Disingenuous White Liberals Face Black Crime Dilemma

By Hunter Wallace

Disingenous White Liberals who live near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC are facing a terrible dilemma: go along with the fashionable trend of supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement, demonizing cops, and supporting criminal justice reform, or oppose it because releasing more violent black criminals into the streets turns them loose into their own gentrified urban neighborhoods:

“That may be what’s happening on the national level but locally, it gets complicated, especially in more liberal neighborhoods.

A 22.3 percent increase in violent crime over the past year on Capitol Hill is driving the debate. From mid-October 2013 to mid-October 2014, there were 298 such crimes: robberies, assaults with a deadly weapon, rape and murder. For the same period in 2014-2015, there were 364 such crimes, according to the Metropolitan District Police.

Conservatives believe increased violence stems from the reluctance of police officers to aggressively enforce the law in the wake of the rioting in Ferguson, Mo. in August, 2014 and in Baltimore last April after the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray — the so-called “Ferguson effect.”

Police officers and other public officials in the District of Columbia also point to a new volatile class of synthetic street drugs: “They can go from half asleep to combative and raging,” Holly O’Byrne, a paramedic, told The Washington Post, noting that “The drug is a game changer.”

The results of the spike in crime are reverberating across the Capitol Hill neighborhood. On the local listserv, newhilleast – an email network of residents who live within a few blocks of the United States Capitol — a single subject line crops up repeatedly: “DC’s Reign Of Terror.”

A small sampling of recent day-in, day-out neighborhood crime highlighted on the listserv includes a midafternoon sexual assault on a mother by an intruder who “violently beat and assaulted her while she worked from home”; a flash mob attack on a local 7-Eleven; and the videotaped beating of a 69-year-old man by a 19-year-old at a subway exit.

Business leaders have been holding meetings this week with police and city officials in an attempt to deal with small crowds gathering daily at the corner of Eighth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, a fashionable commercial area of upscale bars and restaurants. Capitolhillcorner.org, a local news blog, reported that the business owners’ concerns include “vagrancy, trash, drug activity, public urination and public sex acts.” …

The escalation in crime has revealed a split within the generally progressive community of Capitol Hill.”

Remember Kevin Sutherland? The Democratic policy wonk who opposed “institutional racism” and supported Freddie Gray, but who was slashed to death on the Washington Metro on July 4th? Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how gentrified neighborhoods, which were made possible by “mass incarceration,” cope with the Ferguson effect and the consequences of criminal justice reform.

These White liberals probably read in The New York Times that flash mobs and Knockout King are rightwing myths. They’re outside walking their little dog on the sidewalk, pondering the latest Ta-Nehisi Coates article in The Atlantic, and then WHAM, reality hits them!

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  1. Until there is a willingness to discuss the fact that nearly 75% of all black children are illegitimate, born to single mothers, you can put up the white flag. Want to know the effect of this situation, do something related to a prison. Ask of any guard, official, or willing prisoner how many of the young black males who make up over half the prison population have fathers? Not someone who knocked up their mom, a father.

    In the above situation it would be unusual to get more than one or two of every hundred who has a father. Is there a connection to no father= criminal? Of course. Can it be discussed? Hell no!

    Think about this real situation. Not genetic or racist, I’m talking about real. When you filter out all middle class or high income blacks, almost no children born to black woman have fathers. And I’m not kidding when I assert almost none.

    I do not purport to have an answer to the problem, but I’m pretty sure any solution starts with acknowledging a problem exists.

  2. Same sort if thing with Gun violence. Have any NRA members ever shot up a school, gas station, workplace? Might be a few but I think I’d have heard the names.

    When can liberals just say: Disarm the nogs!

  3. Yeah, but they never learn. It would mean giving up their entire ego identity and PC religion. These SWPLs are only upset that such crime is happening in their rich neighborhoods. They think that bad things shouldn’t happen to people as biologically superior as they are. Lower class white scum deserve to be raped and murdered by blacks because they are oppressing blacks. They don’t have any power but they’re oppressing blacks and thinking bad thoughts. Besides, it’s their fault for being inferior and not making lots of money like we do.

  4. I have had his discussion with various liberals and self identifying conservatives.

    I think that blacks need a violent authoritarian surveillance state in order to barely function in a modern society.

    Forget parents in this case. What the black presence has done is endure that whites must be policed with absurdly high levels of personnel, petty rules and surveillance too.

    The brainwashed always go back to parental supervision for blacks. Most black men are a danger to everyone around them. What good does a bitter stupid sex maniac do in a household of niglettes?

    • Do you have kids, Captain? Strike that, it’s not a fair question.

      Without the use of racial epithets, I take issue with your view on the negligible effect of having a real father. I refer you to Derek Redmond at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. I think you lose the “no father” argument but so what? Even if I’m right the reality is illegitimacy is rampant & tolerated in the black community. Why, I am not entirely sure.

      The deterioration of any semblance of a family throughout most of the Black community can be graphed vis a vis crime, etc. Why can the issue not be pushed out front? Are all out pols so scared, or so ambitious? Why isn’t it pushed in the black community? Are all its alleged leaders so scared and frightened to say something unpopular? Afraid women from 20 or 30 yrs ago will suddenly decide they were raped, a la Bill Cosby?

      Nothing has occurred that wasn’t predicted 50 yrs ago in the Moynihan Report.

  5. The biggest problem they created was cops saying “fuck this” and doing their job as little as possible. I don’t blame them. If I was a cop in DC, I would respond and do as little as possible. I sure as hell wouldn’t go the extra mile and do my job too well only to end up fired or in jail.

  6. If I were a White police officer – I would only patrol donut shops. Let the Negro Worshipping SWPL crowd DEAL with the real world effects of their ideology.

    FYI – Negroes behave the way they do because of their DNA. The only thing that can be done with Negroes is REMOVE them. It’s genetic.

  7. Ah, “The Ferguson Effect”. Oh, I saw that coming 22 light years out. NS. Cops now have a mentality: Leave the nogs to murder themselves out of existence, and when the commies whine a shade louder, remind these twerps who wrote this check with their mouths their worthless asses cannot cash.

    Hunter? You did it again. Neat piece.

  8. I’m aware that nogs had a family life in the US during Segregation. After civil rights they disintegrated.

    Let’s face it Warpsite, you must have seen the Fuxxation of Fiction that was the Cosby show. A nog doctor dad on TV while he’s drugging and raping white women. He sticks around with his boy who gets shot dead by a Russian on the LA freeway.

    Blacks are a fucking disaster. Only a whip and a (by any measure very rare) threat of the rope keep them in line. Even if they are rich, maintain a nuclear family and are somewhat deffered to as wise.

    Fuck em. Let them butcher each other and keep out of the white areas.

    • Maybe it’s because I have kids, but I find your comment about Cosby’s son being murdered to be reprehensible.

      As for Cosby’s accusers, I find them doubtful. I agree the Cosby show presented an unrealistic view of a black family, as did Fresh Prince. But Friends and a hundred other TV shows presented a ridiculously unrealistic view of White families or life. It’s TV, not real life.

      We obviously disagree on how to tackle the problem. Since your ideas are not grounded in reality, why not propose what can be done? Proposing the impossible just lets people off the hook on doing something.

      You know, just watching Hendrix @ the Monterey makes me reject most of the nut ideas. I wouldn’t want to be without that. (But “Red House”, etc., doesn’t make crime emanating from the black community disappear)

  9. Cosby was a one man Mengele by all accounts and with the frequency of women he’s drugged and raped I suspect he’s killed a few by this time.

  10. Warspite
    ‘Without the use of racial epithets, I take issue with your view on the negligible effect of having a real father. I refer you to Derek Redmond at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. I think you lose the “no father” argument but so what?’

    Warspite just can’t help itself.

    Having never heard of Derek Redmond I Googled the name. Just another negro athlete. Couldn’t finish the big race so his daddy brushes past security, jumps on track and helps him continue to the finish line. Both broke the rules and of course, Redmond was disqualified.

    Such a touching story.

    Much to Warspite’s delight, I’m sure, Redmond went on to make a career from that incident, as a motivational speaker, gracing covers of magazines with images of himself, his White swimming star, mud shark wife and their nigglets.

    After the divorce (duh) he married another mudshark. All wonderful role models and great sources of inspiration for British youth.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ‘… but I find your comment about Cosby’s son being murdered to be reprehensible.’

    We never would have guessed.

    ‘As for Cosby’s accusers, I find them doubtful.’

    You’re consistent.

  11. “Think about this real situation. Not genetic or racist, I’m talking about real. ” – behavior is heritable.

    “I do not purport to have an answer to the problem,” – because it is immutable, especially in the short term, which lends credence to the idea of a genetic cause.

    “but I’m pretty sure any solution starts with acknowledging a problem exists.” – The problem is that they both want to exercise self determination, but also move to good white neighborhoods. Those are mutually exclusive.

  12. Warpsite is going to collapse from his internal contradictions.

    The good old “it’s the parents” or something akin to “we were lucky to have dads that cared”…

    We are dealing with playful spear chuckers armed with Glocks driving Impalas. Things YT made as an external extension of YT’s brain power. It’s a train wreck.

  13. The root…

    “but I’m pretty sure any solution starts with acknowledging a problem exists.” – The problem is that they both want to exercise self determination, but also move to good white neighborhoods. Those are mutually exclusive”

    Aka having your cake and eating it too.

  14. There are more living survivors of Cosby’s kinky necrophilia than first hand holocaust witnesses at this point. Lol.

    • Hunter, ironical or not, you’re right. And I agree about the bleeding into American culture. There were two choices. First, decry an epidemic of illegitimate kids. Second, cower like a frightened SF drag queen and say it’s all ok. The choice made says little about America.

      The Sixties, the Counterculture, etc., was about taking a hard look at what we accept as right or wrong. It was never about saying everything is right. This distinction was either not understood or has been perverted by those who “stopped in” between semesters at Wellesley or Yale Law School. Anyone who thinks making BS speeches for $50k, $100k or more, or sending out a “wish list” (or else) of china and silver settings to fill up their Georgetown town home, needs to shut up and go away.

  15. Hunter,

    Do I take you to mean the collapse of the white family is not producing quite the same numbers of criminals?

  16. “Nothing has occurred that wasn’t predicted 50 yrs ago in the Moynihan Report.”

    Nothing has occurred that wasn’t predicted one HUNDRED fifty years ago–in Dixie.

    • Good line, John. Please provide the appropriate citation. To my knowledge there is none because they are two very different situations.

      This is not directed towards you. I repeat that providing so-called solutions that are obviously impossible to implement just represents an excuse not to take any action. It’s big-mouthed and lazy.

    • Hunter, I’m totally unfamiliar with this area. Could you cite me to some sources? I’m not doubting you, I’m just not familiar with the problem. I don’t even have a grip on the # of freeman in the North, South and Border States in 1850 & 1860.

      Isn’t it odd to think how Maryland was once a quasi-Southern state! The only vestiges of this are in some of the southeastern counties. A bit on the eastern shore & western horse country, but not too much. I think the last throes were in the late 60’s before DC workers swallowed up the surrounding Md counties. As you know, the last two decades have seen enormous encroachment into Va. As far as Charlottesville!

      Truth be known, Maryland was a big disappointment as a Southern State in 1861-65, though there were some Confed regiments. Def behind Ky & Mo.

      Please don’t bring up Delaware!

  17. Well, if this is the only way the gentrified Liberal/Progressive is going to learn? Then so be it. He reaps what he sows. Let the Negroes rub their lily white faces in their own political excrement if that’s what it takes. It’s not that I wish that their homes be robbed, their women raped and themselves slashed and stomped to death. I certainly do not. I would that the entire world was beyond such experiences and that we all lived in peace. I’d also like to own a condo on the moon! You can not, as the world is today, not this country, mind you, I mean, the “World,” live in close proximity to large numbers of Blacks and not be victimized by their violence at some time or another. It’s the nature of things as they are in the world we live in. Of all men, the Black man is the most primitive and given over to personal acts of violence than any other race of man. Don’t blame me for saying it like it is. Take it up with God, Mother Nature, Charles Darwin, or all of the aforementioned. Brown and Gray were two Black thugs who got what they had coming. Humanity is better off without them. And the prime beneficiaries of this cleansing was the Black community itself which stood to suffer most had these two miscreants lived to press on with their lives of crime and debauchery. What’s needed is not for our Police to back off, but to press forward and receive the full support of decent people of all races. The “Black Lives Matter” movement needs to be shouted down until it dries up and blows away. It’s a B.S. movement from top to bottom predicated upon lies, deceit, and political correctness all run amuck.

  18. I’m hardly a fan of Blacks but I must point out the Cosby thing may be a put up attack. Notice the Jews always attack a performer before he suddenly commits suicide or has some other disaster.

    I believe Randy Quaid was telling the truth when he said stars were whacked. There’s very good evidence that this is true. Jimi Hendricks is one example. His manager was about to lose his contract so he took out a life insurance policy on him. Very soon after he died. A roadie wrote a book that said the manager confessed to having him killed by forcing wine and barbiturates down his throat. Here’s what the Doctor said who tried to revive him,”…Mr Bannister agreed that the description of the murder “sounded plausible because of the volume of wine”.

    He said: ‘The amount of wine that was over him was just extraordinary. Not only was it saturated right through his hair and shirt but his lungs and stomach were absolutely full of wine.

    ‘I have never seen so much wine. We had a sucker that you put down into his trachea, the entrance to his lungs and to the whole of the back of his throat.

    ‘We kept sucking him out and it kept surging and surging. He had already vomited up masses of red wine and I would have thought there was half a bottle of wine in his hair. He had really drowned in a massive amount of red wine.’…”


    There’s plenty of other stars who died or supposedly committed suicide under strand conditions. So I wouldn’t be too quick to not believe that they don’t have it in for Cosby.

  19. Who really cares about blacks? This warspite nut is just a SJW entryist who gets everyone here tailgating a debate, but per usual conservatives just love to follow like puppies.

    How about freedom from BRA?

  20. These blacks are living fossils from the Stone Age. That old canard about I know a good one IKAGO is bullshit. Individually they can ape your behavior, but in groups is where the savages come out to play. These DWLs don’t really give a shit about niggers, its a whole fake morality they put on because they’re just decadent selfish fuckers like the Evil Bourgeoisie they say they hate. These people who want the simple life of nature sure have a lot of tech from the Apple Corporation. They paid no taxes last year and they don’t care. Fake moralism is pretty easy. Put it on like a coat and take it off at home.

  21. Blacks were a pretty good trick to pull on YT in the New World.

    The emigration of Arabs and Pakis into Europe is more or less the same trick.

  22. http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2012/03/22/debows-review-on-african-americans/

    “The fact is, the negroes in the North display their inherent characteristics of laziness, determined ignorance, sensuality, vice, filth, and improvidence – traits which disgust all virtuous and industrious citizens; and to charge these traits upon Southern slavery, shows a total misconception of the African character, which has been improved and elevated, as we have shown, by slavery in the South.

    We will produce abundant proof in support of our statement, in respect of the viciousness of the blacks, and also facts to show that in all parts of the North the mortality among free negroes is more than double that of southern slaves, or even of the whites.

    And first as to the viciousness of these people. Mr. Everett stated in a speech before the Colonization Society, in 1833, that while the free blacks of Massachusetts formed only about one seventy-fifth part of the population, yet one sixth of the convicts in the prisons of that State were of that class.

    In a memorial presented to the Legislature of Connecticut in 1834, it was stated, that “from the licentiousness of their (the negroes) general habits, they have invariably depreciated the value of the property by their location in its neighborhood; and that from their notorious uncleanliness and filth, they have become common nuisances to the community.”

    From the report of the Warden of the Connecticut State prison for 1838, it appears “that the number of blacks in confinement, compared with the whites, is ten or twelve times greater than is the proportion of black to the white population in that State.”

    “In 1832, a colony of free blacks was expelled from Ohio, on account of their dissoluteness, and dishonesty, and misery, being considered in the light of vagabonds and nuisances. A college for free negroes was projected in New Haven about the same time, and the respectable citizens opposed and suppressed it, because the increase of that class of population was considered an evil.”

  23. From “Free Negroes in Hayti”:

    “And, indeed, such were the expectations of the friends of the negro race. Let them be but once free, remove the depressing shackles of slavery, unbind their arms, said they, and soon we will see a race fully equal to the whites; agriculture will progress, commerce be fostered, and the cause of education and religion be advanced; Euclids were to spring from the mountains, Aesops and Dumas’ were to write verses and romances in the valleys, and the golden shores of the Artibonite were to witness a pastoral peace and happiness, unequaled in the happy valley of Amhara, or in the future Utopia of the Jesuits, on the banks of the Panara!

    How have these expectations been fulfilled? What has been the results of this fifty years’ trial under circumstances the most favorable could be imagined?”

  24. “This warspite nut is just a SJW entryist who gets everyone here tailgating a debate, but per usual conservatives just love to follow like puppies.”

    That should be “Jew,” RobRoy, not “SJW entryist”; but otherwise, you’re correct.

    • Come on John. Argue points with language you would use to my face. Cutting out your bs may force you to think.

      Gotta go to gym. Not young enough to bench 335 anymore, but time gets to everyone. Now, if I go over 230-250 range I am in too much pain later on. Oh well.

    • I thought we were from Central Asia? Moving them goalposts again?

      This whole eliminate blacks thing has troubling aspects. No Hendrix? No Chuck Berry? (And no Arthur Lee!)

  25. The jew loves nothing more than gold. Perhaps they love nothing but gold. They show little love for their children, fear their wives and despise their mothers that birthed them. They don’t really care for the feral negro, it is merely a weapon that an inveterate coward can weild. A fire and forget plague which depresses property for easy purchase and ethnic cleanser which can set Civilization upon its last legs.

    • Oh, I don’t know. I like silver a lot. Platinum as well.

      You know, dummy, Alexander the Great was not a Jew-hater. Nor Napoleon. Or Churchill.

      Is there a lot of gold in Ethiopia?

  26. This whole eliminate blacks thing has troubling aspects. No Hendrix? No Chuck Berry? (And no Arthur Lee!)

    You’re free to take as many with you as you can carry. Might be a good way to test out that physical strength, non?

    Funny you say the “eliminate blacks thing” has troubling aspects. I was thinking the same thing about every White nation in the world when it comes to their/our White populations being slowly—in some cases quickly—inundated and overrun with the black and brown hordes. The reality of White displacement in our countries versus the ramblings of Internet personas. Remind me again why I should care about people like Hendrix or Chuck Berry?

    I hate to have to point this out, but your Jew is showing. Might wanna put some ointment on that thing and cover it up before it gets infected.

  27. “Argue points with language you would use to my face.”

    SKR. Jew appeals to a non-Jew’s sense of face. The existential stance of the Jews is abuse of face.

    • No, I’d say Hendrix trumps your epithets, as well as Celestial’s. A world without that upside down Strat would be a lot less exciting. Ars Longa, Vita Brevis and all.

      Unless man is akin to dogs (different breeds & all) the whole genetic argument, pre-disposition & all seems highly suspect. Is there any reputable science supporting this belief, or is it just anecdotal? I honestly don’t know if any scientific evidence exists.

      I’m not stupid enough to contend since Hendrix is black & he was incredible it makes everything else ok. It seems to me I can’t recall a neighborhood that got better when blacks moved in. I don’t think most people in jail are black because of racism. I’m tired of hearing about Aff Action, and welfare programs are necessary because of Slavery. Sure, slavery was America’s original sin, but what about the 50 yrs America has been paying massive amounts of money to rectify and make amends for slavery? The fact slavery existed in Ga. Until 1865 has nothing to do with the fact I could go right now into any one of several housing projects in Atl and find 3 generations of families who have never worked an honest day in their lives. And I mean not one day.

      Not to mention what I have to read about the black guy who was killed in some sort of police scuffle in Staten Island. He was just out trying to make a living & support his family. Bull! He was illegally selling loosies in a park. He was a f–king criminal. A petty criminal, but a criminal nonetheless. Yet he’s made out by the media to be some hard working family man. He was a BUM. B U M.

      Loving Hendrix doesn’t give all of the above a pass.

      How about, “single parent family”? That used to be if a parent died, or divorced and ran away. It was a rare thing to discuss. Now? Now it’s used for any illegitimate child situation. The re-definition of words has been insidious.

  28. @Warspite 5:40 PM
    Listen, Jew, please stop with the Boasian anthropology drivel, as there is absolutely no one who adheres to this on this website.

    Instead of acting like a typical subversive kike, why don’t you go back and address Hunter’s request to elaborate on why America’s Jewish elite has benefited the White majority in this country.

    • Cicero? Ha! More like Catalina. Do you think you can write out an entire paragraph without some racial or religious epithet, Cataline?

      How about saving up to 1,000,000 American casualties in WWII, Markey Cataline? You’re not dealing with your attacks on blacks where they have to toss up athletes, so you can kiss my Jewish a**, you idiot. Even the CSA had Judah Benjamin.

      You need to stick with your neoconservative attacks, you’d do much better there. You can’t handle anything but an echo chamber Mr. Dumb F**k. Since you can’t handle the truth scurry back to your little holocaust hoax, neo Nazi scumbag buddies.

  29. @Warspite 4:48 PM

    Shut up, Jew, as I am nearly one hundred percent sure that any of those historical figures would have wanted to put you to the sword after reading your dozens of brain-melting and subversive comments.

  30. Chickpea delivered the Pro Flacco brief, which is a nice Roman take on the Jews. Good old Cicero.

  31. You are actually talking about a guitarist.

    I’ve not listened to a lick of Hendrix since my teens. What do you do Warpsite? Drive around in you 70s Monte Carlo blasting that shot out your 8Track?

  32. The Greeks must have been aware of the financial role of Jews in the Persian Wars. When Xerxes and Darius were bribing the Spartans into fratricide with Athens it’s a good bet that the usual suspects were key.

    Alexander did now down before the Cohens but the Diadochi didn’t. Thus we get Hanukkah.

  33. @Warkike 6:32 PM

    My, my, Jew, it seems as if I brought out a classic Hebraic chimp-out. Again, instead of acting like a feral Negro crack-cocaine fiend, why don’t you kindly address Hunter’s request to enlighten us all on the wonders brought upon us by America’s Jewish elite.

    It would do so much to bring understanding between us Whites and your parasitical, Christ-killing brethren.

    Also, for every pro-Jew comment uttered by the above historical figures, I can provide an opposite opinion.

    • Ask your questions in a civilized manner, rather than your crude Hottentot-like prose. I have no interest in your pseudo-history, pseudo-science, or pseudo-intellectualism. You are a typical jealous Jew-hater. First the Jews are weak pansies, then comes the 1967 War. Quick shift to Jews being bullies killing off defenseless women & children. As always, move the goalposts.

      The Jews you despise were integral to building two atomic bombs that led to saving 1,000,000 American casualties. Since you didn’t know that, e.g., Niels Bohr, Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, Leo Szilard, Lise Meitner, Einstein (you knew that one), etc. were all JEWS, you will have move the goalposts. (Don’t forget Enrico Fermi’s wife was Jewish!). It will be the Jews unleashing some satanic power for their owns ends. Or the atomic bombs not being responsible for the War ending. Or the Jews merely helping to construct the bombs to create a Cold War.

      It doesn’t matter what, your irrational hate will never permit an admission of positive Jewish influences. You will even admit or deny the existence of the Holocaust to suit your ends. It’s as if you have a dead zone in your brain that won’t allow you to approve of anything but some mythic WASP paradise that never really existed.

      What does the fact that no matter what a Jewish person has invented, what disease they have cured, what they have painted, symphony written, book published, etc., etc., you find yourself unable to admit how Jews have benefited YOUR life? How about you infect your sorry a** with polio and then make a call about a Jew developing a vaccine? I think about a quarter of those who have won Nobel Prizes for Science & Medicine have been Jews. You are just incredibly dumb.

      For the Science Fiction fans, ever hear of the Hugo Award? Named after… Hugo Gernsback. Or maybe you’re from Boston? How about Red Auerbach? Wasn’t the first DH Ron Blomberg? Former pro wrestling world champion, and U Ga guy, Bill Goldberg?

      The contribution of Jews to America has been incalculable. Your idiotic question is like shooting fish in a barrel. You are just used to being a bully and not having anyone answer your garbage. The bottom line is you’re wrong & anyone who believes you represent a viable point of view can color themselves as mentally retarded.

  34. Rothschild sorta organized the alliance against Napoleon. Rothschild even bankrolled the Hessian forces of George III in the revolutionary war. Bonaparte had good cause to worry about the swindling bastards. If he was unaware it doesn’t speak well of him. Also Alexander did die in his twenties. Give him another decade and he’d have acted just like a Selucid.

  35. Is this the land of rhetorical questions and unanswered requests? I’ve seen Warspite asked to provide some examples of what he believes to be the wonderful benefits of a Jewish elite. Nothing but silence and deflection on his part. I don’t see why this would be something for a truly genuine person to avoid answering. This happens A LOT on pro-White sites. There is either a complete lack of genuine questions being presented, or there is an overflowing abundance of individuals who avoid answering simple questions and requests.

    How about a new rule: If you are asked to provide an example or expand on a comment you’ve made, then you should be forced to answer if that question becomes a monotonous part of the comments. Don’t put forth some kind of reasonable response, then you are banned. As long as the question is relevant to the topic and flow of the article, and we are not talking about personal or identifiable information, then I really don’t see any reason a mature, honest person would have a problem with responding to genuine questions.

    Someone ask me a question so I can show how it’s done.

    • How could I forget Haym Solomon who did more for America than any of your sorry butts can imagine in that he essentially gave everything he had to help create the US.

  36. How’s that Celestial? Can I propose a new rule as well, because if you subscribe to a “Jews have not contributed” way of thinking I’ve obviously overestimated your IQ.

    Just because it doesn’t fit some whacko theory of neo Nazi nonsense doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. What more classic reasoning can we have than, “Oh, Alexander was a Judeophile? Well, uh, had he lived another ten years he would have changed his mind!” Yep, you ought to be very proud of your crowd. Personally, I wouldn’t even permit somewhere there to discuss the Diadochi or Seleucids. Some of the idiots must really go nuts over the unimportance of color in the ancient world! Oh my!!

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