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  1. These matters don’t have to be dealt with by the System. You have to learn to deal with them within your own community. Other groups do this. They don’t go running to the police over things that might cause public embarrassment.

    • By the sounds of it there’s homicidal rage over an affair and video tape recording of said affair.

      Even if it were contained it would have blown up with crime of passion killings or a killing.

  2. Oh big deal. Parrott called the cops, and the SPLC. HE’S the scoundrel. You shouldn’t cheat but people DO. So let’s all kill our Race because Matt H played Hide the Sausage.

    WHEN is every-one going to GROW UP?

    • It’s pretty bad, Denise. I agree though, the police should definitely not have been called. It only makes the situation that much worse.

      • When a couple is getting violent with each other in front of their small children the cops have to get involved.

        • Fair enough. I’m not aware of the the details and didn’t know kids were there when the violence kicked off.

        • Spahn – by all accounts – it sounds like the violence began in earnest when the cops were involved. Now – the Lesbian Child Services will make their play to take the kids.

          • I think you are right. Covington’s excellent novel “The Brigade” talks about this. There is a government service started by Hillary Clinton called “It takes a Village” that takes children away from their White nationalist parents and turns them over to Black and Lesbian foster parents to re educate them.

        • Oh bullshit. Some fucking beaner lady cop gets called by Parrott and says she heard raised voices and Heimbach holding his wife at arms length to stop her ineffectually wailing on him?

          It’s a terrible situation that shouldn’t have happened, and seemingly a function of character flaws on Heimbach’s part, but if ONE CHILD goes into the care of FAGGOTS and NONWHITE SCUM it will be entirely Parrott’s fault.

          • Jack Ryan and Paul Rain – that’s the horrific part. Every “adult” involved in this absurdity is guilty. I’ve been sticking up for Matt H. I know he “done ” but it took 4 to tango, didn’t it?

            ANY one of you who went to the outrage in Charlottesville know that calling the cops is a nightmare. It just makes everything WORSE. Parrott and Brooke were obviously not “thinking of the children”. I’ve known of people – not “in the movement” – normies – with young White children who became inadvertently caught up in the Social Services Blood Dripping Maw – and have endured horrors trying to prevent the Lesbo Gubmint Child Snatching Gangs from taking their kids. No one wants niglets or spiclets, ya see. White Meat fetches the highest prices White Kids are White GOLD.

            Brooke and Parrott have sent her hubby – however reprobate he is – to jail. What happens to her kids when the State swoops in? I hope Brooke had good grandparents, or other relatives willing to take the kids.

        • “When a couple is getting violent the cops have to be involved”

          Why? So the government can take away your children from you forever for the “greater good”?
          Do you have any idea the ramifications of getting the GOVERNMENT involved in a family matter? Especially in our movement?

          There was no evidence saying that Heimbach hit his wife or any woman.

          What happened is, Parrott instigated a physical confrontation and fight after trying to entrap him.
          After losing this fight twice he ran off to walmart and told the cops everything and THEN told the SPLC that “They Won”.

          This could have easily been resolved if Parrott acted like a white man and got this all settled down
          Instead he acted like a jew rat.

          “He fucked my wife and beat me up when I physically confronted him so now I’m gonna call the police so the government can take his kids away”

          Now Parrott is claiming Jessica assaulted him too.

    • Having read that police report I assure you that this is very bad.

      Heimbach, after nearly choking Parrott out once, pursued him to another residence and choked him to the point of unconsciousness even after sustaining an attack that Parrott was forced to launch in defense of his own life. That is easily attempted murder, and given Heimbach’s profile it wouldn’t be surprising if the prosecutors decide to go for that and upgrade his charges. Just look what they did to Fields.

      Perhaps most disturbing of all, is that Heimbach is alleged to have said something to the effect of, with regard to Parrott’s stepdaughter, “We need to find her. She recorded this on her phone.”

      Find her and do what exactly?

      That could easily be interpreted as conspiracy to commit murder, in light of his two assaults on Parrot.

      Heimbach is in very, very serious trouble, and I don’t think he, or the rest of the unfortunate gullibles who comprise too much of white nationalism, understand the dire straits he placed himself in.

      • The ONLY men to ever lay a hand on me were both cryptos. One a crypto black moor (sicilian) and the other a Polish crypto jew. The unbalanced rage always shows up in jews/blacks. Matt is clearly crypto. Just look at his freaking features.

      • A bit of angry scuffling is all this was…once the principle parties have calmed down a little, I’m sure there wont be any serious charges. Granted, the domestic situation they had previously is likely over, and it will be difficult to salvage the activism, but I don’t see Parrott charging Heimbach with attempted murder.

        Additionally, consider that just shortly before this event, Heimbach was on a podcast explaining how he didn’t believe in divorce. “Should husbands be allowed to lock their wives in the basement to keep them from leaving?” the hosts asks… “Not that, of course” Heimbach replies (I’m paraphrasing), but laws to keep the wife from leaving, yes…”

        • It’s out of the hands of the involved parties.
          The State takes over now and metes out the punishment.

      • “find her and do what exactly?”

        Uh, destroy the phone? Why would you think that meant murder? Definitely not enough to be charged with a conspiracy to commit murder. Come on now. That’s just silly.

        • “Uh, destroy the phone? Why would you think that meant murder? Definitely not enough to be charged with a conspiracy to commit murder. Come on now. That’s just silly.”

          Because Heimbach had just choked Parrott unconscious a second time and after chasing him into a house where Parrott had taken refuge from the previous assault by Heimbach. That amounts premeditation in the eyes of the law. Coupled with the fact that, according to both Parrott and his wife, Heimbach only ceased that second assault to go after Parrot’s daughter, any prosecutor worth his law school degree will argue that intent was firmly established. And dialogue like “We have to go after her, she recorded everything” being on record in the police report, only reinforces that established intent and serves as a justifiable argument to issue heavier charges.

          • The prosecutor would be entitled to try such a case but they were secretly video taping him having sex. Premeditation, at least for a lay jury? Nah…crime of passion.

            Prosecuting him for Attempted Murder might be good politics to tarnish a reputation though.

      • Personally I’d say that Heimbach understood he was being blackmailed. A sex video in this context seems so paparazzi or FBI.

    • When people behave in a sexually reckless manner disaster is right around the corner for those involved.

    • I’m just wondering why the women set him up to see if he would bang Jessica again.. She sounds like a Borderline Personality Disorder to stir shit up in your respective homes.
      But as per usual, the men bear the brunt and shame and the women grab a lawn chair and a cold beer and watch the shit storm.
      Parrot, if you talk to her, tell her I said she’s a filthy whore.

  3. I didn’t run to the SPLC. They called. I said no comment. They asked me about my best steps in the movement and I made the ill advised remark before hanging up.

    I didn’t call the police until he left me on the floor to go attack my daughter, and I was too injured to stop him.

    I chose my daughter’s safety over his public reputation. I’m ruined on every level here by what has transpired. I wil be a movement memory after everyone’s done laughing at the destruction of myself, my family, and my life’s work. But I don’t and won’t regret my calling the police when I did.

    • It might feel like the end of the world but it’s not. Just keep strong. In time these things get easier.

      Good luck, man.

    • Matt Parrott quick lying! Their is NO Jessica Parrott and you don’t have a baby. Heimbach attacked you for being a jerk. I feel sorry he pushed Brooke. But stop lying about the fake wife. I called the Indiana police.

    • Matt – did you talk Brooke into trying to FILM MATT and your woman having sex from outside the window? If your woman was cheating, why didn’t you confront Matt like a MAN? You called the cops – and you spoke to the SPLC? YOU SPOKE OT THE SPLC?

      This is why we keep losing.

    • “I’m ruined on every level”


      Your brain, writing ability and moral courage will always be an asset, any time you choose to exercise them.

      The cultural left seeks to advance their cause by targeting individual dissidents such as yourself for personal destruction.

      The pressure eventually causes severe personal damage to some of us, but we heal, bounce back, and carry on.

      Frankly, I think much of the blame lies with insincere “allies” who infiltrate and introduce incongruous Hitler Nazi elements into an honorable movement that has nothing in common with the bloodstained Hitler Nazi movement. Their Roman salutes made MacDonald, Brimelow, and Taylor look bad at the 2016 NPI conference (one Vietnamese woman and three Jewish men were among the few giving Roman salutes), their Swastika flag and Hitler t-shirt made Unite the Right look bad (does anyone even know who the guy with the swastica flag was, or who the guy with the Hitler t-shirt was?), and they’ve been trying to make you look bad also, because they know that you are just as much of an asset as MacDonald, Brimelow and Taylor are.

      • Oh please! Parrott set the ENTIRE thing in motion, by deciding to set up a video sting. How EFFING stupid do you have to be. Brooke is young, and very sheltered, in a lot of ways. Matt H was wrong to cheat, OF COURSE, and so was the woman – but setting up a VIDOE CAMERA outside a window, to “see what would happen”? This is more retarded than the cheating.


        And talking to the SPLC ? You don’t come back from that.

    • Mr. Parrot, why are you surprised? You and Matthew Heimbach (please say I spelled that wrong) are in a movement that practices hate against other races and which teaches submission to women. I listened to a podcast where you, Wallace, and Heimbach gloated about vandalizing a peaceful anti-racist effort with swastikas. You refuse to condemn your “friends” who scream white sharia. Is it really any surprise that your “friends” would betray you and disrespect “your” women?

    • Now who would ever want to harm poor, little, innocent, autistic Matt Parrott? Having known Matt’s behavior over the years I can totally understand someone wanting to choke the little bitch out. Matt has a big mouth and he can’t back it up. You got served twice, Matt.

      I seriously doubt Heimbach was going to hurt your daughter. That’s why he took it out on you which was respectable.

      Of course no one is going to trust you now, as they shouldn’t. At the first sign of distress you not only called the cops but you ratted your “comrade” out to the SPLC. You’re a disgrace.

      • Parrott did not “rat” to the SPLC. Talking to the SLPC is a longtime strategy employed by both Heimbach and Parrott to gain publicity and status within the movement. That’s why the SPLC called Parrott.

        • Greg – I read you article. Very instructive. If this was indeed their strategy – it’s pathetic, and both Matt’s are FAR stupider than any-one could ever imagine. This bad. BAD choice is now blowing back on every-one. I hope Matt H actually LEARNS his lesson. we are NEVER EVER EVER going to “sneak up on” the Jooz.

        • Yes he did. Just like he’s guilty of sending Heimbach to prison. What’s the bigger sin, having a physical fight or sending someone to prison for years? If you think he did the right thing by calling the cops and talking to the SPLC you’re as dumb as you are degenerate.

          You’re also a hypocrite because on one hand you criticize Spencer for talking to the press and giving them access to his events and then say talking to the SPLC of all people is a “strategy.” You’re one of the biggest saboteurs in the movement, Gregory. Does the SPLC have your number on speed dial as well?

    • You’re as stupid and myopic as he is. Now go find a room and let the actual 21st century WNs get on with biz (TRS/DS) without your bundling of sticks together “hard right” drama. You’re all retards and cucks for the jews.

    • Neither one of them are stable either. The whole goddamn movement is a joke. The only good leader is Tom Metzger.

  4. YOU are the cause of the “destruction of your life’s work” in that you took down your “life’s work.”

    I don’t blame you for calling the piglice over this shit. I’m not surprised by the antics of you Matt-oids. I’ve always thought that Mattoid Chaimbach was a mongrel phony and that you were an idiot.

    That said, you need to drink all the dregs of your stupidity by putting back what you took down and owning it.

    Tell them jewboys at the $PLC to eat shit next time.

    Collapsed crap led by ZOGbots over at Greg Johnson’s:


    Last ten daze all this alt-kike crap sure fell apart, didn’t it? Why are you fuktards so surprised?

    Maybe you need to make nice with Dr. Greg Johnson.

    Talking about it for an Emergency Movement Turd now

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt,
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Rev. Lindstedt! I thought you had been committed to a mental institution for child molestation or something.

      Mr. Parrott, as a (former I guess) TWP member I hope you and your daughter and grandkids are okay.

      I am devastated by this. I can’t begin to imagine how devastated y’all are.

      • Actually I was sent to the Fulton State Maximum Security Nuthouse to be doped up and tortured for two and a half years because I insisted on representing myself on bogus child molestaton charges. Eventually I got off forced doping, pretended to want to hire a lawyer, then when released from the NutHouse refused to do so, instigated a revolt against public pretenders, got free on bond, and the bogus case fell apart.

        See: http://www.whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?364-Its-Over-The-Charges-Against-Me-Have-Been-Dismissed

        Since then I always advocate torturing the spawn on regime criminals to testify against their parents and grandparents, then gelding the spawn of whigger regime criminals and the Dog-Food-Shredder for the jews and mongrels. Unlike you Whigger Nutsionalist 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 fuktards I’ve always understood that ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final shall collapse and until the end of the Seven Years of the Great Tribulation there will likely be only 10 million ex-whiggers ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords.

        Thus I’m not really overmuch dismayed when Attorney Kyle Bristow — who hired Bryan Reo as his law clerk — is about to get disbarred by antifa faggots. Not when I’ve asked Bristow to be disbarred for ethics violations and abuse of legal process in Reo v. Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV000825 in Lake County Ohio.


        Dickie Spencer was also on the Board of the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center.

        I was not in the least surprised about hearing that the Matt-oids Chaimbach and Parrott fell apart because one of the Mattoids was a lascivious beast and the other was a fuktard cuck. What I’m asking Mattoid Parrot to understand is that yes, he is a weak-willed and minded whigger nitwit and what the only way to make it sort of better is to reveal every single detail about what a shithead he was as a lesson and the only way to do that is to simply put back every single wretched dribble on his TradYoot Blog so that tards new to the bowel Movement can learn something.

        I’m not in the least put out by you ass-clowns being ass-clowns. I’m just wanting something to be salvaged from this mess of your own making like learning from dear experience.

        Put back the pub[l]ic record of your fuktardation Matt-oid Parrot. Bring back your blog — every witless & pathetic & drooling moronic posting so that in much laughter there can be some learning.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • There is yet another reason as to why Matt Parrot needs to restore his own web pages unrelated to it being the honest and right thing to do and showing remorse and responsibility:

          Matt Parrott is being sued by these Charlottesville antifa and City Council-Critters wanting to use lawfare — like Kyle Bristow and Bryan Reo — to shut down the bowel Movement.

          They will doubtless accuse Parrott of “destroying evidence” in their latest round of motions for summary judgment. So in order to defeat these motions you will have to restore these pages anyways. Might as well forestall these motions which might well affect even Dickie Spencer. A little while ago Dr Greg Johnson interviewed Jason Kessler who said that Matt Parrott was helping Kessler defend on these bogus lawsuits. Having been the target of bogus litigation from the ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center of Lawyer Kyle Bristow and Bryan Reo I know whereof I speak.

          You wanted to dance with mamzers and ZOGbots, Matt Parrott. Now you need to pay the piper for the tune you called. This ain’t no dream sequence and you are not Victoria Principal waking up from being dicked by Booby Ewing in Dallas. Not unless you are as Dr. Greg Johnson alleges an employee of the $PLC and them jewboys don’t play nice or fair with their ZOGling whigger & mamzer fuktard help.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • The descriptions of Spencer are dead on, but I disagree with his defamation of Heimbach including calling him a “fat redneck.” Fat, okay, that one’s obvious but not a redneck.

  5. I want to hear Heimbach’s side of things. To the TWP out there, connect up Bros. The Discord and Website are down. Gab.ai

    • I do as well. I don’t believe the accounts of the media nor the cops nor that snake in the grass Matt Parrott. I’m sure Heimbach had good reason to do what he did.

      Note that air choking someone unconscious is not attempted murder unless you’re trained in grappling and you’re doing a blood choke on the carotids for an extended period which can be fatal, but that’s not what Heimbach did. Choking someone is usually a display of power. If he wanted to kill him he could have. It is a felony though and along with assaulting the female and his profile Heimbach is probably going to serve some time even with the best lawyer.

  6. These are the future leaders of the white race? Who needs niggers when you have whites behaving like this? Chaps need to look up to Jesus Christ, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Baden-Powell as your standards for chivalry and manly comportment!

    • Paul Nehlen is the nearest thing to a prospective leader willing to be candid about the condition of the condition.

    • Chivalry requires females to act like ladies. Women received special treatment because of their good behavior and grace, not merely for having a vagina.

      It’s well established in psychology that females are actually more aggressive than males when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Females are natural saboteurs.

    • Jannie… the fact that someone even uses the word “Chivalry” today is an encouraging sign.

      I often look to literature for heroes; literature written by the poetic voices of Christian Europe. These are the social mores to look up to. These are, in large part, the social mores of our southern ancestors, including our grandparents. (Read “Lorna Doone” for example. The noble yeoman on the Exmoor were spitting images of my grandfather, even their mannerisms).

      • Shotgun – I understand your yearning for a more genteel world, long, long gone – but snap out of it. Whites are a global minority. We hold NO power AT all in once was the West. We are surrounded by racial aliens and barbarians, who are successfully exterminating us. Poetic voices and noble yoemen aren’t…..gonna…help What did the nobility and courtesy achieve? We are deracinated. We don’t stick together. Behold the kikes and (((White Nationalists) gloating over this horrid, wholly un-necessary situation. They are REVELLING in this. The alleged (((WN))) are worse than the kikes.

        This won’t end well for any-one.

        • I’ve met very few people who understand my yearning for old Europe; it’s a sentiment I wish more people shared.

          The Kingdom is never gone as long as two or more are gathered in His name…

    • TWP is dead Hunter, there is no moving on from this. This is the worst type of scandals that could happen.

  7. Matt is clearly Ashkenazi Jewish AF! I would love to see his gedmatch.org results. His 23andme showed a bit of asian, but i bet that was smoothed over too much. He is not a trad white 100% euro.

    • I’d like to see YOUR DNA profile, El Kiko.

      Matt tries to attend Richard Spencer’s speech in MI, with member of the TWP. They are set up. Coralled by the Po Po – forced into a confrontation with ARMED Anti Fa, whom the po po PROTECT. They are attacked – and the TWP fight back, WIN, are not brutally injured, and are not arrested.

      Ruh roh.

      Something went wrong.

      A week later – this.

      Let’s keep throwing any-one with a modicum of success under the bus. Let’s keep LOSING!

      • If you call ANYTHING these fat nazbol larpers have been involved with a “success”, I have to ask you how the weather is in Tel Aviv.

        These obnoxious, stupid, NAZBOL larpers are DONE and GONE, and that’s all the better for the rest of us who’ve been subjected to their posing for (and actions done on behalf of) ZOG.

        Good fuggin riddance to LARPING negroid-tier rubbish.

        All you WN 1.0 and 1.5 types- this is it. This is where we dump you and leave you in the festering mess you love to wallow in. The actual New/A;t-Right had to go through this with you losers to move forward.

        Bye now

        • Ahhh! The FAGGOT Brigade weighs in! Yes! You’ll post endless autistic spew online, whilst waiting to have your nails buffed and polished by slants. Piss off Mary. You kike FAGGOT.

  8. If the TWP people are really as ardent and dedicated as their defenders have been saying then I can’t imagine they stay idle long. I know for a fact that messages of good will have already been sent out from some local groups to TWP members in different areas letting them know that they’ve all got places to land if TWP isn’t able to get back on it’s feet. All this optics circlejerking should be tabled until we get our brothers situated.

  9. Yes say prayers.

    If you are Odinist say prayers to Thor and Odin.

    This Friedrich Nietzsche quote is simply flat out wrong:

    “that which doesn’t kill me make me stronger”

    That’s just simply not true.

    These brutal Antifa, Leftist, cultural marxist and worst Lib/Cuckservative attacks on anyone even remotely us is hurting us, making it increasingly impossible to simply live any normal life.

    Even those Alt Lite’s like Tommy Robinson who never name the Jew, who defend gay and lesbians against brutal attacks, murders by the worst Islamists, who just present the truth that poor English girls are being sexually groomed, gang raped by old Pakistani Muslim gangs, they are persecuted, attacked by Antifa and viciously smeared in the lying press and cuckservatives go along with the persecution.

    Benedict Option and college activist secret societies who just put up posters and have secret meetings or flash mobs, this seems to be the only way to go.

    The system is looking to hunt down any remaining Alt Right even Trump supporters. Even solid Polish Nationalists are forced to play the horrible game:

    “We’re not NAZIS, everything evil was done by the Germans, we’re another oppressed minority like Jews, Blacks Muslims”.

    This is God awful terrible.

    Can’t really find any Christian churches that are very helpful. Didn’t the Orthodox Church ex communicate Mattt Heinbach.

  10. I’m getting some decent vibes from non 1% implicitly White Alt Right biker clubs. Need to have some serious bi laws about drugs, alcohol and sex.

    Well, try to look for some silver linings. Maybe Matt Heimbach get lead some White racialist prison clubs.

  11. Safe, board of health certified, somewhat affordable legal or quasi legal safe sex prostitution might be something we need ASAP.

    The White wild west, gold rush had brothels and lots of public health advances have been made since then.

    Don’t try to turn a White married woman in to a whore before you frequent, get in and get out a more professional woman.

    In Gone With The Wind the local Madam was treated with fairness and respect by Melody the married woman to Ashley.

    Our people looked increasingly F#*$&# and cucked.

  12. This kind of Jerry Springer shit feeds right into the hands of the (((enemy))). A truly sordid tale.

  13. Some of you guys really need to get your shit together. People claiming to be leaders or pushing themselves into the spotlight as mouthpieces of a movement should have higher standards.

    Is there anyone on the American pro-White scene that isn’t trailer trash, a media caricature, a self-serving narcisst or suffering from severe personality disorder?

    • No, American proWhite anything is a joke as far as leaders go…
      Not one person speaks the truth, which is constantly naming the jew, that is what we need. They ALL cuck and use jew-approved jew-phemisms. Fill in the blank for the 6millions terms other than jew. “Jleft, globalisits, european socialists” and the lost goes on and on.
      Frog memes, white sharia, the trs Enoch bomb that everyone seems to forget. Sven banning and removing anyone that was critical of their dealing with that situation. Paywalls, endless gas chamber jokes. Spencers lame talking points”bath in white privilege” to name just one.

      The worship of Jared Taylor who can see race all over but has blinders for jews. Convenient, yes?
      To Kmac who cucks on the holocaust and thinks Whites who have dominated the world just decided to suicide ourselves for no reason, no parasitic influence. Jews jew but its Whites fault.

      One of the worst, the constant Trump chessmoves.

      Its all a jewish joke to keep us waiting and settling instead of demanding only the best speak for us. Instead its 6million “at least” excuses.

      Yes Im using holicaust jokes I get that.

      Whites best beat I guess is just weather this storm because jews have it locked, from media,money and politics/governent.

  14. “In February, 1979, Morris Dees [co-founder of SPLC] realized that he was in a precarious legal position. He had been conducting an affair with Vicki McGaha for almost two years; she had become pregnant by him and had received an abortion which he had paid for; he was supporting her and spending most of his time with her and planned to continue to do so; and Maureene [Dees’ wife], who was fully aware of all of these facts, and stated that she could not tolerate the situation any more and was leaving him to institute divorce proceedings…”

    And the Dees’ story gets a lot worse…

    Punch the Commie Left … not Right …

  15. The alt right exists precisely for events like this to happen and further discredit all whites. The government and media promote men like Heimbach and Spencer to keep successful, respectable people away from your white trash freak show. You people are the real obstacle to white racial awakening. Whites look around, see Heimbach & co personify every stereotype, and abandon it. Between Heimbach, Parrot and Wallace painting red necks as Nazis, and Spencer painting preppies as fascists, they have their bases covered. You guys are doing a bang-up job!

    • Wrong, jackass. You’ve been fooled by the jews like usual. The Altright has nothing to do with Klinefelter Syndrome suffering degenerates like Parrott and his porn crew. The Altright is not faggy uptalkers like Spencer, either. It is the high-agency white men of TRS and the snarkers of DS and people you are to much of a low agency negroid incel to even know exist. Cry more, homo. The chads of the actual altright will continue stuffing you in your locker. You don’t even understand who or what we are, obviously.

  16. Boy is he a bad look for the movement with that huge gut at such a young age. Shows a lack of discipline.

  17. I feel nothing in the way of sympathy for Heimbach. Apart from the despicable personal conduct, if that picture is typical of how he was appearing in public, I think I can appreciate the complaints about optics. What the fuck does a WW2-era German war helmet have to do with the white working class in the US midwest?

  18. Well Heimbach is done. Good luck calling yourself “traditionalists” and being taken seriously after this Jerry Springfield episode.

    Why is everyone so stupid?

  19. The problem with the WN movement ‘leaders’ some have way too much time on their hands.Find some other activities.Relatives of mine or a neighbor wife, never enter the thought of having an affair.

    • You’d think the intelligent part of Heimbach’s brain would have stepped in before hand to tell him that sleeping with another man’s wife was a very bad idea and would lead to huge problems down the road, not just for his personal life but for his activism too. But I guess not. Much like a nigger he has shown to have no self control. Then he tops it all off with an act of violence that may lead him to spending many days or even years in prison. Genius!

      This is assuming it’s all true.

    • Ronnie – yes it does. Setting your wife up with your buddy, while your step daughter – your buddy’s young wife – while you try to film the encounter from outside the room is really degenerate and worse.

      • From what I’ve read Parrot just had a child with his wife about three months ago. And the affair had been going on for roughly three months.

        He probably wanted proof so he could get full custody of his child – if it’s even his child.

      • Denise: “Ronnie – yes it does. Setting your wife up with your buddy, while your step daughter – your buddy’s young wife – while you try to film the encounter from outside the room is really degenerate and worse.”

        Says the whore.

          • Hey, JTW, this transgender bitch posts over on Stormfront for your information. She acts like a man because….well, “she” probably is! Stupid dumb dyke lezzie!

  20. What I understand is that Parrot, after discovering that Heimbach was banging his wife, instead of busting his lip right then and there, allowed Hiembach to just swear off the relationship. Then, Parrot and his daughter ( another account says it was Parrots wife) decided to test Heimbach and set up a trap to videotape him in the act of sex with Parrots wife. Now, this would be done to either 1. blackmail Heimbach 2. use the video for perverted sexual gratification…….The box Parrot was standing on to spy on Heimbach and his wife broke, which made a noise, which precipitated the encounter between Parrot and Heimbach.

    Hitler would have executed both men right on the spot.

  21. Matt, we’ve never met or spoken. Nonetheless, I just wanted to give you some words of encouragement. Your work isn’t ruined in my mind. You’re a great writer and still very much in the game as far as I’m concerned. I particularly love your essays “The Last Hipster: Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto”, along with “Cosmic America”. I think the situation right now must feel far, far worse to you than it actually is. Ignore the sniping to the contrary from those in the peanut galley. I’m sure you feel publicly humiliated. However, in the real world there’s no one who hasn’t had these types of issues; most of us are just fortunate not to have them aired in the media for public consumption. Stay strong and do not hang your head over this. It will eventually blow over and you’ll be able to look back on it and laugh at the charade.

  22. You’re the rotted meat, (((Denise))). And your mouth is especially rotted from eating all that dyke cunt. Why does Stormfront send all of its losers over here, anyway?

    • Dyke Wannabe – try to invent you own insults, you tragic little sodomite. You are proving origins in a sewer, You emerged from a sewer. You are a sewer. And you will wind up in a sewer. You mother hated you, with good reason Now go clean Milo’s dildoes. Do your job.

  23. The destruction of the TWP is unfortunate but it’s not an irrevocable loss. They were a small group confined mostly to the Appalachians. Learn whatever lessons can be taught by this event and move forward.

  24. This a the first time I am leaving a comment here in a long time. On a positive note, I am happy to see some familiar handles among the comments here, and it makes me feel nostalgia for the multi-contributor blog of nearly a decade ago, to which I contributed along with Hunter, Gregory Hood, and several others. I thought that we were laying important metapolitical groundwork; I knew we were doing something important.

    The last couple years have been incredibly hard for me and mine. My wife and I were arrested for numerous high level felonies — of which we were not guilty, and all charges have since been dismissed — but criminal defense is not cheap, so we hired a lawyer instead of using the significant savings I had amasssed in order to buy a home and start a family, as planned. The FBI showed up on scene at my arrest and made sure to prejudice the local cops against me, so they stacked charges to the rafters. As the saying goes: you may beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride, and we certainly paid a heavy toll.

    Nevertheless, I have been greatly heartened by the progress that the cause of white identity has made In the last couple years. I struck up a friendship with Gavin Mcinnes and steered his group in an explicitly WN direction until he purged me and everyone like me to save his marriage. I know many will disageee, but the Altright was best when it was undefined; when it was an amorphous body of disparate dissidents who couldn’t be pinned down or pigeon holed. We need a series of discursive spaces leading from normiesphere Fox/Tucker Carlson/Breitbart types all the way to what Evola called the true right, and I thought this was finally taking shape. I was elated that our call for a Jew free white ethnostate on the North American continent was becoming something that had seeped into the public consciousness; we had managed to throw that Overton window wide open and I was hopeful that we would capfialise on it to the fullest. We didn’t, to put it mildly. It has been one nightmarish setback after another for months and there’s no sugarcoating it.

    We have so many legitimate enemies all around us on the political landscape, yet we are concerned with people like Paul Joseph Watson. Lauren Southern’s Farmlamds documentary appears to be incredibly improtant, yet half the comments on the threads about it are from angry and thirsty guys complaining that she was allegedly a coal burner or isn’t having kids, etc. Do you think that makes her want to do more comtroversial work of that sort or less? Who knows or cares why she has no kids? Maybe she’s not suited for it. Perhaps her documentary will help save the Boer people, which is a lot more important than one more white baby who may or may not grow up to hate everything his parents represent.

    The problem is that we lost our unifying strife when Trump was elected. Recently Spencer got on video and declared that antifa was winning, which quickly and inevitably made headlines eveyerwhere featuring that quote. As I was trying to swallow this mountain of black pills – wondering how we are going to navigate around Spencer’s incredibly demoralizing statement – Heimbach says “hold my natural light” and gives us a spectacle that no Jewish screenwriter or Jerry Springer producer could possibly come up with for sheer lack of believability. It reads like The Onion.

    Hopefully this will be a good thing in the long run. Heimbach was always a media hog — talking to the enemy press and SPLC about how he was going to model WN orgs on the IRA and Hezbollah (wtf?) — but never taking steps to actually grow a grassroots movement by providing meaningful public works. Where are these graduates of their welding school? They provided nothing but a doxing meat grinder: Join TWP and give up everything because Heimbach is a narcissist who wants to Larp for the cameras. And clearly he is a hypocrite of the most repulsive stripe.

    Nevertheless, we do need to keep in mind that our activists are human and they have failings. We live in a broken world. Nagle’s book ‘Kill all the normies’ made some insightful comments on the sexual dynamics of our movement.

    “A frustrating contradiction and hypocrisy you find in many of these online spaces and subcultures is that they want the benefits of tradition without its necessary restraints and duties. They simultaneously want the best of the sexual revolution (sexual success with pornified women, perpetually dolled up, waxed and willing to do anything) without the attendant insecurities of a society in which women have sexual choice and freedom… this glaring contradiction runs through all of the alt-right when it comes to women. The most important space for the production of alt-right and alt-light aesthetics for years has been 4chan, which is full of pornography that is so disturbing and so intentionally dehumanizing that anyone other than a moral and emotional derelict would be repulsed by it instead of chuckling idiotically, as they seem to do”

    We can’t tolerate such profound failings among our leaders, but nor should we expect choir boys. In general, we should be a little kinder to each other. Can’t we cheer on Altlite types, or at least say nothing, when they do good work? Perhaps they will return the favor. Even if not, why attack someone who does more good than harm? Why try to bully them to join more radical factions, with which they are uncomfortable, as long as they aren’t countersignaling us? Not everyone is ready to Read Siege. Do you want genuine ideological development or an echo chamber wrought by peer pressure?

    My plan is to become financially independent, have a family with my beautiful and faithful waifu — my wife was facing 12 years in prison for the crime of loving me, and steadfastly refused to even consider any deal that put me in jeopardy, so good women do exist — and continue to do what I can do to mentor gifted young people as well as network with solid Goys in my area. Covington is right about one thing: we will never have any real change unless we are in 30 mins drive of each other; however, the TWP fiasco demonstrates the ease with which this plausible ideal can be maladapted. Let us learn from it. Character matters.

    • The fact that they targeted you for personal destruction is proof that they knew your contribution to the cause was valuable.

      I’m glad to hear that you beat the false charges. Consider that a victory. The politically motivated FBI agents who came after you were thwarted.

      They don’t have unlimited resources, and you forced them to waste some of their limited resources.

      I agree that people on the right need to be supportive of each other. Attacking each other just plays into the hands of the cultural left. Personal destruction is their weapon of choice, and every time we tear each other down it plays into their hands.

      • Thank you for the kind words. I’m afraid it’s rather the opposite: their resources are virtually unlimited and I was financially crippled by the ordeal. I still remain on the verge of homelessness, but at least I’m not in prison. C’est la vie.

    • Robert – your commentary was beautiful and thoughtful. I hope you and your wife are able to get your lives back on track, and accomplish all of your goals.

    • The FBI harassment was related to my political activism. The state charges are complicated, and did involve an unlawful warrantless search of my residence during which all firearms were seized (they have now been returned) but I don’t want to go into details on all this publicly for obvious reasons. Hunter knows the story. During my legal ordeal, he told me that I could post about my situation here in order to bring attention to the situation if I thought it could help. And I don’t mean just post a comment, but a blog entry, as Brad never removed my Admin privileges here. I really appreciated that offer.

  25. just LMAO @ this.

    The scumbag faggot Hunter Wallace was all up on the TRS forums attacking Anglin and Weev on the grounds that they don’t have families.

    “Me and Heimbach and Parrott all have families and healthy marriages! You guys are losers!”

    Wallace even gloated that Weev is alone on Christmas because he is in exile and betrayed by his family! But of course if anyone was to gloat over this situation, Wallace would be the first to condemn and call them “disgusting.” What a disgusting, hypocritical faggot you are, Brad!

    Your entire rotten house of cards is crashing down around you, and guess what? It’s all on you, buddy. Anglin, Weev, TRS, all saw something like this coming, and called it out, and you decided that TWP was your baby, that they were part of your Hard Right.

    Well, time for you to own it, subhuman!

        • I’d tell you to each your own shit – but you obviously do that every single day. As well as all the homos you pay. You re SUCH a faggot. It’s obvious to every-one.

    • Nothing that has been revealed about Matt Heimbach changes anything that I said on TRS about Weev and Andrew Anglin. It just reflects poorly on Heimbach.

      If anything is true, Weev should be applauding Heimbach for getting arrested for domestic violence. That’s what Weev has always advocated in his videos. Weev and Anglin have advocated beating, torturing and raping women which is more scandalous than anything Heimbach is guilty of doing here in the heat of getting caught of committing adultery.

      It doesn’t change the fact that Weev himself is a Jew. It doesn’t change the fact that we now know all kinds of things about him either like the fact that he was running Daily Stormer out of a New York City apartment owned by his Jewish friend Alex Pilosov.

      • Weev is all bark and no bite. Despite all the degenerate stuff he said, he now has one up on Heimbach. He can now say “Yeah I’ve only talked about violence against women but you actually violently attacked a woman and got arrested for it!”

        You’re right that this does not reflect poorly on you though as you had nothing to do with this.

      • Brad- I’ve never read over at DS about actual “beating, raping & torturing” of women- what I have read, are often snarky rhetoric deprecating the ‘liberated female’ (of which OD seems to have their own unique ‘umm…example’ in the comments section) in order to use societal examples of ‘keeping women in their place,’ as the counter-measure to the rabid egalitarian BS that sees a woman as the ontological equal of the man- of which she is not! Examples that come to mind- pics of Clark Gable slapping Joan Crawford’s heinie, with Crawford’s smiling face on endless loop. I can’t speak of Weev, but truly AA seems to actually have a moral conscience, that yet understands the modern Matriarchal Kali-esque bizarro-style society given us by the Talmudics, is FAR WORSE, than a medieval, European/christian society that knew how to ‘keep women in their place.’ REstoring the patriarchy appears far less evil, that maintaining that feminism is either valid, logical, or a good thing.

  26. Hey, who gives a shit if we’re losing? Lets bash each other! Its more important to be right then to win!

    • Matt Heimbach is making us “lose” and you think NOT mentioning that fact will make us “win”? Are you an idiot?

  27. Sure, it’s unfortunate, but the ‘far-right’ (LOL) is not about the cult of personality as much as it is about ideas – and it’s not possible to barf out the red pill.

    In my eyes a much bigger crime would have been had he gone interracial.

  28. Certainly a bad affair.

    All should know Matthew H isn’t accused of doing anything that Martin Luther King Jr or John F Kennedy did. There just weren’t cell phones around at the time and these things got settled in other, quieter ways.

    How about trying some rather staged “Christian” confessional way out of this. Go with the idea that Matt H got away from the good Christian ways when he was excommunicated by the Orthodox faith and he lost all faith in the good Christian way and fell in to sin, but now he vows to find JEEEEEEEEESUS again and repent his wicked ways.

    Certainly a “Time Out” from White Nationalist politics is in order.

    • JR: “All should know Matthew H isn’t accused of doing anything that Martin Luther King Jr or John F Kennedy did.”

      Poor analogy, since MLK and JFK did not lose their power or their office or their organization.

      JR: “There just weren’t cell phones around at the time and these things got settled in other, quieter ways.”

      Settled? Both MLK and JFK banged all the pussy they wanted and yet didn’t destroy their marriages or their organizations. On the other hand, that moral degenerate, wife-beater, and felony assaulter destroyed two marriages and wiped out – WIPED OUT – his entire organization. And now Matt Parrott might end up in prison for up to 20 years for destroying computer evidence linked to Charlottesville UTR rally. The only “time out” that’s likely to come about is Heimbach behind bars, sucking nigger cock.

  29. Where are the modern-day equivalents of Robert J. Matthews, David Lane and Commander Rockwell ?

  30. Pretty sad all the way around. Apart from whether anyone is convicted or not, it is always a mistake to get law enforcement involved in matters like this. Bad judgment, to say the least, We need leaders who can exercise impulse control. How did the white race go from building space ships and landing on the moon…to this?

  31. I called out Heimbach the day after he collaborated with ABC news, waaaay back when he first started.

    I warned about TWP and their close connection with the SPLC waaaay back in 2015 MONTHS BEFORE they attempted to destroy the NPI conference, lying that Heimbach was disinvited because of his “strong Christian beliefs.” (snicker.)

    I spent months begging Wallace to avoid getting LoS into bed with these obvious fakes who had the SPLC on their speed dial forever, but nah, Wallace just wanted to hang out with his buds.

    I even pointed out that Daily Stormer had Jews writing for them even BEFORE Joshua Goldberg was arrested by the FBI. Everything Wallace is saying about Weev and (((Daily Stormer))) is true, but I said it long before he did.

    It’s a burden being right all the time, but ah well, someone’s got to. You’re welcome.

    If I were y’all, I’d lawyer up now because anyone and everyone who had anything to do with TWP is going to be involved in civil and criminal trials for years to come.

    • Because it was well established by Alex Linder that Wallace is a mentally unstable idiot, or worse. It’s more important to hang out with his buddies, and “play movement” in the real world because behind the computer won’t “work”.

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