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  1. The mixed and limited politeia has elements of both, Lew — or of both democracy and natural aristocracy.

  2. “So you reckon that the Czar had it coming? Or that he had malice toward his people?
    I’m simply…amazed at that Mosin. The Czar lead to Communism? It’s laughable.”

    Who said anything about the Czar? Did I miss something in a previous comment of yours? Nor did I say or think of monarchy leading to communism. Perhaps my hyperbolic use of “slaves” led you to think of Russian serfs, or that I was thinking of them. No, rather, I was simply contrasting the royalty and gentry of ANY monarchial state with their “subjects” or “commons.”

  3. On one hand are monarchists, elitists, supremacists, militarists, and colonialists, admirers of the “Golden Circle” model of “immense-wealth-producing” multiracial (white, African, Jewish) symbiosis. On the other hand are the Christian lovers of liberty….

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