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  1. This self-rightous bitch needs to be plopped in a Hispanic neighborhood for a couple of weeks to help her get a new outlook on race!

  2. The super snitch woman reminds me of the dim bulb woman who chatted with the big black cleaver in Woolwich. Clearly getting a thrill out of being kind to Blacks and Browns is top of both their agendas.

  3. The Racism Expert linked the “hate” to “anti-catholicism,” and says this is just the new wave of it.

    No reporter, however, will use the “P” word, and ask how the Children of the Founders (wasps) who were GENUINELY being Genocided in Europe might be affected by a Policy Oriented shift in the nature of the Religion of the country (a takeover by people who teach the Descendants of the Founders are “heretics,” and who previously did them in on this basis.)

    Wasn’t that genuine violence? Wasn’t that why they made “freedom of religion,” (so they could practice their Religion, their particular version of “christianity,” without being done in?)

    What is the nature of this incredible SILENCE on this question, when Mr. “Racism Expert” goes on.

    In fact, just theoretically—- CAN “wasps” be Genocided??? Or is that just impossible (except under international law, which no one seems to care about?)

  4. The media is doing exactly what they were predicted to do and what the distributors correctly assumed would happen. The average bozo will figure that the literature was pro-white-extermination and ask why he, being white, should be exterminated. The anti-Whites will out themselves and give the literature a level of publicity it never could have achieved on its own.

    What has happened is that Dynamic Silence has been forgotten. A mistake on their part. DS is actually their most effective tactic.

  5. Here is a great example of Jewmedia in action. KATU network will be, of course, Jew owned either outright or through a subsidiary.

    Dinah Davis is a local activist for libtard causes that serve the non-separation of synagogue and state and its masonic order. She will belong to some busy body org that is part of the Matrix like a Bapt-duh JudeoXtian Zionist congregation, or a novus ordo JudeoXtian catholic, order of the Eastern Star or whatever. Her assignment like that of the local Party cadre will be to prevent any dissidents from emerging and to run the Party line at the local level.

    Prevention of Whites exercising their right of free association or organisation in their own interest as a demographic clearly falls under her purview.

    When the flyer appeared, comrade Davis was on it. She contacted Jewmedia fronted by Whites, of course, and they contacted prof Jew Randy Bazak, their point man and ‘racism expert’ from the local screwU to frame this incident for TVland.

    Thus, White American effort to organize in their own racial interest according to their right to freedom of association is demonized for the sheeple as ‘low grade terrorism’ and hate and (cover your ears boyz and gurlz) White Supremacy. OOOH. Bad. Bad. Bad. I can hear little Timmy now whispering, Daddy – ‘Did those bad people deny the, the, the howwowcost?’

    I would bet any money that if La Raza had published a pamphlet with their federal funding with English info and their slogan: ‘for the race everything, for others nothing’, KATU ‘more jewspew for you’ would have covered the rally and Prof Jew Blazak from screwU would be there singing the camp song about the joys of diversity.

  6. ” … Jewmedia in action …” We need lists of books and videos so that we can understand what happened in the past and what is happening now.
    According to Rothbard, the Federal Reserve Banking System was always a front for the New York bankers. The Morgan combine, the Rockefeller-Harriman combine, and the Kuhn-Loeb combine were behind it. American politics from 1900 to 1950 can be best understood not as a conflict between the Democrats and Republicans but rather a conflict between the Morgan combine and the Rockefeller-Harriman combine. Rothbard de-judaizes the historical narrative, but I think he had a good grasp of what really went on. My guess is the Jews gradually infiltrated media, Wall Street, government, and academe by first serving the cartels and then running the cartels.
    “… most all of these guys wanted cartelization by 1900. How did the Morgan types get away with it? … form … an alliance with the opinion-molding class of society, the intellectuals, writers, journalists, media …” – Murray N. Rothbard
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWq32IUqCXE The Fed and the Power Elite | Murray N. Rothbard
    “Once you lose your legitimacy, the collapse of the system is inevitable.” – Murray N. Rothbard
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwz0BYqOhMI The Current States of World Affaris | Murray N. Rothbard

  7. Damn! Seeing this ugly creature just ruined my day.
    And to think I had just composed this little ditty.

    I never saw a goggle-eyed harridan,
    I never hope to see one;
    But I can tell you, anyhow,
    I’d rather see than be one.

    My apologies to the spirit of Gelett Burgess.

    Ray Stevens is a national treasure.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Someone who had a flyer taken from their car should complain to the TV station, and to the police! It’s theft.

    The victim could say, I’m old enough to decide what I want to read, and I don’t need some self-righteous, self-appointed censor telling me what I can read, and what I can’t read.

  9. “Racism expert,” huh? He looks a little disheveled this morning – rough night of blowin’ dudes.

  10. This “Dynamic Silence” is not going to work any longer:

    What has happened is that Dynamic Silence has been forgotten. A mistake on their part. DS is actually their most effective tactic.

    Look at the comments sections of even the mainstream media sites for crime stories, they are now packed with “race-realism” anti-diversity comments, the media has to soon realize they have a real problem on their hands, and they are going to HAVE to up the anti-racist propaganda, maybe even stage a WN or WS false flag event.

  11. This story is pretty weird, though. It is a mish mash of convoluted factors. It is apparently white supremacist literature, but not in any traditional sense that says whites are superior or minorities are inferior. When you see the words ‘White Genocide’ why would you assume it is “pro white” and not “anti white?” In other words if you only saw the words ‘White Genocide,’ does that mean “Whites are being genocided, therefore sympathize with us,” or does it mean “Let’s genocide the whites, they are evil”? Furthermore, why is it in Spanish?? If it is targeting hispanics, that is an odd way of going about intimidation. Intimidation by way of sympathy?? The racism expert, who is white btw, makes quite a leap in logic just as the woman makes the leap that ‘White Genocide’ must be ostensibly “pro white.” I know that the flyer does essentially mean “whites are being genocided, sympathize with us,” but it’s interesting to see how people’s minds work and the leaps they make. I say this with humor intended, but it could almost be a “false flag.” I really don’t understand why it’s in Spanish. I like the way Vendikar is thinking.

  12. Portland has few stizos…..does anyone know if this neighborhood is an exception? The use of Spanish is peculiar because it’s the first WN literature I’ve ever seen so printed even in places where it ought to be. It smells of being a klutzy plant and it would be interesting to do some forensics on the paper itself. If it turned out to have come off a high end color printer in the basement of Temple Schmuck-El I wouldn’t be astonished.

  13. Frankly, I do not know who is behind this. I also do not care. What strikes me as interesting, is the media attention. So, let us all begin an avalanche of windshield fliers. Even drawing negative attention is a positive.

  14. For those wondering why it is in Spanish:
    If you look closely enough at the Spanish on the flyer, it is the infamous quote from the Mexican Reconquista group “La Raza” that says : For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.”

    “For The (Mestizo) Race, everything, for those outside The Race, nothing.” I know enough Spanish and I’ve seen that quote cited often enough to recognize it immediately. It is very anti-Anglo.

    The anti-white news media sure as hell isn’t going mention what that Spanish phrase means, and the two sites I have seen this story on Hunter, are yours and Palmetto’s and I’m guessing you guys aren’t as familiar with “La Raza” as border and anti-illegal immigration activists out on the West Coast and in the SouthWest are or you probably would have picked up on it.

    I’m betting the text inside the pamphlet explains what that phrase means in English, and the frumpy Lesbian lefty and her news media friends don’t want any non-leftist whites reading it.

  15. Hillary Lake, yum.

    I got a kick out of the “racism expert” Blazak, oh yeah he’s not biased, he doesn’t have an axe to grind. “It’s low-level terrorism!” Actually it keeps you relevant and paid, Blazak, you should be thankful.

    Putting it in Spanish was an astute move. It really throws the mush-brained Whites for a loop, who don’t even realize that Spanish is a European language.

  16. If you look closely enough at the Spanish on the flyer, it is the infamous quote from the Mexican Reconquista group “La Raza” that says : For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.”

    “For The (Mestizo) Race, everything, for those outside The Race, nothing.”

    Interesting point, and it further shows how irrational and stupid mestizos are. They are not a race, nor the race. They’re confused, ugly mongrels, and they also have significant African ancestry which they’re ignorant of or deny.

  17. @Denise “I Love Hate!” Randy Blazak, the ADL/SPLC professor represents the enemy. Non-White, non-Christian groups love the in-group and hate the out-groups. The Jews use their organizations to destroy White morale and White people. The title of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” indicates the problem with Hitler’s program. We need a new book: “Unser Kampf”. We need to outthink our enemies.
    “… end corruption in finance … I know that sounds anti-Semitic but people shoud be allowed to say that.” – RamZPaul
    Marine veteran detained over Facebook posts
    “I just spoke the truth as I saw it.” – Brandon Raub
    .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX1EvM6XksM Kidnapped Marine vet Brandon Raub speaks out from psych ward (2012 incident)
    Rush Limbaugh explains the Democrat/Judaeocrat program.
    “European peoples are everywhere dying.” – Pat Buchanan
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HapoNHLkX-o Pat Buchanan Discusses the Treasonous White Liberal Elite
    We need to outthink the enemy. We need a new system. Consider a pro-White racist class system with four classes: the Christian peasant class (somewhat like the Amish) with early marriage, no birth control, no abortion, no extra-marital sex, no race-mixing; the semi-Christian soldier class; the semi-Christian nerd class (to build robots and weapons); the semi-Christian managerial class to govern the peasants, soldiers, and nerds. If we fail to outthink the enemy, we are doomed. A few WN states are not good enough (- wouldn’t eliminate the kike/chink threat). Use human cloning and genetic engineering to create a super-race of nerds – OR ELSE! We must outthink the kike and chink nerds – OR ELSE!

  18. I think it’s interesting they translated “anti-racist is code for anti-White.”

    I agree, White Genocide IS hate.

    That neck of the woods doesn’t have enough “diversity” yet.

  19. Dinah will be changing her mind there in Milwaukie once the “crime train” gets built down to their city. Folks have been fighting that for both money reasons and crime potential. Of course I’m sure she’ll join in with the gun grabbers and blame anyone who dares to own a gun once that happens. Drop Dinah in Gresham or around the Rose Quarter at night with no cell phone and $5 in her pocket. If she doesn’t run into vibrancy she’ll meet up with the homeless. Hell just put her on the Max light rail and tell her to ride it from end to end all day.

    There is a spanish radio station near the state capital “la pantera 940” that has an RV with “Pura raza” painted on the back. Pure bred indeed.

  20. Without the edge on weaponry. Gulf war would have been a disaster. Their religion is militant. The Crusader certainly at that time fought fiercely equal weaponry.

  21. Rédoine Faïd (born 10 May 1972) is a French-Algerian gangster who was influenced by American crime films such as “Scarface”, “Reservoir Dogs” and “Heat”. He has been considered France’s most wanted criminal. After his first robbery he fled to Israel and learned Hebrew to avoid prosecution.
    Hollywood-inspired cultural diversity

  22. @DixieGirl

    Not that many years ago it was taught in the public schools, that one of the major reasons our White Protestant ancestors came to America, was to escape from the Catholic persecution in the old world.

    A strong historical case can be made that our White Protestant ancestors, also wanted away from the Jew peddlers & money lenders of the old world. It’s a theme in early American journalism too.

  23. “Not that many years ago it was taught in the public schools, that one of the major reasons our White Protestant ancestors came to America, was to escape from the Catholic persecution in the old world.”

    What a load of crock. The ultra-Puritans, Quakers, and Pennsylvania “Dutch” were basically kicked out of Protestant England and Germany for insisting on the outlawing of drinking, dancing, and Christmas. The Southern planters came here to make money and the Scotch-Irish were forced out by the Clearings.

  24. Related video with some cute Southern gals explaining the double standard.

    I loved the little warning at the beginning from Youtube about it being “offensive”. You would have thought this was hardcore pornography if you were some random browser. I’m surprised they didn’t make us get commentary from “racism expert” Blazak before we began watching the youtube video.

    What a moronic country I live in.

  25. @ Rudel

    The Roman Catholic bastards of the French & Spanish monarchs attacked the Germanic Protestants of the Rhine River Valley from Switzerland to Holland and forced them to migrate to colonial America. Much the same with the Scotch-Irish Protestants who were caught between the Irish Roman Catholics and the possibility of a Catholic Restoration in Britain. Then lets not forget about the Franco-Germanic Huguenots who had fled to avoid the French Catholics.

    You Roman Catholic bastards are not going to get away with it here.

  26. Earl, the Rhinelander Protestants were stirred to rebellion by foreign agitators from England. Philip II did what any ruler had to do in a case like that. See William Thomas Walsh’s “Phillip II”.

    The Scot-Irish, who gave me a large part of my genes, were basically screwed over by the English monarchy. They were promised land in the Ulster Plantation, told the beat down the native Irish, and then were shocked, yes shocked, when the Irish fought back. Then the Royal government screwed them over with high taxes and restrictions on what and where they could send goods made in Ulster. Many of them came to America to start anew and they became the backbone of the revolution.

    The Huguenots fled France alright, they were involved in subversive activity against France and its people. BTW, many of them were Marranos (Crypto-Jews) and Moriscos (Crypto-Moors, Muslims) My paternal ggg grandmother was a descendant of a Morisco family.

    And yet Earl, you’re concerned about what us Catholics were doing?!

  27. Orwellian liberal self-righteousness. No discussion of what was actually written in the pamphlets, only an accusation of witchcraft, replete with an anti-racism priest to declare it evil. These people are so utterly conditioned as to be incapable of even asking what was “racist” about the literature. Zombies.

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