Disingenuous White Liberals Face Black Crime Dilemma

By Hunter Wallace

Disingenous White Liberals who live near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC are facing a terrible dilemma: go along with the fashionable trend of supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement, demonizing cops, and supporting criminal justice reform, or oppose it because releasing more violent black criminals into the streets turns them loose into their own gentrified urban neighborhoods:

“That may be what’s happening on the national level but locally, it gets complicated, especially in more liberal neighborhoods.

A 22.3 percent increase in violent crime over the past year on Capitol Hill is driving the debate. From mid-October 2013 to mid-October 2014, there were 298 such crimes: robberies, assaults with a deadly weapon, rape and murder. For the same period in 2014-2015, there were 364 such crimes, according to the Metropolitan District Police.

Conservatives believe increased violence stems from the reluctance of police officers to aggressively enforce the law in the wake of the rioting in Ferguson, Mo. in August, 2014 and in Baltimore last April after the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray — the so-called “Ferguson effect.”

Police officers and other public officials in the District of Columbia also point to a new volatile class of synthetic street drugs: “They can go from half asleep to combative and raging,” Holly O’Byrne, a paramedic, told The Washington Post, noting that “The drug is a game changer.”

The results of the spike in crime are reverberating across the Capitol Hill neighborhood. On the local listserv, newhilleast – an email network of residents who live within a few blocks of the United States Capitol — a single subject line crops up repeatedly: “DC’s Reign Of Terror.”

A small sampling of recent day-in, day-out neighborhood crime highlighted on the listserv includes a midafternoon sexual assault on a mother by an intruder who “violently beat and assaulted her while she worked from home”; a flash mob attack on a local 7-Eleven; and the videotaped beating of a 69-year-old man by a 19-year-old at a subway exit.

Business leaders have been holding meetings this week with police and city officials in an attempt to deal with small crowds gathering daily at the corner of Eighth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, a fashionable commercial area of upscale bars and restaurants. Capitolhillcorner.org, a local news blog, reported that the business owners’ concerns include “vagrancy, trash, drug activity, public urination and public sex acts.” …

The escalation in crime has revealed a split within the generally progressive community of Capitol Hill.”

Remember Kevin Sutherland? The Democratic policy wonk who opposed “institutional racism” and supported Freddie Gray, but who was slashed to death on the Washington Metro on July 4th? Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how gentrified neighborhoods, which were made possible by “mass incarceration,” cope with the Ferguson effect and the consequences of criminal justice reform.

These White liberals probably read in The New York Times that flash mobs and Knockout King are rightwing myths. They’re outside walking their little dog on the sidewalk, pondering the latest Ta-Nehisi Coates article in The Atlantic, and then WHAM, reality hits them!

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  1. You’ve gone completely fucking mad. The Seleucids were the primary Greek/Mac/Hellenic successors of the Alexandrian conquest.

    Yeah, give Alexander a few decades of dealing with the local Jews and he’d most certainly have adopted anti-Jew policies. All his commanders and their children went that rout. Then the Romans came and arrived at the same conclusion the Greeks arrived at. Independently.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned Solomon. He’s not forgotten. On one side a Jewish banker funds Washington and on the other a banker in Hesse called Rothschild funds the Hessian contingent of the British military.

    Who benefits?

    The Jews were emancipated as a result of these fratricidal wars. Fast forward to ww2 and Jews essentially end up getting to refound Israel after 50 million dead goys bite it.

    Tick tock Warpsite. Tick tock.

    • Wow. That is really dumb. All part of some grand conspiracy. Keep moving those goalposts and you might someday be right.

  3. Again, Kike, you fail to answer the question of: how has a Jewish elite benefited the White majority in the United States? Instead, you appear here to make demands of the writers, readers, and those who comment as if you have any say as to how things progress.

    Here is an idea: why don’t you back the hell off from a place where you are neither respected nor wanted by the majority, or does your satanic and subversive genetic nature prevent such a moderate and honorable action?

    And please, Jew, please stop with the “atomic bomb saved a million lives” drivel, as the firebombing of Japanese cities combined with naval blockade and a Soviet offensive in Asia would have ended the conflict sooner rather than later.

  4. James Chadwick probably had more influence on the Manhattan project than Slizard et al.

    If you worked at the right lab you’d know that already.

    • Wrong on the Manhattan project you jerk. It must be hard to get all your info from the pamphlets you pass out for your betters

  5. Also, let us discuss your undesired presence on this site, Warkike. Since you have appeared here among us you have:

    1. Insulted the readers, writers, and publisher of this site in ways that reveal the true nature of your Jewish being lying just under your cultivated “genteel” exterior.

    2. Refused to answer questions directed at you; instead choosing to deflect, run-around, and mock those seeking genuine answers pertaining to the decline and collapse of Western Civilization.

    3. Praised abolition, reconstruction, and integration as being necessary to “a society based off of Enlightenment ideals,” while refusing to see that such occurrences have dealt near-fatal blows to the way of life of folks in the South (both White and Black).

    Your one positive contribution has been to awaken untold numbers of readers to the true nature of the Jew, and for that I suppose you deserve a bit of thanks.

    • Way of life in the South? You don’t know s**t about the antebellum South! You think watching Gone With The Wind (uh oh. Those Jews again) twelve times makes you an expert on the South, you moron?

      I’m more Southern than most of you, I just understand there was both good and bad in old Southern society. And I’m certainly not morally retarded enough to defend slavery. Esp slavery based on color. I DO recognize the irony of complaining about blacks when it was slavery that brought blacks to the US! What, do you think Slavery would continue for another 20, 40 or 60 yrs? Maybe longer? No chance, LeRoy. I think it even died out in Brazil in the 1880’s.

      It’s like half your brain was cut out at birth. Was that in lieu of a circumcision? LOL!

  6. Yes, Marcus – let’s all chip in and send JewKike a gift; an expression of our genuine gratitude for JewKike revealing the mentality of a Jew Kike. Let’s send him/it a nicely wrapped case of ZyklonB!

    • Back off Agent. Just because they’re hopeless in the smarts dept doesn’t mean you need to drop Zyklon B jokes. Esp when you know their philosophical forbears killed most victims using other methods.

      Only contribute if you have something clever

  7. Denise, we could also send Warkike to live among his beloved Colored brothers in equality. I suggest Detroit personally, as it would give him a chance to test his hypothesis of genetic equality in real-time.

  8. No grand conspiracy, Kike, but merely a series of genetic traits shared among your brethren expressing themselves in the real world.

    I for one am against the “Lone Jew” or “Complete Jewish Conspiracy” theories, if that means anything to you.

    • I think you’re a crude, racist c**ksucker. If you can’t express yourself without using “kike” your just some catamite waiting to get it at your metaphorical version of the Night of the Long Knives.

  9. Four simple questions for Warspite:

    1) What’s your view on the Confederate Battle Flag?

    2) What is the racial and religious makeup of the neighborhood where you live and the surrounding areas?

    3) Do you have any black friends or acquaintances that are at your house on a regular or even semi-regular basis?

    4) Is there room on this planet for at least one White nation using racial standards to define and restrict citizenship? Put aside any talk about the feasibility of implementing this type of nation, and instead answer based on a reality where everything is possible. Is the premise evil?

    • Thank you for your courtesy, Celestial:

      (1) The 1863 Battle Flag? I was robbed. I grew up with a large flag in my room and never thought of it as a symbol of hate or attacking black folk. But when those who knew nothing about the Confederacy began their campaign to smear the flag, I ignored it. I kept ignoring things until the flag was somehow taken over by buck toothed, tobacco spitting rednecks yelling about “niggers”. By sitting on my butt until it was too late I contributed to a situation where the media & politicians made it impossible to defend what I had always believed to be a symbol of honor. In fact, I bet too aggressive a defense of the flag would have resulted in a letter from the Bar.

      The steamrolling of Southern culture is, appropriately enough, best symbolized by the unfair destruction of the 1863 flag. Ironically, to a great extent it makes no difference. I still hear all sorts of stupid statements about the South on various shows.

      (2) Racial make-up. The racial make up of metro Atlanta is no secret. Where I live is 95% White. Maybe more. It’s the same in most surrounding neighborhoods. Atlanta has been as much as 65%-70% black. I can recall when it was majority White. On the religious side it’s harder to say. 20% Jewish, maybe. The remainder is Christian, with small #’s of Atheist, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim. I’m likely missing a few small groups. The majority of Christians are Protestant.

      (3) Black friends. I’m middle aged & been here a long time. This situation has varied from zero to quite regular. I admit though there have been periods of semi-regular or regular, there have also been long periods of time with zero. You didn’t ask, but White friends are pretty evenly split Jew/Gentile.

      (4) Room for a White Nation? Absolutely. There need not be anything overly offensive about a country established and based upon some sort of racial exclusivity. Without getting into feasibility, there are significant problems in defining “White”. But I don’t see the idea as inherently evil. My response to the question is yes.

      • There were plenty of buck toothed, tobacco chewing rednecks in Erskine Caldwell’s Georgia. Lynchings too. Far more than today, but for some strange reason the Confederate flag doesn’t have the same prestige as it did in the era of Tobacco Road.

  10. Pamphlets?

    It would be very difficult to Imagine how you could have a nuke without splitting the atom and discovering the neutron.

    However I would give credit to Frisch and Pereiels for figuring out how to detonate 1kg of Uranium. Again this was at Chadwick’s lab and then he wrote the MAUD paper based on their idea.

    There is also Marcus Oliphant, key player in getting the US started on a program.
    Don’t forget him.

  11. A Jew called Huber invented ZyclonB and he invented most of the German gases used on the allies in ww1.

    What a lovely contribution.

  12. Most of the complaints about blacks are about FREE blacks. We’re not accustomed to thinking of blacks as an economic dynamo or asset to society because they haven’t been since slavery.

  13. Warspite
    ‘Ask your questions in a civilized manner, rather than your crude Hottentot-like prose.’


    My, oh my. Whoopi Goldberg would skin you alive if she heard you utter such a derogatory, racially charged word. This is 2015, not 1815. Bigot!

    In reality, jews regard negroes the same way other races do. Yids feign empathy with them for subversive political purposes, using them as battering rams to bludgeon Whites.

    In private the truth comes out.

    Israel’s newly-elected chief rabbi provokes fury after being accused of making racist remarks about professional basketball players


    David Lau, who is one of two men who serve as spiritual authorities for Israelis – made the apparent racist remark while addressing a group of ultra-orthodox yeshiva students.
    During a speech, Lau made reference to young people watching basketball on television in public rather than spending time studying the Torah.

    As reported by the Huffington Post, he said: ‘Why do you care whether these kushim who are paid in Tel Aviv beat the kushim who are paid in Greece?”
    ‘The word kushim is a derogatory Hebrew term for black people.’

    In other words, ‘Why do you care whether these niggers who are paid in Tel Aviv beat the niggers who are paid in Greece?’

  14. Warpsite,

    You repeatedly claimed that us Nazis present pseudo history and hate facts. The Atom bomb is a Jewish creation? Are you sure you want to go with that? It’s a trap door opening after the loose has been wrapped around your neck. You claim the credit for a doomsday machine for your folk?

    Shit you could have run with the polio vaccine. I’ll give your race that one. Even though Pasteur had the innoculation principle figured out decades before.

  15. Hey Capitan. It must really chafe your tush that but for their hatred of Jews driving out physicists your Nazi heroes might well have developed an atomic bomb before the Allies. And with the V-2 delivery device it would have been springtime for Hitler throughout Europe. The Bay of Biscayne to the Urals.

    You are an official schmuck, and need to take some college classes before you write anything else.

    • As with all scientific and technological advances, we don’t need a resident Jewish elite to benefit from any of them. Cell phones are all the rage in Africa, but that doesn’t require colonialism to reap the benefits.

  16. Jewish contributions have been innumerable, my fellow Occidental Dissent commenters. Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix are hardly the only blacks who’ve made great contributions to music, though they’d be enough to secure blacks a top spot in that field.

    Whites and Jews should not be living among each other; neither should whites and blacks.

    • Maybe I need to better understand the terms. John, what do you define as “White”? I gather it’s not just the color of one’s skin.

  17. “I gather it’s not just the color of one’s skin.”

    Correct, not even when that skin is shaped like Bar Refaeli.

  18. Here is the question, Jew: why do you blast folks as “racists” and “Neo-Nazis,” but then show your intellectual support for the idea of a racially homogeneous White nation?

    And why have you still avoided answering the question of how has a hostile and fundamentally Leftist/Marxist Jewish elite benefited the White majority in America? It’s a simple question that can be summed up quite simply in the course of just a few minutes.

    On another point, the proper classification of who is exactly “White” would have to best be determined before anything else, in addition to us asking ourselves if a nation comprised of multiple White cultures and groups could sustain itself peacefully in the long run without destroying the identities of different European peoples.

  19. @John Bonaccorsi 12:31 AM

    The old definition would have been a non-Jewish and non-Gypsy man or woman with ancestry within the European continent, although that has become obsolete in recent decades for obvious reasons.

    • I’m sorry, John, but I cannot abide questions from rude, filthy catmites such as Marcus “Ganymede” Cicero.

      At your convenience for I know you have other distractions, would you mind setting out what you consider an adequate working definition of “White”? If Hunter has something to work with, I’d gladly accept that. I’m sure you understand a definition from some guy who honed his intellect in the rear of truck cabs off Interstate 81 is not trustworthy. (Sorry, Cicero)

  20. Zyklon B was simply a disinfectant. Something that ALL JewKikes desperately need!

    Jews did invent the atomic bomb. Jews LOVE Holocausting Humans. They love to burn things. Just like their cousins the Nigruhs.

    The Jew-swiped polio vaccine was archetypical Jew medicine; the vaccine killed more people than polio did.

    • Hey, goofy. That’s you Denny. Did you like the band Nirvana? Even though Cobain was Jewish?

      And how come you haven’t commented on Jimi?

  21. And I cannot abide snide comments made by oxygen-stealing, degenerate Jewish vermin with an obvious semi-subconscious fetish for unnatural homosexual acts.

    And I suppose it’s not surprising that we have not yet heard the answer to Hunter’s previous question from this ungrateful, schizophrenic, and subversive creature, who has contributed nothing during its rather lengthy lifetime aside from thriving off of other folks’ problems (lawyer).

  22. “I’m sorry, John, but I cannot abide questions from rude, filthy catmites such as Marcus “Ganymede” Cicero.

    “At your convenience for I know you have other distractions, would you mind etc.”

    SKR. Polite language is directed to me right after harsh language about one of my fellow whites. If I respond to the request, I effectively second the abuse of my kinsman.

    • Fine, nothing you say will be taken to condone or sanction my prior comment to your fellow blog poster.

      Is it my imagination or did NY Gov Cuomo just put into effect that grants Transgenders more legal protection against discriminations than given to Caucasians??

      Remind me, please distinguish between white & Caucasian, please

  23. In NY, I wonder if a team of Harvard educated lawyers were working feverishly on determining if Cuomo’s new law apply to transvestites and Transsexuals? Can some white guy put on a wig & heels before an interview and get that extra help? And you thought defining “White” was hard!

    Hmmm. I think a whole new department of around 600-700 personnel is necessary to conduct interviews of each alleged TG. Ask all sorts of trick questions. Multiple offices are clearly needed.

    What a bunch of crapola!!

  24. I’m pretty sure Chadwick and Rutherford knew exactly what their discoveries meant. Rutherford said that splitting the atom had no practical application, tongue firmly in cheek. When Chadwick discovered the neutron he must have sweated off the pounds.

    Thing is the Atom bomb probably wouldn’t have even been built without the necessity of war. The physicists who figured out the theory only started to communicate about it after France collapsed. None of them wanted pols with that sort of power.

    One other point the A bomb needed the industrial capacity of the US to be realized. The main impediment was a huge amount of cash, a massive industrial plant (undisturbed by bombings) and a massive specialized workforce. The theory was all worked out in the thirties.

    Germans didn’t have access to Uranium much either. some you win some you lose.

  25. Warpsite is most assuredly two or three posters working through a single ID.

    Picked up on a couple of dramatic shifts in rhetoric. He’s pro-white, then he’s banging on about genius nog guitarists and switching between gloating about nuking the japs and moaning about the Krauts expelling his brethren. He can’t make up his mind(s)

    What a piece of shit he must be.

    That or he’s schizoid.

    • There you go again, you uncultured buffoon, saying things you would never say to my face. I’d take your pencil neck geek, prissy self and give you a good old fashioned Maccabbean butt whooping.

      On the other hand you dumb a** neo Nazi f**k ups are proof of some crytid race of sub humans who narrowly missed extinction while hiding in some Sumatran jungle. Go crawl back to fellate some orangutan.

  26. “There you go again, you uncultured buffoon, saying things you would never say to my face. I’d take your pencil neck geek, prissy self and give you a good old fashioned Maccabbean butt whooping.”

    Yeah, about that. Wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you. Just saying, Kike. Second of all, is your comment not a call for violence and a direct threat of physical harm? Hmmm… I do recall that type of commentary being forbidden here at Occidental Dissent.

    “On the other hand you dumb a** neo Nazi f**k ups are proof of some crytid race of sub humans who narrowly missed extinction while hiding in some Sumatran jungle. Go crawl back to fellate some orangutan.”

    Again, stereotypical Jewish projection mixed with comments relating to sexual degeneracy (beastiality this time around), and/or bodily functions.

    More evidence that you would do well in an Auschwitz-type facility featuring day after day of wholesome rock-breaking. I would pick either the hottest and most humid area of the Black Belt or the Alaskan wilderness for such an enriching experience.

  27. MC – the Jew is apparently that Homo rabbi.

    Cobain wasn’t a Jew. He crazy widow is, though. She may have killed him.

    Now go bathe in bleach.

  28. “Muh Abomb”

    Sick puppy. Sick twisted little genocidal fuck. bragging about that as a contribution! Yeah that and Mustard Gas!

  29. Oh jewspite is just mad because he got this shit troll assignment. His supervisor at hair Salon must have not liked his last blowjob and sent him to a Red Pill site where his fake irony and amateur stand up jokes just don’t get the upvotes that the fags at the Salon give to one of their own.

  30. Captain John Charity Spring MA
    ‘Warpsite is most assuredly two or three posters working through a single ID.’
    ‘That or he’s schizoid.’

    Na, more likely he is just a typical, conniving jew who can’t keep his shit straight.

    He is a chameleon. In one thread he says he is totally secular. Then in another, he claims to be a Karaite jew. Later he claims to be non-religious again. Lastly, to make it more confusing, when referring to Deity he spells the word God inserting a dash in place of the letter o as only a religious jew would to avoid blasphemy.

    A piece of work it is.

  31. Dr. Doom – yup. The fegela is particularly bitchy in this last spate of replies. I wonder if his brown Twink robbed him, after the Viagra didn’t work, and nothing happened, and the Twink laughed and ran off with all the shekels in his wallet………

    • On the bright side, when intellectual push came to shove you gals went with the Holocaust.

      I’m just impressed one of you knew what a Karaite means! I have this recollection that when your Nazi heroes came across them in the Caucases they decided Karaites were not Jews. That’s likely good enough for you swine as well.

      Agent Denise, calling agent Denise. I get that you’re trying not to show your depth of knowledge anymore, but it’s going to be tough. Whether Bureau or self loathing Jews or mere puppeteer of these fools, it’s gonna end up with one of those, “you know too much..,” moments.

      I pegged you for a Nirvana fan. Despite the age diff, the nailed me when they covered Bowie (sadly, not a Jew). I wonder if they ever covered any TRex? (Aha! Marc Bolan- a Jew!). I can’t believe you’re denying Kurt’s heritage! And how about Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, the two principal guys in KISS, one-half of Steely Dan, Peter Green, Simon & Garfunkel, Susanna Hoffs (Bangles), the front guy in the Raspberries, Melanie, Carole King, Carly Simon, Joe Boyd, Herb Alpert, Pink, David Lee Roth (Van Halen), Drake, Leslie West (Mountain), Joey & Tommy Ramone, Geddy Lee (Rush), Pete Burns (Dead or Alive), Mick Jones (Clash), Most of 10CC, Keith Reed (Procol Harum), Manfred Mann, Amy Winehouse, Beck, Mike Bloomfield, Cass Elliot, Steve Goodman, Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot), Hal David, Janus Ian, Arlo Guthrie, uh LOU REED, The Modern Lovers front guy, Randy Neumann, Jack Elliot & Phil Ochs, Al Kooper, Country Joe McDonald, that “band” of 3 rap guys from Brooklyn in the RRHOF, and on, and on, and on.

      As with Hendrix, do you want to live in a world where “Like a Rolling Stone” was never written and recorded? Or Whiter Shade of Pale, For Your Love, Oh Well, Black Tangled Up in Blue, Magic Woman, City of New Orleans, Heroin, Sister Ray, Perfect Day, I’m not in Love, and so on? And I’m leaving out scores. Plus there are Jazz & Classical musicians/composers!!

      So, as they say, QED babykins.

  32. I’m sorry Captain Fascist, but I am indeed totally secular. I write G-d for the same reason I do not write out vile epithets, out of courtesy & respect. If I went into a Mosque I would observe their etiquette (except for the decapitation & burning alive stuff). When I’ve gone into a Church, Sikh or Hindu Temple, Friends Meeting House, etc. I’ve done the same. I hope I’m still an Iconoclast, but I choose my targets more wisely.

    Whenever you guys ask a serious question in a polite manner that deserves a serious answer, I comply. To wit, Celestial’s queries. To some extent my fundamental wonder with you guys is the mass intellectual disconnect. It is both possible and effective to acknowledge (and decry) that 5.7m Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and still assert most of your positions. The truth is not mutually exclusive from criticizing US-Israel policies or Jewish over- abundance in, e.g., the Neocon movement. Yet almost none of you can fathom this. Instead you vomit out loony tune conspiracy schemes and then toss out your ideas. In one sense it’s great since the eye rolling bs undermines your credibility. But for those few of you that have something legitimate to bring forward such whackoisms espoused by your brethren ensures you will never be taken seriously.

    Do you not see the irony in all this? Most of you hate and/or fear the ADL, SPLC, various Black or Hispanic organizations, ACLU, etc., etc., but you do the exact things they will report to discredit you. It’s like some perverse symbiotic relationship that serves to always keep your ideas on the lunatic fringe, and keep all of them in business.

    If you purged your organization of kooks & nuts and accepted a definition of “White” that included Ashkenazi Jews and European descent Latinos some of your ideas might actually take an effective form. But from your point of view I guess you can’t do that. It’s akin to the idea by some in the CSA in late 1864-1865 to let Slaves fight in the military in return for their freedom. It was a great idea in terms of manpower, but on an ideological level it would have expressed a “what’s the point?” about the entire conflict.

  33. Warspite // October 23, 2015 at 8:18 am //

    “If you purged your organization of kooks & nuts and accepted a definition of “White” that included Ashkenazi Jews”

    What ah surprise… This creepy anti-white is stalking a white community and is demanding we be more “diverse” ie LESS white. They define who is white by whom they chase.

    • Listen Dicky-poo, you can do what you want. You can certainly think what you want. I’m not suggesting diversity, I’m suggesting a sustainable definition of “White” that might give you some credibility. You want to be a impotent, fringe nut to whom no one will pay attention, that’s your business. If you think I’m pushing something you obviously did not read my posting in full.

      And you speak as if you have some movement that someone would seek to become involved. Ha! A group of fringe nuts who make up history, science, etc., to support neo Nazi beliefs. That is your label, and if you think you are going to be able to effect any mainstream change you’re delusional.

      Just my opinion, but I recommend embracing reality and upping the level of intellect in your movement.

    • Again, I don’t care what “you” do. Some folks find comfort by wallowing in pathetic ineffectualism. Just keep banging away at what has not worked & instead brought upon you consistent opprobrium. (hey, isn’t that one of the tell tale signs of being a tin foil hat kook? do you also claim certain prominent persons are really shapeshifting reptiles?)

  34. Again, whites are not your property. You stalk us and chase us down, as if we belong to you. Get it thorough your Thick Skull, anti-white.

    • Man, you’re a dumb s**t! Or can you not read? Or is your mind so shriveled up from disuse you cannot understand what I have conveyed?

      Here’s info that will really put a kink in your hair. Unless you are, e.g., of Ethiopian heritage, in the US almost all Whites, Blacks, Hispanics & Asians consider Jewish people… White!! (Especially Blacks) Further, so does the federal government and every single one of the 50 states. Prob even in Guam & Samoa.

      What is afoot? Perhaps an international Zionist conspiracy backed by the Rothschild family? And the Illuminati & Freemasons, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations! Do you really want to be so GD stupid you’ll believe the Bush family was in on 9/11, with the buildings pre-wired to implode? Come on, improve your mind.

  35. This Warpsite niggah was triggered.

    I’m seriously beginning to wonder if he’s a serial killer as well. The stalky harrassment probably extends into LARPing as a villain of some sort.

    • Great question William H! My initial reflex was “No”. After all, “Arabs” are a distinct people. You cannot decide to convert to be an arab, as you would to be a Jew or Sikh. Then again, I’ve met quite a few Arabs from Syria, Lebanon or Jordan who look as white as me, or about any white person walking around the ATL.

      My answer is “No”, and “Yes”. On the whole I don’t see most Arabs as White. But clearly there are some who are.

      I recognize that answer won’t satisfy you, but I’m generally looking at color, as opposed to some genetic theory. The same way I see many Hispanics as White.

      Question. Esp Agent Denise will know this. Is it possible to look online & get some sort of genetic testing done on heritage/background? If it’s not too pricey maybe I should have it done and agree to abide by the results. If the results indicate a poor case for being a white Caucasian I’ll admit defeat and exit

  36. It all gets very messy. Skin color or genetics. Intermarriage over millennia. Language issues such as Indo-European (Russian, German, French, etc.), Finno-Ugric (Hungarian, Estonian, Finnish), and Semitic (Hebrew, Arabic).

    Another question for anyone. Say there is an Icelander who is a practicing Jew, whose parents or grandparents converted to Judaism. Does he qualify for the Israeli right of return?

  37. Warspite
    ‘I’m sorry Captain Fascist, but I am indeed totally secular. I write G-d for the same reason I do not write out vile epithets, out of courtesy & respect.’

    Ha! More BS from the paragon of virtue. LOL

    Out of courtesy and respect to whom and for what reason?

    This isn’t a shul and we don’t study the weekly Parsha, Rabbi Fagele.

    No one here considers it disrespectful to write GOD instead of G-D.

  38. The joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto being surrounded by Indians and Tonto’s reply ot the Lone Ranger when he pointed this out — “What’s this WE stuff, pale-face?” — certainly applies here.

    The majority white population in this country is being blamed for and physically being attacked by revenge seeking blacks to the tune of 37,000+ black-on-white rapes (recorded back in 2005), and hundreds per year of black-on-white murders while the mainstream media looks the other way and falsely claims that whites are the real racist aggressors. The police and whites in general are looking to the President and his administration to support the police and defend our society against these “unchained devils” running loose high on dope and this constant mental programming being forced into their brains by the Left that whites are the cause of all the black man’s problems and so basically we are recognising and saying we, the American people, as a society, are in real danger of losing control and succumbing down to an all out race war.

    And basically what is Obama’s reaction to all this?

    “What’s this WE stuff, pale-face?”

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