Live Thread: Super Tuesday 2


Mississippi is an open primary. Trump is polling at 41 percent. He won with 41 percent in Louisiana in a closed primary. He won with 43.4 percent in Alabama and 38.9 percent in Tennessee in open primaries. I can’t imagine Trump losing Mississippi, but Cruz will close strong because of Carson dropping out and Rubio’s collapse.

Trump wins Mississippi.

Michigan is effectively an open primary. The polls show Trump winning by anywhere from 13 to 22 points. There is a single ARG poll which shows Kasich winning by 2, but it is clearly an outlier. Surprisingly, Michigan has a lot of evangelicals, but not enough to push Cruz to victory. As with Mississippi, the real question is what effect Carson’s withdrawal and Rubio’s collapse will have on Cruz and Kasich.

Trump wins Michigan.

Hawaii is an open caucus. There has been no polling in Hawaii. Mitt Romney won big here in 2012. Rubio hasn’t campaigned in Hawaii which is telling in light of how desperate his campaign is for a victory heading into Florida. Like in Las Vegas, Trump has a hotel in Hawaii which has an economy that relies on tourism.

Trump wins Hawaii.

Idaho is a closed primary. The only poll which was conducted through February has Trump up by 11 points. Cruz has campaigned in Idaho and a pastor who campaigned for him there was recently shot in the head. Cruz will probably benefit enough from Ben Carson withdrawing from the race and Rubio’s collapse to go over the top.

Cruz wins Idaho.

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  1. Wish I shared your optimism… I consider it highly unlikely that Trump wins Hawaii (think he may have a better shot in Idaho), and I’m worried about Michigan. Couple of recent polls (like the one you mentioned) have shown Kasich rapidly gaining ground there. There’s just been such a concentrated barrage of negativity towards Trump over the past week– from the Romney thing, to the debate, to the onslaught of negative TV ads (they’ve been relentless lately here in FL). I’m afraid some of it may be beginning to take effect. Tomorrow should tell us a lot.

    FWIW, I like your analysis better. Hope you’re right.

  2. tomorrow – in terms of delegates- will likely be another Trump/Cruz standoff, bringing the CleveCon closer to a bloodbath and pty schism. Rubio collapse? Latest Monmouth poll shows Rubio closes to w/in 8 points in Fla…and still a week to go. Latest Ohio poll shows Kasich w/in 4 pts. of Trump…

    • Rubio collapsed in Maine, Kansas, Kentucky and Louisiana. He has fallen to 5 percent in Ohio in the PPP poll out this evening. He has fell into fourth place in Michigan. As for the Florida poll, it is something to be concerned about but we still have tomorrow and the debate and plenty of more polls coming out which will give us a clearer picture of what is going on.

      • I don’t believe for a second that Rubio is doing well in Florida while completely collapsing everywhere else. We’ll see.

        I think Last refuge and Bill Mitchell on twitter said there were serious problems with the poll. I didn’t have time to look it over.

    • This is decisive now. The congressmen and senators know they are gonna be primaried by Trumpians.

    • as Stuka predicted, pretty much a wash re overall “Trump vs others” delegates. If Trump takes both Florida and Ohio next Tuesday, he’ll probably have 1,237+ on 1st ballot; if Kasich blocks him in Ohio…brokered convention is likely. Either way, Republiscams will schism. Real shocker was Mich. Demoncrat primary…White gibs-me-dats (Sanders) actually overwhelmed Black gibs-me-dats (Clinton). Couple more like this, Barack will call Loretta into the exec office and say the “I” word

  3. The other day, I read an article whose point was that Trump, not Cruz, is being revealed as the Southern candidate. In other words, maybe it’s Trump, not Cruz, who’s running out of evangelicals.

      • Yes–the results, today, in Michigan should give some indication whether the article I’ve mentioned was on-target.

          • I’m thinking it could go either way tonight, Denise. If it does go Trump’s way and if–if–he handles this week’s debate well, then obviously, he’ll be in good shape as March 15 approaches.

    • Well if the people blow it they are getting Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan and then that means Hillary Clinton. After fours years of Clinton maybe they will be more receptive.

      However, I am not thinking Trump is out of this yet. Rubio is collapsing and Cruz has no path in working class states. Extremely conservative states are just about over.

  4. To think that right wing Evangelicals in Idaho would stab us in the back… it is really a staggering thought.

  5. Trump will lose Florida. They will Diebold him if the polls are close enough.

    We need a secure method of voting. An idea I came up with is to use consumer quality web cams hooked to normal desktop computers. You vote on normal paper. 8-1/2 x 11 to keep cost down and have it printed local. More pages if needed. Votes are marked by coloring in a square. On the margins of the page people are told to write numbers, scribble or whatever. More random is better. A web cam takes a picture of the page and recognizes the vote tally by looking for the marked in squares. Then a digital fingerprint is taken of the vote page picture and your vote tally is displayed to check for errors. You then authorize the vote. The digital fingerprint is a SHA-256 or similar fingerprinting technique. You write this number on the back of the ballot. As you vote it would also give the number of votes. The number of votes must match a sheet that counts every person coming in to vote to make sure there is none extra. Only people who sign the voting sheet. It could even give you an exact vote total for each measure or candidate instantaneously after you vote but I think that might skew the vote so it would probably be a bad idea. Also voting could be done by phone with an AP to make the digital fingerprint and send info to the main tally computer.

    Every polling place adds all the digital fingerprints into a mass file for your voting poll location. You can download the fingerprint file for your polling place and check the vote tally for your individual vote by using the SHA-256 number. It will be unique. You can also add up all the votes yourself as the digital fingerprint also includes the vote totals. If any are changed the fingerprint changes. You keep your voting paper so it can be checked and as a record. If they’re different you know fraud has been committed. Anyone using this method could check any vote in the whole State.

    After voting time was over we would have instant feedback on the vote count automatically.

    All this would use dirt cheap consumer grade PC’s. The poll workers could use home PC’s or the State could just use whatever they have laying around. The level of performance needed would be small so even older donated computers could be used.

    • And then everything is uploaded to the NSA. Everyone who voted ‘incorrectly’ ends up in a gulag in Cleveland.

    • The Democrats won’t be able to steal elections anymore. They’ll then complain that the system is unfair to niggers who don’t have, or can’t understand PCs.

    • Trump will lose Florida. They will Diebold him if the polls are close enough.

      Stopped reading right there. You have no right to expect to be taken seriously after an idiotic opening sentence like that.

  6. Trump wins Yankees and rednecks, Cruz wins cowboys and squareheads, Rubio wins Puerto Ricans and Polynesians.
    Trump takes the states east of the Mississippi (except Maine), Cruz takes the states west of the Mississippi (except Arkansas), Rubio takes the islands.
    Michigan and Mississippi – Trump
    Idaho – Cruz
    Hawaii – (only majority non-White state) Rubio

    • Hawaii has a huge nativist movement going on and they want to kick out Whites. They were only made a state because of Pearl Harbor. Its a ridiculously small state and its gone downhill fast since America’s economy tanked. The uberrich don’t like it and prefer the Caribbean.

  7. – Cruz is picking up Carson’s support
    – Trump shot himself in the foot possibly beyond recovery on H1Bs in the debate. It wouldn’t have killed the man to take 20 minutes to read his own plan
    – Relentless attacks are working on the credulous. Most people are credulous.

    Cruz wins Idaho and Mississippi where the Barbour family controls the outcome, Rubio wins Hawaii, Kasich wins Michigan. Trump goes 0-4. Nice while it lasted.

    • He really is. He’s like the abnormal weirdo in a horror movie who seems like he might have been thrown in there by the directors to keep you off balance. He tries to come off as meek, but he’s so creepy and odd looking that you always think that he’s the psychotic monster who’s been raping the local farm animals and drinking their blood.

      Look at him! Look at that face. Look at his mannerisms. Look at that ‘I just farted’ smile he always has. It has to be him. He has to be in on it in some way.”

      We’ll never no until the end of the movie.

  8. No one has any clue what is going to happen in Hawaii but it is a state that isn’t known for its social conservatism.

    Idaho is the most favorable state for Cruz. It is a primary though.

    Michigan will test the premise of Trump’s campaign that he can win in the industrial Midwest with a trade message.

    Mississippi is an open primary with Alabama’s demographics but without Carson pulling around 10% of the vote.

    Keep calm and vote for Trump.

  9. Trump is calling the Hitler Hitler Hitler incantations “ridiculous”. Good.

    Kasich was on MSNBC, and praised NWO Macher Zbigniew Brzezinski (Crypto?) , as a great man, blah blah blah. Kasich the Grovelling Cuck told shrew Mika, Ziggy’s little goil, that she “…is a lovely woman!”. Her penis in his mouth, on air. He’s dead to me.

    • That Kasich is a puzzler. He shouldn’t really have support at all. He talks like a D-Party guy and he has this annoying elitist talk down attitude that should turn off people on the right. Why this guy is even running or has support this year is mysterious.

  10. If everything is controlled by voter fraud and secret forces then how has Trump won anything yet? Why not just steal the election in NH and SC and end Trump there?

    It is not like they just started hating Trump this week.

    The simplest solution is the best one. Carson dropped out and Rubio collapsed and this helped Cruz. It is true that Trump is doing a poor job in growing the base due to his being petty, flip flopping and spending way too much time getting distracted by shit like Trump University rather than focusing like a laser on Trade, immigration and jobs. If he doesn’t change this, then he will be in big trouble on the 15th and beyond.

    • I agree. He does not have a ground game. His followers ARE paying attention. He screwed up royally in the last debate. WE are paying attention.

    • If they have a brokered convention they can pile all the non-Trump delegates onto one system stooge. They might go with Romney again! I believe they are running voter fraud and stuffing ballot boxes because the field is crap except for Trump. He should be crushing everyone easily.

  11. Early results for Michigan misleading (dominated by Detroit) but Trump looks to win handily in the 40s. Kasich does well enough to trod on and divide the vote.

    How about an honorary delegate for Rand Paul, “Detroit Republican”?

    • The night is starting out very well.

      Let’s cheer for Bernie and Idaho white nationalists! (there are many)

  12. Trump runs on the following platform in the general: Bring back jobs, kick out illegals, no regime change.

    Can you imagine the hell that will wreak against globalist stooge Clinton?

    • 1) stop third world horde

      2) no war with Russia or other white nations.

      3) attempt to rebuild a manufacturing based economy.

      4) rationally deal with Israel.

  13. Rubio’s fade has me feeling really good about winner take all Florida! It will be over in one week, then its time to purge the party.

  14. Is it me or is Trump winning all the swing states in this primary season? States like Texas and Oklahoma and Kansas are going Trump in the fall. But what about Michigan, Virginia, SC? States that could go either way?

  15. Finally–the night we’ve been waiting for. (Oh, please, Donald: no nonsense in the upcoming debate.)

    CNN having called Michigan for Trump, I’m up for a “Blue and Gray” theme. Levon Helm and friends sing of a country boy who’s heading home, from remunerative employment in what was the auto-making capital of the world …

  16. Ahhh. Heil God Emperor Trump! MS. 66% Negro. Negroes love White Massa Trump! He be ROLLIN’! Das right, sho nuff! Seriously. Negroes love money, and fun. Trump is money. Trump is FUN.

    • Calm down. It’s a primary. There are no black republicans in Missi-fucking-ssippi.

  17. Clinton can’t put away a Bolshevik Jew! Where is Biden? Is it time for the indictments to be issued?

  18. Trump talking casually about Golf, Baseball, steaks, and Merry Christmas. Hillary talking about BLM, Womens pay inequality and other college campus talking points

  19. Seeing the smile of relief on Trumps face makes me happy. The man has to endure so much shit, it’s unbelievable! He knows he’s crossed the Rubicon.

    • Rubicon you say? He found the Republican Party of brickshitters and made them a party of Best Bulgarian Marble with a solid gold skirting board.

      • Is that faggy-looking little critter with the “little ‘hands'” pulling on Augustus Trumpicus’ toga underwear Little Rickie the Gay Pool Boy Rubioticuntus?

        P.S. I made a campaign appearance for East Newton Skrule Board in which I worked without a teleprompter and at least was the star of the “show”.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  20. Here’s a thought, why aren’t blacks cottoning to Sanders? He’s promising more free shit than Clinton. Because whites like him.

    Pure, unadulterated hatred, that’s why.

    • Older niggers associate Hillary with their fond memories of the golden years of Bill’s presidency. Younger niggers are more indifferent to Hillary.

      • The young niggas don’t vote. Its the grannies from the Civil Wrongs days who vote. Deys still living Kang’s dream.

        • You left out all the church Lady aunt Esther types and Uncle Remuses. They’re in every small town. The young ones always head for Dallas, Houston or Atlanta. TNB is always more rewarding in the big cities.

    • They both want to give free stuff to niggras. But some of Bernies free stuff consists of going to college on the public’s dime. Not that appealing to most brothas ans sistas who just want free stuff.

    • The blacks are the party within the party. It’s disgusting watching guys like Webb abase themselves.

  21. Trump losing in Idaho won’t be a fatal blow to his campaign, but it might be a fatal blow to Harold Covington’s!

  22. Rubio just gave the “tell”:

    — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio)
    March 9, 2016
    In one week it all comes down to Florida. Where it all began.

    He knows it’s over.

  23. There could be corruption at hand. Notice that Trump has up to this point done poorly only in the caucus states excepting Nevada. These were the Kansas, Minnesota, Maine, and Iowa caucuses and in many cases the results were completely out of phase with the entry polling. As a reminder, caucuses are run by the GOP whereas primaries are run by the respective state’s Elections department. If there is an opportunity for corruption, it’s in the caucuses.

  24. Trump brags that he spent less money than anybody else $30 million, I hope that attitude changes in the general.

  25. Anyone going to the rally in St Louis? Or Chicago?

    Should be a victory parade by then.

  26. Interesting to note that Trump voters are a high proportion of men compared to other candidates. In breaking down numbers for Cruz, Rubio and Kasich in MIchigan it shows they have a higher percentage of women voters.

    Trump should try being nicer, I guess.

    • Exactly what I suspected, men are really hurt by the new America, women look for social approval. White guys are angry and don’t care what the media thinks, women are heavily swayed by the anti Trump propaganda barrage.

      • It’s that thing that women have where they always want to tell the boys to play nice and stop fighting, when what they should really do is stay out of it if that’s all they have to offer.

      • Yep. If you look at a map showing the highest Mormon concentrations in Idaho, it overlaps almost perfectly with the counties that are cucking for Cruz.

        • This is why it’s time to take off the gloves.These people follow their leaders who are leading them astray. Sever that bond because we need uncucked whites ASAP.

          Many assumed these people were bedrock allies. They aren’t… yet.

        • I don’t trust Mormons at all. Their professions of Christianity ring hollow. Joseph Smith was part of the New Zionism cult that wanted to found a new Zion in America. That isn’t Christian at all. There were a lot of these nuts back then, like the Quakers and Shakers and a ton of crazy missionaries who were killed trying to convert Indians.

          • The Mountain Meadow massacre is all you need to know about the MORONS. They founded their holy mission, by slaughtering White women and children.

        • Back in 2009 a pack of Mormon tards got into the Idaho CONstitution Party and they [s]elected a nigger as CP state chairman and this nigger refused to let Edgar Steele run for governor because The Whigger Whimperer wrote a milktoast book about “Defensive Racism.”

          What do you call a nigger in a convention room full of senile elderly whiggers playing at running a political party?

          “Mister Chair-mamzer” !!!

          The current governor of Idaho sold 50 square miles for the Chinks to build a Free Trade Zone around Boise a few years ago. A closed Repub caucus goes for Republican insiders, and the insiders have chosen Big Rickie Lizard-Weasel Cruz, whose Goldman-Sachs wife wants to set up an International Corridor from Laredo to Canuckistan. .

          Cruz will win the little states with Republicuck caucuses while Trump wins the big, open primary states. Michigan, Ohio, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and New York will go for Trump.

          Gotta love how Mittens finished off Little Rickie the Gay Pool Boy Rubio tonight.

          Hail Victory!!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • I know it’s pointless, but I tweet mean things to Mittens, on it’s twitter feed. You know a thing is completely clueless when is doesn’t manage it’s own feed. I loved the Yeb Bush Twitter feed. There was NOTHING but abuse, 24/7/ Yeb and his handlers never blocked a thing. I wrote all kinds of “racial abuse” to that troll of a wife – and nada. They don’t pay attention. They don’t care. And now their world is crumbling underneath them – BECAUSE of their poisoned vanity and hubris. The FASTER THE BETTER.
            May they all die horrid painful deaths, and rot in ditches.

      • They like cheap Latino labor. They are mixing in with the Mormons.

        ‘An average of 12,200 Hispanics worked in agriculture statewide from July 2012 to June 2013 — about 32.4 percent of the total number of Idaho’s employed farm workers, according to government data.

        Carrillo says Hispanics play an undeniably important role in the farming industry, especially in the rich potato fields of Eastern Idaho. He thinks the region’s appreciation for Hispanics has grown during the past two decades.’

    • It’s sad but our people do not vote well when they are safe in overwhelmingly White places like Vermont and Idaho.

      These places have few or no problems with Islamic terrorists, Mexican drug cartels, Black rapists, street gangs etc – so they fall down in to thinking and doing foolish $*#$#.

      That’s just the way it is.

      But, our people in places like Mississippi and Michigan are voting sane, pro us.

      God bless.

      Another reason I don’t get all excited to support Bundy family militias or Montana Freeman – they just don’t have to deal with racial realities that we do every day – so they go for other weird S**(.

    • Trump is neither conservative nor Christian-Zionist. The “redoubt” states are full of these

    • Evan-JELLY-Goos. Who are NOT Christians, but cultists, following the fallacy that they can erect an Israelphilic ‘secular kingdom’ where fetuses and rapture bunnies can walk in the sunshine, without ANY WORK being done on their part, to dismantle the Juden Edifice, they helped construct, by consulting their Scofield Crystal Balls, since 1948, or 1967 at the latest.

      They are nothing but RELIGIOUS CUCKS of a CUCKED CULT.

        • An appropriate word is brainwashed. Plenty of intelligent folks in those camps are totally captivated/hypnotized by BELIEFS that blind them to present reality.

          This experience of life is difficult for most people and almost unbearable for segments of the earth’s population.

          Not being able to snatch the brass ring on this planetary merry go round they long for the ‘sweet by and by.’

          ‘I want a mansion just over the hill top in that bright land where we’ll never grow old…and someday yonder we’ll never more wander … but walk on streets that are purest gold.’

          Week after week songs of this nature are sung by choirs and congregants which reinforce and bolster hopes and longings for that better place.

          In the mean time they lose interest in the affairs of this world, cease to think for themselves and do the bidding of their Pastors and Preachers.

          Often, harmless, obedient sheep, sheared and led to the slaughter.

  27. Hate to rain on your parade but I’m hoping Trump does get cheated out by the Cucks. Trump doesn’t have the hard right cred to do what needs to be done. Affirmative Action has to be expunged, welfare scaled back to time limited work requirements, all illegals have to be kicked out, and of course the stupid H1B program has to be eliminated. Trump won’t do any of this if he was really elected. He’s too middle of the road to do the hard things that need doing. But, he has exposed the fraud in this two faced fake WWE style con where now we and America know that both parties are on the same side and no one represents Americans anymore.

    • I keep hearing people say with certainty that they know what Trump will and will not do if becomes POTUS. Where are people getting these crystal balls?

      • Trump has enough money not to be bought, but he really isn’t an ideologue. He is a wheeler dealer. He’ll have to deal if he gets elected because the whole establishment is against him. He hasn’t committed to any real agenda. He says he’ll build a wall, but walls come in many shapes and sizes. People are envisioning Hadrian’s Wall or the Great Wall of China, but that would cost big bucks. He’ll never get that past those guys with the donors waiting for kickbacks and payoffs.

        • you’re neither omniscient, nor have you been watching that the crucible from Hell the Neocohens have foisted on him this last week, is MOLDING HIM INTO THE LEADER HE WILL BECOME.

          Hold your breath, or get out of the way. Trump, or war.

          • You mistake what i say Friar. I want War. This empty talk and rhetoric are a waste of time. This system is FUBAR. It can’t be reformed anymore. All the apples are rotten. Trump might have been a better choice than Perot in the 1990s, but now we are past the point where reform is possible. The enemy has gone mad. This invasion cannot be stopped with half measures. War is dirty, but War is quick. I smell weakness in Washington. The Armies are tired and the Cops are taking fire. The Iron is hot…

          • I agree – but Trump is DOING what he is supposed to be doing. Burning the Emm Effer DOWN. He will do exactly what he does now, as POTUS. He will be tremendous fun. He IS the well-heeled Barbarian at the rotted, poisoned, SICK SICK gate of the Judaic Emperium. He’s right on time.
            His instincts are GOLDEN. Did you listen to his press conference last night? He said loads of really interesting things. Things the press is missing. Did you pay attention to the really interesting things he said?
            History is a flat circle. Trump, Alpha Male Supreme, even at aged 70, has shown up RIGHT on time.

          • Trump talks well, but we need action not talk. His philosemitism along with his daughter’s Judaism is a fatal flaw anyway. The Stupid Party is already conspiring with donors to screw him. Good. Voting will solve nothing. This system is too corrupt to be reformed. At some point, you have to just knock a rotten edifice down, because its cheaper to build a new one than make the massive repairs to what has decayed and rotted past any hope of repair. Our legal code and all the myriad court decisions from perverts using their opinions and vices instead of statutes to rule cannot be reworked. It must be burned and we must start anew with a whole new codex of laws free from the corruption of many different agendas overruling sense and reason.

        • I heard him say the cost of the wall would be between 8-10 billion. That’s peanuts relatively speaking. Our trade deficit with Mexico is 54 billion a year. IF he makes inroads in that area the wall would pay for itself, quickly.
          Getting approval from the cucks in congress will be the major obstacle.

        • I’ve looked on eBay for a used crystal ball in good condition, but can’t find one. Any recommendations?

  28. The attack by Pool Boy was widely lauded but it seems to have back fired.

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    #LittleMarco machine gunned himself to the floor by listening to @charlescwcooke

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    #LittleMarco was told to machine gun Trump to the floor, to go nuclear … he did, and nuked his own campaign

    • Cruz et al campaign staff are triumphantly stating the Cruz has taken 7 states – to Trump’s 15. Rubio – I think he’s doing poppers w/ Homo Jew macher Paulie Singer. He’s delusional. He’s doing a Town Hall wit that lateen Jose Diaz Spic, from MSNBC, today, in Espanol. So Murican!

      • I saw all that. I just wondered if it was a matter of hours or days before they spun it up into a tale of triumph.

      • You’re very welcome, M’am. I take joy in your joy.

        Now, what are your predictions for this November? Will Mr. Trump be the GOP candidate, and if so, will it be a Trump vs. Miss Hillary ballot, or will there be others on it?

  29. Based on Trump’s success in the South, jerking off to anime, rather than SEC football, is Southerner’s favorite pastime.

  30. As I wrote over at DS:

    “I think you [HW] should do an article on the fallacy of both:
    the “Northwest Front” – HAC’s non-existant vision; as well as Idaho as the epicenter of the supposed ‘Redoubt states,’ poised for a ‘final conflict’ of FEDGOV with ‘American Patriots.’ (Apart from an atomistic, every man for himself, COWARDLY WORLDVIEW…)

    Neither of these premises dare stand any longer, after this SHAMEFUL Cruz win in Potato/Mor[m]on land. This primary’s results (for Cruz) completely savages ANY legitimacy that might have remained, that either of these scenarios are valid, or at least valid for THIS GEOGRAPHICAL corner of the USA. It has ‘cruzified’ their validity, as it were… and Rawles’ incoherent Israelphilic stance is totally cucked, from a perusal of these results. Doug Wilson’s presence as a ‘theonomic/racially aware’ Calvinist, even with his book on Slavery, shows he, too, is cucked.
    The LDS hierarchy’s inability (or lack of desire) to tell their people that racial genocide is imminent, only proves that the cult will blow with the wind of the prevailing mind-numbed robots, THEY furnish at Jewish expense, to PRETEND to be “OUR” Candidate.

    While we all know that Donald Trump is not our Savior, he at LEAST is acting like a WHITE LEADER.
    That may be all we have to hope for, at present.

    But one take-away is clear. THE JEWS AND THEIR ENTIRE APPARATUS, MUST BE DISMANTLED, down to the very last stone, so (as in former days, ca. 70 A.D.) ‘not one stone be left standing’ of the Jews’ false, antichrist culture. [ Matt. 24:2]

    White European Man. God’s Israel, now.
    [Gal. 6:16] Let us make our people, our race, into a nation the Lord would have us be proud of, once again.

    Deus Vult.
    Trump, 2016
    God wills it.

    • Afraid modern day White Mormons are really letting us down. It’s the whole lifestyle of being nice, clean, safe agreeing with everyone in the room with you at the time and that includes Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Conservative inc.

      It’s the mindset that there lifestyle can be shared with every single human on planet earth provided they life like the LDS Mormons do and are nice, well scrubbed, polite and take any controversial positions like opposing bad Neo Con wars.

      Mormons LDS tend to be completely not intellectual and just want to go places like the Ivy League, they are hired because they have a reputation of being honest and not causing any trouble.

      • Yeah? Then what about the “Northwest Front”? THAT idea has been floating in the Covington propasphere for at least two, perhaps three decades. That isn’t anything that is irrelevant, after Yesterday….

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