrarian would sport a Fjallraven-Kanken. This was one of those kids that got above himself thanks to mumsy making him her “little big man” after the divorce. His aspy made him berry spayshul.

    There’s a difference between being spoiled and spoiled rotten.






  29. [quote]Crowly – are you kidding me. saterated in perversion and violence ??? Our leaders sacrafice children hundreds of thousands of kids go missing a year . Never heard from again. Who is it gettin off every year at the Bohemian grove. Grunting at the cremation of care cerimony where an infant is burned. “they say its a dummy made to scale” your right China isn’t doing it !!! ! Except they have been for the past ten years Without guns !With 8 inch knifes. And its kindergarteners! And mental problems. Look up china kindergarten stabbings. Some one or thing is giving orders. An anarchist Jew that kills chilren and Alex Israel was his schoolmate but they didn’t have class together and he’s not all there but smartest than everyone else and her name is Alex Israel!!! They mock our inntelligence. up China kindergarden stabbings for the past ten years[/quote]

    Tiffany, I’m not clear what you are trying to say here but generally speaking the only way Christianity might put a break on events of this kind is through fear of eternal hell-fire, and I don’t see people en masse believing in that again. There is too much cross information. People believed in hell back when the Catholic church had complete control of education. Those days cannot be resurrected. The problem lies in the debased information environment everyone, but especially young boys, are subjected to, and the anomie inherent in mass urban societies.

  30. White woman today are still liberal in every possible way. because the bar has shifted doesn’ t change reality

  31. Many of the pictures show non-whites, lol. Newtown is about 96% white. So, every picture being non-white is strange. Families of Asians “mourning.”

    The democrats were radically PRO-weapon in the 1930s— this is just a new thing since they got “power.” Now they don’t like “representation” so much, lol.

    A side effect of a lot of the pharm drugs is being FAT. It’s why women are FAT. One in four is on attitudinal corrections pills.

  32. If his mother bought the guns, she should be charged as an accessory.
    “Collector,” my ass.

    Personal responsibility is not a liberal concept, unfortunately.

    Deo Vindice

  33. “Some type of Law Enforcement dude did mention something about psychatric meds, as causation”

    It’s definitely a possibility. I don’t know the details but some new type of anti-depressive came out c. 10-15 years ago, i forget exactly when, and there are different versions and they apparently work better (or so i’m told) *if* the right person gets the right one but they definitely *don’t* work (from personal experience) if the wrong person gets the wrong one. Giving the wrong person the wrong can freak them out entirely – although in the cases i came across it made them suicidal rather than homicidal but now you mention it i wonder.

    It would be very interesting to see how many of these young nerdy school shooters had been on the various kinds of kiddy-headpills the shrinks have been pumping into school-children for the last 20 or so years?

  34. Well, every pol out there baying to ban firearms is Jewish. Emmanuel, Bloomberg…

    It’s not a coincidence. I don’t give the school shootings a second thought. The only way that they could be stopped is to have a single entrance to schools and armed guards. Like they have incidentally in Israel. Well well well. The Israeli Mayor of Chicago wants gun free zones and gun bans. Well, what’s good enough for the west bank Jew isn’t good enough for the goyim is it?

  35. Maybe it’s a Copy cat And the MEDIA dramatize the event as always.

    When i step out the door, I’m weary of public places that some copy cat burst out its guns for fame . This dweeb picked an elementary school cause it was easy picking and the school staff could not bring him down and bit the bullet.

  36. FAT is obviously the look (metabolism) that the Kosher Imperative has mandated to America.

    Processed food is loaded with chemical nasties like phenylketonurics that cause insulin resistance and fluorides that knock out the thyroid.

    Because phenylalanine is an amino acid this stuff gets labeled ‘natural additive’ on the label. Shabbos Goy gov’t admin in charge of food and labeling mandates this pharmakeia in everything from baby food to booze. Then there is an entire class of nasties that nobble the thyroid in women and the secretion of testosterone in men.

    If it is processed it probably has kosher pharmakeia in it.

    People should stay away from processed food entirely. They should grow their own or personally know their local organic farmers and gardeners. A good home school science project is an air to water machine that can run off of solar generator. The natural air to water technology is at least 2,000 years old.

    The Celts built the stone round towers by the sea. The stones remain cool and when the warm air hits the stones the condensation runs down the tower. The Romans merely hooked it up to the aquaduct. Very simple. Very effective.

    The way in which women can save their thyroid and pancreatic function is to eat home grown food and have many children. In my experience, mothers of five and over routinely save their thyroid function. Women in the fertile years with estrogen dominance who are not having babies are looking at huge problems with their metabolism – the only solution to which is binge bulemic diets and gymn.

  37. The J_WMSM has completely blacked out the report of a teacher eyewitness who stated to the police that she saw two shooters running from the scene.

    But it is on the police dispatch that has been uploaded to YouTube

    People had better copy this now. Eyewitnesses whose reports conflict with the official ‘lone nut shooter, therefore we must have gun control’ report have a way of meeting with unfortunate events.

    So three men in fatigues – two running from the scene. One man: the Patsy dead at the scene. QED another government job and psy-op. The Jew Media in on it – of course, because they blacked out a key fact.

  38. The reason Christ could have prevented this is because if the community was a Christian one, in the old way, with prayer in school, one marriage, no pornography or obscenity, and a general understanding of absolutes, all the people associated with Lanza and the school would have had some sort of actionable principle other than “who am I to say what other people are doing” and “just wait for the authorities to arrive.” More likely than not this kind of evil would have been recognized and dealt with long before it reached this stage, and would have included it not being acceptable for the father to leave the home.

    I get the suspicion that everyone knew the kid was likely to snap, but it’s unacceptable to do anything about things like that nowadays. This was a horrible event. But even more horrible for the future, look what it says about us. We are living on the raggedy edge of chaos and it’s going to get much, much worse.

  39. “White woman today are still liberal in every possible way. because the bar has shifted doesn’ t change reality”


    That the bar shifted is proof reality HAS changed. Or the bar wouldn’t have shifted.

    White Married (married. I emphasize married. Married. Married. Married) women voted AGAINST Obama at much greater rates than White Single Men.
    (Which is utter irony. WSMs, the very demographic that is most harmed by antiWhite policies and who, consequently ought to vote 99% against Obama, instead virtually HALF of them voted his way) 49.9% of them are not smart enough to come in from the rain, it would seem.

    This demographic of single White men, Stonelifter calls “conservative.”

    But this other demographic (married White women) Stonelifter tells us is “liberal in every way.”

    Clearly, us White married women, their mothers, are smarter and know what’s bad for single White men better than they do.

    You gotta try harder, Stonelifter. You can’t just toss aside my tightly argued and incisively analysed post with an assertion. That’s the jew way of arguing. It’s conduct unbecoming of a White man.

    Clearly, married White women such as myself are better thinkers than the Stonelifters who advise their sons to, somehow or other — he’s rather — (purposely?) vague on the specifics — get hold of some White women’s eggs and have them implanted in Desis in India and then bring the babies back home. As if India Desi women are going to give up beautiful White babies they birthed. HAH!

    How does all this relate to the original post? Stonelifter’s ideas (women are liberal and men are conservative / Desi women will give over White babies they birthed to White American men to take the babies, and not them, to America) are just more examples, along with shooting up kindergartners, that in modern America, insanity reigns.

    Utterly reigns

    Mon dieu.

  40. “I think the ‘Caps Lock’ key might be stuck on your keyboard.”

    The poor dear. Johnson’s thinking, “HAH! I just busted a CAPS LOCK on your ass!”

    Meanwhile, we just see him for the pathetic idiot he is.

    Johnson, before you accuse us here of (wait for it, guys) IGNORANCE, this word, “ANTISEMETISISM,” is spelled anti-Semitism. Oh, and the “clan”? I think you mean “Klan.” You’re welcome.

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