The Horserace – October 31, 2016

I know I said I was going to ignore the polls, but I just heard Miley Cyrus called Hillary “a total goddess” which has boosted morale in the final days of the campaign.

National Tracking Polls

LA Times – Trump +3.4
UPI/CVoter – Tie
People’s Pundit Daily – Trump +2
ABC Tracking – Hillary +2 (2-way), Hillary +1 (4-way)
IBD/TIPP – Hillary +2 (2-way), Hillary +1 (4-way)
Rasmussen – Hillary +3 (4-way)
Morning Consult – Hillary +3 (4-way)
NBC/SM – Hillary +7 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)
NOLA/Lucid – Hillary +1 (4-way)

State Polls

New Hampshire – New Hampshire Journal – Trump +1.5 (2-way), Trump +1.7 (4-way)

Ohio – Remington Research – Trump +5 (2-way)

Maine 2nd District – UNH – Hillary +3 (4-way)

Utah – Salt Lake Tribune – Trump +2 (5-way)

Nevada – Remington Research – Trump +4 (2-way)

Pennsylvania – Remington Research – Hillary +2 (2-way)
Pennsylvania – CBS/YouGov – Hillary +8 (4-way)
Pennsylvania – Gravis – Hillary +3 (4-way)
Pennsylvania – YouGov – Hillary +1 (4-way)

North Carolina – NBC/WSJ/Marist – Hillary +6 (4-way)
North Carolina – CBS/YouGov – Hillary +3 (3-way)
North Carolina – Gravis – Hillary +2 (3-way)
North Carolina – Remington Research – Trump +2 (2-way)

Florida – Remington Research – Trump +4 (4-way)
Florida – NYTimes/Siena – Trump +4 (4-way)
Florida – NBC/WSJ/Marist – Hillary +4 (4-way)
Florida – Gravis – Hillary +1 (4-way)

Colorado – CBS/YouGov – Hillary +3 (4-way)
Colorado – Remington Research – Hillary +1 (2-way)

Georgia – SurveyUSA – Trump +7 (3-way)

Indiana – Monmouth – Trump + 11 (3-way)

Missouri – MO Scout – Trump +14 (2-way)

Maine – UNH – Hillary +11 (4-way)

Wisconsin – Remington Research – Hillary +4 (2-way)

Virginia – Remington Research – Hillary +5 (2-way)

Note: Miley Cyrus has vowed to leave the country if Trump wins the election.

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  1. My WAG is that Deep State will drop an ever increasing load upon Hillary.

    It is not to induce shame on the TruProgs or D minion voters because they cannot be shamed but they can be mentally broken. Conservatives assumed mostly out of ego that the Left could be shamed, it of course cannot be shamed, the mentally broken cannot be shamed, but the mentally broken can be broken further.

  2. I wouldn’t believe any poll from the mainstream media. Trump has ALOT MORE support than what the mainstream media says.Trump has at least 60% popularity, and that’s a very conservative estimate. His popularity is really about 70 to 80 %.

    ALSO : Here in Florida where there’s “Early Voting”, there’s tons of propaganda encouraging everyone to vote early. The progaganda to vote early is coming from the Democrats. It’s A LOT EASIER for them to STEAL VOTES FROM TRUMP AND GIVE TO HELLARY With Early Voting. The Democrats here in Florida are really pushing Early Voting Big-Time. They of course push it as if they’re doing everyone a big favor with Early Voting. They’re really pushing Early Voting because it’s easier for them to steal votes from Trump with Early Voting. I’m sure they’re promotoing Early Voting heavily in other states that have Early Voting.

    I even got a flyer in the mail the other day encouraging me to vote early. it was from the Democratic Party here in Forida. But I’m NOT a registered Democrat [ I’m a registered “Independent” ]. In the past, political parties ONLY sent their literature to only those who are registered in the political party sending out memos. There’s billboards and ads everywhere encouraging everyone to vote early. All the billboards and ads are clearly marked ” The Democratic Party”. The Party for “the people” and the Democrats are doing us a favor with Early Voting, as per the ads, but they’re pushing Early Voting because it’s easier for them to steal votes from Trump with Early Voting.


  3. I don’t believe Maine, Pennsylvania, or North Carolina.

    The yankees going down to NC for the last decade or more would be way more pro-Trump, and I’d think more native whites would be also in spite of some scents of elitism and Big Pharma wafting around the state.

    Pa is tough because whole regions are solid exclusively pro-Trump but I’ve only seen a couple and they’re not as densely populated. Also, lots of corruption in Pa of big government type.

    Maine just seems too Maine to be so pro-Hillary.

  4. Just going by the vibe in the air, Trump eeks out an electoral college victory. He has stuck to the script and stayed Presidential.

    Clinton, on the other hand, is getting hit by the email cover up
    Huma Abedein was copying all the mails to her husbands computer under the file name “life insurance”.

    Nothing suspicious there, eh!?

    • Could it be that CNN is trying to salvage the last tattered remants of credibility it might still have with some viewers?

      • The Clinton News Network is doing damage control. They know that the SS Hitlery Rotten Clintoris has taken a torpedo known as “Anthony Weiner” and its going down…

  5. Untalented pop singers who shake their ass in front of male Negro dancers onstage….has there ever been a more brilliant or important group of people?

  6. Cyrus is a reprobate jezebelian harlot who works for Satan. Her endorsement of Hitlery should come as no surprise.

  7. The fact that some of these show business ass hats might leave the country is reason enough just by itself to vote for The Trumpster.

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