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  1. Ted was asked about the NE story by a reporter from the Daily Mail. Watch Ted hide behind Fiorino’s skirt and avoid answering direct questions and blamed Trump, again.

    I guess that half million donation to Carly worked.


    • I was thinking the same thing, Sam, about the effectiveness of that half million dollars.

      March 26 post at Breitbart points out that “CARLY for America,” which is the Fiorina Super PAC that received the half million from the pro-Cruz Super PAC, had the same mailing address as “Make America Awesome,” the anti-Trump Super PAC that recently created the ad with the racy photograph of Melania Trump.

      Significance of that? I don’t know, but time might tell …

  2. Ted Cruz, the fact that you blame others for your own infidelities and argue every side like a lawyer means you can’t say anything against Bill and Hillary.
    You and Heidi are the Bill and Hillary of the Republican Party.

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