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  1. I am late to comment on this, but all of us have already spent too much time on this matter.

    Let us move on for our people.

  2. Here’s a video (with using live actors) that recreates what happened at the TWP compound, proving even more emphatically the mockery, ridicule, and destruction that Matt Heimbach’s 51/2 inch wiener has caused to the cause of white nationalism. Like Kevin Alfred Strom, he must now be permanently shunned from the Movement, and anyone – ANYONE – who supports him now should be relentlessly attacked until they too are silenced.

    • Are you Alex Linder, posting as James T West on Sf, and you’ve since been banned? Whatsamatter? Didn’t Heimbach return your desperate phone calls?

    • Mr. Strom and the fine work at National Vanguard are powerful WN resources. Spirals of prudishness devoid of life situation context aren’t especially meaningful. I respect the concern with the heinousness of adultery, but a little white on white altruism shouldn’t be asking too much. Overcoming monsters, rebirth and long odessy’s are a deep part of the Europid psyche — don’t be surprised when these turns unfold in reality.

  3. It’s adorable, all the people saying, “ok let’s move past this” – as if you can.. Heimbach & Parrott spent the last five years mugging for the camera playing “neo-Nazi” while keeping in constant contact with the SPLC. Heimbach took every opportunity to get on TV with his collection of goons getting into fights at Trump rallies, and Richard Spencer – inexplicably – started welcoming Heimbach to his events.

    The first thing Parrott did is make a statement to the SPLC, then announce he is destroying evidence, and is immediately sued. Both Heimbach and Parrott are facing the very real possibility of hard prison time. Which one flips first?

    Anyone and everyone associated with the clown show that was TWP is looking at two years, minimum, of trials and lawsuits. It’s almost certain that Heimbach and the Spencer “rallies” will be featured heavily in Democratic party commercials attacking Trump and his “alt right” fans – expect Heimbach to be on TV even MORE than he has been in the last few years. Heimbach and Parrott’s trials will be a major feature of the Congressional campaign and quite possibly the next Presidential campaign after that.

    “Move past it?” LOL. It’s just getting started.

    “Alexa, order one year’s worth of popcorn.”

    • Hipster- more importantly, the question needs to be asked, as everyone who has no moral sense, coupled with a true ethnic solidarity, is so ready to accuse and lose at the first sign of trouble, ‘What would the Jews do?” Or, rather, “What do the Blacks do – every single time?”
      Those minorities circle their wagons (metaphorically speaking) and say things like, ‘He dindu nuffin,’ or ‘You are just an anti-Semite’ and then work COLLECTIVELY to deflect ANY and ALL criticism of the ‘tribe’ under scrutiny.. We Whites (and especially we alt-right Whites) are SO READY to throw the offender to the [FEDGOV/JEWSMEDIA] lions, as if…. AS IF, this would appease the powers of HELL.

      It doesn’t, and never will. While we should excoriate all folly and sin among our own, and work WITHIN OUR OWN ENCLAVES, rather than submit to the Moloch State, the presumption of all of these comments, is that ‘IF I snitch/denounce/distance myself, they won’t come for me.


      THis whole thing is become a charade – I called it Oedipus meets Trailer Trash, myself, frankly. But if you read the tenor of these comments (with their fifth-grade foul language) you soon come away with the reality that the fallacy of democracy cuts both ways. While we may acknowledge the unfitness of non-Whites to think intellectually, plan effectively, and rule corporately, the ‘leaders’ in this ‘movement’ (such as it is….) aren’t much better off than the “De Andre Harrises” of the world. More’s the pity.

      Because the Jews will ALWAYS win, until we restore HIERARCHY and submission of the lesser to teh greater. Starting with the Church. And working our way, down to overthrow the fallacy of Demos rule – rule of the illiterate mob.

    • Actually Kikester Rapist — for someone who looks like a Dothead jewboy into whiggress spanking porn — and searching my old hard drives looking up saved jewtube videos of you yapping as a swarthoid jewboy about something or another you are absolutely right. Mongrel critters like you or Chaimbach shouldn’t show theys’ swarthy skins, hebe-snouts, Euranusian jewnibrows, were-mamzer hairlines or fat asses. I used to stay up nights wondering which of you were the darkest mamzers — you or Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren.

      I’ll give you credit for not taking down any of my web pages or suing me, Roxie and my Aryan Nations Church like Bryan Reo / Attorney Kyle Bristow of the failed ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center did. In fact ZOGbot Silly Roper and April Gaede took down my “Look at Me. I’m April Gaede” video on jewtube and got me a “haet-strike” on jewtube. So I’ll grant that you are a smarter one of the ZOGbot mamzers, Kikester Rapist.

      The problem with those who don’t like to show theyz’ faces, snouts, or what lies underneath theys’ tails is that they make a virtue of thinking that as jews, mamzers, and try-sechsuals that they get to tell the rest of us what to do. You don’t. None of you.

      Fatt Chaimbach didn’t pass my 30-second test any more than you or Bryan Reo passed my five-milli-second test. My mamzer-dar was going off the Tardometer at the sight of the Fatt Mongrel. And as for Mattoid Parrott, I think that he is pure whigger ZOGtard for deferring to this interloping fat mongrel. Matt-oid Parrott used to have his own blog like Brad Griffin but he pulled his own plug like a tard.

      Back after Waco when I wanted to join a pub[l]ic militia I couldn’t because I wasn’t related to what were essentially survivalist cells who wanted to get politically involved. So I had to form two public militias with the help of others so inclined. Within two years of OKC bombing I myself pulled to plug on what was left. Anything calling itself a militia is a ZOG false f[l]ag operation.

      So what is the purpose of blogs like Brad Griffin or Greg Johnson or Dickie Spencer runs? In the case of them it is to disseminate anti-ZOG haet and propaganda — as a gateway drug to real offensive action.

      I have always been against public protest wherein the ZOG piglice and $PLC / ADL get to see warlords in budding. Rather I have always justified the Dylann Roofs and those preparing for Civil War II and any public showing is dedicated to my overtly Nationalist political campaigns in Missouri.

      These costumed clowns showing their asses in public have always been an embarrassment at best. What I want ZOG to [not] see in White men gathering are Warlords in training to seize power with 10,000 military dictatorships upon ZOG/Babylon collapse, settling the blacks on their own reservations, the beaners runnt-oft and “good jews” in an open-air concentration camp on Long Island where none shall escape. How do we get there from here?

      Simply let the inevitable happen.

      Until then the bowel Movement is already set up by competing barons each jealous of his own virtual dunghill and in the case of jewboy Linder Its own virtual colostomy bag. The collapse of the latest ZOG false-flag operations this past ten daze — ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center & Traditional ZOGbot Twats — is a GOOD thing as it always is when these ZOGtards pull theys’ own plugs & kick theyz’ own slop and waste troughs. Count yourself lucky that this time it didn’t end in a drunken Lumbee Melungon closet homosexual ZOGbot gunning down three other mongrels in the parking lot of an Old Kike’s Home like what happened four years ago.

      You wouldn’t be facing civil and criminal penalties for obstructing justice if you had taken your medicine and not deleted your idiotic web pages that ZOG already got 666 copies of, Matt-oid Parrott. I don’t feel sorry for fools who got what they deserve for their own stupidity.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Ten Thousand Warlords Project

      • Wowee wow! A Murray Samuelson comment immediately following a Daddy Jack comment? Goshers! The big wide wonderful web is just chock full of startling coincidences like that.

        I say put Murray and his 10K warlords in charge of all White Nationalist organizations. Hell, put them in charge of everything.Then all the trains will run on time, and there will be a whigger brood sow and a gelded mamzer criminal in every pot.

        Murray is a man of enormous political talent. Just ask him.

        Murray writes:

        “When my kind comes to power, routine skinning alive, crucifixion and torture of regime criminals and any supporting whiggers will be the order of the day. Their male spawn are to be castrated by their regime criminal parents biting off and swallowing their penis and testicles. Their female children are to be spayed and raped and forced to breed a new Neo-Aristocracy for the Master Race.”


        P.S. If any approximately white male reading this would like to be one of Murray’s 10K warlords, please download the PDF application form from his esteemed message board. Better hurry because vacancies are filling fast.

        P.P.S. All we are saying is give toothless, half-bearded, malignant narcissists a chance!

        • Obie-gender-bender-pissers-poofter-possum / Robert Hancock / “Obie” is yet another mongrel infesting See-Eye Dentistry but as an Aussie poofter working in a Mitsuibishi warehouse in Melbourne Australia. Nothing much cares for Obie-gender-bender except for The One-Eared Dingo that ate Obie’s pickle and is now chasing Obie like the Crocodile that chases Capt’n Hook.

          Nothing real can be accomplished by mongrels, jews, drug addicts, perverts, and ZOGbots. Which is why it is vitally important to know who is doing the so-called “activism.” Especially when they don’t want to show theys’ snout or what lies underneath theys’ tail — like Obie-gender-bender.

          Mattoid Chaimbach was an obvious mongrel ZOGbot. Mattoid Parrott an obvious whigger cuck ZOGbot. Kikester Rapist looks just like a dot-head jewboy into whiggress spanking porn. And Obie-gender-bender is a raging self-righteous mongrel homosexual who teamed up with a Sephardic Melungeon named Jeromy Visser — who in order to get out of a stalking charge in 2010 — admitted to not even being remotely white.

          Now all of these former suspicions are now documented fact.

          Now what I’ve written on my forum I’ve written. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is an apocalyptic religion which says before Christ can return there needs to be a Great Tribulation. And since there is only two seedlines amidst Sixth-Day Beasts of the Field the culling starts first at the House of YHWH, cf. Ezekial Chapter 9. And yes, whigger regime criminals need to die along with the rest of the herd during the Great Tribulation.

          Did not baby girls burn to death during the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Was not the entire Tribe of Benjamin sans 600 fighting men treated as Canaanites and wiped off during the Israelite-Benjamin Civil War during the High-Priesthood of Phineas, cf Judges Chapters 19-21? Was not Daniel castrated by Nebuchadnezzar for King Hezikiah’s sins 130 years previously?

          All Biblical facts which should be known to See-Eye Dentists, even self-righteous mongrel homosexual ones with gender-identity issues pretending to be one of us. The problem is that they are NOT one of us. Since that is the case, why should any of us be surprised when the entire house of cards built upon a foundation of deceit cums undone?

          In this month of March the Foundation for the Market Place of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center of Kyle Bristow & Bryan Reo imploded, taking with it the 1/8 jew Dickie Spencer’s college speaking engagements to the Antifa. Then a fat mongrel screwed its way through the whiggress and anglo-mestizess coontang before its own spawn and another ZOG false-flag operation collapsed. Nothing, not even rubble or archived web pages remain of these false-flag edifices.

          Everyone says that the bowel Movement in the form of the Alt-Right/Alt-Kike is over. So it is as dead as this Andrew Greenbaum Nazi organizations. Two ZOGbot baal-priests James Wickstrom and Mark Downey died last week and it is claimed that See-Eye Dentistry is over.

          Nothing is further from the truth. ZOG false-flag operations imploding is a GOOD thing.

          Our Resistance is when it is real much like the Taliban. The Taliban freedom-fighter herds goats and grows poppies for a living but when he sees a “cheap shot” to kill a traitor or ZOG collaborator or set up an Improvised Explosive Device he takes it. Thus ZOG was driven out of Iraq and will be out of Afghanistan.

          Genuine White activists likewise have families and jobs and inheritances but when the time cums to take a “cheap shot” against ZOG on web pages and blogs and forums and in comments sections — we take it. ZOG will eventually collapse and we will have our racial ethnostates — Ten Thousand of them under petty military dictatorships — by estimation.

          No smart warlord should take in a non-white mongrel or jew or pervert or ZOGbot — not if he wants to be a live warlord when ZOG collapses.

          Pore Obie-gender-bender. Its Two & a Half Mamzers Forum is now down to one lonely perverted ZOGbot mamzer — Its-self.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
          Ten Thousand Warlords Project

          • Murray is a proud and capable minister of Dual Seedline Christian Identity doctrine, which holds that Jews are the spawn of Satan. That’s why he has friendly and lengthy chats with a Jew he calls Fat Kike on his podcast, which used to be called The Movement Turd, then Da Dik-Dik Show, then The Reltney Identity, and a host of other titles that made all the angels in Heaven rejoice loudly. Let it be known that Murray only speaks with Fat Kike to gain vital intel that he can ultimately use against the Jews once he has a set of dentures. Right now all he can give the diabolical bastards is a nasty suck.

            Fat Kike is the only Jew Murray has anything to do with and for biblically approved reasons, as already stated. That’s why Murray did a podcast with another Jew, named Kane, with whom he said he had much in common. The fact that Murray’s mother’s maiden name was Samuelson, a common Jewish name, has nothing to do with it, and if you reckon it does, you’re a Tubal Kenite Pictish Hyberbigger whigger regime criminal, plus a ZOGbot poofter, who’s gonna cop a good gelding and skinning alive just as soon as Murray can walk without the aid of a motor vehicle. Besides, the only reason Murray posts poo pix all over his message board is to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he isn’t Jewish. Because if he really were Jewish, he’d have to post the pix. But since he posts them because he wants to post them rather than has to post them, he must be white. And if you can’t see that important distinction, you’re nothing but a poo pic. Poo pic!

            Murray teaches the Bible and only the Bible. That’s why most of his show is devoted to his slandering various persons in the “Movement.” The rest of his show, however, is devoted to his slandering various persons in the “Movement.” So don’t go running to Murray about him not being a Christian testimony, because he sure as bleeping hell is. Fat Kike, Kane, and George Takei have all signed sworn affadavits to that effect. Murray has their signatures on file.

            Marty loves white people. That’s why he wants to skin most of them and rape the rest—once his bad leg comes good and he’s saved up enough dosh for a family sized box of horny goat weed. But don’t worry, the white people he and his 10k warlords will skin and rape, preferably alive, are whigger regime criminals who deserve all the skinning and raping they can get. What exactly is a whigger regime criminal? Anyone who reckons Murray has one or two screws loose and is possibly not the most Christian bloke on the planet. Is that you? Because if it is, the next person to knock on your back door will be Pastor Murray. He’ll knock before he pounds on it, though, because if Murray is anything, it’s a Southern gentleman. And that’s not some sleazy gay reference neither. In the words of Murray’s own battle cry: cum, cum, cum!

  4. The movement in general needs to be scraped. Every time a little bit of traction gets going the shit blows up.

  5. Heimbach’s going to end up with a phat negro cock up his ass once he’s behind bars. His whole purpose while running the TWP was just an ego trip, trying to get as much publicity as he could while actually accomplishing nothing. Lot of noise, but no substance. He wanted to be a “General”, when at best he should’ve been only a buck sergeant. And that’s the problem: the majority of these “National Socialist” groups get the idea that they’re qualified to be leaders of a massive movement, when they’re not. They need to stop prancing about like big shots and to start taking orders from their betters. This goes for all of them. None of you are qualified to lead.

    • A good question. Where IS Heimbach? He fucked up and now he’s nowhere to be seen. Somebody ought to find out where he is and shove a video camera in his face and force him to answer why he fucked up the WN movement.

    • Have you ever met a basically normal, stable ‘national socialist’? I haven’t, and I don’t just mean harmless quirks. Every one that I’ve come across (including the few I’ve met in real life) very quickly reveals himself as a serious nut. I wouldn’t say that no normal national socialists exist, but they’re surely very few and far between.

      • Silver, you’re correct about national socialists being serious nuts. I’ve crossed paths with several in the last thirty years, and every one of them was as flakey as a box of Kelloge’s. One was an anorexic who had serious daddy and woman issues. He’s now a glutton who weighs over 400 pounds, and refuses to listen to friends, family, and doctors about losing weight. He calls them jerks. Is it any wonder why NS is not taken seriously? The movement needs to distant itself from this flakiness if it wants to build longterm credibility.

  6. It s bad and embarrassing

    But nothing done here wasn t done by both Martin Luther King Jr and JFK

    They are Saints

  7. Oh man, what a laugh, what a clown show. Typical WN ineptitude. It’s hard to believe that clearly intelligent and clearly deeply committed people could be this inept.

    I always thought Heimbach was a loose cannon and deficient thinker, and nowhere near leadership material, but I did admire his willingness to take it to the streets. (People like him are most useful when they’re willing to take orders from their betters.) But to fuck your friend’s wife/ your wife’s mother, all the while passing yourself off as a good Christian and a ‘traditionalist,’ well, that goes beyond ineptitude. Geezus, what a filthy, degenerate snake.

    I used to think that there was something about WN that attracted weirdo type people to it. But I’m starting to believe there’s something (not sure what) about the WN cause itself that warps participants’ minds and eventually makes them crack, no matter how ‘normal’ they are when they first join the movement.

  8. No doubt about it, Heimbach’s a degenerate snake alright. I’m hoping for the sake of the Cause that he commits suicide. He’s dishonored his wife, his best friend, his best friend’s wife, his two children, and the entire white nationalist movement. A gun will be quick, and the blinding pain over quickly, as your motherfu*king brains are splattered over the walls of your cheap trailer. You acted like trailer trash, so now die like it. You’re done. Forever.

    • Hello FAGGOT. Are you the one that sent me the picture of your nigger boyfriend’s ugly nigger dick? Or is that something you paid for? You really are insane. You need to take your own advice. Kill yourself now.

    • Yes Heimbach should blow his brains out now it’s the only way. This mother fucker is a disgrace of a White man, and shouldn’t be nowhere near a respectable organization again.

  9. A heart-breaking picture on that go fund me page. What could have been in his mind? He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get his parental rights terminated.

  10. The sensus communis on this topic is beyond demoralising. So Matt Heimbach failed. And his family and White community threw him to his enemies. This is why they are winning on every front.

  11. I agree the comments were overwhelmingly demoralizing and way too negative. Yes, there was immorality – married adults had an affair.

    This is something that happens, John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King had sexual affairs with married women. The illegitimacy rate in the Black African American community is over 75%. We do not live in Ike’s 1950s Leave it to Beaver era. And even then Black illegitimacy rates had to be over 20%. Certain “bad sides of town” had prostitution, heroin etc.

    Some recommendations.

    It’s easier to do full out 100% activism when you are a college student or of that age, or when you are retired and can’t be fired from your job etc.

    Don’t do formal membership organizations as just one infiltrator or one serious mental F*** Up will take everybody down.

    Try something informal with implicit White nationalism, Southern nationalism.

    I highly, highly recommend White biker clubs. Bikers for Trump held the street against Antifa, Muslims and BlackLiesMatter mobs at Trump events.

    What about sports fans clubs? This worked for so many years with English soccer clubs. Let’s get Southerners and Midwesterners to turn away from thug basketball and thug football to embrace college and NHL hockey and international hockey and also rugby.

    Not to be paranoid, but this might be a good time to clean up your computers, clean up your how. Make sure you aren’t stockpiling racist literature and military guns, guns, guns.

    You want your home to look like a home and office, not a racist wacko compound.

    There is nothing “fair” about this. My God, some young beautiful alt Lite Ladies were arrested, detained in the UK for just noticing the terrible Pakistani Muslim sexual grooming, gang rapes of poor English girls and the God awful coverups by the UK Labor Party and UK Conservative party with that God awful new Pakistani Lib Leftist Muslim Mayor who’s now apparently coming on a propaganda tour to Texas to promote Social Media spying on regular Americans.

    • Jack Ryan, no one is condemning him for marital infidelity per se, you fucking retard. It’s who he did it with and who he did it to that make him a fucking snake. I’m sorry, but politically, there are some things you just can’t recover from. Heimbach’s toast, get over it.

      And Lynda you silly wench, what about Matt Parrott? You either support Heimbach or you support Parrott, it’s one or the other. Anyone who can’t see that Parrott was the one who got fucked over here need’s his (or her) head examined.

      I don’t think it’s demoralizing that Heimbach is being condemned by commenters. It would be more demoralizing if people were trying to defend him. If he did something like killing an entire family of niggers (kids and all) over some road rage incident – ie something clearly excessive and immoral – I think you would you see a whole army of commenters rise up to defend him. But what Heimbach did is basically indefensible, especially for someone claiming a leadership position.

  12. Something I’m reposting here from Wormfront:


    My response: “Po po? Did you really just use the term “po po” in a non-ironic manner? And don’t get me started on the knee-jerk anti law enforcement garbage. I do hate it when people on our side live down to the stereotype and act like negroes, leftists, or clueless kids going through an ” it’s ‘cool’ to hate authority figures” stage. Oh, and reported for attempting to bypass the site’s language filter… Cheers.m

  13. You’re right to put ((( ))) around Denise’s name. I’ve always suspected she’s actually working side by side with Heidi Beirich of the SPLC to undermine white nationalism. That’s why she’s defending a scumbag like Heimbach because she and her (((agency))) know it will turn off normie whites seeing such a shitbag defended when he’s so obviously guilty.

  14. Parrott would’ve been morally justified in taking Heimbach’s life over this. Then I heard Parrott chose instead to immediately give a comment to the SPLC about the incident and facepalmed hard.

    I was calling Heimbach a shill for almost a year now, and I’ve seen a bunch of others caution about him even before Cville. He was nothing but an attention seeker in all the wrong ways, trying to build a personality cult. Thankfully, he’s a fat slob, which hindered his mass appeal, or others could have ended up being duped by him as well.

    Fortunately, this isn’t the end of the pro-white advocacy movement if we don’t allow it to be, and I know our allies who visit this blog have the agency to press on. If this doesn’t deter me as a newbie to the movement, it shouldn’t deter anyone else.

  15. Well, at least with TWP gone we get to be a lot more unified as a movement. Also most of the image problems during public events will hopefully be 90%+ cured by this. The media will have their heyday and then we get to move forward smarter, leaner, stronger and better.

    I really hate it for the families involved, including Matt H. No man is infallible. The Billy Graham Rule is looking smarter all the time.

  16. Ok, so my comment to move on was ruthlessly attacked by some. I will answer.

    We take a giant step over this pothole and move on. Anyone can be replaced, even great or worthless leaders. Yes our enemies will use this but this gives us the opportunity to put in a more qualified leader who will be a lion.

  17. Successful Chinese revolutionary Mao Tse Tung said:

    “A Revolution is not a dinner party”.

    Any type of American White/Southern movement that is going to try for any revolutionary change isn’t going to be done by clean living, never had a beer, never had sex outside of monogamous Christian marriage Latter Day Saints dressed in nice sweaters or suits and ties on Sunday.

    Without the fighting men of the SA, led by promiscuous homosexuals Ernst Rohm – Germany would have called to the Jewish led Communists – Munich and much of Bavaria did indeed fall to the Communists in a Communist coup the same as Trotsky’s coup in St. Petersburg Russia.

    • Your whole argument is full of shit, “Jack Ryan”. First, you set up a strawman, as if anyone is calling for all leaders in the WN movement to be Sunday school teachers who “wear nice sweaters”. No one has demanded that nonsense. Then you go on to champion homosexuals as well (!) as if they too should not be criticized. Finally, both George Washington and Adolf Hitler were revolutionaries who indeed did not have sex outside marriage like that greasebag Matt “looks like a Jew” Heimbach.

      What we DO demand is that anyone aspiring to leadership and a high-level media presence not EMBARRASS the white nationalist movement, making us out as immoral, wife-cheating, trailer park trash violent assholes – which is exactly what that hypocrite Matt “traditionalist values” Heimbach did. For the rank and file, who remain anonymous in their everyday lives, let them do all the wife-beating, pumping their father-in-law’s wife’s pussy all they want, because it doesn’t matter – no one knows they exist.

      But when you aspire to WN leadership, you are like a US politician in Congress – your life is now public and everything you do is under a magnifying glass. In other words, you’re held to a HIGHER standard than the rank and file, and the moment you violate that standard you must be savagely attacked, denounced, and hounded out of the WN movement forever, exactly what happened with that child porn freak Kevin Alfred Strom, now a washed-up nobody living off the charity of Will “Mr. Crazy Checks” Williams.

      That is the point that you and so many others are missing. So if you can’t run a clean and moral life, then stay in the rank and file. But if you want to be a leader, then you’d better not fuck up and cause a shitstorm of leftist media attacks against the white nationalist movement. Anyone who does must be forever banned from our movement.

      • I agree. And I recognize Hitler as being infinitely better in every way including sexual morality to Ernst Rohm. I support the Night of the Long Knives. But this was after we won, achieved power. Right now we are out of power and so many places like American universities are terrorized by the worst, degenerate Antifa, Communist, BlackLiesMatter mobs. Who can wade in there with this scum?

        It ain’t nice, never had a beer, never kissed a girl who wasn’t’ your Christian wife type folks.

        This is an embarrassing sexual immorality scandal. I don’t condone it.

        But again – it’s a sexual affair of adult White men and women – no homo buggery, no under age teens, no race mixing , no drugs outside of beer.

        OK – it could have been worse.

        Let’s move on.

  18. The main thing at this point is to move on without compounding the problems by embracing ideas like getting behind the Republican party that will only result in more movement self-sabotage and wasted effort.

    • Yes, we have to move on. With TWP extinct and Heimbach soon headed to prison, things aren’t going well. And now Don Black has suffered a second stroke, causing his wife Chloe to order Stormfront shut down for good. Seems she blames his latest collapse to all the stress of running a forum that’s going down anyway. Black may not live another week, I’ve heard. The whole WN movement seems to be dying. But we still have HAC and the Northwest Front, so that’s something.

      • This is false. I don’t know where you heard this but it isn’t true. I just spoke with Don this morning and yesterday briefly. SF is having some issues due to being downgraded by google but that’s it. Please don’t spread rumors. Whoever told you this is full of it.

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