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  1. First lamestream media article I’ve seen where the words “racist” and/or “White Supremacist” weren’t used to describe the marchers.

  2. The idea that this phrase is “unacceptable” or was clearly the work of “white supremacists” is ludicrous. It shows that there’s exactly zero thought process that goes on in their heads. Someone points out that “diversity,” as practiced in the US of A, is a zero-sum game, and they get all weepy. There were no respondents to that “man on the street” interview sequence that even thought about what the banner said. No one questioned the cops’ authority in censoring the message.

    I’d bet a thousand dollars that if the banners had said, “La Raza” or “Black Power” or “Die Conservatives,” the cops would have done nothing.

  3. Have the group who put the sign up, put up a Black Power sign in exactly the same spot.

    The cops won’t do a thing.

    Additionally a pro Israel Sign and/or a pro Palestinian flag.

  4. White folks we better start praying because where going to need the almighty for this one .

    Go team white .

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