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  1. Of course no one in that video would have any problem with Blacks sticking up for Blacks, or any other non-White group pursuing their own ethnic interests!

    They’re not anti-racist, they are anti-White.

  2. Mindless idiots using the Establishment’s same old mind control labels. The worst were those white fools in the video. They’re the cowards who would rather snivel and grovel to get along than to stand for their own self interests. Or, there is simply nothing between the ears.

  3. The bloated, bovine white woman in the car was cringe inducing. You could actually see the empty cartoon bubble over her head as she strained to recall the proper programming string. Oh yes…”I thought we were past all of this race stuff in 2014.”

    Well let’s take survey. Are the blacks, jews, mestizos, or asians past all this race stuff in 2014?

    Only their racial advocacy organizations can say for sure.

  4. I blame white liberals and Jews for that black woman’s reaction. They’ve invested billions telling blacks that anyone who speaks in terms of white interests wants to hurt them. The truth is that white folks just want out from under this genocidal regime. Blacks have no way to perceive this.

  5. Lew, I think on some level of consciousness blacks perceive that whites separating would hurt them. Manifestly so, as any observation of black societies bereft of white subsidy would would reveal. This can’t be admitted, even to themselves, but white interests = Africa for blacks.

  6. That is great journalism. According to ABC, the police believes the whole operation “could be connected to a national group called the White man march” !

    I think it’s the two journalists who look most stupid in the video. They say that people are hurt by the white supremacist message. But at the same, they are baffled by what they read on the banners: diversity = white genocide.

    For them, diversity means a black woman. How can anyone say: black woman = genocide? It doesn’t make sense. So, they asked a black woman for her opinion about white supremacy and the return of slavery. Her answer is clear: I don’t think that’s okay!

    The journalists should have asked her if she thinks her descendants will keep receiving plenty of social welfare when white people are no longer around.

    Unfortunately, the journalists didn’t ask the organizers of the march what they stand for, and what their mantra means. People will have to look it up for themselves on the Internet.

  7. If you take a look at the White lady they interviewed, it seems that she has a mulatto or mestizo kid in the front seat next to her. On a side note, you’re not supposed to have a kid younger than 12 in the front passenger seat unless you disable the air bag. And they are supposed to be in car seats. Anyway..

  8. Lew, you have to include the black political class and all it’s various minions for blacks’ fear that we’ll stop supporting their indulgence.

    It’s Diversity Cult’s fault, with the jews as the producer of the whole gig.

  9. Wow. This is really good news. I hope to make it to the next one in April, make some connections, and get the message and truth out there. Time to re-segregate and create a new white homeland where we can live and work among our own people without the usury and occupation of the Jew at every turn in our lives. White people really have to band together or we will cease to exist. Segregation is best for all races. Cultural Marxist political correctness propaganda propagated through the Jew media, Jew led school districts, Zionist Hollywood films are anti white and meant to invoke violence and oppression on whites psychologically and physically. Everything political correctness stands on is a lie meant to deceive the typical person who has been indoctrinated by historical lies controlled by Zionist Marxist Jew subversion. It would be a great thing if whitemanmarch became a regular get together.

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