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  1. Limbaugh is saying Cruz says that because the NE’s Editor is a ‘friend’ of Donald Trump, it’s all HIS Fault.

    God, this Cruz has NO MORALITY AT ALL. And his wife is the economic shiksa whore of Goldman Sachs, to boot.

  2. Where in the bloody hell is Drudge on this? He’s got crap about Hillary and Area 51 as his lead, and nothing that I can find on the Cruz scandal.

    I think the National Enquirer is going to – yet again – make the “legitimate” news organizations look stupid.

  3. It looks like this story might not grow legs. The establishment and left wing media see this as a windfall for the Trump campaign.

    • If it keeps trending so high on Twitter, I’m not sure what choice they have.

      Most likely the MSM and the Democrats already know all this, but they were saving it for a rainy day.

      I think they will be dragged kicking and screaming into this, just like with so many other scandals they weren’t quite ready to cover.

  4. Right now it looks like all major forms of media are sitting tight, waiting to see if any of their competitors want to be the ones to jump in the pool first. As soon as one of them makes their move, the rest will follow, because none of them want to be the last ones into the pool either. Still no peep about from Drudge. WTH?

    • Zero Hedge has run with it. Maybe they don’t want to fall prey to the Friday news dump? Wait till Monday after Easter to launch into it.

  5. If you are a bit of a lady killer like Ted. Be open about it. Enjoy the bad boy rep.

    Don’t pretend to be the body of Christ.

    • Do you realize both how demeaning of women your statement is, as if they were ‘notches on a belt’ to show off? As well as impugning the real Christians who seriously seek to BE that ‘Body of Christ’ you mock?

      When I read some of the comments on this site and others, it makes me realize just how bad the USA has become, in less than forty years.

  6. To maintain his alpha male status, Trump will reveal that he slept with more than five women just last night, and that Melania has got the pictures to prove it.

  7. I don’t doubt that Cruz fooled around on his wife at some point or other, but this story is beyond cliché. It’s his own fault though — he and that ugly wife of his exude such a sleazy 1980’s televangelist vibe, that they’re all but begging to get blown up by tabloid gossip.

        • I loved Tammy Faye. She was whacked out of her gourd. I used to watch her, in the morning, carrying on, while I was getting ready for the day, while I was at University. The other (pretentious) Artsy students in the dorm would get really freaked out. I would do imitations of her. The gays got the joke. Bless her poor crazed soul!

          • Oh yes, she was a mess. And one does feel sorry for her, in that she trusted her husband all the way. But it was that horrific makeup, that made her look less like a woman, and more like a drag queen, that I was referring to….
            RIP, Tammy.

  8. Was Heidi Cruz’s famous breakdown where she was found near a freeway crying related to discovering the adultery?

    An amazing number of people are susceptible to con men, I am not one of them. With Cruz you lose!

    • Not quite sure that that particular detail’s a match, Sam. Got the impression, from a Twitter remark, that the woman’s April 1 selfie of her tattoo was taken in Manhattan Beach, California. In that same day’s TV interview in which Cruz displays his own tattoo, he can’t have been in California, because he says he was in California–where he says he got the tattoo–“a couple of weeks ago.” Obviously, Fox News, which was broadcasting the interview, would know where he was when he was being interviewed, so he can’t have been pretending he wasn’t in California while he was being interviewed.

      Even so, it’s interesting that Cruz and the woman have the same tattoo and are focused on it in the same time period. It’s also interesting that the woman is taking the photograph in California and Ted says he got the tattoo in California; but as I say, they’re not both in California on that particular day, April 1.

      If you want to confirm all of what I’ve said, just follow the link you yourself posted below: https://t.co/BLKk8CGN21

    • PS For some reason, Sam, my attempt to include your own previous link in my message immediately above resulted in the posting of a graphic you’d also posted. Can’t correct, so I’ll just tell you that all of the info I provided is at the first of the two twitter links you posted. I mean the link that was part of a Cernovich post that included “On the bike doing cardio.”

        • The elite are trying to do to us what they did to the Whites of South Africa and Zimbabwe. I have no sympathy for these traitors, as they have no sympathy for us.

          • Super Jew Meir Kahane predicted a second holocaust is coming to the Jews of America. It is in each and every America whites blood to resist tyranny. Do you really think the Jews will succeed??

          • I cannot predict the future. What I do know is Whites better pull their heads out of their asses and they better do it soon.

        • Heidi is Anti White race traitor TRASH, of the lowest order. It more than deserves what ever it gets.

  9. Since Cruz now appears to be morally inferior to Bill Clinton, if he were to go against Hillary she would rule over him too.

  10. This is interesting: apparently slut Amanda Carpenter has a bastard child. The below image suggests Cruz could be the father.

  11. The adultery could also explain Cruz’s rapid rise within the Establishment, as you go nowhere unless they have dirt on you.

  12. That wouldn’t be anything new in Washington D.C. That’s how a bill gets passed by the establishment in Yankee Land. All about the friends with benefits, money, and free vacations. Not much of a government these days. It’s more like a Free Money party up there in Washington D.C. No care for the American People. WPWW !

  13. This story is simply wonderful, and really makes my day! It’s almost as good at the 24 hour Tay story! Life is excellent, and the Enquirer is not ever wrong. Not once. Not one time. Pure awesomeness! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for working through your Heavenly Agent on Earth, the glorious Trumpenfuhrer! Heil the Trumpenkrieg!

    • I know what you mean. This story has put a real spring in my step today. I have caught myself breaking out into spontaneous dance moves, and I’m not even a dancer.

    • I seriously doubt the story is false or simple false innuendo. The National Enquirer knows that by running this wonderful story that their ducks had better be in a nice row, so to speak. They have a legal team, and I don’t think they want to be sued, especially on the heels of what just happened to Gawker.

      They may be giving Ted some line and then plan on dropping the evidence they have gathered at a later date after his profuse denials.

      This will destroy Ted; his base support is Evangelicals and Mormons.
      I’d like to see what Glen Beck has to say about these allegations if they are indeed proven to be true.

      • The Enquirer, being the Grand Deluxe tabloid it is, knows it will be sued to the hilt if they tell lies. Rafael is a loi-yuh; he threatens legal action immediately, with the full force of his whiney, greasy Crypto (?) being, just like the Hebe rats he serves.
        The story is true .FYI – his whores are horrid. Worthless, rent seeking orcs, themselves.

    • At first I thought the Tay story was a joke made up by some white sooopremacist. But it’s true. LMAO! Talk about getting hoisted on your own petard.

      • I found out about Tay LATE on Thursday night. Actually, it was around 12:30AM Friday, when it was all over. I had a non-stop, wonderful 3D Thursday. I was on ago the moment I stepped out of bed, I had a marvelous, brilliant, beautiful day. It was one of those days when everything goes right. I am sorrier, however, than I can tell you, that I wasn’t in on the fun!

  14. I’d be more worried about his connections to Bush’s desire to dissolve the border with Mexico and let their poverty and incompetence reach an equilibrium with US and Canadian white high standards. Even if true I can’t really blame him for banging lots of chicks, a strong masculine society celebrates male virility, it doesn’t shame it. I like the fact Trump hits hot babes instead of marrying some black lesbian like downlow queer NY Mayor Deblasio. However, he’s (Cruz) trying to appeal to the type of people who frown on that, in particular women Republicans. I bet if only white male voters are considered, Trump wins in a landslide.

    • In most cases, I would share your antipathy to the shaming, Nightowl; but when I think of the recent sex-shaming of Trump’s wife by a Cruz sympathizer, as well as the one or two online Cruz supporters whom I’ve encountered denouncing Trump for his adultery and multiple wives, well, then, I’m happy to see Cruz struggling with what appears to be an emergent scandal. Also, there’s a possible campaign-law violation involved: keep in mind that there’s a question why a pro-Cruz PAC donated half a million dollars to a Fiorina PAC, while Fiorina’s campaign was being run by one of the women with whom Cruz supposedly has been involved. I don’t know whether that particular woman, whose name is Sarah Isgur Flores, has reacted publicly to the National Enquirer report. Here she is in a March 23 story, in which she says shame-shame to the media for their having given Trump much attention:


      • Why else would he marry a black ex-lesbian who looks like Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) from Orange is the New Black? Gays and Lesbians team up with other members of the community to form false fronts to fake straightness for a general audience. Queers are notoriously far left and subversive, white men espousing such nonsense must be suspected of having some possible sexual perversion coloring their thoughts.

      • And today he made a ruling that no unnecessary travel can be made to NC because of their ruling to not allow transgenders into opposite bathrooms.

  15. Could the neologism “sapiosexual” come from a devout Christian mind? The National Enquirer article has two of the 5 women recalling this odd word, meaning the story is most certainly true.

    The media, and if necessary the alternative media alone, needs to pin Con Man Cruz down with true or false answers. He has not directly been challenged as of yet.

  16. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/03/24/the-national-enquirer-runs-story-of-multiple-ted-cruz-affairs/

    A good summary of the story: notice our dear friend Ben Shapiro was running interference for Cruz to keep the story buried!

    “It appears Shapiro buried and blocked the story because he, along with
    others, didn’t want to see Cruz negatively impacted. Unfortunately,
    this is brutal confirmation of the type of media bias we have discussed

    (((Media bias)))??!??!?


    • A Breitbart fellow named Allum Bokhari broke the story in February according to his twitter posts, but was blocked by none other than Ben Shapiro.


      Recall that Shapiro attempted a dirty trick against Trump, circulating a false story about Trump’s campaign manager assaulting Michelle Fields as part of a wider Jew narrative about Trump and violence. He and Fields had to resign from Breitbart.

      So here is a question, under current campaign laws, are payments to hirelings such as Shapiro regulated as campaign spending?

      And as always, with Jews/Cruz, you lose!

    • Ashley Madison was a scam, 99.99% of the female profiles were fakes created by a bot to get men to join and pay money. 10 million men and 1500 women that were not fakes. There is no such thing as a free lunch, only gays get sex that easily. The Wanton Female is a media myth, heterosexual women don’t go out “cruising” like gay men. Guys like Anthony Wiener mimicking gay pickup routines on straight women just end up looking like creeps. Privileged Hollywood big shots either write female roles through their own limited experience with the casting couch, or they simply write women the way they wish women would behave (American Pie), or they are in fact gay men writing about their own lives thinly veiled through female characters (Sex in the City.)

  17. The beans that Trump could spill is not directly related to this, it is about Heidi Cruz cuckolding Ted, perhaps in an “open marriage” arrangement after Ted betrayed her. The rumors suggest that Heidi Cruz wasn’t sleeping with the milkman, but with high level politicos.

    Notice how so many were conned by this man? A dangerous situation to be beholden to so many fools!

  18. All this salacious stuff is good for a laugh and a sneer but I’d rather see the beans spilt on something really important, Re: Hunter’s report going viral on the globalist connection to the Cruz couple.

  19. Who here thinks that if a National Enquirer story had instead come out scandalizing Donald Trump that we would not be now seeing anything like radio silence from the “respectable” media?

    Yeah, I don’t think so either. It would be the damned lead on every…single…”news”…show. FOX would be giving it exhaustive coverage, 24/7.

    • Whitaker writes about that concept quite a bit. He calls it The Silence. It is used to protect things.

      Here’s one:
      “Silence is the anti-whites’ most effective technique precisely because it WORKS. It works because no one on our side listens to the silence.”

      • You shouldn’t listen to anything else that Anti-Whites do or say either. Remember the only good thing the Dinosaur media does is die and go broke.

  20. Cruz probably is a sociopath, that said, he will still be out of the Presidential race by the middle of next week.

  21. Rachel Maddow’s report, at the time, about the Ted Cruz Super PAC’s curious contribution to the Carly Fiorina Super PAC …

    • Very curious indeed, John.

      Internet conjecture: Cruz was having an affair with Fiorina staffer Sarah Isgur Flores. Sarah Isgur Flores, worked for the Fiorina campaign during the 2016 election. As goes the theory, when Fiorina found out about the affair, Cruz silenced her with a half-million-dollar donation. Did 2016 Republican Presidential contender Ted Cruz pay Carly Fiorina’s campaign to keep her quiet about an affair?

    • Afterthought–that picture of the kids is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

      Because I don’t have cable, I’d never seen or heard of Carpenter until the March 22 primary-election night, when I watched a CNN live feed at YouTube. At one point, while she was speaking favorably of Cruz, Carpenter got agitated and wondered why Trump “can’t be gracious.” Having no idea who she was and knowing nothing of her anti-Trump history, I gave that almost no thought; but Donna Brazile, who was sitting near her, smiled and said something like, “Well, you’ve got issues; I’m not going to try to do a psychological analysis.” Moderator Anderson Cooper, I think it was, and the other panelists chuckled, as I recall; then, just a few days later, I recognized Carpenter in the photographs that accompanied the internet reports of the National Enquirer story. Actually, she was a brunette in those photographs; but when I then looked her up at Wikipedia, I recognized her as the woman that Donna Brazile had joked about. Naturally, I began to realize that Brazile had perceived something I hadn’t.

      Political forecast for this week: avalanche.

      PS I’ve seen one or two tweets to the effect that Carpenter’s Twitter history is a goldmine, re this emergent scandal. That picture of the kids is like a nugget the size of a softball.

      • It’s a cesspool where morality, not just the Constitution, is a dead letter. Remember Petraeus? How many people did he prosecute under UCMJ for adultery? He is still getting a retirement! The Trump campaign is a useful ad hoc weapon of the moment, but the rot is so deep that we need a historical earthquake.

        1st: end the Ivy League pipeline to power – an outright ban on holding office would be a good start

        2nd: no family member of an officer of the government is eligible for a job or any elected office of the government for 3 generations (making the great grand child the first to be eligible again)

        3rd: proportional representation and frequent elections – no more Byzantine party structures, your power is proportional to your voter base. Period.

        We are in grave danger with these people at the helm and such a large global population!

    • No, this is a tweet showing *Salon* supporting degeneracy.
      Although there’s an argument that here is a lady protesting too much. (-eth.)

  22. https://twitter.com/amandacarpenter/status/382686370487341056

    Truth stranger than fiction?

    Amanda Carpenter posts photo of her children who look like Cruz to twitter. Kids are holding a sign (written by the mom, of course) “Daddy, thanks for fighting for us!”

    All of those people who were conned need to be target #1 of the alt-right for some serious deprogramming. We can’t win without the churchgoers. They couldn’t spot a con. That puts us all in danger of genocide.

  23. Husband last appears in her twitter 28 may 2013, birth of the son. Never seen again. Cruz has dozens to hundreds of mentions and pics, including a “fight club” image of Cruz’s head on Tyler durdens body [brad Pitt)

    Tomorrow will be a test of strength for the alt right. Can they cram this story down the throat of a censorious media?

  24. Looks like Big Casino has been dipping his tiny cubanos into lobbyists. What some girls won’t do for their career. This rat looks like something the cat dragged in from yesterday’s hunt.

  25. According to sister in law, they met prior to Cruz’s senate race in 2012 “they’d get together when Cruz visited DC”.

    Child born May 2013.

    Source: medium.com l’affair of ted Cruz

    Just as lewinski launched new titans of media (drudge breitbart) when MSM wouldn’t touch scandals, this scandal sees them fade into the main stream while new forces emerge from twitter and the alt right ( conservative tree house, lame cherry, etc) who are willing to ” go there” since they have nothing to lose!

  26. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii

    Not once, in this entire #CruzSexScandal has the media considered even for a moment, “Could this be true?”

  27. Word around is that the old boys in the party don’t like this clown. He’s a camera hog and TEA Party dude and he doesn’t play ball with the other losers. They might be doing this to scare Trump and send a message that they’ll dig up dirt on him. On the other hand the GOPe dopes really don’t like him either, and having him around would make it harder to get one of their own into the nomination if they screw Trump. I still believe Little Jebbie from Motel Six is who they want. His brown sprog “Prescott” is supposed to be the new face of the Party. Lincoln will die again if that happens. Here’s hopin’.

  28. I’ve seen several photos of Carpenter’s kids on her instagram. Don’t think they look like Cruz, in my opinion. The boy looks like Carpenter’s husband. Amanda has pointy ears that stick out like her kids do.

    I have no sympathy for her however, because she wanted to blacklist Trump supporters and she is a b*tch.

    She said he has never cheated on her husband. That means nothing in this day and age. Perhaps, she has an open marriage or they are swingers. Cruz has been somewhat lawyerlike in his responses, so I suspect something was going on between them.

    If it were me in the hot seat I would have said ‘I have never had any affairs or sexual relations in any form with those women or any other women, therefore I will sue the NE immediately.’

    Then, on the spot, I would answer any and every question the press asked of me.

    He hasn’t done so. I’m guessing there is something to the story and he is not sure what is known at the NE and what could be released next.

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