ANARCHY: The Truth About Charlottesville

Editor’s Note: In light of the upcoming anniversary of Unite the Right, I am pinning my accounts of that event at the top of this blog.

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville this weekend have a very simple explanation.

In the aftermath of the Klan rally in Charlottesville on July 8th, the police were subjected to withering criticism for a month over allegations of “police brutality.” Anarchists accused the police of engaging in excessive force for restricting their ability to storm the gathering and attack its participants. Dozens of Antifa were arrested after rioting against the police for hours after the Klan left town. Apparently, a decision was made that this would not be allowed to happen again.

The Charlottesville Police Department assured the organizers of the #UniteTheRight rally that our people would be kept safe with or without a permit and violent Antifa would be penned and allowed to peacefully express their views but not allowed to engage in violence. In light of the events of July 8th, it seemed plausible to us that the police would do their jobs, which is why our groups debated coming armed into Charlottesville but decided against this because carrying firearms would look “too provocative.” We expected to have a tense but peaceful event in Lee Park along the lines of the previous rally in Pikeville, KY in April in which both sides were kept separated by riot police and there were no injuries.

When the Nationalist Front exited the parking garage on the morning on August 12th in Charlottesville, it swiftly became apparent that this was not the case. The streets were not barricaded. Violent antifa were not penned in their own area as per our agreement with the Charlottesville Police Department, but were roaming the streets and blocking the entrance to Lee Park. They immediately launched an attack on our group with mace, pepper spray, bricks, sticks and foul liquids. The police stood idly by on the sidelines while a brawl was allowed to ensue. We had to fight our way into Lee Park and dozens of our people were injured by mace and pepper spray as we marched through the gauntlet.

After we finally entered Lee Park, Antifa continued to attack anyone coming into the demonstration by themselves. They managed to pull one guy into the crowd and severely beat him. In fact, they were allowed to lay siege to Lee Park with wave after wave of Antifa attempting to charge the park while a small group of nationalists used their shields to repulse their attacks and rescue people who were being attacked by the mob. From around the perimeter, Antifa hurled bricks and even a canister of tear gas into the crowd. The police stood idly by on the sidelines as passive observers.

Over an hour before #UniteTheRight was scheduled to begin, dozens of people were inside the perimeter of Lee Park suffering the effects of mace, pepper spray and other chemical substances. Baked Alaska was writhing in pain on the ground after Antifa sprayed wasp spray directly into this eyes. I livestreamed all of this on Periscope. We were shocked that this was allowed to happen.


This was all going according to plan though. We had walked into a trap. After deliberately allowing the violence to escalate out of control, the police declared that #UniteTheRight was an “illegal assembly” and that anyone who remained in the park would be arrested. Gov. Terry McAuliffe also declared a “state of emergency” which made all public rallies in Virginia illegal. The word spread through the crowd that the National Guard was being sent in to arrest everyone in Lee Park.

The riot police which had refused to pen and contain Antifa formed a line and deliberately pushed many of our people into the crowd of Antifa where an all out brawl ensued. We were separated and sent streaming out of Lee Park in all directions. The overwhelming majority of us headed to McIntire Park and along the way many of our people were ambushed by Antifa. In other cases, several of our people attempted to return to their cars in the parking garage only to be ambushed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. There was no law enforcement presence whatsoever. It was a free for all.

I’m still not sure what else happened in Charlottesville. I can only tell you my own experience which I filmed on Periscope. I don’t know what happened to all of our people who were sent streaming out of Lee Park in all directions. I was personally separated from my own group and the people who I rode with for several hours. We only linked back up later after catching rides out of McIntire Park.

I can tell you this for certain though: for whatever reason, the police in Charlottesville stood down and didn’t do their jobs, and deliberately allowed anarchy to reign in the streets. They persuaded us to come to Lee Park unarmed for our peaceful event while secretly ceding control of the streets to violent Antifa. I’m told these roaming gangs of Antifa didn’t just attack us. They also violently attacked multiple Patriot groups in Charlottesville who were there as neutral peacekeepers.

Gov. Terry McAuilffe, the Virginia State Police and the Charlottesville Police Department put ALL of our lives in danger with their criminal negligence. It is a miracle that no one was shot and a testament to the restraint of the Patriot groups who came to Charlottesville so heavily armed. I have no idea why that car crashed into a crowd of Antifa, but I do know they weren’t supposed to be in the streets. Those streets had been closed, were not barricaded and all crowds had been ordered to disperse.

August 12th was an experiment in ANARCHY. Like Berkeley and Portland, it is what happens when the police stand down and the state stops being a neutral arbiter among its citizens and cedes its monopoly on violence to the whims of the mob. We’re fortunate that it wasn’t much, much worse.

I’m not sure why the media has reported that Donald Trump had anything to do with the #UniteTheRight rally. I spent months promoting the event as one of its primary organizers and I never once associated it with Donald Trump who has failed to defend our Southern heritage since he cucked on the Confederate flag after Charleston in 2015. In fact, I was infuriated by Trump’s response to Charlottesville:

Donald Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with our movement which is about the identity, heritage and rights of White Americans which are under siege in Trump’s America. I’ve said for months now that Donald Trump and the Republican Party have betrayed their own supporters. Charlottesville proved to me that the Trump administration can’t even be relied on to protect our First Amendment rights.

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  1. They haven’t caught on yet. A war of extermination is being waged against whites. You either learn to fight or you die.

    • The thing is most of the Mongrel horde on the other side is too stupid to fight against us, so it will again like 1861 be Whites killing Whites. The question is will Whites ever come together? At this point I’d say we have to wait and see.

      If White Men simply refused to work as EMT’s Fire, Police, Security Guards, Construction, Electricians Plumbers, etc, everyone just quit tomorrow, the entire system would collapse. The problem is WHITE MEN KEEP FEEDING THE BEAST. Don’t feed the beast

      • I disagree. White men MUST enter these vocations, if only to infiltrate the system so as to be prepared and well-placed when the SHTF. You want only our enemies in the most important civic positions?!

        • I want White Men and Women to just leave society period. There are not enough qualified nonwhites to take our place, therefore the system collapses. Think about it without WHITE WORKERS doing any of these jobs society dies.

          • You are absolutely right, Billy Ray – a massive White Strike, and then again some more, would achieve a fearsome affect.

  2. The police will do whatever the Establishment wants in exchange for a check and a pat on the head. In my own state, a State Trooper makes around $70,000 a year and gets to swank around a bit. These fellows are not necessarily bad sorts, but most of them have no chance of making a fraction of that in any other job. It is easy for most people (man, after all, is the Rationalizing Animal) in that situation to do what they are told. In fact, they are likely to take out their discomfort on the people who can’t cause them trouble (their own folk). If HC were president, she probably would have ordered the National Guard to fire on our people, and I suspect they would have done it. That’s the mechanism of Anarcho-Tyranny.

    The good news is that when a political system moves to a force model, the countdown toward the end always begins.

    • White Men hold up the entire system. All your City Workers, all your Electrictians, Construction Fire Emt Cops, Security Guards, Army Navy Air Force Marines the vast majority are WHITE. We just need to OPT OUT OF THE SYSTEM. White man, quit your job and take to the woods. We need to starve them out. There simply are not enough nonwhites to do our jobs. JUST HOW IT IS


      • King Kike knows the overwhelming majority of White men don’t think like that. Unlike the jews Whites have no allegiance to their race, only to their careers and immediate families. So there is no danger that White men will ever walk off the job for any reason other than better pay or more benefits.

        • And of course White men have allegiance to their favorite niggerball teams.

          I would estimate that as much as half the White race really isn’t worth saving. Naturally all healthy, normal White children and decent-looking females of childbearing age must be saved, as they are more valuable than gold.

          • True. Most whites are totally unconscious beings, no better than animals. Most of my family is Progressive-Liberal, and will not even listen to anything that deviates from their views. I’m going through a process of emotionally divesting myself from them. It’s extremely difficult.

        • When the economy blows, and it will, many will no longer have the ties that bind – they will be unemployed. I think these protests are ramped up to distract from other problems within our society like the economy. As Gerald Celente famously says… when they have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. That will really be the ignition point. And, let’s not lose sight of the elites participation, media, entertainment, the traitors in government and education above all else, and other betraying elements of the American nation. Not the revised version.

        • “Unlike the jews Whites have no allegiance to their race, only to their careers and immediate families”

          Yet we are supposed to celebrate such “traditional values”? Nope, race first!

      • Oh yeah, you gunna mow my lawn? Serve me my Big Mac? Pick the crops withering in California cuz of a (immigrant) worker shortage? Yeah your white fascist USA is working out reall great for ya, buddy.

  3. The Jews are pushing for a maoist china style cultural revolution to destroy all symbols of European contributions to the founding of America. Then they plan on unleashing their usefull idiots to physically liquidate white people. This is rapidlly escalating to civil war.

    • It’s mainly through infinity 3rd world immigration, forced integration and “assimilation”, aka interracial marriage, that they’ll get White Genocide done.

    • Maoists destroyed Chinese heritage? I’ve seen in some Chinese movies suggestions that Communists destroyed Chinese heritage. That’s something I’d be very interested to hear about.

      • To Weavercht and others

        Interesting interests on Mao and Cultural Revolution. Mao and his ragtag comrades did unmoor the rusty China ship from its rusty anchor, but not without the help of occidental theorists such like Marx. The Cultural Revolution was but a gasping mad dash breath from a dying old man to finish his life’s task of demolishing as rebirth.

        One has to wait to see if China still has a chance. No matter. America may have more chances to detox from the suicidal Marx and other such occidental geniuses. Not too optimistic though, she being a mercenary hybrid from the get-go.

        (Pls don’t obsessing on Marx being a Jew: Engels, his alter ego life long friend and provider, was a wealthy German of Protestant roots. Please ref wiki article on Friedrich Engels.)

    • The thing is, with almost all of our Cops, Firemen EMTs Doctors, Pharmacists, Electricians Construction guys being White Men not to mention our soldiers airmen sailors and marines, who are they going to train to do the job? It will either be TERMINATORS or we will do it to ourselves like in 1861. At the end of the day, we hold the power to kill the beast. We’d best use that power

  4. I’ve been saying this for years, like a lone voice in the wilderness…..THE PIGS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, WHITE MAN.

  5. Kinda a bit tired of these “Patriot” types and “mu Constitution”. This guy slanders League of the South leader Michael Hill as being as bad as the worst BlackLiesMatter leaders “I don’t agree with a single thing Michael Hill says… but I respect his Constitutional Right for free speech the same as the BlackLiesMatter”.


    Rhodesia Zimbabwe supposedly had a decent Constitution that was supposed to protect White minority rights, including the property rights of productive White farmers – lot of good it did the White farmers after real power was turned over to Black majority misrule.

    What’s so great about our Constitution that didn’t ban usury, didn’t ban fractional reserve banking, didn’t ban Jewish media monopolies, didn’t mention Islam and the Constitution came right after the ridiculous Declaration of Independence demanding universal equality of all men in the entire world!

    What utter nonsense.

    Some of these patriotards need to get roughed up by BlackLiesMatter some more, have to taste the urine and facies of the worst Black/Antifa scum and then after a bath and detox, these Patriots can consider apologizing to LotS’ Michael Hill.

  6. Trump can’t win in 2020 without WN and the GOP will be thumped hard if WN stay home in 2018. Fuck-em.

  7. You know, Mr. Wallace, that I was not in sympathy with this rally, which was a Southern Nationalist event; but I would say that, in general, this idea of coming to a political rally with shields, helmets, protective wear, etc. is a bad idea. If, upon your arrival at a place at which you have a permit to assemble, you find yourself under assault or your path blocked by parties who are objecting to your assembly, you should stop right there. If you engage with them, you lose your legal protection. You needn’t even stand your ground; there is nothing dishonorable in retreat in such a situation. You must always keep the onus on the government, which is responsible for policing the event and thus for your ability to reach the assembly point safely.

    • John, had we not shown up with shields and whatnot, the Antifa would have charged up the steps into Lee Park and would have torn into women, children, and the defenseless from their flank. It would have been a bloodbath.

      And had we not been equipped, many of us (especially myself) would not be here right now commenting and reporting. I would probably be a drooling vegetable right now.

      • I find your statements unpersuasive, Mr. Cicero. The imperative, as I’ve said, is to keep the onus of your safe passage on the government whence you’ve obtained permission to assemble.

        • Lawsuits for this will be pending against Charlottesville and the State of Virginia.

          I’m not sure what you’re talking about claiming that engagement nullifies things.

          • Your right is to safe passage; it is not to ensure your safe passage by brawling with those who would obstruct you.

          • Our right is also to self defense against rabid Communists who would kill us just as soon as look at us.

            Nobody on our side instigated anything – everything was done in pure self defense.

          • This has nothing to do with self-defense or with who was the instigator. If you are obstructed, you cease. You have no right to force your safe passage.

          • “This has nothing to do with self-defense or with who was the instigator. If you are obstructed, you cease. You have no right to force your safe passage.”

            So if somebody says,”give me your wallet” you must stop and hand it over? So if someone says,”give me your wife” you must stop and hand them over? So of someone says,”give me your daughter” you must stop and hand her over? So if some says,”shut up, give me your rights to speak” you must stop and hand them over? Have I got the idea?

            I will say this that if Whites can’t publicly say what they want peaceably and are attacked when they do then it is morally acceptable to move to guerilla war against the politicians and supporters that are making this so. Especially the Jews who sit in the back ground. If this goes on where Whites are denied their rights the fastest way to move things forward, whatever the outcome may be, would be to attack the Jews in a hit and run manner. Probably a lot safer too if you take precautions.

        • That’s very interesting if true, ty. If you’re certain on this, you should really press this point.

          Could a person sue if blocked from a protest? How much evidence would you need to show you’ve been blocked?

          • I don’t know whether anyone who’s been blocked, by opponents, from a protest or rally has ever sued the government, but I would be very surprised if any court in the United States has ever said anyone is without the right to walk along a public sidewalk to attend such an event. In granting permission for the event, the government tacitly guarantees safe passage to it and safety throughout it; moreover, it holds, in trust, the dignity of those who would attend it. At no point should anyone who would attend the event do a SINGLE THING to relieve the government of those burdens; moreover, as I said initially, no person who would attend the event should even suggest–by shielding, arming, or protectively-garbing himself or herself–that he or she intends to do any such thing.

          • PS Your second question, as to the evidence one would need in order to show one has been blocked, goes to the real subject, the one I addressed in my initial comment here, at Occidental Dissent, re what happened in Charlottesville. That subject is ORGANIZATION.

            The mounting of an event such as this “Unite the Right” is not a joke, not a triviality. There’s no place, on the schedule of those who organize it, for puerile memes about “based Stickman” or anything of the like. The duty of those persons is to work with the government and with the groups who would attend the event to ensure that the rights of the attendees will be protected, or, should there prove to be a failure, on the government’s part, of protection of those rights, that there will be proper evidence of the failure. Routes and staging areas should be planned, as should communication among all involved, clear lines of authority among the attendees, and means of requesting police assistance and recording problems.

            All that, of course, involves money, which is a subject I touched on in my initial comment re these Charlottesville events. If you are not conducting yourself so as to prosper, your attempts at political action are play, juvenility.

        • After the display at Cville, you would encourage whites to “keep the onus of your safe passage on the government?” With friends like you, who needs enemies?

    • Retreat is impossible when they have you surrounded. Goggles and helmets are perfectly logical when people are spraying toxic chemicals at you. I WISH HUNTER WOULD BAN YOUR CUCK A–

    • “but I would say that, in general, this idea of coming to a political rally with shields, helmets, protective wear, etc. is a bad idea.”

      The Cuck is strong in this one…

      • The next time you’re fined for not baking a gay wedding cake, you can tell me how many persons with shields and helmets marched in gay rights parades.

        • Hey john- it’s the islamists that throw gaze off buildings.
          Here, they’re protected at all times by the state… that’s why they parade with abandon.
          They wouldn’t be doing that in Iraq…

    • Absolutely. Any peaceful protestors who showed up were turned into unwitting “civil disobedience” cattle and steered straight into the butcher pen. The organizers seemed blithely unaware of the (typical negro behavior) gauntlet of threats and assaults at the entrance bottleneck. They lent just as helpful as hand when their guests were departing.

      I advise “Alt-Right” to stop doing these events on public property until they can do so with their own security force in total control. No, not a dozen clowns with homemade shields chanting “white sharia.” I mean thousands of well-trained men with serious equipment and logistical support.

      The left plays at fake revolution while slobbering for the government to help the poor, poor, whatevers. It’s distressing to hear supposedly “real” rebels bitch and moan about “supporting the blue” and cry about how their sworn enemy isn’t playing fair with them.

    • Confused as to which post is this a reply of, but I crack up on one Sam J post, advocating hit and run.

      Everyone here are rather friendly. Guess the reason being no sane person dare to be spotted on this *nazi* site; so all friendly fire.

  8. Glad to see you are back Hunter and hopefully in good health.

    May I ask what was the purpose of this rally?

    • 1) Protest the planned removal of the Gen. Lee statue in C-ville.

      2) Unite the right.

      No. 2 was a success beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

    • Excellent question, Rob Roy. Didn’t I say that the UTR rally (which never even took place) was going to send a lot of mixed signals?

  9. I look forward to reading up on events. I just wanted to post quickly:

    Be sure to get your side of events out. Upload the videos.

    Twitter just suspended the pol news site. It was discovered who attacked the car in the rear (with bat) before it slammed into the other car. Pretty sure pol is where it was published.

    Also, I wanted to say that it might be good relations to get out the message that you’re against current warring, bad trade, corporate abuse, etc. Leftists like to link us together with corporate abuse/warring, then call us “fascists”. And so many “conservatives” defend this stuff, thinking if the Left opposes it then it must be good…

    Though you’ll say I’m cucking, it’s technically our opponents who are fascists/socialists. Those two terms are not very different. They’re both managerial states. We have no managerial state. We’re almost entirely out of power. And at least our stated values are not to wield and abuse such power.

    We’re the innocent natives who are being driven out by a sort of globalist colonialism.

    • Innocent? More like foolishly naive. If you’re not National Socialist then you’re not serious about wanting a White nationalist state.

      • I’m a distributist/third position. And I’ve been such since before it was cool. And I admire societies built to endure, not empires. I admire Sparta/Venice/Switzerland, none of which could manage an empire (Venice and Sparta couldn’t).

        I think it’s rather proven how one builds a society. One has but to copy Asia’s trade policy. We have multiple examples of societies pulling themselves up from nothing by tricking Americans into trade deals and investments.

        I value aristocracy, though not quite the sort of aristocracy the Alt Right tends to talk on (I think).

        My dream is to preserve some modicum of morality and meaning, with the audacious ideal of a durable polity that doesn’t wish to commit suicide. And I fear biotech.

        I’ve been around for years, repeating the same stuff for well over a decade.

        • “…One has but to copy Asia’s trade policy…”

          You know this used to be called “the America system”? The Japanese added a bit too it. A lot of what they added came from the Nazis. A little from the Soviet Union. The Chinese are copying the Japanese with Chinese characteristics.

      • Foolishly naive is a better term, yes.

        I’m a nationalist. I’m not a capitalist, not a socialist. I believe politics requires flexibility, so though I say I’m distributist/third position, I also identify as not being ideological really.

        And though I used to think I’m special politically, I quickly discovered that movements had existed before me calling for roughly the same things, though not aristocracy (I think). It was just that Americans are uniquely uneducated and vain in this day, and the mass media brainwashed us. And the best political minds couldn’t use new tech well – also they didn’t have money.

        And I’m from the South, old stock.

      • And just to add. What you call “fascist” might not be what I meant by the term “fascist”.

        I’ve noticed even Communists online don’t seem to value what I associate with communism. And I’m not intending this to sound like I’m a master of all word definitions. I just mean that definitions seem to vary, intended meanings seem to vary.

        I believe power is necessary for survival. Richard Spencer recently tweeted how only strength can defend rights. Russia, for example, is strong enough to resist the US. However, one can also be like Switzerland: Too difficult and otherwise not worth conquering.

        Each component of a state should serve a function. Ultimately a state should be built to war, so that it can defend itself. But I’m also somewhat a Luddite. Technological advances can be necessary for power, for defence. But technology tends to come at a price. Additionally, things that appear wasteful can serve an essential purpose. I rather like monasteries. I dunno if you want me to explain. I want decentralisation such that no evil elite can take power to destroy everything. Something like what I mean by “monastery” could be independent enough to not be overtaken on the cultural/historical/educational fronts.

        The ultimate battle is between those who pursue technology but lose their sanity (no grounding) in the process. They fall to moral relativity and lose the ability to form values. And those like myself who cherish this world, cherish our ancestors and traditions people, and believe in God. So, the tech worshipers will become extremely powerful but hopefully not destroy those of us who live more traditional lives.

        That doesn’t sound like a national socialist though. Some nat soc would probably like to evolve with tech, destroy the weak Luddites who fall behind. But again, it depends on what’s meant by the term.

  10. Floating the idea here, too. Maybe there should be a Charlottesville website to gather all the Right’s films and accounts into one easy to access location, to show our side of the story. Right now, there’s good material, but it’s scattered all over, and no normie is even going to think of looking for it, let alone be able to find it.

  11. The car crash was a psy/black op, folks. There were side streets he could have turned off of, instead he plows into an angry mob and cars ahead of him as if that’s some escape…sure…his windows just happen to be tinted…bloo bloo blah blah…

    With the usual agenda being worked. Anyone who thinks the interview of Samantha Bloom wasn’t utterly faux is useless. Note the seeding of ‘Trump’ and ‘Alt Right’ by her in it, how she’s in a wheelchair that supposedly keeps her from physically escaping the reporters in her own garage. I guess paraplegics can’t tell camera-wielding trespassers to get the fuck out of their garage. And that a mother hearing her son is a white supremacist terrorist wouldn’t warrant an impromptu interview termination.

    The wheel chair serves as a visual motif, for her powerlessness and inability to control the deranged violent white male child we needed the Nanny State to parent, via ‘mental health’ monitoring in schools and colleges. Remember that the weapon always needs a funding source; Dylan Roof’s BS plot line involved quite the labyrinthine explanation for how a messed up useless kid got his hands on the cash needed to buy the guns.

    So Fields’ story involves a father leaving him a trust, which he set up in a will that ignored his own spouse. Hence the 30k car-weapon in the hands of a kid that makes $650 a week.

    Fringe reports allude to his ‘mental health history,’ but he somehow became a security guard, and had a mother who called 911 on him several times while blissfully aware he was a psychopath neo-nazi:

    Yawn. The system just didn’t catch him, or allow his schizoid aware/clueless mother to get him ‘assessed in a hospital.’

    Haven’t we heard this before…and before…

    Still working on the weirdness that he resembles Matt Heimbach closely. Could be subliminal oblique attack on him…dunno….

    • This comment violates OD’s comment guidelines prohibiting spreading wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

      People were posting all kinds of nonsense that the driver wasn’t Black, that he was Obama supporter, false flag utter nonsense. Looks like he panicked and did what lots of regular White folks fantasize about all the time, running down Commies, Nig******, the fake news media.

      • Where is this ‘policy?’ This is not your site and no one comes here to read your occasional vandalizing of it.

        Respond to what *I* wrote if you feel you must.

        I don’t fantasize about running over and murdering Commies or ‘Niggers’ with my car, thank you for keeping me out of your degenerate identity ghetto. I may on occasion fantasize about clobbering one or two with my fists but the whitey in me likes a clean on the level fight.

          • Who gets to decide what constitutes ‘wild and unsubstantiated?’

            Which of my questions and assertions fit that definition, and why?

            Will Snowhitey and Lynda and Pat Willingham get banned along with me? Why am I being singled out?

            Could it because my questions are the most easily grasped (common sense) as unanswerable?

            Anita think pro-white assertions are wild and unsubstantiated.

            Prove you’re not just like them. Answer even some of my content questions.

  12. …And, he was ‘diagnosed with schizophrenia’ at an early age:

    The (((shrinks))) don’t throw the label ‘schizophrenia’ around so much, as it was more known and quantified than manic depression, which mutated into the always-mutating ‘bipolar.’ As such, it is widely known that schizophrenia only manifested in late teens through early adulthood, never in childhood. But (((they))) have to start jettisoning ‘bipolar’ as half the urban coastal populations apparently have it. Hence the pivoting back onto ‘schizophrenia’ which was what dissidents opposing communism were labeled with in Russia, only the ‘sluggish’ kind.

    He was put in juvenile detention for threatening his single paraplegic mother with a knife, yet somehow wasn’t committed anywhere and passed the background checks to become a security guard. Whatever.

    Some ‘friend’ claims he ‘never saw signs’ so I guess schizophrenia is now just the New Bipolar.

    Commit all young white men contemplating antisemitism before they become homicidal maniacs or junked out zombies. Or both.

    • @Onceler,
      He likely hated the Left, Jews, blacks, alphabets
      and degenerate Commies. Therefore I’m diagnosing him as being…..perfectly normal. He was a great guy who drove a great car that was damaged by some human filth.

      • You don’t come from territory wholly run by the likes of Kushner, McAuliffe, Mooch.

        It was totally obvious to me that Virginia couldn’t be trusted. I really doubt it wasn’t obvious to the likes of Spencer, who went to UVA (I went to college in the Beltway) and who has some BS think tank among hundreds or thousands in the Va area.

        Another question: why when Spencer is trying to do damage control at his press conference was NATHAN DAMIGO standing right next to him the entire time? Go read John Friend’s Twitter feed, which has a video of the conference on it as of this morning. Damigo features equally in it for absolutely no apparent reason other than to remind America that when ‘neo-nazi’ white men (our veterans especially, many of whom do become anti-jew during service) aren’t plowing down peace protester women they’re winding back and knocking the lights out of them.

        I’m calling out controlled op, like lots and lots of people in the pro-white sphere and beyond.

        There were side streets and no reason Fields would have driven that car the way he did. What pro-white 20-year old buys a freakin’ WIGGER car? He journeyed all the way to Charlottesville yet no one knew him, even through an online presence? He didn’t know to leave his precious car somewhere safe?

        Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see Fields’ mother isn’t on the level, her interview is absurd.

        Mossad Motto: By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Wage War

        • Nah. Your comment violates OD’s comment guidelines prohibiting wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory mongering. Go hang out with nasty Paki/Afghan goat F#$*$&# Jihadists who deny 9/11/01

          Everything ain’t a Mossad plot and the anti White, anti Christ Jews main weapon ain’t a super secret – it’s the television, Talmudvision in your/our living rooms.

          • Without resorting to childish name calling, I’d ask, Jack Ryan, what exactly threatens you so much about contemplating that all is not what those in positions of power want us to believe it is?

            Is there some reason why you respond but don’t attempt to come up with an explanation or answer for even one of my questions?

            Is Snowhitey iin ‘violation’ of these supposed guidelines?

            Please explain what exact questions of mine were ‘wild or unsubstantiated?’

            You are acting just like the antifa, afraid to allow free speech and questioning.

            Truth never fears investigation.

          • And, JR, the irony of you ordering me to ‘go stand with nasty Paki/Afghan goat f****** Jihadists’ while I implore SOUTHERN ANGLO men to explain to me how they don’t see a set up designed to smear them with being ‘White Sharia’ misogynists would be hilarious if things weren’t so dark.

            You are 75% irish catholic, 25% russian whatever. Your demented Church celebrates gay fags and pedophilia.

            Spare me the ‘you’re embarrassing me’ BS.

            Damigo and Spencer have not only defamed innocent white men everywhere, they’ve seriously endangered many who now face horrible repercussions for believing in corrupt leaders. My heart breaks for them.

      • Also, why if there was significant antifa attack on a car, which would be worthy of at least some video, did not one of the journalists or mob film any of it? Faith Goldy was supposedly there, yet so far we’ve seen only video of the drive into the crash and reverse.

        Where is the video showing antifa attacking the car beforehand? Why if they were menacing or outright attacking him didn’t anybody film it? Why is there so much footage of the car driving down yet none of what supposedly motivated him?

        It’s all so cohencidental.

  13. Hmm–I see Richard Spencer has distanced himself from this Southern-fried clusterfuck:

    “This was not my rally. I would not have designed the rally like this if I were in charge of it.”

    “The rallies that have been organized by people within my circle have not run into anything like these problems. … We don’t want to repeat Charlottesville in terms of organizing….”

    ( See 26:37 and 27:10 of his press conference today, August 14, at )

  14. The Iconoclastic behavior of the left really do make me think American society has been trained to hate itself. The Durham attack on the memorial to the Unknown Boy’s in Gray is a picture of a sick demented society ready to collapse.

  15. It seems the only thing the pigs did quickly and efficiently was arrest the driver of the Dodge. Just a coincidence….
    Anyhow, you’ll know what to expect for next time, and be ready for it. Expect the unexpected. It was a valuable lesson in who not to trust, or rely on. Next time take non lethal weapons, and if it turns out they aren’t required, all the better the outcome.

  16. For the first time in American history, people who are afraid for their future and wellbeing are creating a civil rights movement that needs to get bigger, and generate change and awareness before we become extinct. No point 75 years olds doing the heavy lifting…..they’ll a be gone before the real trouble starts. The millennials have to show an interest and take the wheel….it affects them.

  17. HW – Congrats on this well-done site, also on getting mentioned in the lead editorial in the Aug 14 issue of the WSJ (what worthless cucks, btw). I recall being in discussions with you at at the end of the last decade. Glad to see you’re advancing within The Cause. Good luck!

  18. “Like Berkeley and Portland, it is what happens when the police stand down and the state stops being a neutral arbiter among its citizens and cedes its monopoly on violence to the whims of the mob.”

    Maybe it’s exactly what happens when prominent alt-right figures gleefully celebrate “Based Stickman” and otherwise encourage this ill-advised self-help of shields, helmets, etc. I haven’t followed this violence of the past several months closely, but my rough sense is that there was quite a bit of cackling about–and enthusiasm for–all that at websites like this one, even if only on the part of the commenters. In a period when they should have been making clear, via the press, that the alt-right insists on its right to assemble peacefully–on its right to be protected when it assembles–the leaders of the alt-right were effectively indifferent to the danger that was developing.

  19. People need to study THE BATTLE OF CABLE STREET. Oswald Mosley had the same experience. Jews are very proud of this.

    • AK Chesterton didn’t speak well of him. What happened at this battle?

      It sounds like people should have just recorded evidence of being blocked, gone home, sued, collected big bucks.

  20. The Patriot Groups have blinders on.

    When the “police” no longer perform public service for the common good then citizens taxes should be withheld for their salaries and benefits.

  21. If you listen to that whole clip of the “patriots” they are just as brainwashed as the antifas. The media’s propaganda machine has permanent results.

    You notice the pathetic disclaimers “we are not racists?” Same as the Oathcuckers. Only stupid white folks feel obligated to state that. If you’re genuinely not a racist, why so much fear of false accusations?

    • I don’t think there were even any Neo-Nazis there — just all AmRen types and Patriots. And Anglin, and who knows what he is. The “Neo-Nazis” were all government ops. The real ones like me stayed home.

  22. Somewhere G. K. Chesterton wrote something along the lines that when Anglo-Saxons are going to conduct a reign of terror, they first suspend the protection of the law. That is what happened in Charlottesville. The Antifa/BLM like to consider themselves “anti-establishment” are in fact the unofficial auxiliary of the establishment, used to do their dirty work.

    • Right. The revolutionaries set up a dual-power regime, where the force of law exists sometimes, in some respects, but the soviets or sharias or what-have-you have a growing power over more and more aspects of life. It’s a natural corollary to guerrillas and people’s church and other alternative institutions.

  23. Antifa are the shock troops of many wealthy, business and politically connected people. There is no doubt about that. That is why they have such strong support in the media and from politicians who while not praising them directly, are ambiguous enough to show their support for the ones who committed the acts of violence against peaceful rally attendees.

  24. Looks like to me you have documented a Black – op that went live once the legal protest was underway.
    Charlottesville mayor: Signer works for Soros and the Clinton Crime Gang.

    Signer worked for Podesta’s George Soros funded : Center for American Progress.

    Trump like Signer stood down over the legal right to protest removal of heritage and history of the White Southern people. So what would that tell you. Trump is false and controlled opposition.

  25. Onceler asks:

    “I’d ask, Jack Ryan, what exactly threatens you so much about contemplating that all is not what those in positions of power want us to believe it is?”

    I answer. Very many solid reason. Conspiracy mongering is a huge waste of time – it brings down the board, brings down promising political and social movements, attacks nut case kooks who can’t hold a job or get a date. It also puts out the (not true) mean that everything is control by sinister all powerful forces that regular individuals are powerless to oppose. There are lots of things we can, have and are doing to make things better for our people. We’re not wasting our time with kooks, cranks, nut cases etc.

    I hope that answers your question.

    • It answers one.

      But the other was the more important of the two: “Please explain what exact questions of mine were ‘wild or unsubstantiated?”

  26. This is a bit off-topic, but has anyone else had trouble getting on I’ve been trying for several hours and I keep getting a message stating that the server is down.

    • There are huge ddos attacks being launched against the Alt-Right – they’re bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.

      Hosting companies are also shutting down sites for terms of service “violations.” Infostormer went down earlier today.

      • as of 9:09 PST, Dailystormer is also gone. The Jews think they can destroy Truth by censoring it. They are mistaken. Remember when Mubarek clamped down on the ‘net and social media? That’s when people came out into the streets.

      • “You can’t DDoS an idea whose time has come. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


  27. I’m so sick of the Lugenpresse plainly and unabashedly manufacturing fake news right in front of our eyes while the vast majority of white Americans, even conservative ones, buy it hook, line and sinker. The antifags are walking around looking like gangsters with black bandanas on and gloves, attacking people left and right, yet the Jewmedia has the nerve to call our side the aggressors? How can people be this stupid in the golden age of the Internet and believe this fake news?

    • They don’t believe the press, they’re just very timid. They don’t want to be thought of as associated with that poor fool from Florence, KY.

      We need to stop believing the press when they speak as though they have public opinion on their side.

      • @JPS,
        I honestly can’t believe how stupid or ignorant the mainstein media really is now. They seem to think they’re take on the events can still just go unchecked in this age of smart phones and social media. Literally everyone at this event would have had the means to record actual happenings as they unfolded… what REALLY happened would soon be known.
        Its actually hilarious that they still think they can get away with it.
        The ‘mainstream’ media is no longer the final word it once was. It can now be scrutinized.

  28. Soros is having the last laugh. He clearly sent his thugs and organized the media well in advance to turn this little nazi flag clown fest into a PR nightmare in the on going coup de tat against the Trump regime.

      • Opposition to Camp of the Saints mass migration facilitated by left wing fanatics in alliance with Jewish plutocrats is “Xenophobia and Fascism” – to peons in female dominated countries North of the Baltic Sea. Your ancestors are turning in their graves, you pitiful POS.

  29. The Washington Post reports this:

    “Charlottesville Police Chief Al S. Thomas Jr. said the rallygoers went back on a plan that would have kept them separated from the counterprotesters. Instead of coming in at one entrance, he said, they came in from all sides. Headlong into the counterprotesters.”

    Does anyone know if that’s true or false?

  30. CBA evening news (still shown at local bar) is going on and on with the narrative that the protests were all by evil KKK, Nazis, some were interviewed saying how much they hate Blacks and Jews. Seemed to be file photos of KKK and NAZIs from 20 years ago.

    Still Heimbach’s crew didn’t look so great. Can’t we get better esthetics? Better shirts and shields?

    • Do you really think that modifying any details would have changed the Left’s response at all?

      You’re thinking that there’s some way to make them accept us. There isn’t. We are the enemy, period.

  31. Another triumph for the Southern Nationalists who championed “Unite the Right”:

    “Even the children of Southern music icon Johnny Cash are distancing themselves from extremists after a neo-Nazi was shown wearing a shirt with an image of the late singer in Charlottesville. A Facebook post by the Cash family requested that his name ‘be kept far away from destructive and hateful ideology.'”


  32. Wish Trump would get impeached and removed from office by the godless Left and the Never Trumpers and then as a reaction all of his base the Red States and the South would walk out of the Union forever…

  33. SBPDL is down as well as SBPDL facebook page and Paul Kersey Twitter.
    Please take appropriate measures Hunter.

    • Just as an aside: because it is so bizzarre (and so much a part of my growing up), I had to mention it to somebody on some forum.

      The 1951 Paramount science fiction extravaganza film directed by George Pal, called “When Worlds Collide,” listed the end of the current world,

      ….as happening on “on the morning of August 12th.”

      I was watching it for the first time in years, and about fell out of my chair, when the scientist said That Date.

      Our worlds have collided. We are at war. And, (just as in this 1951 film) it will be up to White European Americans, to save civilization, from the beasts of the world.

      God defend the Right!

      • August 12 is now a National, Sacred Holiday for White Americans. It was the “Great White American Freedom March.”

        It needs to be declared a national holiday and you should not go to work next year.

        If they can invent spurious holidays like MLK day, we can invent True holidays.

        Death to the Lords enemies!
        God defend the right!

  34. The great war is coming, fuck the Unite the right billshit. The end of America is coming, China, Russia and Iran are waiting.

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