50 Years Forward: Spontaneous Blackness Erupts At Montgomery Raceway


I’m very familiar with this Raceway gas station in west Montgomery which is located at the intersection of Mobile Highway and South Boulevard. I have to drive past it every time I travel from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa on US-82 to see my brother.

This gas station is actually located on the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail. The women who are fighting in this video are almost certainly the black prostitutes who are always found walking up and down South Boulevard.

The 18 homicides in Montgomery in 2013 are concentrated in west Montgomery. Almost every other homicide and shooting in Montgomery can be attributed to the black residents of west Montgomery fanning out from their home base and spreading the disease of black dysfunction to the rest of the city.

Note: Check out Paul Kersey’s response to David Sher, “Letter From An American Gulag: The City That Started It All, 50 Years Later.” Back in 2011, I gave Paul a “civil rights” tour of the area and stopped at this very gas station on the way to Selma.

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  1. Has the video been edited?

    The funniest part was when the silverback in the blue shirt came running across the parking lot with her arms flailing about and tackled the hoochie beneath layers upon layers of cellulite.

  2. After watching that video anyone get the feeling that any one of those women could get hit by an Amtrak train, put their shoes back on, grab their purse and go back to work?

    That was like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  3. “You’re not an authority on Christianity, you’re a guy….

    Your smug self-righteous borderline pharisaical approach to Christianity is too much.”

    What makes an authority then? Seminary education, pastoral experience? I have those. It is not self-righteous or pharisaical at all to oppose the general WN indifference to, and even support of polygamy and adultery, prostitution, miscegenation. True outlaw conservatism takes an active stand against.

  4. No one asked for your CV, although I’m sure we’re all very impressed.

    I am just a tax collector steeped in my sin at the wall. I know this. That’s why I’m there.

  5. No-man says:
    See “Jankyn” from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales please, thank-you for not casting stones.


    At her fourth husband’s funeral, she could hardly keep her eyes off a young clerk named Jankyn, whom she had already admired. At the month’s end, she and Jankyn were married, even though she was twice his age. As soon as the honeymoon was over, she was disturbed to find that Jankyn spent all his time reading, especially from a collection of books that disparaged women. One night, he began to read aloud from this collection, beginning with the story of Eve, and he read about all the unfaithful women, murderesses, prostitutes, and so on, that he could find. Unable to tolerate these stories any longer, the Wife of Bath grabbed the book and hit Jankyn so hard that he fell over backwards into the fire. He jumped up and hit her with his fist. She fell to the floor and pretended to be dead. When he bent over her, she hit him once more and again pretended to die. He was so upset that he promised her anything if she would live. And this is how she gained “sovereignty” over her fifth husband. From that day until the day he died, she was a true and faithful wife for him. Her tale, which follows, reiterates her belief that a happy match is one in which the wife has control.

    Did you marry a woman twice your age who liked to play rough? Kidding 😉

    I don’t see how I cast any “stones” btw, I just noted your casual admission of “splitting lips” in the past and your willingness to do so in the future.

    Ps: I had a friend who was (well, is still really) a bit of a lunatic, and she could be violent when angry. I never opposed the men who, on occasion, treated her like she treated others, but then none ever took it further than slapping/restraining her, etc.
    I just found your comment a bit…..curious.

  6. I don’t see how I cast any “stones”

    You didn’t, that’s why I thanked you for allowing me to put my remark in some context. Most American women today are like the five-time wife.

  7. I think Mary is a good egg, her post approve reflects it and not a stone thrower ( also reflected in the above post) this is not a rebuke of her…

    Not long ago we laughed when women got spanked in movies, and no one was outraged over the occasional open hand slap to a woman. Then the anti domestic violence laws got out of hand and now, thanks to the VAWA yelling at a woman is against the law. Don’t believe me, read the law.

    I also note, our women were an assets when we laughed at women getting spanked and were not outraged about open handed slaps. Now…. sadly, not so much. Women responded to dominate men, these are physical manifestations of a man’s strength that do no long term harm, trigger certain sexual responses and not abuse. I do not condone actual abuse.

    I did marry a woman half my age…but I am gentle as a lamb with my loved ones.

  8. Rambling on about some versions of christianity a damn waste of time as related to this. Its effin simple as I have told many a young person, don’t be like the idiots in these “keepin it real, nome sayin” videos.

  9. “No Man” wrote:
    “Racemixing is only bad if they are taking our women”

    “the black man needs to be hosed down and beaten, the women taken”

    “race purists need to be stamped out and patrilinear expansionist concept must return”

    He offered the illustration of ancient Hebrews taking (marrying) captured non-Hebrew women, and he believes mere “guys” who are not sufficiently “authoritative” are out of order advocating the opposite principle of racial and ethnic separation and purity.

  10. The people in this video are supposedly Americans. What could be a worse fate for a nation? And yet Whites cringe and gnash their teeth in concern over fluctiations the stock market, while their streets are filled with feral savages.

    Just as the slaves of the Roman Republic eventually became citizens and primary actors in the age of Rome’s decline, so the dross of the United State’s better years have now become the nation’s primary inheritors. Watch them destroy what they never could build themselves. Watch them squander what our forefathers bled for.

    God must be very wroth against us.

  11. RRS: Great post! Thanks. Christianity has been a "dead man walking" since the French Revolution, politically anyway.
    April 12, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks for the post, RRS. Christianity is relevant only as a part of Western aka white culture. Since the Reformation it has done us as a race more harm than good by dividing and causing constant in-fighting.

  12. Mating with Blacks isn’t “taking their women”.  It’s bestiality; just look at the character of the offspring (those ‘boons WERE mulattos).

  13. RRS: Great post! Thanks. Christianity has been a "dead man walking" since the French Revolution, politically anyway.
    April 12, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    What we see here can be explained through evolution. In tropical climates the best evolutionary strategy is early sex and often with as many women as possible. Real “alpha” behavior. In frigid climates this gets you dead. Small bands of hunters in Ice Age Europe had to learn to cooperate with each other to survive. Without the care of a husband a woman and her children would likely die. If one man took all the women to himself, the so-called “betas” would split and alpha would freeze or starve along with his harem. Also, the children needed more training, nourishment, clothing, etc and took longer to learn complex skills like pack hunting and crafting shelter. That’s why we are so different from black–adaptation to different environments. Most Christian principles reinforce these positive tribal survival practices. The “Alfa-beta-delta-gamma-lamda” bullshit applies to canines and chimps, maybe even blacks, not to whites, who cooperate to survive.

  14. Those boons don’t have the best white genes either.

    I’m arguing for the right of primae nigger noctis.

  15. I have always enjoyed the absurd violence and comical rage of negresses when they throw down on each other. I think most people do.

    The weave pulling, cokespoon fingernails snapping off, eye gouging, and other antics make this a very entertaining spectacle whenever it occurs.

    TNB such as this is always good in revealing the vast differences between our races.
    OBD is obvious in such situations.

    These encounters also provide an example for white feminists to emulate whenever they decide to renounce their white privilege.

    Here’s to the buffarillas, angry lesbians, and everything in between.
    They all show BRA at its finest.

    Nice post, Hunter.

    Deo Vindice

  16. Why the jews are evil? WTF? Was it a 10,000 page essay?

    Interesting thing about the self-righteous and the norm

  17. I’m arguing for the right of primae nigger noctis.

    Why not go the whole hog?  Tie all their tubes and use ’em for host mothers for Whites.

  18. Sorry my damn shriek fingers again

    The interesting thing about the self-righteous and the moralizer is the constant drumbeat all others are wrong, and the core belief that no one else can read, study and experience life without coming to the exact same conclusion on whatever topics the moralizer cam to.

    As a Southron man, I saw no reason to be upset with that guys answer to NYC and his points are quantifiable, but it’s still a hellhole full of jews, yankees, foreign people and the mouth of the cesspool

  19. No Man wrote: “I’m arguing for the right of primae nigger noctis.”

    Your carnality revels in that.

    “Why not go the whole hog? Tie all their tubes and use ‘em for host mothers for Whites.”

    Stonelifter proposes using Asian surrogate wombs, but by the same logic, it could as well be Africans. Once we are “post-Christian,” anything goes.

    “The interesting thing about the self-righteous and the moralizer is the constant drumbeat all others are wrong.”

    It is characteristic of the secularist to consider reasoned religious discourse hypocritical or self-righteous “moralising.”

  20. But the secularist hides his shame behind the figleaf of seven days six thousand years ago and a forty day global Flood Creationism. Nevertheless the secularist is as the secularist does. Asian surrogate wombs indeed.

  21. How is it a “high horse” to be revolted by the spectacle of the mulatto and negro prostitutes? It is no wonder you react to my “intolerance” if you do seriously want to “take” negro women or engage in “primae nigger noctis.”

  22. The wisdom of whoop dat trick seems utterly lost on you.

    When our ancestors were stronger ie in antiquity and the middle-ages they did not trade that wisdom for pathetic barnyard sentimental pharisaism as you have.

    But in our bed he was so fresh and spry,
    To gloss away so able, heaven knows,
    Whenever he was wanting my belle chose,
    That though each bone he’d beaten was in pain,
    At once he’d win back all my love again.
    I swear I loved him best of all, for he
    Was always playing hard to get with me.
    We women have–the truth, so help me God–
    In this regard a fancy that is odd;
    That which we can’t get in an easy way
    Is what we’ll crave and cry for all the day.

  23. Not only do I mean what I say, I live by it.
    And post your GPS coordinates if you feel like getting whooped.

  24. If you TRULY hold these positions, then you must think West Birmingham is NOT entirely bad for whites, since it is a convenient breeding ground for sexual playmates who could be sterilised or used as surrogate wombs — but even if crossbred directly, in “patriarchal expansionism,” as you said, you would call the offspring “white.”

  25. I do allow for the fact my understanding maybe flawed which is why I don’t claim men with one wife are sinning or the like.

    I offered a viable solution that would allow men to have a family without the risk of marriage, losing their children and wealth. One that has nothing to do with this debate but moralizers love to stir shit. It’s how they feel better then the rest. You offered shit and freaked along with the woman. You still haven’t offered shit for a solution on any problem. Team Woman is your team. On every argument. On every topic. To you the only part of the Bible this isn’t allegorical is what fits well for women. You deny a 6 day creation and then jump on your high horse to say I’m a non believer. Which takes balls in the figurative sense, you not having any in the literal since.

    All we get from you is the weak words of an old woman expect that’s not true. Denise shows more brass. Nor have you been able to post a Bible passage clearly stating one husband one wife. Or that the men who had more then one wife sinned against God by having more then one. Solomon is called out for letting a foreign wife lead him astray. David is called out for murder and sex with a married woman, not for having more then one wife. In certain cases, men were required to have a second wife, or knock up their brothers wife. Converts with more then on wife are not called to put them away either. Do better then Paul’s position on requirement for church leadership.

    Christ clearly allow divorce for adultery, and Joseph was not called out for his plans to set Mary aside. Being engage was a form of marriage light. Paul adds abandonment, and the Almighty divorces the jews

    The topics have much more going on then your feminine imperative will allow you to consider.

    The fact is numerous Bible scholars say multiple wives is allowable and the evidence for one wife isn’t as clear as folks think. They still debate these topics in certain circles. Expect what they need to do is not read the Bible but listen to the weak words of some womanish yankee in PA. Then all theology debate would be over, Christ would show up, fix all the worlds problems and rainbow farting unicorns will be one every street corner

    Or you could drop the topic so others could enjoy reading the post, but asking you to set aside your false moral superiority is like asking my horse to do calculus.

  26. I believe whiteness should be patrilinear, that doesn’t mean a Hallstatt-Swedish white would be socially equal to a mamzer-White. The best defense is a strong offense. Now have a nice day and if you do want to throw down I will fight you anytime anywhere.

  27. Whiteness is genetic not patrilinear or cultural. Truth cannot be defeated. Stonelifter continues to justify post-Christian, secular behaviour by citing pre-Christian examples of polygamous “big men of the Bible.” The question that was decided in Christian orthodoxy long ago is now suddenly “not clear.”

  28. Whiteness is genetic not patrilinear or cultural.

    Yes, “race is real”, however “whiteness” is not wholly genetic, it is a somewhat flexible social quasi-legal identity. You’re a bio-materialist masquerading as a pious Christian and no one is buying it. Do you even lift? Start training so you can send me your address, someone has to knock some sense into you.

  29. “Christ clearly allow divorce for adultery”

    This is not true according to the best, impartial analysis, because Greek words for premarital sex and for adultery in marriage are juxtaposed, indicating the allowed “divorce” is the breaking of an unconsummated engagement/betrothal (such as Joseph’s with Mary) on discovery of impurity.

  30. “You’re a bio-materialist masquerading as a pious Christian and no one is buying it.”

    You don’t want to “buy it,” but it really is true that one can believe in the Christ as well as understand Physics. If lifting weights made one wise, many “alpha” male negroes would be brilliant.

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