Greek PM to American Jewish Committee: Pledges To Do “Whatever It Takes” To Eradicate Golden Dawn and “Deracinate” the Greek People

New York

Can you believe the chutzpah? Could it possibly be more obvious that the Greek Prime Minister is a Jewish puppet?

“NEW YORK (AP) — Greece’s prime minister said Monday his government will do “whatever it takes” to completely eradicate the extreme-right Golden Dawn party, whose neo-Nazi leaders have just been arrested.

I believe that they will realize that they should not follow the party that has such extreme ideological positions and ideas,” he told a meeting in New York of AJC, the American Jewish Committee, which advocates globally on Jewish issues.

Samaras, in New York to attend the U.N. annual meeting of world leaders, added that he does not believe the party will return with greater popularity because its leaders will be viewed as victims or martyrs. Golden Dawn’s approach and thinking about politics is “so negative” and “so hideous … (and) so catastrophic to Greeks and Greece that I do not believe they might come back,” he said.

On several occasions in his speech and the questions that followed, Samaras used the word “deracinate” — meaning uproot or eradicate — to describe his government’s goal. He said Greek authorities reacted decisively in “identifying the culprits” of alleged crimes by Golden Dawn leaders and those “who possibly stand behind them.”

The judicial system is now in charge — not the government and it will “take care of them” and it “will deracinate this phenomenon from Greece,” he said. …

“What to me is important is to deracinate totally this group, and the only way you can do it is when unemployment will start falling,” he said.

“That’s what we’re planning to do, and hopefully this will be done, and this will establish a precedent … for the rest of Europe.”

Update: The Greek PM met with all the major Jewish organizations in New York on September 25: the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the American Jewish Committee, the World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the World Jewish Congress, and the ADL.

Note: The Greek prime minister flew to New York, sat down from breakfast with the American Jewish Committee, and told them to loud applause that he was going to do “whatever it takes” to eradicate Golden Dawn and “deracinate” the Greek people. The American Jewish Committee then released a statement saying “the forces of violent extremism are a threat to society and will not be tolerated.”

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  1. Glad OD doesn’t shy away from this topic when it is relevant. OD has a good balance between over emphasizing it and ignoring it.

  2. Golden Dawn USA asks a good question:

    “Venizelos (the second most powerful man in Greece’s ruling coalition) meets privately with 4 different Jewish organizations (AJC, WJC, B’nai B’rith, and ADL) only days before this illegal act of political repression. Now Prime Minister Samaras is also in New York, to meet with the same groups on Monday to give his bosses a debriefing. Why are Samaras and Venizelos constantly coming and going to meet with these groups, yet not even meeting with Obama”

  3. Behold, the moral quality of our enemies:

    “The co-chair of the Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, has called for the outlawing of Golden Dawn

    Who exactly is this flamboyant and eccentric Daniel Cohn Bendit condemning Golden Dawn? In a book released in 1975, titled Le Grand Bazar (The Grand Bazaar), Mr Cohn Bendit writes of his experience as a Leftist activist in Germany working in the Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung bookshop, while simultaneously running a kindergarten for children between 5 and 8 years of age. A quote from the book confessing his grooming and sexual abuse of children is as follows :

    “My flirtations with all children soon acquired a definitely erotic character. I could sense how young girls aged five had already learned how to get off with me…”

    “On several occasions certain kids would open my fly and start to stroke me. I reacted differently according to circumstances, but their desire posed a problem for me. I asked them: “Why don’t you play together? Why have you chosen me, and not the other kids?” But if they insisted, I caressed them still.” Daniel Cohn-Bendit, 1975, Le Grand Bazar

    In a 1982 interview broadcast on French television, Cohn Bendit stated that he finds it wonderful when a 5 year old girl begins to undress, and that it is a “crazy love game”. “

  4. The son of a bitch actually said it was the goal of the government to “deracinate” the Greek people … and he said it to the American Jewish Committee, over and over again. Have you ever seen anything like it?

  5. “Venizelos (the second most powerful man in Greece’s ruling coalition) meets privately with 4 different Jewish organizations (AJC, WJC, B’nai B’rith, and ADL) only days before this illegal act of political repression. Now Prime Minister Samaras is also in New York, to meet with the same groups on Monday to give his bosses a debriefing. Why are Samaras and Venizelos constantly coming and going to meet with these groups, yet not even meeting with Obama”

    Low key meeting. A White House meeting would be a de facto news nationally the Greeks for Greeks would expose their hand of anti-white agenda.

  6. Astonishing, the PM of Greece is worse than Ephialtes of Trachis.

    Xerxes wanted to enslave the Greeks, but not completely destroy their identity!

    Hell, even the Ottomans didn’t want to destroy the existence of the Greeks as a distinct ethnic group!

    The Turks, just next door to Greece, will throw you in jail if you criticize their national hero Ataturk or if you tell the truth about the Armenian genocide. They facilitate illegal immigration across their land border with Greece, and openly express interest in purchasing Greek islands in return for paying off Greek debt. An ethnic cleansing would surely follow in any islands so purchased, just like happened in northern Cyprus when the Turks invaded in 1974, or like Smyrna in 1922.

    The Jews, the Left, the Turks and Islam all want to destroy Greece. If the more powerful White Christian nations of the world don’t rally to their defense, this people who have inhabited their homeland since Minoan times may very well cease to exist as an ethnic group.


      Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos met today, Wednesday, 25 September, on the margins of the UN General Assembly, with representatives of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the American Jewish Committee, the World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the World Jewish Congress, and the Antidefamation League.

      During the meeting, Mr. Venizelos referred to the strong, historical ties of friendship and cooperation that exist between Greeks and Jews in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as between members of the Greek and Jewish Diasporas throughout the world. Moreover, he went into depth on Greece’s stance on all the major issues facing the international community, and especially issues concerning the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.

      Having outlined political and economic developments in Greece, praising the successes that have been achieved in the economic and other sectors thanks to the sacrifices of the Greek people, Mr. Venizelos underscored the importance to Greece of the unwavering enforcement of existing anti-racist legislation and of the categorical condemnation of racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and the instigation of ethnic or religious violence as extreme criminal acts. He also stressed that the neo-Nazi elements assailing Democracy and the Rule of Law will be marginalized by Greek society, which, in its vast majority, deplores intolerance and violence.

      Finally, Mr. Venizelos referred to the upcoming Greek-Israeli intergovernmental meeting – which is set to take place on 8 October, in Israel – as an opportunity to further promote and deepen bilateral contacts in all sectors and to strengthen the strategic relationship between the two countries.

  7. I tell you this: The Germans and YKH are selling off the Greeks to Turkey.

    The Germans officially hold the debt, but one must assume that the bold holders are ultimately located in Brooklyn. I hope the Greeks revolt and make it impossible for the vampires to carry them off into bondage.

  8. Don’t the Greeks have a very anarchic political style? They don’t hold back when they are threatened. Or maybe they do, who knows, they couldn’t keep out of the Turkic or it for more that a 100 or so years.

  9. Hunter Wallace says:
    September 30, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    “The son of a bitch actually said it was the goal of the government to “deracinate” the Greek people …

    “to pull up by or as if by the roots; uproot; extirpate”

    “to destroy or remove (something) completely”

    He is talking about Genocide.

    And so many Pro Whites still say, the White Genocide Mantra is BS, when the anti-Whites are rubbing it in our faces every day.

    “and he said it to the American Jewish Committee, over and over again. Have you ever seen anything like it?”

    Almost every time I post the Mantra on Youtube, I see it said of Whites, from both Whites and non-Whites. You guys should come out with us some time.

  10. Here’s an article by one Leonid Bershidsky (J) in Bloomberg News (J) that gives us a fascinating insight into the thinking of our Judaic masters:

    Austria and Greece have at least one thing in common aside from their membership in the euro area: Both are confronting the rapid rise of ultranationalist movements. Surprisingly, the destitute southern nation is having greater success in holding them at bay.

    Yes, if by “holding them at bay” you mean throwing them in jail on trumped up charges.

    Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the Freedom Party in Austria, tries to be subtle about his political views. When a widely circulated photograph showed him giving the neo-Nazi Kuehnen salute, banned in Germany but not in Austria, Strache claimed he was merely ordering three beers. Voters knew the explanation was as disingenuous as Strache’s attempts to dismiss reports of his close ties to right-wing radicals. Nonetheless, his party won 21.4 percent of the vote in yesterday’s general election.

    Heaven forbid that a gentile gave a non-Chosenite-approved “Kuehnen” salute, whatever that is. Maybe the man really was ordering 3 beers. He is Austrian after all.

    In Greece, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of the Golden Dawn party, has repeatedly and unapologetically given the Nazi salute, which is not banned there. “At least hands that greet like this did not steal,” he said on one occasion. The party’s symbol looks like a swastika styled as a traditional Greek ornament. Golden Dawn was elected to parliament in 2012 with 7 percent of the vote.

    So the Golden Dawn use their hands for saluting rather than stealing. No wonder their popularity shot up in the wake of Greece’s corruption-induced near-bankruptcy, caused by their thoroughly crooked political class.

    Both Strache and Michaloliakos hate the bailouts of the weaker euro-area nations, the Austrian because they are costly to his country’s taxpayers, the Greek because of the austerity conditions that come with them. Both believe their nations have been flooded with immigrants from Islamic nations who do not fit in with the dominant culture and place a heavy burden on the social safety net.

    So they both share similar views on Muslim immigration with that notorious racist and extremist, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Both Strache and Michaloliakos are gifted political animals. The Austrian politician records professional-sounding hip-hop music and posts frequent updates on Facebook, where his page has more than 172,000 fans. The Greek ultranationalist is a passionate public speaker whose trademark high-pitched whine is somehow both hypnotic and rousing.

    172,000 Facebook friends vs. a trademark high pitched whine. Edge: Strache. But to Jewish ears, who knows?

    There are, of course, some differences, both superficial and profound. Handsome, fit Strache showed off his body during the latest election campaign. Michaloliakos is older, short and squat, almost comical in photographs where he is shown next to Golden Dawn muscle. Strache shows visitors a medallion he received from the mayor of an Israeli city, in an apparent effort to suggest he’s not an anti-Semite. Michaloliakos openly denies that there were gas chambers at Auschwitz.

    Denying a central tenet of the official religion of Holocaustianity vs. showing off an Israeli medallion. Edge: Michaloliakos.

    Just one crucial difference, though, explains why Michaloliakos is now in jail, accused of setting up a criminal organization, while Strache is celebrating an electoral victory. Golden Dawn has resorted to violence, attacking leftists and immigrants in the streets. Michaloliakos’s daughter Ourania was detained after an attack on a kebab seller in Athens. On Sept. 18, a Golden Dawn supporter knifed left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssos. After thousands of Greeks protested, the government cracked down on Michaloliakos and his henchmen. The Freedom Party, by contrast, has been careful to avoid a violent image. It wants to be part of the European political mainstream.

    True dat. It’s like the difference between brushing your teeth (Strache) and not brushing your teeth (Michaloliakos).

    In a way, Greeks have been more fortunate than Austrians. Thanks to the savages of Golden Dawn, they have received a potent inoculation against ultranationalism. Polls show only about 6 percent of Greeks supporting the ultranationalists, down from 12 percent before the violent events. In idyllic Austria, with the lowest unemployment rate in the EU — just 4.8 percent — a more benign form of the same disease is spreading unchecked.

    Greece’s per capita GDP is barely half that of Austria, their unemployment rate is more than 5 times higher, their government debt per capita is probably triple that of Austria, yet because more than 30% of Austrians voted for the Freedom Party or similar rightwing nationalists compared to only 6% support for the Golden Dawn in Greece, and that Heinz-Christian Strache will likely be chancellor of Austria before the decade is out while Nikolaos Michaloliakos languishes in jail, we’re supposed to believe that “Greeks have been more fortunate than Austrians”??? Ladies and gentlemen, that is Jewish logic at its finest.

  11. The only race that must be destroyed, root and branch, are those ‘who say they are Jews, and are not,” as St. John said. [Rev. 2:8,9]

    They are the seed of Satan incarnate.

    And don’t think that their designs on teh Hellenes don’t include America. Why do you think even an entire state like North Carolina cannot enact voter ID laws, which is merely the tip of the Genocidal Talmudic plot, known as Multiculturalism!?

  12. I can barely read the above article without vomiting. So my response to just the first couple paragraphs is, all the white men who fought the nazis mean nothing, even as some alleged few hundred jews who did are somehow the saviors?

    The poles supposedly didn’t take jews into the resistance, because they could be recognized in the northern european countries so easily, and they were circumsized to boot. Those are the partially truth PC answers. The truth is also that the jews all over Europe in resistance movements chose what was best for jews to the detriment of what was best for the movement. A famous dutch jewish resistance fighter got several native dutch members murdered in that very vein, and someone made a movie about it. In Poland, the jews viewed the Russians as their liberators, and people like the Bielski brothers became part of their unofficial army, as it were.

    The jews scream endlessly about their homeland but refuse to go to it, and do everything they can to rob us of ours.

  13. One comment under Mosin’s link says “the weak minded are happy to blame their problems on ‘The Other.”

    The irony of people trying to champion judaism with that kind of rhetoric is just mind-boggling….

  14. NYYankees, do you understand that I was being ironic regarding that linked article ? It truly is as you said, hard to read.

  15. NYYankee to this day I don’t think Britain gets any credit from Jews for sticking it out against Germany. It’s not like the American soldier or the class of working men who make up the ranks get any credit from them for fighting the Germans either. The average American soldier gets the same stick from the same assholes. What you tend to get are howling psychotic accusations about not taking in enough refugees quickly enough in the 1930s and the 1990s. It’s fucking insane.

  16. Why should fighters against Germans receive any GOOD credit, John ?

    What is good about killing off German whites ?

  17. Mosin, I got your irony.

    Captain John, I’ve even heard jews whine about why didn’t we risk american and allied lives by bombing the camps’ gas chambers…strategically I don’t know that we even could, but further, we needed every single bomb and human life we had to *fight* and end the war. Somehow the fact that jewish men never saw fit to put up any resistance in these camps becomes, once again, our white men’s fault. It’s insane. I would rather die than do what some of the jewish men did – usher their own people into their deaths and then pile them into the crematoria. I would simply die first, and know that in the SS quest to kill my people they’d eventually kill me anyway.

    There were plenty of occasions in which the jews could and should have made drastically different choices, but they didn’t. Sobibor was one instance in which I think it was russian jewish soldiers fought and won – about half the prisoners escaped and survived, although only about a quarter of those lived through the war. But still, they caused the SS to destroy the camp, and thereby saved thousands of people, disabled their own aiding of the nazi war machine…

    But you don’t hear about it much, because it proves that when the jews actually took responsibility for fighting for themselves, they succeeded.

    It’s as if in the bloodbath that was the war, only jews were not expected to carry themselves. And I’ll add that the 6 million number is a myth that was propagated by zionists decades before the war was even an idea in whoever’s mind. Raul Hilburg estimated the number of jewish casualties at 5.1 million, and that’s of total deaths due to starvation, typhus, overwork, etc., not just gas poisoning. He also doesn’t think the Wannassee Conference ever happened; there is no forensic evidence whatsoever of this coordinated conspiracy to kill prisoners.

    Around a million russians starved to death in the Siege of Stalingrad in five months alone, most of them women and children, but being white native europeans their deaths don’t count. And their men should have been rushing to save the jewish women and children jewish men couldn’t be bothered to.

    One of the reasons more eastern european jews weren’t taken into the US was because they had such high rates of inbred genetic problems, and because they were paranoid. Most immigrants to the US came to escape overbearing, tyrannical governments but once again, the Chosen People were specially ‘persecuted,’ in their own minds at least. Even their frictions with the Czars were self-fulfilling, given that their hateful attitude towards the russians predated czarist antagonisms.

  18. “we needed every single bomb and human life we had to fight and end the war”

    No. What was needed was to repeat “the Christmas Truce” of 1914 — and carry it out fully !

  19. Ok…….tell me it’s not all Jews. Go ahead. Tell me “they’re not all like that”, and “Jewsers” are crazy and obsessed.

    Go ahead. I’ll check back.

  20. There is no expectation of credit. It’s”Tommy this and Tommy that…” as you well know.
    Every soldier understands that they are expendable and held in utter contempt by their paymasters.

    I was merely pointing out the schizoid American view held about characters like Chamberlain. He’s the weak Euroweenie of the Jewish or Neocon imagination, but he’s the warmongering butcher for neo nazis like Chris313. He can’t be both appeaser and warmonger. Yeah, and why should allied pilots have bombed prison camps that might contain their own PoWs? Wouldn’t the same Jews have bitched about bombing the camps? Added to that I might add Both Germans and Jews get sneeky about this stuff. When my grandfather saw Bergen Belsen was involved in the investigation of this site, he found that Jews and Germans alike blamed the British soldiers for providing milk to starving inmates, which apparently lead to the shits and death by dehydration. Of course this had nothing to do with the inmates being underfed in first place. There’s no pleasing some people!

  21. “we needed every single bomb and human life we had to fight and end the war”

    No. What was needed was to repeat “the Christmas Truce” of 1914 — and carry it out fully !

    The Imperial German army could have picked up their guns, filled in the trenches and buggered off back to their own borders. No one was stopping them!

  22. Captain John – Jews have DESTROYED England. The Jew PM Cameron’s FIRST public words, after English soldier, and unknowing servant OF ZOG Lee Rigby, beheaded on his own soil, by an African Muslim IMPORT OF THE JEW, was a plea for tolerance of Islam, and an expression of concern for the welfare of Muslims.

    Now Milliband the Jew is furious over the exposure of his family’s Communism aka Jewishness.

    No matter what you do to appease them, or serve them – the Goy is still their blood sacrifice. ALL the Goy. Any Goy they choose. They suck you dry, and then throw you on the garbage heap

    The Jew is what Satan shat out. They ARE A RACE OF VILE MURDERING DEVILS.

  23. Denise says:
    October 1, 2013 at 3:55 am

    “Ok…….tell me it’s not all Jews. Go ahead. Tell me “they’re not all like that”, and “Jewsers” are crazy and obsessed.

    Go ahead. I’ll check back.”

    I’ll try and help you Denise.

    The man just illegally locked up “Nazis” that have said, they will try him and the entire left for treason, if they ever get power.

    Treason is a hanging trial, so I assume this man is highly motivated – most people are afraid of death.

    This man is now an illegal Dictator of Greece, so he needs money and help from a powerful country, to remain in power. So who logically, is he going to ask for help?

    They must have:

    a) Lots of money and pull in a powerful country.

    b) Have a historic hatred of his foe, so they will part with their money and lobby tirelessly on his behalf.


    Now remember Denise, a Greek man just said, he wants to Genocide his OWN people, because he thinks it will get him help from organized Jewry.

    Did that help?

  24. The Traitor PM is the worst sort of vermin – but it’s the Jew pouring poison in the well. Always has been. The source of the problem IS the Jew. It’s ALWAYS been THE JEW.

    Does that help, Richard?

  25. Ryan, you’re always off the mark. What’re you doing here?

    The lid’s off the children of Satan.

  26. Denise says:

    The Traitor PM is the worst sort of vermin – but it’s the Jew pouring poison in the well. Always has been. The source of the problem IS the Jew. It’s ALWAYS been THE JEW.

    Does that help, Richard?”

    No. lol

    Traitors will always find ways to betray, with or without Jews. If the Jews did not exist, he would be off betraying his fellow Greeks to the Chinese.

    “Red Ed Milliband’s Daddy”

    Oh yes. Milliband is an ingrate and all those bad things you say.

  27. When are we going to wake up ????

    Ed Milliband furious that Daily Mail exposed his Communist father

    Labour leader Ed Milliband’s father called for the “humiliation” of the country that had so graciously offered him sanctuary from the Nazis.

    In the past, this website has exposed the truth about Milliband’s family. Labour leader “Red Ed” is nothing but a multi-generational international Marxist.

    Ed Milliband is a fanatical supporter of open borders and 3rd world immigration. Internal documents proven that the Labour party sought an open border policy specifically to recruit new Labour voters and to “punish” conservatives.

    Finally, the stuff we have talked about on this website has exploded onto the British press. The Daily Mail published an editorial about Ed Milliband’s father, titled “The Man Who Hated Britain.”

  28. “Less obsession with Jews.”

    But MORE obsession with BANNING “religious hobby horse riders” and those who haven’t thoroughly repented for voting for Ron Paul instead of Romney, and other supposed “trolls” who don’t agree with all your ideas and haven’t participated in a meetup or submitted any financial contribution yet?

    Now let’s truly be kind to our kind. A house divided cannot stand.

  29. @ It’s not like the American soldier or the class of working men who make up the ranks get any credit from them [jews] for fighting the Germans either….

    Quite the opposite, which is what’s so stunning.

    Those working ranks ARE now portrayed as the nazis. The ig-nernt, rural, dumb-southern, hick, etc., etc. They fought WWii, believing they were ensuring their own children would not have to live under fascism, (in the sense of militarist-corporatism as mussolini defined it). Also, to be able to have real freedom of association, expression of religion, etc.

    Now THEIR OWN CHILDREN are positioned as stupid nazis in all their movies.

    Normal people experience the whole culture as totally psychotic and contradictory due to such things.

    Plus, the t.v. nazi movies that run 24-7 concentrate to entirely reposition nat-socialism as about race. That’s the point of them. “Hitler is about race. He is evil.” That is the point of the show. There then CAN BE NO DISCUSSION of the sort of “fascism” that the working americans thought they were fighting. Discussion of that economic system is totally Silenced.

    Such is t.v. while clicking the remote: nazi, nazi, nazi, slavery movie, nazi, dumb-stupid-redneck-hick-reality-show on geraldo, jerry springer, amish, etc, nazi, slaves, slaves, slaves, slaves, nazi, Break for E-ville Colonials show and Court t.v. teaching about the Show Trial System to viewers, then more nazi, nazi, nazi, slaves and slaves and slaves, dumb southern racist redneck white trash……

    There are only, like, four t.v. shows—- just four.

    Can’t they create something new, lol?

  30. I had an older jewish person from nyc say that to me one time—

    The discussion was about backwoods southerners, and the old lady said, “That’s who the nazis were, you know.”

    — she meant the disaffected people, of course. NOT JUST WORKING people, who were always such, but the “middle class that had/has fallen off the map”—- the people disempowered by the Statist tax collection systems (who —then and now— have BECOME “working” people for the first time.

    Many speak of the “SHRINKING MIDDLE CLASS” but this is real people.

    Just look at the bone structure of your average Starbucks worker in the u.s. Hear the cultured voice of the person trying to get one more year out of their 15 year old car. Gold watches on the wrists of your Wallmart Greeters. Clear high IQ of cashiers, ringing out mexicans with ten children in tow who are paying the big bill with some kind of card.

    Impoverishment of one to pay for another does not bring abundance or wealth into the world (and they know this), but it’s the only way they can see to get things.

    It will go on until people decide not to let others get away with it, seems like.

    People will begin to react more interpersonally, perhaps. Distancing themselves, even more than now, from government employees, that kind of thing. The government worker class with justify itself, the way it already does, believing they are “better” than the “white trash.” Very polarizing.

    Seems to be the main role of people like Alex jones—- like having on geraldo rivera to his show, and going on and on about what great guys the military are, and how they are really “awake,” etc, etc.

  31. DixieGirl, they won’t. All effective propaganda is constant repetition. That, as I’m sure you know, is the point of the Mantra too.

  32. RichardPW like many of Whitaker’s pupils is a de facto troll more than a serious contributor. Notice how his responses to Denise are very long on heavy sarcasm. He thinks he has the right to snark at a longtime and respected OD contributor.

    Personally, I have come to believe all of Bob Whitaker’s supporters should be banned without exception. Their comments are usually completely devoid of facts, logic, arguments or historical context. They can’t ever seem to contribute anything that doesn’t boil down to attacking and undermining every person of good will who doesn’t do it their way. Accordingly, their comments are noise that should be ignored.

  33. “313Chris says:

    October 1, 2013 at 5:42 am

    “Less obsession with Jews.”

    – Indeed. Less obsession with, and more liquidation of.


    Less obsession, Jack Ryan? On THIS thread? A tacky comment, as the very minimum…

    I think if there were no Jews around at all – it would be quite easy to not have an “obsession” at al.

    Richard PW just revealed himself as a clueless retardate.

  34. —-OT, but it does seem the main trouble with the lower middle class (low level government workers mostly)—- is their own narcissistic injury, which they then try to cover, doing everything they can to distance themselves from “white trash.” Many of their whole lives seem to occur around pretenses, trying to hang onto being “middle class” while in reality that rug has been taken out from under them.

    No one is helping the “Fallen Middle Class” (of which there are millions)—- learn to be “middle class” without the money (which has been taken from them).

    In other words, how can they reassert their pride and self-esteem WITHOUT putting down whites just a tiny bit less fortunate than themselves? Lower government workers (low military, school teachers, etc) do not seem to have figured that out.

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