Murfreesboro and Shelbyville News Coverage

Sallie Darlene Leong-Neal of the "Radical Sparkle Collective," pictured right, organizes a counter-conference at the 2013 Amren Conference
Sallie Darlene Leong-Neal of the “Radical Sparkle Collective,” on the right, organizes the anti-racist counter-conference at the 2013 Amren Conference


The Daily News Journal and The Tennessean have both published a story about the League of the South’s upcoming protest in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville on October 12th.

The only interesting aspect of this article is the news that a woman described as a “local resident” and “counter-protester” named Darlene Neal contacted Mayor Tommy Bragg and the Murfreesboro City Council about us.

S Darlene Leong-Neal later manifested in the comments to link to a page called “The Tennessee Anti-Racist Network.” As it happens, this “Not In Our State” group are the same people who organized the “counter-conference” at the 2013 Amren Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park.

“Not In Our State” has links to the “Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement” (HARM). Five members of the “HARM” were charged with felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery, and criminal damage to property after attacking a group of White Nationalists in a restaurant in Chicago. The “Tinley Park 5” are currently serving time in prison in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Sallie Darlene Leong-Neal, whose roots appear to be in Williston, Florida and Buffalo, New York, is behind a leftist group called the “Radical Sparkle Collective” which describes itself as a “feminist collective” that provides childcare for women who want to get involved in “social justice organizing” in Middle Tennessee. She is involved in all kinds of radical leftwing causes in the area like “Occupy Nashville.”

Along with Art Dishman of Hampstead, New Hampshire, Mandela Satsuma of Watertown, New York, and Mike Cannon of Smyrna, Leong-Neal is one of the co-organizers of the Murfreesboro counter-protest. The counter-protesters are planning to engage in something called “bystander intervention” to challenge our “white, heterosexual, middle-class, able-bodied, US-born men’s perspective.”

This should be … interesting.

Update: In “Showdown In Tennessee,” OD noted Mandela Satsuma’s ties to “The Nashville Radical Faerie Circle.” We have since learned that “Radical Faeries” are some kind of bizarre combination of homosexuality, paganism, and anarchism.

Second Update: The same story has been syndicated to Jackson Sun, Marion Star, Baxter Bulletin, and Asheville Citizen Times.

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  1. This is a very positive development. People know you by the enemies you make. The more outrageous the far leftists are who publicly oppose us then the more reasonable and acceptable we’ll be to regular folks.

  2. OK, so we should expect, prepare to get attacked by the worst Antifas like the mask wearing, baseball bat wielding Reds that assaulted diners outside of Chicago.

  3. We patronize our Little Missys and this is what we get half witted white girls who for some reason think they are the “nicest” thing since Cinderalla. The “other’s” societies would sell them into slavery, knowing full well that slavery is about the best these girls could hope for in a world without excess wealth to maintain them.

  4. Of course all these “radical leftist” groups are just the dumb-and-dysfunctional wing of The Cathedral/ZOG. Everything they come up with is no more than a crude and vulgar version of the hegemonic ideology. They’re the contemporary equivalent of 1950s “100% Americanism” patriotards.

  5. The Tennessee anti Racist Network has published the time and exact location of the League of the South protest in Murfreesboro.

    I think this needs to change. The place should be kept a secret, there should be a meet up place with vans. The BNP has to do this.

  6. How about making our event something at an existing went where there is a large White crowd? High school football game, MTSU football game.

  7. Like Putin, like judo, you can use your enemy’s momentum against them.

    The counter-protest could not only drum up greater publicity, but also force a favorable comparison between white and normal people (who in vast numbers despise immigration) and the “gender studies” crowd.

  8. Thanks for all the links. I had read HARM’s and been deeply disturbed by its threats of violence. Somehow I’ve never seen anything about the Tinley 5 till now, and wonder why that is. Is it true that someone in the group meeting did have child porn on them?

  9. So, Not In Our State has links with the Tinley Park hooligan group, eh? A friend of mine was injured by those Marxist thugs. It will be interesting to see what these kind of low-lifes look like in real life, even though the pictures I’ve seen of these freaks in the links you provided tell me they’re pretty disgusting sorry lot.

  10. I’ve been reading on some of the links listed, and one thing that’s obvious is that we need a Twitter campaign. Anti-Whites wield an incredible amount of power through their anti-white tweeting campaigns; it’s how they close down a bestselling book by Paula Deen, for example, and are able to unduly influence corporations, etc., even as their opinions often do not represent the majority’s. So now some hotel or motel chain publicly announces it won’t offer accomodations to participants in this protest, but I think if we – someone in the pro-White movement – started organizing our own Twitter campaigning, we could inform white sympathizers of which companies are discriminating against us.

    Until we start to use social media to wield influence the way our enemies do, we’re not even in the battle. Plus, there tons and tons of white people who may not attend a protest or become a member of a pro-White group but who do sympathize with White Liberation.

    I’ve studied anti-White sites and they make no secret of how much they manipulate the internet and social media to push their agenda. We have to start doing the same.

  11. “Radical Sparkle” – is that Stepinfetchit’s sister ? About the so called “Anfita” attack in Illinois – White Reference did a followup, one of the attackers was wanted for accessing/possessing child porn, several were beaten up by customers. IL wasn’t a CCW state then. At any rate, a pro White activist should be in shape and take some training – I read where one chap who teaches non-sporting, real life, take them down self defense was barred from entering England by their sissy government – I would suggest looking him up and taking his course.

  12. Jack Ryan, the permit we had to get in Murfreesboro is considered ‘public information’ and that is where the newspaper got the info about the time and place of our demonstration. Nothing we could do about that. We have not publicly stated where our Shelbyville demonstration will be for the reason you state. We will have a meet up place. Dr Hill is organising that.

  13. Thanks Palmetto P. that makes sense.

    Our side should prepare for attacks by Antifa, Reds, less so Muslims who don’t want to be seen as violent.

    I do suggest a “meet up” in a different place to see that everyone is dressed right, is not carrying unauthorized weapons, and everyone is on the same page on what to do and what not to do.

    Things not to do include:

    Talking to the press, responding to violent provocations, how to act towards the police, it’s not assured that the cops will be on our side or even fair.

  14. Some good news, my billboard advert was approved, it’s going up 10-7.

    I’m getting a former Vanderbilt frat buddy of mine with existing ties to the Nashville area to sign off on it as it will look better if locals are doing the activism instead of “outside agitators, RACISTS, NAZIS” etc.

  15. HW wrote: “The counter-protesters are planning to engage in something called ‘bystander intervention. . .'”

    From the Tennessee Anti Racist Network page:
    “Be proactive. Do not be a bystander. Go to the Murfreesboro, TN, Anti Racist counter rally on October 12, and tell League of the South To Stop The Hate.
    Information on this page adapted and taken from Eric Grollman at

    Eric Grollman is a professional Black homosexual feminist (his articles on those interests are on his website). He says he is a scholar whose “research centers on medical sociology and social psychology to investigate race, ethnicity, gender, social class, and sexualities, and the intersections among them.” He “examines the social factors that produce and maintain disparities in mental, physical, and sexual health” and “investigate(s) the effects prejudice and discrimination on marginalized groups’ health and well-being.” With meager credentials, these special interests must have been what got him a spot as Asst. Professor at the University of Richmond.

  16. Does anyone have background info on the attackers at Tinley Park? I looked up some articles and five were prosecuted and are in jail, all white.

    A lot smells here. Articles say they had no criminal backgrounds but usually it’s the white liberal elites, and unfortunately gays, who hate white liberation, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense that these white men from seemingly average backgrounds developed such a hatred for WN’s. I think they were paid off big time by somebody, and possibly also had cut a deal for some criminal offenses. It just doesn’t make sense that non-elites would risk going to prison for their principles – assaulting WN’s?

    It’s also very odd that only five of them were hunted down and prosecuted out of the 13 who stormed the restaurant. It’s all very odd…

  17. I’m hesitant about posting a link to a graphic & gruesome photograph of an alleged Moslem atrocity against a young Syrian Christian woman. Even though this photograph is attributed to a Canadian civil rights organization, it is so disturbing, that even hardened characters would find it gruesome.

    I don’t think that a lot of these people who term themselves anti-racists realize the problems that Somali Moslems and Mexican Catholics bring with them into the United States. There are just as many disturbing things going on, and have gone on in Catholic Mexico & Latin America as in the Moslem Levant and Moslem Africa.

    The question is do we want those problems here?

  18. Bring along spouses, friends, who will NOT march, but who WILL photograph, tweet, send iPhone pics, record conversations.

    You MUST NOT ENGAGE. LET THEM BE THE AGGRESSOR. They will attempt to draw you into the web of ‘hate’ they say they are not expressing, but clearly are- against all Whites, of this and every prior generation.

    Be wise as serpents, and gentle as doves. And SUE ANYONE WHO TOUCHES YOU for assault.

  19. PP writes:

    “That’s great, Jack. Looking forward to seeing the coverage of the sign. Sure it will make the news. How long will it be up?”

    Jack respons:

    Up for a month. The advert has the OD URL.

  20. The question is do we want those problems here?

    No–the question is whether we want non-whites here, even if they’re nuclear physicists.

  21. Lew says:
    “I don’t have a lot of self-control. First time someone gets on my face I’m going to start swinging.”

    Have cameras. Lew, don’t throw the first punch.

  22. @John If you get the people, you get the problems, even if they are rocket scientists. LOL. Generally, what happens if a 3rd World rocket scientist gets a job in the USA—the first thing he does is buy a motel, a convenience store, or some such, and sends for his village back in the 3rd World to run it for him.

    If you travel in the South & mid-West this is what you will see: Imported 3rd World medical doctors who own shithole businesses that would embarrass any White man to own.

    Note: It looks like ObamaCare is going to be implemented by H-1b visa holders from the 3rd World.

    A lot of Italian, Irish & Polish Catholics are going to have to decide what side they are on.

  23. Notice all these “anti-racist” women are unattractive and fat? Probably coalburners, too. And the “black homosexual feminist?”

    This kind of personal information and photos of the people in question is precisely what needs to be propagated far and wide. Normal people need to see what and exactly who they have been taking moral lessons from all their lives.

  24. The Doctors I’ve met who come from the 3rd world tend to buy motels or subway franchises, and fill those businesses with their compatriots.

    We don’t really need them to be honest. Most of the medical expenses and care are spent on old people anyway or on malingering hyperchondriacs.

  25. Since a political party (now with twelve members elected to parliament) cannot be banned, under the Greek constitution, therefore it was necessary to reclassify the party as a criminal organisation.

    Golden Dawn was even calling for taking back Asia Minor. Resurgence of eastern ethnic Christianity cannot be allowed, and even Protestantism must die. Talmudists and Jesuits (little difference between them) must rule the world.

  26. @ Earl,

    A lot of Italian, Irish & Polish Catholics are going to have to decide what side they are on….

    Above, “zog” is mentioned. Now, the idea is often that zog is so uber-powerful that it just gets the others to do things they do not wish to do.

    But that is a lie (and a lie often pandered by names in wn)—

    Back in Reality, psychology has the phrase “secondary gains” to talk about what’s really happening when people go along with things that DO NOT LOOK ON THE SURFACE to be in their best interests.

    In other words, “anti whites” GET THINGS OUT OF IT. They get morality from the system, paychecks, doses of arrogance and “better-than” feelings, and so on. That is secondary gain. They are anti-white because WHAT THEY GET is more valuable to them than ‘being for their own.

    Same with non-jews who seem to vote for the “israel lobby” THEY ARE GETTING things.

    We will see if this comment even goes through.

    But the key is to look at WHAT THEY ARE GETTING. Why WOULD these italians, poles, etc, that Earl mentions GO AGAINST the Generational American national interest, in favor of votes for zog? What are they BEING GIVEN IN RETURN? What are their Nations BEING GIVEN?

    This question seems to be always put under The Silence.

  27. None of what these anti-whites say or write is remotely interesting, what would be of more interest is how they were inducted into the cult. My guess small liberal arts school where you really cannot hide from administrators and where your attendance at a “guilt” circle is mandatory.

    But reading Vox he re printed a long letter about having to attend a guilt circle written by a TA at UW Madison so they get some of the people there as well even though it has tens of thousands of students/cattle to herd.

  28. @ Brutus….

    Normal people need to see what and exactly who they have been taking moral lessons from all their lives….

    That is very instructive. Had an occasion where, a couple years down the road, I RE-met my college teachers in another context, long story. Maybe more than anything, it was an awakening. By comparison to the after-college world I went to, those ‘academics’ looked incredibly stupid, out-of-touch, broken and ignorant.

    Had I not seen them again, however, I would never have known that. I just would not have thought of them again, not really. But since, by a fluke, I SAW them and spoke with them, when I had moved on and had learned other things, more discernment, etc, it was stunning.

    Because of it, I actually re-read some of their books (which they were always making us read in school, lol, since they could force us to buy them). Bad writers, bad ideas, bad thinkers, bad everything. Each one, the reason they had to invent the ‘National Endowment for the Arts.”

    They have given learning a bad name

  29. And John,

    That is so true. When people are so dumbed down and destroyed that they CAN ONLY FOCUS ON GETTING material goods, THEN “other races” seem ok. The idea for them: is that we are all trying to get material goods, homes, etc. We are all trying to survive, and therefore we are “alike.”

    As long as the public is just The International Proletariat (which is what a “Consumer” IS)—- the multi-cult works well enough. On a level, anyway.

    HOWEVER, the second anyone wants more in life— then it falls apart.

    The second, one says, “I don’t care if you are a nuclear scientist, you still cannot give me what I want, because I am MORE than just an international proletariat.” The foreign nuclear scientist CANNOT provide a context for ones language, culture, gene pool, history, historical narrative, system of manners, and on and on and on.

    The Nuclear Scientist IS TOTALLY WORTHLESS unless one is just an International Proletariat, the “consumer,” born and bred to be fed by the state who owns it, lock stock and barrel, including its labor

  30. I think you’ve misunderstood me, Earl. You’re the one who doesn’t care about race: all you care about is “problems.”

  31. How many African or Hispanic nuclear physicists dance on the head of a pin? Most are French, English, German, Russian or white Americans.

    It’s not as if nuclear tech was imported from Timbuktu or Beijing.

  32. Thanks for link, Mosin. Yes, the jews who deport diversity out of their homeland continue to try to tell the europeans how they should run theirs. They include lies about besides GD, also WWII and the Third Reich. The Weimar Republic’s gun control laws were used by Hitler to disarm the populace in the very beginning of the regime, and Hitler’s anti-jewish rhetoric wasn’t anywhere near as prominent until very near the outbreak of the war, when he was attempting to distract the people from his own ultimate disenfranchising of them.

    What organizations like the WJC are promoting is exactly what Hitler’s bastardized Nazi party promoted, ironically (the true Nazi party was founded by the Strassers and beheaded by Hitler).

    Notice how in Greece they’re not satisfied to allege that GD is just criminal but on top of that, ‘terrorist.’ I honestly think any White Liberationists in this country need to consider how powerful the Patriot Act and NSA are in defining and acting against any group thus labeled. We are all potential targets of being railroaded and framed. and if Diane Feinstein and Co. have her way, soon there will be a crackdown on the internet and the 2nd Amendment will be, along with the Constitution, just a tattered piece of paper.

    Some are suggesting people stop indulging even the use of the word ‘anti-semitic’ as it relieves the jews of the responsibility of having to account for the racist imperialism of their dogma.

  33. “The foreign nuclear scientist CANNOT provide a context for ones language, culture, gene pool, history, historical narrative, system of manners, and on and on and on.”

    I disagree. A nuclear scientist is going to have a great many items of cultural heritage (language – German, English, science – everybody, mathematics, logic etc.) in common with other technocrats of – dare I say it – Southern (or any other) heritage. Physicists are often musicians so you are going to get a lot of commonality with Baroque chamber music there too. I’d say the international yuppie class prolly has a significant portion of their cultural heritage in common.

    Welcome to the Brave New World.”

    Read James Burnham.

  34. I just received my copy of “Race & Reason, A Yankee View” by Carleton Putnam, 1961.
    Can’t wait to dive into it.

    Understanding the past & the mistakes made by the Segregationists will help me understand how to defeat the Diversity & Inclusion crowd tomorrow. Pre-1964 we HAD control of the Newspapers, the information, the Sheriffs, the Business Owners & political Leaders, yet we still lost our way of life, our culture to FED intervention & policy.
    Unfortunately, I am not going to attend the TN event.

    Lex in MS

  35. @John

    I don’t think you can separate the two, you have the race, you have the problems they bring with them.

    As far as the Roman Catholic politicians go, their actions have been with almost no exceptions consistently anti-White, and, the Catholics are allied with the Jews in Congress, and, the State Houses to bring us to our current political situation here.


  36. You should send the cops a crate of beer, steaks and some apple pie with a nice note attached inviting them to join you or inform their friends and family to come to rally.
    The Antifa will end up getting a severe beating if they fuck with any relatives. Use tactical human shields. I thought that the EDL managed to manipulate the cops extremely well at the Tower Hamlets rally. UAF protestors were arrested in enormous numbers.

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