Disingenuous White Liberals Face Black Crime Dilemma

By Hunter Wallace

Disingenous White Liberals who live near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC are facing a terrible dilemma: go along with the fashionable trend of supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement, demonizing cops, and supporting criminal justice reform, or oppose it because releasing more violent black criminals into the streets turns them loose into their own gentrified urban neighborhoods:

“That may be what’s happening on the national level but locally, it gets complicated, especially in more liberal neighborhoods.

A 22.3 percent increase in violent crime over the past year on Capitol Hill is driving the debate. From mid-October 2013 to mid-October 2014, there were 298 such crimes: robberies, assaults with a deadly weapon, rape and murder. For the same period in 2014-2015, there were 364 such crimes, according to the Metropolitan District Police.

Conservatives believe increased violence stems from the reluctance of police officers to aggressively enforce the law in the wake of the rioting in Ferguson, Mo. in August, 2014 and in Baltimore last April after the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray — the so-called “Ferguson effect.”

Police officers and other public officials in the District of Columbia also point to a new volatile class of synthetic street drugs: “They can go from half asleep to combative and raging,” Holly O’Byrne, a paramedic, told The Washington Post, noting that “The drug is a game changer.”

The results of the spike in crime are reverberating across the Capitol Hill neighborhood. On the local listserv, newhilleast – an email network of residents who live within a few blocks of the United States Capitol — a single subject line crops up repeatedly: “DC’s Reign Of Terror.”

A small sampling of recent day-in, day-out neighborhood crime highlighted on the listserv includes a midafternoon sexual assault on a mother by an intruder who “violently beat and assaulted her while she worked from home”; a flash mob attack on a local 7-Eleven; and the videotaped beating of a 69-year-old man by a 19-year-old at a subway exit.

Business leaders have been holding meetings this week with police and city officials in an attempt to deal with small crowds gathering daily at the corner of Eighth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, a fashionable commercial area of upscale bars and restaurants. Capitolhillcorner.org, a local news blog, reported that the business owners’ concerns include “vagrancy, trash, drug activity, public urination and public sex acts.” …

The escalation in crime has revealed a split within the generally progressive community of Capitol Hill.”

Remember Kevin Sutherland? The Democratic policy wonk who opposed “institutional racism” and supported Freddie Gray, but who was slashed to death on the Washington Metro on July 4th? Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how gentrified neighborhoods, which were made possible by “mass incarceration,” cope with the Ferguson effect and the consequences of criminal justice reform.

These White liberals probably read in The New York Times that flash mobs and Knockout King are rightwing myths. They’re outside walking their little dog on the sidewalk, pondering the latest Ta-Nehisi Coates article in The Atlantic, and then WHAM, reality hits them!

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    • I’m sorry I can’t be as stupid as the average Greek Chorus type with whom you echo thoughts in here.

      The reason for genetic diseases such as Tay Sachs is because of isolation. Throughout most of history conversion to Judaism has been the exception rather than the rule. The reasons include the Exceptionalism within Jewish theology as well as the exclusionary policies of Christendom, Islam, etc. Were Judaism to have embarked on mass conversions in the mode of Christianity or Islam these “genetic” diseases would have become insignificant in occurrence.

      Further, even amongst Jews these diseases are not uniform. The prevalence of Tay Sachs in Ashkenazi Jews is not matched in Mizrahi Jews. On the other hand I once spent a miserable few weeks in Cajun Country and learned Tay Sachs prevalence amongst Cajuns and certain Québécois groups equaled that of Ashkenazim. Surely you don’t contend Cajuns are a “Race”? Or are Cajuns descended from a Lost Tribe of Israel rather than French speaking Canadians!

  1. Everyone knows that race is a social construct Warpsite.

    Even though society appears to be a racial construct.

    • I really don’t know enough about the history of “race” to be able to comment upon that. I’ve always assumed “race” as it would be presently argued grows out of ideas from the second half of the 19th Century.

      I know how the Romans & Greeks dealt with issues such as color, but that was clearly not consistent with the ideas that sprung up as Darwin’s theories became widely known.

  2. You’ve done well enough, Warspite. “Exceptionalism.” “Exclusionary.” A people of different origins and from a different native language group. I never used the word “race.”

    • There are more & better Isolates than Jews. Groups like the Basques are more exceptional, etc., but I wouldn’t call them a race. I believe there is at least one Isolate in Africa, West Africa I think, but they are the same skin color, etc., as people a hundred mile away. But other than color they meet what you might consider sufficient to constitute a race.

      I’m not criticizing your thoughts, not at all. I really don’t know enough about the historical elements, much less biological, genetic, etymological, etc.

  3. It’s racist for a Brit to tell Irish jokes. And for Jews to tell Polish jokes.
    Ask any Irishman or Pole.

  4. We’ve discussed Jared Diamond’s books in the past Being a jew he attempts to befuddle the gentiles, which goes without saying. A few paragraphs from a writer exposing Diamond’s duplicity. This very interesting study should be read in it’s entirety to get the full import.

    ‘Diamond opposes classifying human populations into races—except of course as to Jews and non-Jews. He gave his tacit assent to the proposed Israeli-Zionist policy of defining and classifying Jews and non-Jews on the basis of whether or not they possess “Jewish genes.” Indeed, notice what Diamond is saying: there are legitimate grounds for investigating how Jews differ genetically from non-Jews. The Israelis need to know who carries “Jewish genes” so as to determine who will be allowed to settle in the Zionist state.

    In his 1994 Discover article he says that the classification of humans into races based upon their biological makeup is “destined to follow the Flat Earth into oblivion.”22 Yet, in his 1993 Natural History article he told us that the classification of Jews and non-Jews on the basis of genetic makeup has a bright future in Israel, as it may be used to differentiate between Jews and Gentiles. In the 2005 edition of Guns, Germs, and Steel, he tells us that dividing up peoples of the earth on the basis of race, such as “blacks” and “whites,” is arbitrary and misleading. Strangely enough, a few sentences later he writes that “recognizing these major [racial] groups is still so useful for understanding history.”23

    Diamond wrote in his widely acclaimed The Third Chimpanzee that “Nazi propaganda invoked a pure Aryan race.” Of course, he condemns “racist nonsense [his own words]” such as this.24 Nevertheless, our militant “anti-racist” maintained in his 1993 Natural History article that his Jewish people are a somewhat “pure race.” He argued against the view that “being Jewish is more a matter of belief than of genes.” Eastern European Jews can be genetically distinguished from European Gentiles, and “the non-Jewish contribution to the Ashkenazic [Jews of central and Eastern Europe] and Sephardic [Jews from Spain and Portugal] Jewish gene pool has been low.”25 That is to say, the Jewish gene pool is somewhat pure, as it has not been “polluted” by too many non-Jewish genes.

    Significantly enough, Diamond’s racial thought dovetails with the view propounded by Israeli scientist Batsheva Bonne-Tamir from the Department of Human Genetics at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine. In a 1985 issue of Nature, we read this description of her findings: “Preliminary studies using DNA sequences as a new and sophisticated tool for genetic analysis tend to support the conclusions drawn from earlier investigations that the Jews, even after being scattered around the world for two millennia, remain—to a significant degree—genetically distinctive.” The article goes on to note that this finding has met with opposition from some scientists because “any attempt to suggest the existence of a specific Jewish group is to be rejected as a racist doctrine.”26

    Like so many other Jewish intellectuals, Diamond has spent a good portion of his career fighting “racist” doctrines that support the racial nationalism of non-Jewish peoples. Yet, he concurrently created a line of argument that merges with an Israeli-inspired racial doctrine that suggests the existence of a specific “Jewish race.”

    In this context it is worth quoting the prominent Zionist leader, former president of the American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress Stephen S. Wise (1874-1949), who told a New York rally in June 1938: “I am not an American citizen of the Jewish faith, I am a Jew…Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race and we are a race.” In a sense, Diamond is a replica of Wise: both were involved in “anti-racist” left-wing causes and both supported Jewish-Zionism racialism.27


  5. Strictly as a metaphor we do live on a flat earth. We live in a shallow 3D or 2D+ environment. so the only question is this: who gets to inhabit the surface of the Earth?
    Who gets to rule it?

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