Micah X. Opens Fire, Twelve Cops Shot, Five Confirmed Dead At Dallas Protest

Now that the dust has settled in Dallas and we are getting a clearer picture of the shooter, I want to share a few thoughts about what transpired last night:

1.) First, as everyone has heard by now, the shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, or Micah X. as we have dubbed him, was motivated by the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota, and he was reportedly “angry” about the Black Lives Matter movement, which he apparently identified with. He told the police that he wanted to kill White people, especially White police officers.

2.) Second, Micah X. was evidently some kind of Black Nationalist of the vanguardist variety. Hopefully, what happened in Dallas will put an end to the silly talk among White Nationalists of handing over vast swathes of the South to these people, or forming “alliances” with groups like the New Black Panthers.


3.) Third, in his press conference yesterday evening, Obama demonized the police and claimed the criminal justice system is institutionally racist and biased against blacks. If our “rhetoric” on the internet created a “climate of hate” that led to Charleston, then his demonization of the police as “racist” led to Dallas.

4.) Fourth, the Confederate flag was blamed for Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston. Now that Micah X. has targeted White police officers on racial grounds in Dallas, what should the White community demand?

5.) Fifth, this is a good illustration of the damage that vantardist violence can do to any cause. The Black Lives Matter crowd were on a roll after Baton Rouge and Minnesota. Dallas has completely changed the Narrative.

6.) The Black Lives Matter movement owns Dallas. As the Lieutenant Governor of Texas pointed out, what happened in Dallas is their baby. The liberal media never fails to blame us whenever some nut like Glenn Miller lashes out. These protesters were out there demonstrating against the cops. They have been seen all over the country screaming things like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and fomenting hate against law enforcement.

7.) Remember the time Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated whether “black lives matter” or “all lives matter”? Trump would be crazy not to point that out and connect Hillary to Black Lives Matter.

8.) The Democratic Party officially endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement.

9.) As of 1:04 PM, the Hatewatch has yet to chime in. Is murdering White cops on explicitly racial grounds a “hate crime”? Don’t hold your breath.


10.) One last thing: the same crowd of black thugs in Tupelo have been threatening to kill White people which is we will be prepared to defend ourselves. The League demonstration in Tupelo on June 30th will be a solidarity with law enforcement event.

Update: This flag was posted on Micah X.’s Facebook page:


Should Amazon stop selling it?

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  1. Healther MacDonald, author of “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe” was on Rush Limbaugh. She eviscerated the arguments of BLM and their supporters in the establishment media. She pointed out the media’s intentional omission of black crime in the reports on police shootings, that Obama’s racist anti-white rhetoric led to yesterday’s ambush of police.

  2. This is what happens when the media and politicians all side with and promote black racism 24/7. Look at Twitter and it’s CEO Dorsey siding with BLM while banning conservatives.

    Black racism runs the U.S government via Obama and the Democrat party. it’s also present in the media via almost all media outlets that side with it, including Fox News who doesn’t do much to shame the BLM movement but still labels them “activist” and “peaceful protesters”. Also social media is mostly influenced by black supremacy because of Facebook and Twitter being run by extreme leftist who ban conservatives while allowing black racist and extreme leftist to grow their likes and follower and spread their message of hate.

    Frankly I don’t care what happened in Dallas to the police, as much as a I care about the causes of it. Time for conservatives to create our own Twitter and Facebook, time for conservatives to really reshape the media and social media landscape which is dominated by those who allow others to spread hate.

    Twitter posted on it’s Twitter page support for the BLM movement today. Why do blacks need support?

    Their not being targeted by police, and actually in many cases the police are merely defending their lives. There is far more real and obvious racism in the world, such as whites being attacked and killed by blacks in SA and even in America in crimes clearly associated with race.

  3. They want a civil war (and all the control mechanisms it creates) and they know blacks are the perfect vehicle to create it. For more than 50 years, they’ve pump blacks up – that every single perceived slight they’ve encountered – real or imagined – is because they are black. And, it has done wonders to create an unbreakable and completely delusional mindset. A mindset that can’t be stropped, reasoned with, satisfied, or reversed. They’ve distorted white history and have changed the roles of blacks in it. They know it would take a helluva lot more effort to trigger whites. The Black Undertow is the weapon of choice. This is PSYOPS on the biggest screen of them all. The population reduction program is about to start.

  4. Drudge is on top of this. Cuck French doesn’t like it.

    Noah Rothman?@NoahCRothman
    In moments like these, we should do the opposite of what Drudge is doing. Not saying it’s right or wrong; merely imprudent.

    David French ?@DavidAFrench
    David French Retweeted Noah Rothman
    It’s wrong.

    David French ?@DavidAFrench 1h1 hour ago
    I just deleted my Drudge app.

    • Only Adopted Niglets of Race Cucks Lives Matter. Actual White biological children? Who the HELL needs THEM, for Virtue Signallinh?

  5. Look at this video of the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota (by police officer, Jeronimo Yanez – white, really?) and tell me his “girlfriend’s” behavior isn’t odd? Geez, to me it is totally bizarro!

    • She spoke very matter-of-factly for much of the video, even while talking about him dying right next to her. She even was saying “I’m gonna need a ride home” at one point. Not to the hospital, but a ride home.

  6. 4) Its unrealistic to think anything with St. MLK could be changed or removed today, and its a waste of time to demonize the Pan-African flag as it is so rare and has a manufactured meaning and a manufactured history. But a concentrated effort to demonize the hero Malcolm X could be accomplished. Would need message discipline and sustained effort. Might not be worth the time, and honestly who gives a shit about Malcolm X? But any success would result in absolute meltdowns by their most unhinged and would have nitwit Professors in academia who have cashed in on the “Black Radical routine” in retreat, would be funny.

    5) 100% agree.
    7) Making a squirming Hilary say “Yes, All Lives Matter” in a national debate would be priceless, and dampen support within some of the far left black communities.
    10) Best of luck and God Bless

  7. Afterthought, Trump is not going to beat Hillary in a contest of scripted-bromides rooted in leftist and cuck premises. Trump has definitely veered toward scripted comments that use cuck-tropes. It’s a bad sign.

    Trump’s path is through immigration, trade deals and anti-PC. If he listens to establishment GOP types and there are indications that he is, he is done.

    I’ve the put breaks on monetary donations to Trump until I see his VP choice. If it’s Gingrich or an equivalent, I’m off the train.

    • This is where the alt-right parts with reality, unfortunately. Too much pick-up-artist, alpha-male nonsense. Trump isn’t trying to pick up sluts at the local watering hole, he’s running for President. The GOP Primary is over, and now he faces the broader electorate where his previous antics won’t work.

      You want Trump to wade into the emotional storm and take the focus off the enemy? Why? He can address the more salient points later, after he and his team have thought them through.

      You’ve donated, I’ve donated. You’ve supported him, I support him. We’ve done more than most ever will. In the end, this is Trump’s campaign, and we will know the outcome in 125 days.

      If the election is about Trump, he loses.

  8. I’m wondering whether this has destroyed the value of Obama as a campaigner for Clinton.

    • Are you being serious? I think we all know that most blacks and White Leftists will do and say anything to keep up the poor oppressed minorities narrative.

      • Well, yes, I’m serious, Celestial Time. Most blacks and White Leftists will do and say anything, as you correctly state, to keep up the poor oppressed minorities narrative–but that means anything they think they can get away with, politically. The political struggle is always for the allegiance of the Clueless Middle, and I’m simply wondering whether this one-two sequence–Obama’s speech yesterday and then this Dallas event–has made Obama toxic with respect to that critical segment of the electorate.

        • All we need to do is tell every one that the Niggers are killing us openly now. The shooter cop in MN was Asian – Niggers don’t CARE

          • Denise, i wouldn’t be surprised if this nigger was fascinated by Islamic ideologies. Islam + negro is highly lethal

          • Details are beginning to emerge. Anything the Black Beast perceives as Anti White will be of interest.

          • Niggers, Jews and mudslims, hordes of brown parasites, anti white white liberals, general wimpiness of whites, men acting like flamming faggots, transgender, lgbt dogs.. how much more degeneracy the west can take. Seems even north Korea is better than the west these days. Hebes are truly satans and Muslim/nigger filth are their faithful servants

        • Hussein Obama essentially created ISIS and the BLM terrorist/thug group, and has refused to even say the words Islamic Terrorism. Even after countless attacks on American soil by people who have claimed allegiance to ISIS and radical Islam, he still pretends that none of it really exists.

          Blame White people for being White.
          Blame law enforcement for having to deal with violent blacks.
          Ignore growing Islamic terrorism.
          Ignore epidemic levels of black crime.

          That’s their script and they’re sticking to it.

          There’s about a 99.999% chance that Clinton and her ilk will NOT disavow Obama and his support.

        • Blacks and white SJW’s will not be moved excepting a very few.
          The squishy middle will be affected .

          • Yes, that’s what I’m wondering, Sam: Has this hurt Obama so much with the middle that he’ll have to fade quietly into the background for the campaign’s remainder? Celestial Time, in his below reply to me, has expressed the view that there’s virtually no chance of that–and Celestial Time might be right. I’m simply wondering.

          • I don’t think Obama will be hurt too much outside the circles that despise him already.

            Many of those in the middle probably voted for him at least once, so it would be difficult to move them off the mark.

  9. Jul 8, 3:14 PM EDT



    BRISTOL, Tenn. (AP) — A man accused of shooting indiscriminately at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway told investigators he was angry about police violence against African-Americans, authorities said Friday.

    One woman died and three others, including one police officer, were injured in the rampage.

    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a news release that initial conversations with the suspect, 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott, revealed he was troubled by several incidents across the U.S.

    Scott, who is black, was wounded in the shootout with police, remains hospitalized and has not yet been charged. All those shot were white, police confirmed.

  10. Black Obama, the alleged POTUS of the entire country, is still playing the Black VICTIM.
    Please tell me which one of you thinks that behaving politely with these MONSTERS is an effective strategy for survival?

  11. “Should Amazon stop selling it?”

    I don’t know, Mr. W. If you were amazon’s owner, would you stop selling it?

  12. Micah X…………………………..5
    Police Robot…………………….1

    Bad night for the men in blue…

  13. Obviously, and not surprisingly, it’s big news here. Friends in other places say it made the news in their area. Some people think this is a fix to draw attention away from Clinton’s legal/political troubles.

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