Golden Dawn Leaders Arrested


I expect this will happen to us at some point:

“ATHENS — The leader of Greece’s extreme-right Golden Dawn party and four other of its lawmakers were formally charged Saturday with membership in a criminal organization with intent to commit crimes, in an escalation of a government crackdown after a fatal stabbing blamed on a supporter.

“The prime minister and the government were determined to deal with Golden Dawn solely through the justice system,” Kedikoglou said. “We have succeeded in stripping them of their political cover and dealing with them as what they really are, a criminal organization.”

Note: It is an even bigger waste of time to run for elected office in the United States or to vote for some worthless grandstanding Republican like Ted Cruz. We have seen on countless occasions that the small clique that runs the USA always does what it wants to do regardless of elections.

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  1. You mean:

    2b. Obliterate Hanoi with B-52’s and laser-guided bombs until their politburo agrees to every one of our terms (which they did)
    2c. Repatriate American POW’s.
    2d. Turn over responsibility for South Vietnam’s national defense to South Vietnamese army.
    3. Then evacuate from embassy roof.

    But I suppose that doesn’t hold a candle to you people surrendering Kenya, Rhodesia, Chad, Nigeria, etc, etc, etc to a bunch of half-ass bush bandits who couldn’t shoot straight.

  2. Lew,
    “1) GDs “thug” image is entirely a fabrication of hostile media? ”

    It’s only a “fabrication” in the sense that it conveys the impression that the movement is completely characterized by violence. GD stands for much more than violence, but it is not fabrication at all to claim that violence is an integral part of their mission.

    “2) Greeks are routinely attacked and assaulted by immigrants. A lot of GDs so-called thuggery is simply protecting Greeks from violent immigrants. Moreover, GD members have been assaulted by violent antifa. GDs offices have been bombed on multiple occasions. GD has simply fought back in self-defense.”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old absurdly biased, one-sided story told by extreme nationalists since time immemorial.

    “As for Whitaker’s ideas, I see no concrete evidence they have changed anything to the extent they have penetrated discourse. No one is talking about white genocide other than them and their allies.”

    You have to be willing to look for evidence before you can see it. You seem more content to simply sit back and repeat your tales of woe regardless of what sort of response it elicits. As I said, it’s small-scale stuff for now. But it’s reasonable to suppose that the comparatively encouraging responses (compared, that is, to old-style racialist and nationalist blather) one receives at the personal level would translate to a wider societal, national and even global level.

  3. I’ve seen some claims on this thread that the BUGSers have not made any impact.
    I feel compelled to challenge this. It was about 6 months into the BUGS campaign
    when I first noticed nationalist politicians in Europe making the actual use of the
    phrase “white genocide.” It first started at a BNP meeting and spread from there.
    Lately this phrase is regularly uttered in the European Parliament.

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