Cuckservatives: Nimrata Randhawa Haley’s Official Republican Response To The State of the Union Address

In case you need to be reminded, there are plenty of Republicans who are coming up for reelection this November WHO DO NOT DESERVE TO BE REELECTED on Trump’s coattails should he win the nomination:

Note: Whatever you do, look before you leap. Don’t let your enthusiasm for Trump translate into voting straight ticket for Republican for the likes of Nimrata Haley or Paul Ryan.

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  1. A non-white gave both the SOTU and the Republican Response.

    Yay, Amurrika.

    You’re right, I hope Trump shakes off the fraudulent hangers on who want nothing to do with him now but will try to ride his coattails in October.


    Haley, however, is not the first South Carolina politicians to push immigration policies that would nullify the electoral power of its own constituency. For instance, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)86%
    , who has pushed for citizenship for illegal aliens, along with Gang of Eight member Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)38%
    and immigration booster Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC)93%
    , all represent South Carolina voters as well.

  3. Wasn’t Charleston a center of the occult? Back in the old days?

    Could explain a few things.

  4. Here are some tips to see what’s going on:

    1) anyone featured on the covers of Rolling Stone Magazine, or Time magazine – person of the year, America’s most interesting man in politics (Pope Francis, Sen Rand Paul) they are complete cuckservative sell out traitors.

    2) GOP offered official response to the SOTU speech – the same, total traitors again Rand Paul now SC Governor Indian Confederate grave desecrater Miss Haley.

  5. Kenyan Prez gives SOTU, Indian H1-b gov “responds”. Not my country anywmore. And, HW notwithstanding, we are not going to get it back by voting for the Donald or anyone else. The Jews know this. That’s why they’re after our guns. You all do have a combat rifle and sidearm, and competence in using both? You don’t? Then you’re no better than a Cuck, a bag of right-wing wind

  6. Haxo gets it:

    I don’t like to dump on Trump, I would love it if all of our problems would be solved by him, as I have lots of other things I can do with my life than “make America great”: but this is about tectonic shifts in the cultural / genetic order that have already taken place, not a few “bad deals” and “stupid mistakes”.

    On a similar front, despite the failure of the petition project to get a non binding resolution for Texas Independence on the ballot in March (the Trump effect?), the Texas Nationalist Movement has made some strides in moving a binding resolution through the Texas legislature. This parallels Governor Abbott’s call for a Constitutional Convention though the states which could mutate into an actual legal pathway to Partition under the right circumstances.

    If we could somehow get Texas to pull the trigger, they would OVERNIGHT take the rest of Dixie, the Midwest, the Southwest, and large sections of the “Empty Quarter” with them as those “Red States” would have no power in a rump America anyway without Texas on their side.

    The Trump phenomena draws upon the energy that we collectively have created. Is he adding to that energy? Maybe. Or maybe he is a safety valve of sorts for the system. If he wins the general, then we have to ride his ass to give us what we want, and if he loses, then it’s pedal to the metal for Partition.

  7. Afterthought@
    I’ve noticed that the Neo-Yankee commentary on Huffpo are demanding a vote to expell Texas from the Union. What they don’t realise, is that it would leave the North on its own, as the rest of the country would leave along with Texas.

  8. Afterthought and others.

    I recommend you consider volunteering on the Trump for President campaign for these reasons:

    1) Learn much needed experience on how to run competitive campaigns. In your envisioned Texas republic there will still be some political campaigns Learn things like – how to run a safe, positive mass meeting, how to distribute effective posters, how to recruit people, fundraising not much as it’s all Trump’s money.

    2) Get off the Internet and meet greet, get to know real people in the real world who feel as you, we do. There is (young) talent out there, can to know the talented people in your area, in the real world.

    Remember your just an unpaid volunteer that likes Trump personally and lots of his ideas. Don’t talk to the press, try to butt show racialist stuff.

    And everyone – have some fun out there. Everything isn’t gloom and doom.

  9. These dummies have slit their own throats. Instead of having an American TEA Party guy that could save them, they went to some 7-11 quickie mart Indian. Anyone who has a problem with White Supremacy better take a long walk out of America. This isn’t South Africa here boys. You will get shot dead if you think America needs to be non-White. Pack your little bags and go to a desert in the Middle East fucker.

  10. countenance
    ‘Both the actual Obama SOTU and Nimrata’s “response” were anti-Trump infomercials.’


    Nikki Haley Confirms She Targeted Donald Trump In SOTU Response; GOP Leaders Approved

    Nikki Haley, the South Carolina governor hand-picked by House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell to give the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union addressed, confirmed Wednesday morning that she did indeed target GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and that the speech was approved in advance by Republican leaders.

  11. Afterthought,

    Trump is no Great White Savior, but he is a wrecking ball and nothing is going to change until the cuckservatives who control the GOP are fatally weakened. Otherwise, the status quo – Jindals in Louisiana, Bevins in Kentucky, Haleys in South Carolina – will hang on to power.

  12. Haxo,

    I’m the last person who believes we are going to “Take Back America” by voting. At the same time, I don’t believe running around out in the woods pretending to be a soldier, or even worse, going to crazytown on national television like Dylann Roof, is going to work either.

  13. Anyone who thinks Trump is genuine and is going to usher in a new era of reason, common sense and White racial solidarity, just remember that he is a proponent of Affirmative Action. He LOVES talking about all of his wonderful blacks friends and associates, and he recently scolded Justice Scalia when Scalia wrote about the obvious truth of blacks falling behind because of Affirmative Action being used in higher education. Scalia sounded much more like a Jared Taylor than did Donald Trump on that issue. Trump got offended and sounded like a typical anti-White Leftist douchebag who clings to hollow platitudes and fairy tales instead of being grounded in truth and facts, because truth and facts are just too mean and hurtful and sound so “racist.”

    Trump is a tool. Learn how to use him for a specific purpose that benefits you/us, then throw him away before he has a chance to let you down or stab you in the back. You can take it to the bank that stabbing White America in the back will be a prerequisite to him attaining and holding on to any power.

  14. “Anyone who thinks Trump is genuine and is going to usher in a new era of reason, common sense and White racial solidarity, just remember that he is a proponent of Affirmative Action.”

    I respond – it’s just talk, nobody is perfect. Trump is speaking up for us, when no other Presidential candidates were speaking for us. Plus Trump was there with me in racial chaos, war ravaged New York City in the late 1980s and early 90s. I remember some of his NY Post’s op eds demanding that the NYPD be unleashed to fight (Black) street criminals like in Trump’s father’s time. This was done. White civilization was restored in New York City. If it could be done there, it can be done most everywhere in North America.

    Go Trump.

  15. Yes, Jack, we should all aspire to be more like New York City and become doe-eyed optimists who think New York billionaires can relate to working class Whites beyond just election year pandering. Yeah, New York City doesn’t have a non-White problem now and is a hotbed for pro-White attitudes, right? Such an appropriate analogy to use NYC on a pro-White, pro-Southern website. We should all just tell ourselves that “it’s just talk, nobody is perfect,” even though everything Trump is saying at this point is essentially just talk.

    Seriously, if the guy is such a cuck for Affirmative Action, then I can easily see how he will contort himself and his views to continue the Republican tradition of screwing Whites in the ass after they’ve helped him attain power. If you’re gonna cuck for Trump so shamelessly and without grounding yourself with the necessary foresight and skepticism required to vet politicians, then at least do yourself a favor and buy some industrial strength lube so that you can be prepared for the rude awakening that you refuse to see on the horizon.

  16. A few points:

    1.) Trump hasn’t been anything but a windfall for all corners of the movement. At a minimum, it is in our self interest for this to continue through November. If Trump cucks after winning the nomination, the only cost will be denying victory to Ted Cruz who no one is voting for anyway.

    2.) Trump is polarizing the Republican Party and fatally weakening the Republican establishment. They are losing their aura of invincibility. Again, that’s nothing but a good thing.

    3.) Trump is drawing millions of people out into the open as an enabling dissenter. If Trump is a racist, xenophobe, and bigot, then so are millions of his supporters.

    4.) It’s true that we are not going to vote our way out of this. No one has cast a single vote yet, but Trump has successfully stirred the pot on a number of issues. Regardless of whether he wins or loses, he has raised expectations and that will have downstream consequences.

    5.) If Trump wins, cucks, and screws over his supporters, then the letdown will only further radicalize them.

    6.) If Trump loses because the GOP establishment cucks and votes for Hillary, it could split the Republican Party.

    7.) We’ve seen a major breakdown in the ability of the media to point and sputter and scream racist to shutdown discussion of important issues. The media has run more than a dozen news cycles about White Nationalists supporting Trump to no effect.

    8.) Unlike Ron Paul, no one is squandering their money on Trump who is financing his own campaign. This is just an unexpected gift horse.

    9.) All the Michael Gerson, Glenn Beck, George Will, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Rich Lowry columns illustrate that the usual suspects don’t have their meathooks in Trump and they are violently opposed to him winning the nomination because of that. Their apparent distress is the best thing Trump has going for him.

    10.) Does Trump truly believe in any this? From his record, I don’t think so. I think he is just playing with matches because he wants to win and elsewhere his rivals are vulnerable, but in this case winning could mean starting a fire that Trump himself won’t be able to control.

    One last thing: none of the above applies to any other candidate but Trump because this has been such an extraordinary election cycle. Even the Ron Paul campaigns in 2008 and 2012 were nothing like this.

  17. Hunter, that has been my main contention with many other people when it comes to Trump—he’s a tool that can be used to distinguish pro-Whites and, most importantly, potential pro-Whites from the obvious anti-Whites; but he is NOT a guy that will change much of anything through policies. He gives people an excuse to be a more vocal and assertive “racist” that they are already accused of being on a daily basis. It’s a great hand to be able to play at this stage, but we’re not talking about a royal flush here. Trump’s value comes from his ability to make people more engaged in public and more willing to sacrifice a little of themselves for something they believe in. If pro-White advocates in America could have convinced all of the online support and cyber rage to get out in public and network, then none of us would have to be sitting here relying on a self-absorbed egotist like Trump to jumpstart White America.

    Again, he serves a purpose, but anyone putting too much faith in Trump as a politician who will affect positive changes for White America is going to be seriously let down.

  18. Here’s something we haven’t considered: how will Trump affect Southern politics? If he were to win the presidency and change our politics, what happens at the state and local level? Does it clear a path for mini-Trumps to ride into power in a future Congress?

  19. While the Presidency is becoming an absolute dictatorship, it’s an absolute dictatorship that is attained by a democratically republican process, with all the problems that entails. I’m not optimistic about how much good Trump can do for us even when he does win. Already, he has made it plain that he’s not going to lift a finger to undo affirmative action, and that’s not so much a matter of heartfelt belief as it is a matter that blacks have the franchise and are the minority group that uses it the most heavily.

    For all the reasons HW listed above, I’m definitely voting Trump and hoping he wins. It’s just that I don’t have inordinate or inflated expectations of him, therefore, it will not be possible for him to disappoint me. Being cynical, more people should try it.

    • countenance,

      In the primaries, it is enough that 1.) Trump is poised to deliver a knockout blow to the cucks who control the Republican Party, 2.) their mounting distress at the knockout blow that Trump is about to deliver them, 3.) there is no other candidate worth even considering supporting, and 4.) there is no reason that comes to mind as to why we wouldn’t better off if this continued at least through November.

      After the primaries are over and attention shifts to the general election, then it will be time to sit back and reevaluate. Does Trump pivot and cuck after he wins the nomination? Does he stand firm on his primary rhetoric and double down? If so, we have months to sit back and make up minds. That’s what I plan to do.

  20. And yes, if WN hadn’t been oppressed in the 1990s and 2000s, we wouldn’t be bowled over by Trump.

    I’ve long believed that the strength of our ideas and influence isn’t fully reflected in group memberships, meetings, and protests. To use an analogy, the gasoline we have been spreading for decades on the internet has spread far and wide. Maybe it just needed a spark?

    Trump has the potential to be that spark for three reasons:

    1.) First, we never had the money, which is how candidates are house broken and controlled these days.

    2.) Second, even with the internet and social media, we never had the ability to run around and dominate the media like Trump.

    3.) Third, we have plenty of good people and activists, but we never had a strong leader.

  21. countenance,

    I honestly have no clue what Trump will do if he were to win. My guess would be he would want to win a second term so he would have to at least attempt to do something.

  22. Trump must play the game to have a chance at winning. He’s been showcasing those two cartoonish negresses at his campaign events and has been kissing black babies.

    He needs as many votes from across the spectrum as possible.

    The average American had no idea how anti-white Obama was because he flew under the radar. The press gave him a pass on Jeremiah Wright.

    If Trump makes it to the White House he can make a hard turn to the right and play hardball just as Obama is.

    A couple more bona fide conservative Supreme Court Justices could wreak havoc on affirmative action.

  23. With Trump you get business as usual, we need some really strong medicine, something that will knock the mass man right on his ass and wake him up! Dr. Hill says it best, “reform is not possible.” Hillary or Sanders would give the inhabitance of Dixie a really good dose of reality, we need them to see secession as our only option!

  24. countenance // January 13, 2016 at 6:56 pm //

    “For all the reasons HW listed above, I’m definitely voting Trump and hoping he wins. It’s just that I don’t have inordinate or inflated expectations of him, therefore, it will not be possible for him to disappoint me. Being cynical, more people should try it.”

    If you want to be super cynical, use Trump to push Pro White messages.

  25. You all do have a combat rifle and sidearm, and competence in using both? You don’t?”

    That’s right, I don’t, Haxo. I’m just a descendant of the Sicilian and Irish shit your useless Brit forebears let into North America, after they’d filled it with negroes and written a jackoff Constitution that does nothing to protect property or race. You Teutonic warriors please go fight your way to liberation, now: Your historical record is peerless.

  26. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned here, but some conservative bloggers are claiming the Spanish language version of the speech omitted the language about stopping illegal immigration, but instead referenced a “path out of the shadows” or in other words, amnesty. The duplicity here is astounding, particularly when they are talking about restoring faith in government and elected leaders.

  27. I predict that Trump’s poll numbers will go up. The GOP Establishment simply can’t comprehend how much utter contempt and hatred the rank and file has for them. But it isn’t just the rank of file in the GOP either. Unaffiliated voters who vote GOP for the most part are not registered as Republicans because of the GOP Establishment. They will go for Trump even stronger than they are now. Furthermore white Democrats who are more socially conservative but who disagree with the GOP on tax cuts for the rich and free trade are going to be more open to Trump now. Trump simply can’t buy this sort of publicity. The GOP truly is the stupid party.

  28. I cannot think of any reason not to support Trump.

    As Hunter points out, we can wait to see if he cucks – we have nothing to lose. It is not like there is another candidate worth supporting.

    As far as affirmative action – yes that is Trump’s weak spot with us BUT he makes up for it in other areas such as immigration. We are never getting the perfect candidate and to say that you will only support perfection is idiotic and counter – productive.

  29. I can tell you exactly what the problem with South Carolina is. The problem is that White people actually born in South Carolina are now a minority in their own state. White yankee donor class cucks like the late, unlamented Roger Milliken have run the State GOP since Nixon was President. It’s pure and simple demographics.

  30. I am voting for Trump, because he’s wreaking havoc on the vile, rotten, treacherous GOP vermin. I know he’s an egomaniacal blowhard. I don’t regard him that the 2nd Coming of Our Martyr Hero Hitler. Clytemnestra wrote a brilliant analysis of Trump as NOT Hitler, on this very site. Trump’s not Hitler, and he knows how to deal with Hebes. Hitler did not.

    Trump likes to DO things, and he likes things to WORK. Order out of chaos. He’ll be as much of a wrecking ball in office as out. The USA, as founded by White Christians, is DOA. We are captives on a Ghoul plantation. We are the blood supply on which the Kosher Ghouls, and their Orc hordes, feast. The USA is the shell of a grand old mansion, rotted out by termites and water damage and all kinds of mold. Trump will kick the corroded structure down. All of it, all the way. The process has already begun.

    Trump will get the nomination. He won’t be assassinated, even though the Kikes HAVE been threatening. He wants to play ball with them. He’s got Zhid grandkids. He loves “the deal”. I’ve seen several TV JewsNews Hebes affirming that he will get the nomination. They are starting to slowly coalesce behind him. The newer younger ones – not the old guard Neo Cohen vampyres, who still loathe him.

    Jews love POWER. They seek raw power like moths to a flame. That’s why Israel has begun genuflecting to Putin. Putin is cold as an iceberg. He’s going to be the more stable power source in the next few years. Trump has a TEMPER. He’s mean as HELL, when thwarted.

    That’s your “in” Rebs. When Trump IS POTUS, the Hebes will pull their same old Nation Wrecking SHIT. They won’t be able to stop themselves. They never have. And then something will trigger him.

    And then………….!

  31. The fools who run Lincoln’s Party are planning on running as many candidates as they can get. They’re trying to keep Trump from getting a Majority. Then they can go in the backroom and deal with the phonies and give all the votes to an establishment guy. Its probably going to be Goldman-Sachs Cruz, Ricky Ricardo Rubio, or Little Jebbie Boosh. This will kill the Party and Democracy at the same time.
    The system is too corrupt for reform. Its too late for that anyway. If Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan had won maybe they could have avoided a War, but now these pinheads have to be knocked down. The Government is a paper tiger. Did you see how easily Iran grabbed those sailors. This nigger has done wonders to weaken their hand.

  32. Tweets from Jack’s future dance partner on Odumbo’s speech and the dot-head’s response.

    Ann Coulter
    Only time Ryan applauded was when Obama talked @ admitting Muslims. Because we are never stronger than we admit people who hate us.

    J@s@sF-ingChr@st – even GOP response to Obama’s SOTU is a paean to immigrants. And GOP can’t figure out why Trump is sweeping the country.

    Trump should deport Nikki Haley.

    Nikki Haley: “No one who is willing to work hard should ever be turned away.” That’s the definition of open borders.

    Nikki Haley says “welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of religion.” Translation: let in all the Muslims.

    Hey Nikki – how can you “vet” if you can’t look at religion?

    Haley: Let in unlimited immigrants “just like we have for centuries.” Has she read a history book? Coolidge shut it down for 1/2 a century.

    The only way to keep out Muslims terrorists, is to keep out Muslim immigrants.

    Nikki Haley: “The best thing we can do is turn down the volume”
    Translation: Voters need to shut the hell up.

    The Chattanooga shooter came here from Kuwait when he was six. So I guess he would have passed Haley’s rigorous vetting test.

    San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook, was born to Pakistani immigrant parents. So he passes Haley’s test too.

    All the Somali refugees who became terrorists AFTER they arrived also pass Haley’s test.

  33. Erick Ericuck should be deported to some third world mud hole. I don’t care where he was born. Is there a country named Cuckistan? He could run for President there and win.

    Vice President Nikki Haley
    By Erick Erickson | January 13, 2016,


    Last night in South Carolina, Nikki Haley became the only logical choice
    for Vice Presidential nominee of the GOP. –snip–

  34. Trump knows we are stuck with the blacks. There is jack-shit we can do to rid ourselves of them.

    However Trump is fully aware of the Brown Folks and the Jews.

    He’s the first GOP guy in a while not to dog whistle against blacks.

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