Sheldon Adelson… If the Shoe Fits

Straight out of central casting
Straight out of central casting

“Republican” shyster advising Obama how to attack Syria.

Occidental Dissent is a positive, Southern Nationalist blog, we support respect and self determination for all people, especial our Southern kinsmen in the South.

“The North is a direction, but the South is a place.”
James Edwards

I’ve tried to present fair, well documented commentary on the Jewish issue, as it relates to our just cause. OD does not fall down in to anti-Semitic Jew hating, we do not blame all Jewish people for our problems.

That said: If the shoe fits..

Sheldon Adelson – shyster Vegas casino mogul, “Republican” money bag, has inside access to Obama, lib Dems, pro Israel war monger.

Sheldon demands the USA

* Attack Syria for Israel – enable genocide of Christians in Middle East

* Invite the 3rd world to the USA, open borders immigration, amnesty, even mass Muslim immigration to USA, oh and Israel gets to be a 100%Jewish ethno state, super tight border walls.

* in hoc to the world, endless US government borrowing to pay for the above.

Yep, if Sheldon Adelson didn’t really exist, anti-Semite Jew haters would have to invent him as their poster bad Jew boy.



  1. AlexJ, I have read twin studies, not only in graduate school but more recently. It is impossible for DNA to determine some complex behaviour, or don’t you believe in volition?

    “Why are you asking a leading question?”

    Your sophistry can be answered with more sophistry, like: Why are YOU asking a “leading” question? My answer: I did not ask a leading or suggestive question, and my question was not hostile either. I simply wrote my thought, as I wondered whether “taking certain things up with leaders in private” doesn’t tend to develop “inner party” organisation.

  2. AlexJ, I’m not a part of a psyop operation. As I have stated previously, I’ve only brought up my family’s history to help you and the other commentators understand why Jews behave the way they do. Also again, I have no empathy toward the culture of Judaism or Judaizing Christianity. I was a member of Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church Of God sect for eight years, and my bad experiences there left me with a life long hatred of Judaizing and eventually Judaism itself.

  3. Mosin – “volition” is your ego telling you that’s your “choice”.

    DNA is who you ARE.

    Mosin – you are a Christian.

    Christianity had traditionally fully flowered in White populations.

    White missionaries have attempted to impart LOGOS to Africans. In Africa, and elsewhere.

    What happens to Christianity when the Whites leave? Do the Africans continue to practice the way Whitey’s taught them, once Whitey leaves?

  4. Rudel says:

    ‘If you don’t think that DNA controls much of a person’s behavior then you are seriously misinformed and out-of-date.’

    I’m inclined to agree with Rudel that DNA controls much of a person’s behavior. How much? We will learn more in the future. The case of the twins is fascinating. Other studies were done in the past with similar results.

  5. To change the subject slightly, when is African heritage excised? I knew someone with a family secret of a Black miscegenation, generations back, now with blue eyes, straight blonde hair, very fair skinned — yet also a few African characteristics, if one looked closely, and potential for other throwbacks in future generations.

    Well, Mosin, I wrote on that very thing over at the blog… more than once.

    As to Stephen Dalton, if you were an Orthodox, you WOULD have renounced your Jewishness, prior to conversion. As to Rome, they no longer require it. However, if it were your ancestor that ‘converted,’ prior to Vatican II, they used to require that abjuring of Jewishness as part of the conversion process. So, you are probably correct- your family ritually denied your Jewishness- so it’s disingenuous to talk about it, even if it’s genetic ‘fact.’

  6. Fr John, quoting from the first of your articles linked above: “For when ONE mixed blood mating [B/W] occurs, it takes 5 generations of pure breeding, just to get to 4% ‘Mixed race’ blood….which is about 200 years. It takes ANOTHER 5 generations to get to @0% Black ‘blood.’ Or, a total of 400 years (…) So it takes 400 years, to ‘purge’ just ONE mistake on the part of a slutting White person, (whether male or female) from his ENTIRE lineage.” Now, does it take just as long, in your view, for Jewish or Satanic blood to be purged? What in your view is the limit of the effect of ritual denial of Jewishness by a convert himself, or by converted ancestors? It does not change the DNA itself.

  7. How could someone intelligent be a member of the Armstrong cult for eight years? What attracted you to it and kept you in it? When I was a teenager I listened attentively to some evangelical premillennials, for about two weeks, until I understood and rejected their convoluted, ridiculous misinterpretation of the Apocalypse and other scriptures — and I always disliked and often vocally opposed the “Judaising tendency” that has become ever more popular, not only among cultists but in evangelical churches. But I have also rejected and opposed the Romanising tendency that goes along with the Judaising!

  8. Fr John, some here seem to believe it is impossible to purge “the seed of Satan”, and its tendencies, no matter how many centuries of pure breeding.

    Finally, Denise asked me, above: “What happens to Christianity when the Whites leave? Do the Africans continue to practice the way Whitey’s taught them, once Whitey leaves?”

    They all tend to fall away. Even Mestizos (who are “land bridge” Asian, NOT African) who visit and aspire to join the churches seem to fall away in sin over time, and are excommunicated. They say they cannot live up to the Biblical standard — that “you Germans have ‘thicker blood’ than we have”.

  9. Mosin, you asked the question how could anyone intelligent be a member of thge Armstrong cult for eight years? Mosin, stupid and smart people join and belong to mainline religions and cults. Do some reading about cult evangelizing and conversions, and you will find this is true. I especially recommend Hoffer’s “The True Believer”. Hoffer’s focus is on secular mass movements like Nazism and Communism, but the mechanics of evangelization and conversion are the same as in a ‘religious’ movement. BTW, Hoffer makes the comment in his notes that the early Protestant reformers were far more harsher than the Catholics, so please spare me your nonsense about how mean we nasty old Papists were toward everybody.

    FR. John, haven’t my remarks that I’ve posted about Judaism shown you that I’ve no use for that religion? BTW, when are you going to renounce your Christian Identity/British Israelism beliefs? That’s Judaizing my friend.

  10. Hunter,

    It’s your call, but I would advise that we/you/LOS/CoCC not let this Stephen EDalton character post, come to our events. He feels /sounds a bit “off”. Why is some guy from Illinois going all the way to Georgia for LOS protest? These comments about being .01% Jewish – what’s with that? Nobody is .01% anything.

    OK, I concede that I am also from Illinois, but I went to university in the South, lived in the South, took the time to study Southern history, Southern culture.

    This guy feels wrong.

  11. People who have discovered they have Jewish blood never forget it. Most, even if they’ve been told they have .00001% Jewish blood, actually take on a Jewish identity. It does something to the brain, it basically reworks your spiritual identity to find out you have the blood of God’s chosen people. You can seldom think clearly about the world again, as a white person would.

    Dalton does not have this problem. You may disagree with him, but I don’t find any Jewish reasoning in his comments. Except for his zeal in making sure nobody “wastes their time” with “kooky” theories that the MSM doesn’t endorse. There’s nothing more Jewish than that (it’s agreed He’s a kook, crucify Him), and you’re right along side him there, Ryan.

    • Thank you for your defense, Occigent. I don’t have any “Jewish reasoning” because I reject Judaizing and Talmudism 100%. My years in the damn Armstrong cult, and my discovery of the true nature of Judaism years before I found out my family’s actual history gave me an immunity to the ‘charms’ of Talmudism.

      I do have zeal in making sure nobody “wastes their time” with “kooky” theories. I believe in facts not theories to explain events. So, I don’t buy into one group causes everything (It’s the Jooos!) (It’s the Catholics!) idea. Rather, I ask, “who are the obvious, plain in sight players? Who are their associates? Who’s backing them?

      Jack, if you’re coming to Shelbyville, lets have a drink or two, and get to know each other. That way, you can get to know and understand me better me better.

  12. “I especially recommend Hoffer’s ‘The True Believer’”

    One of my college professors was a true believer in Hoffer, so I read that one years ago. Before that I read and carried around a copy of “The Passionate State of Mind, and Other Aphorisms” that I discovered in a bookstore while in high school. I remember I didn’t really like it, but I read everything then. You have mentioned Hoffer several times and seem to like him.

    You are correct that Protestant Reformers were often MORE brutal than Romans in killing witches, burning heretics, etc. But the second wrong did not make the first right.

  13. “Protestant Reformers were often MORE brutal than Romans in killing witches, burning heretics, etc. But the second wrong did not make the first right.”

    That is a reason (among many others), despite my Lutheranism, why I consider Cromwell a murderous tyrant of the most barbaric kind and remain a staunch Jacobite.

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