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  1. “Only northern ones could be considered that”

    I never said they were except for the Northern ones with major amounts of Germanic blood. Don’t like Grace Kelley? If darker Austro-Italian meat is to your taste from that your attendance at NYU seems to suggest then here is Alida Valli (or the Baroness Alida Maria Laura Altenburger von Marckenstein u. Frauenbergthen) as she is also known:


  2. “You can endure Diana Krall jazz?”

    Always playing the rustic aren’t you Mosin. How do you find the time given the amount you spend on the internet researching axe sharpening techniques that folks like myself learned at their Swedish grandfather’s knee? LOL

    Here’s another one for you:

  3. The foot-treadle grinding stone built by my great grandfather (a blacksmith who made everything from wagons to iron fences) stands here to prove that axe sharpening skill goes back generations here, too. I agree that immense time (mine and yours) has been ‘wasted’ reading and commenting online. But I post comments on only three or four sites (out of habit), have been using the internet for only about five years (before that I had never even SEEN the internet) and because the learning curve has leveled off lately, I will probably disappear soon enough, Rudel.

  4. That video was really just a response to your ‘axe to grind’ comment, but it does have some particularly good tips. One of my friends has a full time knife and cutting tool sharpening business, done by hand to perfection — while others ruin tools on electric wheels.

    Re: ‘If darker Austro-Italian meat is to your taste’:

    Women are not ‘meat’.

  5. Rudel, I was making a point about sociopolitical status, which in the US assigns every person of european descent to the ‘White’ category on the census. Most european americans are being exploited by the federal government in terms of taxation, educational and employment rights, and within the judicial system.

    But it’s the northwestern europeans who are hunted down for hate crimes, and who suffer through the employment and educational and judicial systems’ heightened hateful focus on them. This certainly applies in the lower working class.

    So, Gaga isn’t white but italian, a mediterranean, at NYU. Even the italians in NJ and NY who have been hate-crime murdered have looked like northwestern europeans (Autumn Pasquale, who was not more than 1/4 italian despite her last name, Connie Russo-Carriero in White Plains, NY, who looked northern italians and who was murdered for having blonde hair, etc.)

    Blacks and jews particularly go out of their way to exploit northwestern europeans in NYC, at places like NYU Tisch-related circles. The italians have their own little club as it’s NYC, and they’ve never been the target hated ‘white’ group that the northwestern europeans have been. Noel Ignatiev wrote a book on ‘how the irish became white,’ not on how the italians did.

    The vast majority of italians are easily discernible as that, and not as the northwestern european founding ethnicity, who are not according to scientists presently biologically – or visually – divisible from one another but who are distinct from all other euros.

    This is what I meant. You’d be shocked at how predatory and pro-actively exploitative blacks and jews especially are towards us. The hispanics are just as bad in their own way…asians not that much better depending on the milieu.

    So your girl Grace would not have an easy go of it these days, certainly not in film circles acting behind the cameras. As an actress she’d be resented and distrusted, and tossed bimbo roles.

    When Jessica Chastain started acting in film, some Hollywood director or producer told her she didn’t ‘look modern.’ She was the redhead star of Lawless, which I’ll remind people is a movie made by australians John Hillcoat and Nick Cave.

    Hollywood rarely makes movies flattering or even respectful about northwestern europeans anymore. Almost everything they produce is anti-White/northwestern european, even the subtler stuff.

  6. To LLD;
    If the “South” was that much different than the systems that were in the Caribbean then they would not have been able to propose the Golden Circle. Although Spain did not land in Virginia, or the Carolina’s and start spreading their systems. It was their system nevertheless enacted in utilizing slavery as a means of generating immense wealth. As cited in the articles the Carolina’s and thereby the rest of the South was a colony of the Caribbean plantation model inspired by Spain. Just because someone does not proactively promote themselves does not mean they will not be emulated.
    Unless it could be actually argued against, it was slavery that made the South what it was in those times and the fact that it gained mass wealth and renown for the system. Without Spain the plantation system may have never been utilized in the Caribbean and since the Caribbean would not have been as profitable, it would not have been emulated in the beloved South we know of today, leading to a weakened South. Permanently seen as a back water colony as the subsistence farms did not function well enough to bring it enough populace, and resources to be what it is today. As such in saying that Spain founded the South it is difficult to say that the thought is incorrect, as the whole system of our forefathers was the plantation system and without it the South would not be anything.

  7. ‘Spain did not land in (…) the Carolinas and start spreading their system’:

    John T, read about the ‘Santa Elena’ colony IN the Carolinas, Spanish, Roman, multiracial and slavery-based.

  8. ‘LATIN’ covers it, Capt John — a LATIN, Spanish, Portuguese, Converso/Marrano, Turk, African, Mediterranean multiracial settlement — preceding the ‘Prod’ Anglo-Celts in Carolina.

  9. Although Spain did not land in Virginia, or the Carolina’s and start spreading their systems.

    And thus, Spain did not found the South. I am not saying that Spain wasn’t influential in the plantation system. What I am saying is that that does not represent the founding of the South. British settlers founded the South. What would the South be without British settlers?

  10. While a founding stock does matter, in a sense it can be dwarfed. Without England colonizing Virginia and the Carolinas I would not be born, yet the South would have still been colonized eventually, probably by Spain, and it would have still been profitable. Therefore although it would be different in some ways to the South of our ancestors, it would be much closer than a South without the plantation system, and as such although it once again did not directly found the South, it’s plantation system implemented therein, was essentially the very bedrock of Southern Civilisation in times past, and was a very strong founding parent country.

  11. Actually, upon noting Mosin’s new information about Santa Elena. (I apologize to Mosin for not noticing his post earlier, but nevertheless.) Santa Elena was in fact a fairly good settlement. Although in the article I skimmed it did not appear they used the plantation system as much as possible they still did remarkably well. (Cite: scholarcommons.sc.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=11848&context=archanth_books) I will not say it was mono-cultural as they were surrounded by overwhelming numbers of Indians, but it seems for the most part they maintained their own culture. It was in essence the Spanish version of the South, and it resembled it quite well even down to city politics prevalent in thought of our ancestors and the present.

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