ANARCHY: The Truth About Charlottesville

Editor’s Note: In light of the upcoming anniversary of Unite the Right, I am pinning my accounts of that event at the top of this blog.

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville this weekend have a very simple explanation.

In the aftermath of the Klan rally in Charlottesville on July 8th, the police were subjected to withering criticism for a month over allegations of “police brutality.” Anarchists accused the police of engaging in excessive force for restricting their ability to storm the gathering and attack its participants. Dozens of Antifa were arrested after rioting against the police for hours after the Klan left town. Apparently, a decision was made that this would not be allowed to happen again.

The Charlottesville Police Department assured the organizers of the #UniteTheRight rally that our people would be kept safe with or without a permit and violent Antifa would be penned and allowed to peacefully express their views but not allowed to engage in violence. In light of the events of July 8th, it seemed plausible to us that the police would do their jobs, which is why our groups debated coming armed into Charlottesville but decided against this because carrying firearms would look “too provocative.” We expected to have a tense but peaceful event in Lee Park along the lines of the previous rally in Pikeville, KY in April in which both sides were kept separated by riot police and there were no injuries.

When the Nationalist Front exited the parking garage on the morning on August 12th in Charlottesville, it swiftly became apparent that this was not the case. The streets were not barricaded. Violent antifa were not penned in their own area as per our agreement with the Charlottesville Police Department, but were roaming the streets and blocking the entrance to Lee Park. They immediately launched an attack on our group with mace, pepper spray, bricks, sticks and foul liquids. The police stood idly by on the sidelines while a brawl was allowed to ensue. We had to fight our way into Lee Park and dozens of our people were injured by mace and pepper spray as we marched through the gauntlet.

After we finally entered Lee Park, Antifa continued to attack anyone coming into the demonstration by themselves. They managed to pull one guy into the crowd and severely beat him. In fact, they were allowed to lay siege to Lee Park with wave after wave of Antifa attempting to charge the park while a small group of nationalists used their shields to repulse their attacks and rescue people who were being attacked by the mob. From around the perimeter, Antifa hurled bricks and even a canister of tear gas into the crowd. The police stood idly by on the sidelines as passive observers.

Over an hour before #UniteTheRight was scheduled to begin, dozens of people were inside the perimeter of Lee Park suffering the effects of mace, pepper spray and other chemical substances. Baked Alaska was writhing in pain on the ground after Antifa sprayed wasp spray directly into this eyes. I livestreamed all of this on Periscope. We were shocked that this was allowed to happen.


This was all going according to plan though. We had walked into a trap. After deliberately allowing the violence to escalate out of control, the police declared that #UniteTheRight was an “illegal assembly” and that anyone who remained in the park would be arrested. Gov. Terry McAuliffe also declared a “state of emergency” which made all public rallies in Virginia illegal. The word spread through the crowd that the National Guard was being sent in to arrest everyone in Lee Park.

The riot police which had refused to pen and contain Antifa formed a line and deliberately pushed many of our people into the crowd of Antifa where an all out brawl ensued. We were separated and sent streaming out of Lee Park in all directions. The overwhelming majority of us headed to McIntire Park and along the way many of our people were ambushed by Antifa. In other cases, several of our people attempted to return to their cars in the parking garage only to be ambushed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. There was no law enforcement presence whatsoever. It was a free for all.

I’m still not sure what else happened in Charlottesville. I can only tell you my own experience which I filmed on Periscope. I don’t know what happened to all of our people who were sent streaming out of Lee Park in all directions. I was personally separated from my own group and the people who I rode with for several hours. We only linked back up later after catching rides out of McIntire Park.

I can tell you this for certain though: for whatever reason, the police in Charlottesville stood down and didn’t do their jobs, and deliberately allowed anarchy to reign in the streets. They persuaded us to come to Lee Park unarmed for our peaceful event while secretly ceding control of the streets to violent Antifa. I’m told these roaming gangs of Antifa didn’t just attack us. They also violently attacked multiple Patriot groups in Charlottesville who were there as neutral peacekeepers.

Gov. Terry McAuilffe, the Virginia State Police and the Charlottesville Police Department put ALL of our lives in danger with their criminal negligence. It is a miracle that no one was shot and a testament to the restraint of the Patriot groups who came to Charlottesville so heavily armed. I have no idea why that car crashed into a crowd of Antifa, but I do know they weren’t supposed to be in the streets. Those streets had been closed, were not barricaded and all crowds had been ordered to disperse.

August 12th was an experiment in ANARCHY. Like Berkeley and Portland, it is what happens when the police stand down and the state stops being a neutral arbiter among its citizens and cedes its monopoly on violence to the whims of the mob. We’re fortunate that it wasn’t much, much worse.

I’m not sure why the media has reported that Donald Trump had anything to do with the #UniteTheRight rally. I spent months promoting the event as one of its primary organizers and I never once associated it with Donald Trump who has failed to defend our Southern heritage since he cucked on the Confederate flag after Charleston in 2015. In fact, I was infuriated by Trump’s response to Charlottesville:

Donald Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with our movement which is about the identity, heritage and rights of White Americans which are under siege in Trump’s America. I’ve said for months now that Donald Trump and the Republican Party have betrayed their own supporters. Charlottesville proved to me that the Trump administration can’t even be relied on to protect our First Amendment rights.

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  1. I read the account from Glacier about the Boston rally – basically the Antifa shut down the free speech rally – the police herded the “free speechers” out of the area into armored trucks for their own safety.

    So there’s the deal – if Trump truly had consolidated power then he would feel comfortable in sending in the National Guard to help the police protect the “free speechers” and allow them to engage their 1st Amendment rights. But Trump knows that both Democrats and Republicans are waiting for the right situation to start proceedings to impeach – and eventually, via the Senate, remove him. He’s walking on egg shells – hence his Tweet about the Antifa protesting bigotry (excuse me while I hurl), etc.

    Bottom line is that we have a very very fragile Presidency – with Bannon gone it’s even more fragile. From here on out he’ll be doing the bidding of the deep state and the Bolsheviks just so that he can salvage his Presidency (not get impeached / removed).

    Game over folks. Monitor events very closely – and one option is to consider leaving the country before the boom drops. Because when it does … they won’t be allowing anybody to leave.

    • And go where exactly? Don’t think the thought hasn’t occurred to some of us…

      Bannon is going after Kushner now, claiming he was behind Comey’s ouster:

      I agree with your summary and conclusion, but what power might we still have over his presidency?

      Should we begin campaigning AGAINST Pence as a means of salvaging Trump’s administration? Because Pence will be even worse almost certainly.

      I think you should be assigning some blame here on the parties responsible for C’ville’s backlash. Trump certainly didn’t handle it well, he isn’t politic or adroit enough, but he didn’t lead whites into an ambush – some of ‘our own’ DID.

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