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  1. 1.) The flag is based on the Alabama state flag. It more closely resembles the Scottish flag.

    2.) If Golden Dawn wears Costas, I was unaware of this. I’ve had those sunglasses for two years now.

    3.) The CofCC already has polo shirts. It was my idea to make a League polo shirt.

  2. I think the 1st Pennsylvania Militia (also known as Thompson’s Riflemen) had the all-time best American flag design and forceful motto — and worldwide, nothing excels Y Ddraig Goch.

  3. NYYankees says:
    September 26, 2013 at 2:16 am
    I still don’t get why 313Chris is allowed on here with his vapidity and superfluous negativity, but, oh well.”

    JR replies:

    It’s time consuming to mod. I’m willing and able to mod trolls, some people who never seem to contribute $, positive activism don’t like to be deleted.

  4. Some damn sharp shirts and a nice flag. The new flag is growing on me. I never know what might come up with work and my family, but I am going to make every effort to be there.

  5. Like true religious revival, genuine grassroots political movement is not expensive and cannot be purchased. Watch out for would-be controllers offering to pay for everything. Many churches as well as political groups become controlled by wealthy evil donors — while poor but good, wise men are pushed aside.

  6. Ok all GQ and stuff, but can I ask if LoS has a position on Jackson, MS being turned into a black nationalist hell hole?

  7. I love the shirt. It is very attractive (and so are the men in them). But, are they made of Southern cotton, in the Southland, by true-blue Southern Christians?

  8. I know it’s not a very educated political comment, but southern men are just incredibly sexy. Seriously, it’s why the south “sells” all kinds of products, from books to presidents, with total foreigners writing endless stories set in the south, trying to sound like they know what they are talking about. So, southern men look great in anything, AND the shirts are good, too.

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