Micah X. Opens Fire, Twelve Cops Shot, Five Confirmed Dead At Dallas Protest

Now that the dust has settled in Dallas and we are getting a clearer picture of the shooter, I want to share a few thoughts about what transpired last night:

1.) First, as everyone has heard by now, the shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, or Micah X. as we have dubbed him, was motivated by the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota, and he was reportedly “angry” about the Black Lives Matter movement, which he apparently identified with. He told the police that he wanted to kill White people, especially White police officers.

2.) Second, Micah X. was evidently some kind of Black Nationalist of the vanguardist variety. Hopefully, what happened in Dallas will put an end to the silly talk among White Nationalists of handing over vast swathes of the South to these people, or forming “alliances” with groups like the New Black Panthers.


3.) Third, in his press conference yesterday evening, Obama demonized the police and claimed the criminal justice system is institutionally racist and biased against blacks. If our “rhetoric” on the internet created a “climate of hate” that led to Charleston, then his demonization of the police as “racist” led to Dallas.

4.) Fourth, the Confederate flag was blamed for Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston. Now that Micah X. has targeted White police officers on racial grounds in Dallas, what should the White community demand?

5.) Fifth, this is a good illustration of the damage that vantardist violence can do to any cause. The Black Lives Matter crowd were on a roll after Baton Rouge and Minnesota. Dallas has completely changed the Narrative.

6.) The Black Lives Matter movement owns Dallas. As the Lieutenant Governor of Texas pointed out, what happened in Dallas is their baby. The liberal media never fails to blame us whenever some nut like Glenn Miller lashes out. These protesters were out there demonstrating against the cops. They have been seen all over the country screaming things like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and fomenting hate against law enforcement.

7.) Remember the time Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated whether “black lives matter” or “all lives matter”? Trump would be crazy not to point that out and connect Hillary to Black Lives Matter.

8.) The Democratic Party officially endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement.

9.) As of 1:04 PM, the Hatewatch has yet to chime in. Is murdering White cops on explicitly racial grounds a “hate crime”? Don’t hold your breath.


10.) One last thing: the same crowd of black thugs in Tupelo have been threatening to kill White people which is we will be prepared to defend ourselves. The League demonstration in Tupelo on June 30th will be a solidarity with law enforcement event.

Update: This flag was posted on Micah X.’s Facebook page:


Should Amazon stop selling it?

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  1. I’m watching on Faux now. No word on the ethnicity of the shooter. RaHoWa is ON. I hope every-one is ready.

  2. I invite you to study the Partition of India into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan.

    The Brits dithered, hoping to somehow hang on to India entire, but the streets turned red with the blood of a million people, and a de facto Partition was forced on the Brits.

    It’s not a question of whether or not America will split, that’s a biological imperative; the only question is how many lives will be lost before the elites let go.

    • When/If Trump wins, the Hispanics will violently resist both the construction of the wall and deportation. It may be that private citizens would have to stand with Federal agents to enforce the law.

      • I fully expect mass violence and riots by Hispanics when Trump wins, or at least when his program starts. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are attacks across the border by the cartels or even the Mexican military.

      • cops are sitting ducks easy peasy stuff. It probably took them 10 casualties to figure out they were the targets.

  3. 10% chance he uses this to declare a martial law situation and ban the sale of guns and ammo, 20% if this spreads to another city, these people are more ruthless than you can imagine

    • The spread is the key: there are enough throwaway black “youth” to trade one for one with the cops for a while. The Hispanics may also jump in.

  4. How long oh Lord will the Southland be forced to live in this psychopathic bizarroworld we call the USA?

  5. This country– its culture, its economy, its social order, its political and legal-constitutional systems– are all coming apart at the seams.

      • This is the kind of shit George Lincoln Rockwell (RIP) predicted. He was just off by several decades.

      • “I don’t see much future for the Americans … it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”

        Words from Der Fuhrer RIP

  6. Race War, brah.

    If the police call for volunteer death squads to target African terrorists, I’m there.

    More, please.

  7. 4 dead, 10 cops shot total. This was well planned. This was not your typical Chimp Out. Who orchestrated this?

    • White commies on rooftops?
      Negroes are always disorganized and are miserable marksmen.

      Obama whipped ’em up.

      • That’s a possibility.

        Some of these BLM, antifa types are white retards.

        I’m guessing blacks were the shooters. Muzzies?

        • They had to plan this. They PLANNED in advance. The Dallas cops are showing a pic of a big fat grinning Dindu, in a Cammo T shirt. They are asking the public to help identify the Coon. Who knows?

          • Not really. I can’t recall the US police ever facing sustained sharpshooting/sniper fire. It’s shocking for a domestic police force. Outside of Northern Ireland or South Africa or Brazil. Now the cops will develop a protocol.

          • Negroes didn’t plan this, they’re simply not that intelligent. Even if a Negro carried some of this out, I seriously doubt he is more than a stooge. I suspect Der Jude aka Mossad

    • How much you want to bet Soros money paid for it? Putin had enough sense to ban his NGO’s in Russia. That we don’t speaks volumes in itself.

  8. I’m watching replays of the initial shooting spree. Oh the irony of watching a bunch of idiot BLM Commie ORCS, howling “Don’t Shoot Don’t Shoot Don’t Shoot” – and then Orcs not Cops start SHOOTING!

  9. This should serve as a wake up call for Trump. Security can only provide so much protection at rallies and campaign appearances. He’s had many threats made against him.

  10. ‘Note: Obama demonized the police and said the criminal justice system is racist and biased against blacks in his press conference this afternoon.’

    Yup, always stirring up shit.

    Tomorrow he will pretend to be the great peacemaker.

    Let’s not forget Hillary and Bernie fanning the flames with their anti-white, anti-cop BS.

      • For now we have the numbers and the guns. As long as we have that we have something

          • Nothing will happen.

            Unless something like this– and worse– occurs every day for months and months.

            You know it as well as I do.

            I really worry about Trump’s safety in this continental zoo.

          • Depends on where. I agree with Hunter 100% that the South has lived with the Specter of White Genocide for 400 years and has had to act accordingly. I see Texas RIGHT NOW as where it should pop and it looks as if it probably is popping off, but what we need is more rebellious acts and it will cause the war.

          • BLM was tolerated as long as it was property getting torched… this sort of thing revives Vehmic Courts. Police forces can’t have snipers gunning them down at long range.

          • The thing is it takes 10% or less to start a movement, and eventually the others will come along. The Southern States and ESPECIALLY TEXAS where you are demographically, racially and crime wise on the knife blade of potential White genocide, enough whites are ready for war and plenty more will mobilize when the situation arises.

            The reason you will NOT see any major movement in the North AT LEAST NOT AT PRESENT is few people live on the knifeblade of genocide. In Alabama, Mississippi East Texas, South Carolina White Genocide is a very real and clear present threat, if trends continue in the trend line as they are at present.

          • Southern Colleges were trending leftist even before Desegregation. David Duke in 1967 was in a debate at LSU about the Immigration Act of 1965 which didnt take effect until 1968 stating it was a bill to make whites the minority in the United States. He was jeered by the professors and leftist students.

            American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell went to Wake Forest University in the 1960s and was jeered by Negro athletes and leftist Antiwhites. He relayed a story that at the end some Southern kids came up and apologized to him. He noticed that even then Conservative Southern Whites were a minority in their own schools. The leftist antiwhites, both homegrown and imported, were becoming the norm. This was over 50 yrs ago.

            What we must remember is Southern Schools still use Northern and European Textbooks written by Communist Jews and their lackeys. Even if the school was ALL WHITE if you are being educated in Leftist ideas through the textbooks what good is a segregated school? The answer is it isn’t good for anything UNLESS you have a complete purge of all foreign and dangerous ideas, from the Preschool to the PHD level. If the Confederacy ever gets a chance to rise again, book burnings will have to be held at every library in the South and every school. These foreign ideas must be wiped away with no memory of them left anymore.

    • The time to stop this was when they asked if all lives matter
      Only Jim Webb said yes. Dehumanization leads directly to murder. The blood is on the hands of Clinton and Sanders.

      • Some bow tied Negro Congresscoon Lacy Clay, owned by the ADL, was in the Comey hearings, and immediately cited Anglin, and the Daily Stormer, re: the danger of promoting Hate TM online. Comey (who is an ASSHOLE) was like “Wut? Dunno….”
        All this Nogs on are his Twitter feed, whiinh about Dindus being shot, and only Dindus. ZOG and their pet Orcs are initiating the coup de grace to the Men of the West …………….

        • I love this Congresscoon. He did a bang up job of communicating #Whitegenocide to tens of millions of people. Also, I’ll bet DS gets more hits and followers than Anglin will know what to do with, LOL.

        • Too Sweet all I can say. Brother Anglin should be patting himself on the back over this. It just gets BETTER and BETTER

  11. In one of the previous posts I expressed some defeatist sentiments about white people being to weak to fight.

    I take it all back.

    Because just when you think liberals have done everything the can to alienate normal, law abiding, fence sitting, moderate, normie-Americans they go and pull some stupid shit like this.

    It’s all over for them now. Whatever sympathy they got from those videos of dindus being shot has flown out the window. Killing cops at long range in cold blood is something only the most isolated bubble dwelling SJW could possibly defend.

    This is what’s gonna turn white people against them for good. When your side is eliminating the only defense decent white people have against you, you’re done.

    Shoutout to LBF and apologies to Fee-fi-fo-fum, the race war has arrived.

    • Wrong. I created a mini-shit storm on my Twitter feed. Niggers and their Jews/White Race Traitor Cucks that love them and HATE Whites will exuse everything. The more heinous, stupid, mindlessly violent and sick – the better.

      • Cucks are gonna cuck. All those Midwesterners who voted for Cruz because they didn’t like Trump’s tone? They’re all Trump supporters now. With this, killing cops, the people all normal whites are taught from birth live only to protect and serve, the left hasn’t just burned it’s last bridge, they’ve taken the ashes and threw them in the face of anyone who isn’t a cuck, a kike, a fag, or a nigger.

        • Agreed people tolerate blacks burning their bitches down… not this.

          • They’ve crossed the thin blue line, no going back. Let’s see how Hillary tries to drop this hot potato.

    • As one of our wisest commenters here keeps saying, you gotta love the Left. Let these leftards justify killing cops and whites for “justice”, blah, blah, blah. They are only hurting themselves and making our job easier.

      • I would say this is the dumbest thing they’ve ever done but I know they’ll top themselves eventually.

  12. Courtesy of this black swan, Trump has first and goal at the one. Will he punch it in? Or throw another interception (Muslim ban).

    He needs to say how Clinton took the future away from an entire generation with NAFTA and replaced good jobs with the grievance industry which is now out of control. If we don’t change we won’t have a country etc etc.

    Punch it in – for the Wall!

  13. Read this at Breitbart

    Update 11:47: NBC is reporting in the San Francisco Bay Area that protesters are getting ready to march in Oakland.

  14. The media and political elite in the U.S are responsible for this and other acts of violence related to the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement. Black racism is not just accepted, it’s encouraged by the the U.S government and the media. These people are violent racist. Can you imagine whites getting away with what these BLM people have been able to get away with for 2-years?

    You can’t because the FBI would have shut them down long ago. These people are allowed to do this by the U.S government and encouraged to do it by the media.

    Blacks have very few chances left to play the “race card” and pretend to be the victims, that is why “police brutality” is now such a major issue, because blacks can’t talk about the KKK anymore or real racism so their now inventing it by turning incidents of police involved killings of blacks into an issue of race. Obama is also encouraging it as his most recent statements shows. The entire BLM movement has been unleashed and allowed to grow by the Obama admin. These people were nowhere before Obama and all of sudden their protesting and attacking police. It’s no coincidence.

    1) Police brutality against blacks is absolute nonsense. There are fewer then 400 blacks killed by cops annually. By caparison blacks are more than 22 times more likely to be killed by another black than by police. Also by comparison blacks are more likely to kill a police officer than any other race. As per crime and statistics blacks are killed by cops at a higher ratio than whites because they also commit violent crimes at a significantly higher ratio than whites. Last year over 500 whites were killed by cops and only 1 or 2 even made news for a brief period of time. On the other hand it seemed like just about every black killed by an officer was national news, and a few were even covered for months such as Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

    2) While some of the killings may be unjustifiable, the majority were committed as acts of alleged self-defense. The few that were clearly not self-defense have been brought up by the media and made to be as the norm rather than the exception.

    3) Police aren’t looking to target blacks. In fact, why on earth would they want to?
    Many cops are black, including 3 of the 6 in the Freddie Gray case. So if there is some sinister conspiracy to target blacks, what about the facts that many of these police shootings of blacks are done by officers of color?

    Police have no reason to want to target blacks. Getting to an altercation even in self-defense means lots of paper work and the very strong possibility that the media will try to lynch you.

    4) Blacks are a protected race. That is why the media makes mention of only blacks lives, and white Black Lives Matter even exist to begin with. It’s a supremacist movement that wants the world to uphold black lives as more important than others, which is why when whites get killed by cops or by black criminals it’s barely news, but if a black gets killed by a cop than its national and global news. The BLM is racism because it wants people to believe whites are oppressing blacks, and it doesn’t even matter if the cops or person killing the black is white or not. Look at George Zimmerman who is a Mulatto, or the 3 of 6 Freddie Gray officers, or the recent shooting of a black man by an Asian officer and the media and the BLM people painting it as some white vs black racism.

    The final truth is that more whites are killed by cops than blacks, and statistically more whites last years 18 yrs-old or under were killed than their % of the population. More whites are killed than blacks by police as a % of the population committing violent crimes

    • Said this all along, best way for Trump to be elected is bring on the terrorism and mass murders. This will go down like 1968 and people will scream for the law and order

    • RaHoWa went live in Sacramento. We won THAT won. With the dreaded, despised, low class not-wanted-at-AmRen SKIN HEADS.
      Amazing, isn’t it?

  15. 5 cops dead now.

    I’m hoping the cops and their civilian volunteers start shooting back.

    It’s time to take out the BLM movement.

  16. “It has been a devastating night.”

    One long-overdue day, when America will have been justly destroyed and replaced by a country fit for white men, police departments won’t tweet like weaklings.

  17. This type of organized violence isn’t very black. I’d be surprised if niggers pulled this off and if they did they’re probably mullatos of some type.

  18. No country infested with ~45 million wild negroes can be the “greatest country in the world.”

    I wonder about this planned ambush. To borrow the words of Alvin Karpis, [Negroes] “couldn’t organize breakfast.”

  19. I hope that the overall reaction to this throughout the country is not weeping, holding hands and singing Kumbaya, but anger, disgust, and contempt.

  20. “Helter Skelter” is going down. At work yesterday the blacks were all riled up on war footing spending their day watching videos and websites about the police shootings. Even this pathetic black nerd who is under the whip of his big fat polynesian girlfriend and facies himself a sophisticate was talking about “rising up and taking them out.”

    • Charles Manson is being vindicated daily. He said this would happen, it was just in 1969 he was a bit early. Funny how a guy who is considered a psychopath saw this so clearly. I watch that TV Show Aquarius which is historical fiction about Manson and whats funny is even in the fiction, you understand one thing. Manson saw the Negroes clearer than almost anyone and understood what they are really about. Not bad for a Psycho

      • From a 2008 comment I posted at the talk-page of Wikipedia’s entry for Manson’s Helter Skelter scenario:

        “Helter Skelter” isn’t a race war; it’s a war among whites. His insanity notwithstanding, Manson was acute enough to see that the real political fault line of the so-called civil-rights era was between racist and non-racist whites; blacks are essentially a sideshow in the
        Helter Skelter scenario. The tensions to which he–vicious maniac though he was–was sensitive are still at the heart of American life …. The Helter Skelter scenario is an ingenious fantasy in which the counterculture triumphs over the squares. Whatever should be said against him–and it is a great deal–Manson was a kind of American Epic Poet, whose one famed work reflects dynamics that are still very much with us.

  21. Responding to a question about the shooter’s mental stability, Dallas police chief David Brown said:

    “He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people. He
    expressed killing white officers. He expressed anger for Black Lives

    None of that makes sense. None of that is a legitimate reason to do harm to anyone.”

    What is there not to understand? He wants to kill biological rivals. It’s in our genes.

  22. You can’t have Diversity and “bringing all people together”.
    You can’t have Diversity and “working for a bright future for everyone”.
    You can’t have Diversity and “bringing an end to racism, injustice and violence”.

    Diversity tears a country apart and ends with White Genocide.

  23. Appparently the Dallas PoPo are very “progressive” and “community-oriented”, and their darling oppressed feral NIGGERs are still gunning ’em down. The “narrative” is STILL “da po’ oppress’ Black chilluns beez upsat”.

  24. Trump handling it well.

    Let the spotlight rest on Obama Clinton and Sanders for refusing to say All Lives Matter, and green-lighting the killing of whites.

  25. The media is really despicable. The media has promoted this kind of violence, giving unchecked coverage to Black lives Matter and extremist views for years. One of the suspects said he wanted to “kill white people” and the media doesn’t even call this a hate crime?

    The media should be held responsible, because they created Black Lives Matter. Without the media there wouldn’t have been a platform to spread false and bullshit theories about race in America that are far from reality. Blacks aren’t victims of the police. There were only 400 blacks killed last year by police, and over 500 whites. However if you looked at how the media reports on it, you would think it was a genocide and that blacks are literally being gunned down by cops at every stoplight and street corner.

    • MSM is complicit in White Genocide and has been for decades. The good news, their credibility is in the toilet and waiting for someone to pull the chain.

      • Politicians too. Not a single politician, including those that stirred this sentiment over the years, has come out and condemned the hate comments of one of the suspects. If it were a white person that had done this you can bet that every politician would be saying “hate has no place in our society” and the SPLC would be there warning against “white supremacist” and anti-government militias, etc. These killings re a result of the decay of U.S society, one that is showing advanced stages of anti-white bigotry. I expect that the MSM won’t stop agitating after this massacre, but will instead shove it under the carpet and continue spreading bullshit racist news.

        I’m against police killing anyone. I also believe police need to be reformed, and that a smaller police that is less intrusive is better for white people and our communities. We don’t need police defending us, we need to defend our own communities.

          • I grew up in South Philadelphia and the blacks weren’t scared of the cops. They were much more scared of the big burly men hanging around the bars and clubs. Whites here were never attacked in the open because they feared those guys and not police. In the other neighborhoods where whites lived and where they rely on police protection blacks literally bully their children and rob their homes. Only after the fact do they call police who never solve the crimes anyway.

            Police give some protection, but it’s mostly only after the fact. That sense of protection allows whites to be off their guard and also not have any responsibility for defending their communities.

    • Reality only gets muddled further when they call the people shot and killed by police “victims” of police shootings. The overwhelming majority(maybe 90-95%) of the people shot were not innocent victims. Most of them were shot while attacking police officers or shot in the process of committing a violent crime. A good percentage were shot and killed after they shot at officers first. Many have been shot while police were responding to domestic abuse calls, where the perp had already killed, seriously injured or tried to kill/injure someone else.

      But this kind of factual analysis has no effect on the victimhood mentality infused with the black psyche and the White Leftists who perpetuate and push them to believe the distortions and lies.

  26. If Trump doesn’t watch it, he’s going to blow this election. It’s obvious he is not following his instincts and gut at this point but instead is taking advice from GOP advisor types. His statements on the shootings have been pretty tepid so far, going so far as to include some quasi-PC crap about the dead blacks in Louisiana and Minnesota when we don’t even know yet the cops in those shootings were definitely wrong. We’re going to learn a lot about who has Trump’s ear going forward when he announces his VP. If it’s Gingrich or another globalist, bad news.

    He should be calling out BLM hard, linking them to Hillary, blaming the PC climate, etc. But he is not doing it.

    • He’s got your vote, doesn’t he? He needs the squishy middle. The normies.

      As Trump has ran a more disciplined campaign in the aftermath of the comments about the judge in the Trump U case, his numbers have steadily improved.

      Hillary Clinton is her own worst enemy. Blacks are their own worst enemy. Why interfere with what they are doing?

      Trump should not call out Black Lives Matter but try to link globalism to black despair.

      If the election is about Trump, he loses. If it is about globalism, he wins.

  27. The jew’s are the ones orchestrating, antagonizing, and provoking the blacks. They have been doing this since the civil rights movement. Without the jews to organize and frustrate the blacks they are relatively harmless. Look at South Africa, that entire movement was jew lead. Jews pretty much dominate South Africa now.

    • Ridiculous nonsense.

      Black African oriented people are naturally violent and destructive. Look at Mogadeshu Somalia.

      Ain’t many, any Jews in inciting Blacks in Somalia.

      • Oh P!SS OFF! The Kikes have been using Congoids as bio weapons against Whites since the used the NAACP as a cover. It’s been a hundred years. You are disgusting. The Open Borders HEBES brought the Somalians HERE

        • Does any of that even matter at this point? Do you want to live around niggers any more than you want to live around Jews?

          Take all the Jews away, niggers will still be niggers.

          • Celestial in my opinion without the Jews, we could manage every single nonwhite group within a year and things would be back to a semblance of normality. Negro organizations are a husk surrounding a Jewish core, like the Wizard of Oz. Take a look at Detroit. The Jews pulled their funding from the Negroes, who they saw couldn’t deliver for them anymore and the result was a white mayor. I have no doubt that in every major Southern City without Jewish Funding, Southern Whites would be back in control tomorrow.

            In the end it is always the Jew

          • Thank you, Re: Celestial Tard – there are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see the great big honking Hose Nose, behind the curtain.

          • That’s why you continuously fail, Denise. You live your life on places like OD and have to claim victory by living vicariously through the successes of other people who aren’t even true racialists—I’m speaking about Donald Trump. Your sickness is your own prison. In a way, I kind of feel sorry for you.

          • Where are your successes?

            Southerners like you are exactly the reason my, our, race (northwestern europeans) are dying. There are plenty of us in the North who are abandoning this sinking ship but most I run into see the jewish control over the southern mindset as equally dooming as it became in the North.

            Reading on here I have come to think you are truly sick. Your own people won’t stand anywhere near types like you. So maybe there are some rays of hope after all…

          • I think you’re making a convenient sleight of rhetoric there. ‘Racialists’ or ‘race realists’ who prattle on about ‘black DNA’ and blame it for al whites’ struggles?

            Where were all these DNA obsessives when the League of the South and OD were demonstrating?!

          • If you’re talking about AmRen having conferences here, then you might wanna take a closer look at what’s going on at a state level. Racialist groups and attitudes have been growing in TN at a rate maybe faster than any other state. If not the top, then we are definitely near the top. I can express my racial views to “average” people without getting the eye rolls or disgusted looks that I would regularly get 10 years ago. People empathize and agree about racial realities now more than ever.

            I wouldn’t normally advise such a thing, but maybe ask the SPLC for their input on “hate group” activity and growth around the nation.

          • ‘Racial realities’ huh? Would those be bragging about how smart you are, or would these sympathetic whites be agreeing that blacks’ determination to attack whites has become unlivable? Those aren’t the same concept at all.

            And I was referring to the failure of OD and the League to engage anyone but those willing to endure DNA obsessives, which essentially meant practically no one.

          • You rationalize like you have major identity issues and/or a serious inferiority complex. You’re talking about bragging about being smart when nobody when nobody was even saying anything about intelligence or IQ. Does the term racial realities make you feel stupid or inferior? What the are you even arguing? You have no point other than to insist that someone’s interpretation of “racial realities” is some kind of tepid, watered down version of some kind of big badass movement that you’ve yet to define.

            If OD or LOS or Southern people like me are such a problem and such failures, then what the fuck are you even doing here? Trying to make yourself feel better?

          • To try to pretend that race realism isn’t obsessed with the supposed lower IQ’s of blacks is just disingenuous. To accuse me of having some inferiority complex because I recognize how divisive and counter productive such ideology is among whites is simply funny.

            Or are you so out of touch you truly don’t realize that ‘IQ’ and class differences cause lots of problems between whites?

          • Still doesn’t explain why dirt poor Whites are still much less violent than dirt poor blacks on average. No shekel supply controls that reality. From your reluctance to answer a direct question, I will just assume that you are okey dokey with living around blacks, because you believe Jewish influence defines them more than their own black DNA.

          • I’m happy to cop to that last accusation. Black DNA is the lesser problem absolutely.

            Human DNA, which is intrinsically tribal-oriented, isn’t even as great a ‘problem’ as judaism, which is a bottomless pit of evil.

          • And tell these dirt poor whites about how great your high IQ is again for me. Then ask them what the scowl on their face is for, autist.

          • Race realism is an ideology that holds that blacks have lower IQ’s on average and in significant enough degrees that they can’t be integrated with successfully.

          • Yes, thank you for the primer on Race Realism as an ideology. Something I written about many times before and even commented on how it’s not a proper vehicle for a pro-White movement. Search around and you’ll see that I’ve not always had the best things in the world to say about Jared Taylor’s approach. Race Realism is a passive ideology. Passive ideologies are not going to halt a truly irrational and active ideology bent on removing White people from power.

            But I didn’t say anything about Race Realism as an ideology that should be rallied around. I certainly didn’t say IQ was the foundation for any serious pro-White movement.

        • Lutheran immigrant services in Minnesota are also flooding the USA with Somalian muslim bantus.

          Idiot, traitor White pols like Lisping Lindsey Graham, Dick Durban and Rand Paul are as bad on immigration as any anti White Jew.

          It’s a huge mistake to always blame all our problems on Jews.

          When we do this, we let White pols like Orin Hatch, Mitt Romney, Mike the Huckster Huckabee off the hook.

          • Jaye all of these Politicians serve the Jews and when you research Lutheran Services, they are getting government funding through organizations pointing right back to the Jews. Martin Luther would be physically ill

          • My PC college professor uncle and cousins are as PC, anti White as any Marxist Jew. My uncle did consulting for the South African African National Congress.

            It’s just a cop out to insist all our problems are the jews.

            We need to fight our own traitors like Mike Huckabee, Lisping Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, the new Black Muslim boot licking liberation theology Pope Francis.

            The Jews are only 2% of the US Population, it’s impossible that they are the only proponents of anti White politics, culture.

          • Jaye you have to have MONEY to do any of this and when you follow the money, follow those who write the textbooks it leads back to the Jew.

            Adam Weishaupt who founded the Jewish Illuminati in 1776 encouraged his followers to enter educational establishments, write books and thus take over the Western Mind. The French Revolution continued this way, when Napoleon overthrew the Revolutionaries the Revolutionaries fled for England and other less hostile locales. After King Louis XVIII was back on the throne in 1815, many of these radicals were teaching in schools all over Europe. The result was the 1848 Revolution in the next generation. Karl Marx would never have wrote Das Kapital without the French Revolutionaries he studied for years, namely Francois Noel Babeuf who was the first Communist. Marx was a deep student of the French Revolution.

            Thomas Jefferson James Madison and the Democrats were all to a man vile scum. When Jefferson criticized John Adams with his Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions he criticized Adams belief that Revolutionary Literature from France should be rooted out and anyone found publishing it should be thrown in Prison and stripped of citizenship. When Jefferson won the election in 1800, he opened the borders and said Americas press would be full and free. What Happened? Radicals used our Free Press to disseminate their ideas and we couldnt stop them. French Revolutionaries came to our Universities and taught our students. In fact Thomas Jefferson said this was a good thing. He liked the Racial Equality Priest Killing French, he just didnt want equality here. He never understood the simple fact that the USA couldn’t allow Racial Equality anywhere or else the poison would seep in

          • Ok

            But Jews ain’t running Mother Russia reborn. Russia has an effective nationalist leader Vladimir Putin who knows how to handle Jews, Pussy Riot, LGBT extremists and also mountain Muslim, ME Islamic terrorists.

            Putin is effective, a great leader.

            We need to find leaders like him instead of just complaining on the internet.

          • Comrade Putin studied under the Jews in the KGB and learned their tactics therefore he has used their own weapons against them. Problem in USA is so few are Jew-Wise, they dont know how to Out Jew the Jew

          • “It’s a huge mistake to always blame all our problems on Jews.” Now that’s an exaggeration! Looks like another Jewish spin on things. No, Jaye, they aren’t blamed for everything.

            None of the people you named wrote, nor sponsored, The Immigration Reform Act of 1965. This is the root of the Minnesota Somali problem.

      • You call my allegations ridiculous nonsense?

        Antifa was started by a jew, Donna Stern. Black lives matter is funded by a JEW, i.e. George Soros.

        Here is a link to how the jews led the communist civil rights movement.
        link: http://www.rac.org/jews-and-civil-rights-movement

        Here is a link on how the jews founded and ran the NAACP since it’s conception: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t947652/

        Lastly, the jews even own BET.

        Let me guess you believe Christ, a jew, was the son of God, too? Fucking brainwashed idiot.

          • Is this website dead? Seems to be dying. Sort of like our race. The mentality that a race that produces IQ 85 individuals can plan or orchestrate anything other than mud huts made of cow shit.

          • For some unfathomable reason, Hunter keep the Shabby Goy Jackie around. Read the others Commentors, though. Most are pretty savvy.

          • Denise the Celt. I’m an American Brythonic Celt. I’ve been around a long time. I’ve been posting on this site for years. I learned about Der ewige Jude n the University of Stormfront, right after 9/11/01 – another Jew Fun and Games event. I know Don Black, and others……….
            Jackie tried to have me banned ASAP, when a Homo Rabbi began trolling this site. I called him out, and Jackie boy practically laid down an revealed his soft White underbelly to the Homo rabbi. Hunter eventually wound up banning the Kosher fegele. Hunter attempted to use the Homo Hebe as a Learning Tool – but Jackie is a very thick student. You are commenting to Celestial Tard, up the thread. CT loves the Hebes, too. He detests me – cause I DON’T.

          • I usually frequent the dailystormer under the alias Mathematician (my occupation) but I live in the south and was wanting to converse with some southerners who know what it’s like to be immersed in niggerdome.

          • Nice to meet you Denise. Very rare to find a female down for the cause. I’ve finally got my life stepping in line, it took awhile, she had a lot of “feelz” implanted by the edjewcation system.

          • Excellent to meet you as well. White Nationalist females are Outliers of the Outliers. The women I know are JUST like me. I believe in finding FACTS, and sticking to ’em. It’s the JEW. Yes, there are loads of idiots of all Races, including Whites – but the hand poison into the Western Well is kosher, and has been for a thousand years.

          • “but the hand poison into the Western Well is kosher, and has been for a thousand years.” Love the analogy. I don’t sign in so I can’t vote :-((

          • You are commenting to Celestial Tard, up the thread. CT loves the Hebes, too. He detests me – cause I DON’T.

            You really shouldn’t sell yourself short, Denise. You have a few other finely tuned loathsome qualities aside from your manic obsession with Jews.

          • You’re welcome, Denise.

            See, we can be cordial if we try. Even if it is just thinly-veiled sarcasm and facetiousness, and often sardonic in nature, it’s still more civility than you will find in your average black neighborhood. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • all the cordiality of the jew nazi unloading trainloads of his own tribe. trust us- we’re cordial, just facetious and sardonic.

        • Yes, of course there were/are many anti White ethnic Jewish people like George Soros funding bad Black causes. The Bolshevik coup de tat, the Red Terror was funded and carried about by these same terrible ethnic Jews like Trotsky.

          But, that’s not the same thing as trying to blame every problem in the world on the Jews. It’s just ridiculous nonsense to argue that Blacks are only violent or destructive if they are incited by Jews.

          Blacks in places like Haiti, Somalia, Liberia, or Baltimore are violent, criminally inclined, sexual degenerates because….

          That’s the way they are.

          It’s in their DNA.

          • You’re not getting the point. When left to their own devices they blacks are harmless. They cannot organize a structure like the Civil Rights Movement, or Black Lives Matter, or anything at all without the help of whites and mainly Jews. Without the help of jews they would never be able to manifest anything above the level of “Blood” or “Crip”. They have no global consciousness without the jew.

          • Ok, so do something constructive about this?

            Find out the real names of the individual (Jewish) people funding this BlackLivesMatter.

            Who are they?
            Where do they live?
            Where do they work?
            Where do they play?

            Get this information, then spread it to police groups like the NYPD. The NYPD affiliated people outed and doxed worst ever Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino for Tarantino’s support of BlackLiesMatter.

            The NYPD affiliated groups got Q Tarantino’s father to disown his son and police informed the BlackLiesMatter Hollywood Left director Quentin Tarantino that police would not provide security for any of his events.

            That’s effective action – a lot better than just hanging out on the internet and whining about how much you hate Jews.

          • Welcome to #BlackLivesMatter Jewish Resources — an online hub of resources for Jewish communities, organizations and individuals working on racial justice and taking part in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

            Our hope is that you will both contribute to and draw from this site to advance our collective racial justice work. This site is open and participatory, it is not owned or vetted by any organization but rather is a collaborative effort started by Jewish organizations and individuals committed to advancing racial justice both within the Jewish community and more broadly in our communities, cities, states and nation

          • Race realism goes absolutely nowhere. It never has and never will. None of the lower class whites in the South were willing to stand anywhere near you race realists.

            What you are Jack Ryan is a useless idiot.

          • I think most people’s attacks on Jews – and their destructive behavior – is that they consistently skirt blame and often deflect it onto others – overwhelmingly white Christians. When the blame isn’t placed where it properly belongs, the problem persists. Whites get blamed, blacks get blamed, Arabs get blamed, Muslims get blamed, Hispanics get blamed, but Jews, they immediately get defended by people like Jack Ryan. Since they operate as one organism, they properly get the blame as one organism. They wear their Jewishness on their sleeves and wonder why their Jewishness become the focal point. How often do you see a Jew defending whites from other Jews? Rare, almost non-existent. They piously defend ‘their own’ regardless of the facts. Let Jews defend themselves like whites have to do. Today, whites have a black problem, and a brown problem, and a Muslim problem, and a communist problem, etc., all largely created and largely driven by vehicles of Jewish self-interest. So, every time we have a minority issue, it is understandable why people obsess about Jews. It is a given that the manufacturer always gets blamed for a problem with its product.

        • The NAACP was started by jews, not spades, and the first five (I think) presidents were jews.

        • Ok, so do something even remotely effective about vicious, anti White propaganda, inciting Blacks by the worst anti White Jews.

          I do my part.

          When the Weinstein Brothers producers funded and promoted the sick hate white people hate porn movie “D’jango Unchained” and opened up this #$@D movie on Christmas Day, I personally met with local movie theater managers showing this horrible movie and told them that this was unacceptable, the same as opening up a hate Jewish people, kill Jewish people movie on a major Jewish holiday.

          Talk is cheap man.

          Complaining endlessly about how much “You hate the Jews” anonymously o the internet – that accomplishes nothing.

          How about supporting some solid White media?
          How about supporting competitive successful White athletes in sports like boxing?

          Whites from Russia, Eastern Europe and the UK now dominate boxing!

          yeah, I know you would prefer to just complain, blame jews for all our/your problems like your failures with women.

          • I’m married to the daughter of a Miss Georgia winner, so, yeah, my wife is hot as shit.

            I’m not complaining, i’m informing whites about who is pulling the marionette strings on all these black rights organizations, cause it sure isn’t black people.

          • Ok, fair enough.

            I apologize to you and wish you and your beautiful wife and hopefully lots of beautiful healthy children a positive, healthy life.

            I am the number 2 writer for OccidentalDissent – my pen name is Jack Ryan.
            Occidental dissent is a Southern nationalist, race realist, Alt Right blog, a second tier Alt Right blog, but well read.

            We/I have written about real Jewish problems with suggestions for positive activism to oppose and defeat REAL Jewish enemies. It’s a mistake to either do nothing, insist the Jews are God’s Chosen People, embrace the Neo Conservative, Zionist, Christian Zionist lies, intrigues or….

            Go off the deep end and spend every single waking moment obsessing about the Jews.

            David Duke did this and he is no longer effective, productive in the mainstream like he was in the early 1990s.

            Here are some of my OD articles about real Jewish problems, with suggestions for effective activism:




          • I have lived around both groups. Jews are simply incapable of conscience in fundamental ways, and in a way that blacks aren’t. I have known the exceptional black who acknowledges and despises black depravity. I’ve lived around way more jews and NOT ONE WOULD EVER ADMIT what the jews do. NOT ONE. Jews are far more evil and if the blacks were so dysfunctional on their own, the jews would never have made it their obsession to sabotage whites by…sabotaging blacks.

      • Trying to pretend that european – even more specifically, jewish – colonialism didn’t set up some of the violence in Africa is nonsense.

    • You’re absolutely right. Just recently on the local news there was a protest of about 20 blacks folks for some police shooting. The details were vague. They walked up and down a 5 block radius for about an hour. When the reporters came back they were all gone. It was too hot and they went back inside their homes to turn the AC on.

      There is the difference between kosher sponsored events (Ferguson, Dallas, etc) and this one. You could tell some of the older blacks were tired and bored.

  28. The spokesman for the Congressional Black Caucus (who is incredibly fair skinned, by the way) just made a statement: “If we fail to act [on gun confiscation], this will be a long hot summer.”

    Doubling down on a bad bet!

      • Remember the sit in in the House Chamber a few days back?

        They want to leverage this to take away white guns.

        If a gay muslim shoots up a gay hispanic night club, why do my guns have to be taken?

        If a black radical shoots police officers, you sure as hell ain’t getting my guns!

      • Is it? Chris is from Detoilet. He expresses himself in a….errr… very vivid fashion, shall we say, even vivider than myself, but is he inaccurate, in any material way?
        I am disgusted with the response of the Dallas authorities. They are still being oh-SO-sensitive and delicate and muh Oppressed Negro feewing. Why is that?

          • Chris is Slavic. He knows how to take care of himself. His mode of expression is very blunt, shall we say. I lived in NJ during the Kosher attack on the WTC.

            I used to be a very sweet little artsy-girly. ‘We are all one/The Spirit of Gaia”; all the rancid BS. I smelled the smoke from the incinerated complex. I was right across the bay. The wind had been blowing north all day, but then the wind changed, and blew west, sometime after Midnight

            Those Hell Fumes blew away all the detritus. I thought it wa the Muslims, too – then. I sought information. That’s when I found Stormfront. I though the commenters were crazy; why did they all HATE Jews? Jews are such nice folks, who have been so turribbly VICTIMIZED, through the millennia! One of the regulars asked me if I ever read anything they wrote for each other, specifically, the Talmud. I hadn’t – but checked it out. For myself.

            And here I am.

          • Ahhh, i’m a member of what used to be a very reputable southern family, the Weltys. Ever heard of that author Eudora? Yeah, that was my great aunt.

          • I am sorry for your loss.
            You are a BABY. A very smart baby. Way ahead of the curve….

    • I think I’m in love.

      And I don’t even like slavs. I’ve lost all patience for any ethnicity/race except mine. Everyone wants a piece of the anglo corpse, even slavs.

      But Chris is still a genius.

  29. This guy is a member of the Nation of Islam. The X stands for unknown and every member of the NOI is given an X when they join. However, I think there is more to all of this. Negroes as a rule are not intelligent enough to engineer a major strike. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mossad or Jewish Organizations are at some level involved.

      • Kosher all the way. As always just as the Immortal Hitler said, it is always DER JUDE

    • Yes, but you don’t see the big picture again. Without jews setting up and managing these organizations the black radicals would have had no place to congregate and conspire to do events like the shooting that took place in dallas.

      • Exactly I said this very thing elsewhere, the Jews fingerprints are all over this thing. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Micah X isn’t a patsy and Mossad Agents were the real shooters. This whole thing benefits Der Juden. I remember once when I was watching the Ferguson Protests a bunch of Negroes held a protest at the Saint Louis County Courthouse. I noticed the man standing to the back who was obviously the leader but didn’t want to be noticed. He was a scraggly red haired Jew.

        Most people in the United States are so Historically Illiterate they forget that in 1919 Jewish Communists armed Negroes to kill whites this was what was known as the Red Scare of course in your Jewish History books the Red Scare is portrayed as White Christians panicking and murdering everything in sight. The Jews tried to kill Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer but a young man named John Edgar Hoover was appointed to the Bureau of Investigations General Intelligence Division and devised a filing program to organize all data in the USA and even foreign data on radicals that was so successful that by the early 20’s, the violent danger from the Jewish Communist Radicals was over. Of course most of them never left, they just got tenure to teach in our colleges.

        Jewish Communists also sent arms and money to Negroes during the 1960s in Alabama and Mississippi. The Jewish Funded Republic of New Afrika which is an arm of the Weather Underground, had multiple violent shootouts with cops, one of the worst being in Jackson Mississippi in 1971. Ironically one of the leaders later became Mayor of Jackson before his death in 2014.

        At the end of the day IT IS ALWAYS DER JUDE

        • *pats you on your head* That’s a good little white nationalist.

          You are well on your way to becoming a shitlord.

      • Finding someone who has the balls to do it within your organization of course does involve some sophistication. This was not an extemporaneous attack, it was planned.

          • The protest was set up as cover for the actual shooting. There were probably dozens of BLM people who knew this was going to happen at the protest. They would have warned others in their organization so that they would not kill their own people.

      • You just don’t wake up with IED’s and decide you are going to shoot 12 cops with your buddies. These guys were taking orders from their superiors.

        • What kind of explosives did he have? How many other people are verified to have been with him? Omar Thornton didn’t need much planning or to get orders from his superiors to kill 8 of his “racist” White coworkers in 2010.

      • I would agree Celestial however anyone who has been in the Military knows that Negroes seldom have the temperment for being snipers. Of course there are some who were good ones, thinking John Muhammad and Lee Malvo. I wouldn’t doubt Mossad and their people are involved at least at the planning level and arms training. Jewish Radicals were giving the Negroes guns and militiary training in the Sixties to kill Southern Whites. Of course this little tidbit of history has been forgotten.

        Always points back in the end to the Usual Suspects.

        • I think the label of “sniper” is something that the media ran with because it sounds ominous and sensational. Just like they love the term assault rifle. There’s a big difference between a man with training taking shots at 300, 400, 500 yards and longer, and a guy with maybe some firearms training in the military shooting at guys 100 yards away from an elevated position. You could easily teach someone with no firearms training whatsoever to make consistent shots at 100 or even 200 yards with a decent rifle and scope with just a few days of training.

          Of course, they aren’t really saying how far away most of these officers were from the shooter when they were shot.

          Did you see the video where one officer was shot point blank as he tried to take cover? That wasn’t a case of a “sniper.” It was a guy with a gun.

          • We shall see, however this entire story stinks to me and it smells like a bagel slathered in cream cheese and garnished with lox

          • Well no Celestial, but when I follow the money it invariably leads to them one way or another. All I do is follow the money

      • Yes, but these people were trained and armed as well, were they not? That is a pretty major strike as I see one. Sneaking up on an armed brigade of police and opening fire..

    • O.K. The nation of islam is not behind this. Black Panthers maybe, but Nation of Islam, no, definitely not. Real Islamic Terrorist organizations want Farrakahn dead, he’s even anti-immigration. If the media is blaming the Nation of Islam it is because they have been naming the jew.

      • Yes and I have already thought about this myself. I find it amazing how all the ducks are lining up nicely in a row all pointing to DER JUDE

  30. I see the thread is blowing up with hypotheses about hidden forces at work; fair enough. Let’s be vigilant. But let’s also share evidence rather than hurl hypotheses around.

    But one thing that disturbs me is underestimating the foe. The AVERAGE black in America has 22% Aryan blood. Some have much more than that. Many times, the Aryan blood came from the upper class, who are above average Aryans.

    It would be a misnomer to believe that blacks in America are as they were when their ancestors first got off boats in the 1600s, the weakest people from stone age hominid tribes.

    This speaks to the in-viability of “Take Back America”, namely, that there is another side that already took America once. From a stronger position, they will lose America? Not without a fight and then why would you want to take their part back at all? Too much cost for too little benefit.

    “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;

    if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and
    lose one;

    if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be
    imperiled in every single battle.”

    Sun Tzu – The Art of War

    • The average IQ of an American black is 89. We have nothing to fear. That means half of them are even dumber than that.

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