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    • Be careful. Last 200 years those people won all wars with white nationalists. Don`t you know what happened with Russian Whites in 1917-1922 or how Hitler supporters ended up ?.

      • Indeed,and after the war they turned all of these countries into violent garbage dumbs,ans that i all they are good for,killing and destroying.

          • Well. Absolute majority of Soviet war losses were not by Germany action but Soviet modus operandi. Starvation, brutal frontal attacks, hard labor to death. Only disciplinary executions of Soviet soldiers reached by some data as big as million.

            Also most of those Nazi war crimes are actually Soviet action. Katyn for example.

            I do not justify Hitler actions but Stalin Soviet Union was not innocent victim but most murderous place on earth ready to invade Europe so Hitler just did not had any alternative left. Except letting himself overrun by 30 000 Soviet tanks. In this case Soviets would reach La Manche sometimes in autumn 1941.

        • Thanks to this war, World War II, a war that neither Hitler or the WHITE German people ever wanted, and though they tried valiantly to avoid it, the total population of Europe was reduced by 150 million, from 542 million in 1940 to 392 million in 1950. The war caused the slaughter of over 100 million White Europeans by other White Europeans. Certainly, we Americans, and the ALL-LIES, Americans & Brits, allied with the communist butcher of millions of his own people, convinced those Germans to be like us, to kneel and bow in the presence of the “chosen”.

          After all, just think about it. The unmitigated gall of those Germans, to want Germany for Germans, racial pride, self determination, and the ability to rule themselves free from jewish domination. How dare they free themselves from Communism, drugs, poverty, usury, high crime, race-mixing and the catastrophic problems jews bring to any society they settle in — the pornography, faggotry, pedophilia, transgenderism, censorship, unlimited immigration, alcoholism, crime, child abuse, obesity, autism, venereal diseases, and everything else we Americans are accustomed to today are thanks to our jew masters and manipulators, who control every institution critical to America’s existence.

          But, don’t be alarmed. Today, not only was White Germany destroyed, but in fact, all of Europe, Canada, and Australia, virtually all White homelands, and only White homelands, by the way, are in the same boat with America … up schitz creek without a paddle — because of the jews.

      • They won ALL wars? Well, for sure won’t win with such blackpill defeatist outlook! It’s that shrug meh acceptance mindset that lost Russia…

        Just across the border, Finnish Whites won and sent Reds camping. General Mannerheim tried to rally Imperial Russian Army in Petrograd, but by 1918 that Slavic Russian fatalism proved fatal, so he withdrew to lead Whites of Finland and defend newly independent homeland against Bolshevik horde; took only 3 months for White Finns to finish off Red Guards backed by Soviet Russia.

        Marshal Mannerheim reluctantly came out of retirement to lead Finnish defensive forces against Stalin’s Red Army invasion in Winter War of 1939-1940, after Hitler sold out Finland to Soviet “sphere” in Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. (Soviets invade Poland with Germans, then Soviets invade democratic Finland—yet Western Allies only declare war on Germany; in fact U.K. declared war on Finland at Stalin’s request amid Continuation War of 1941-1944.)

        Standing alone, Finns thrice thwart Bolshevik Communist conquest by gigantic Soviet Union neighbor despite outnumbered more than 10 to 1…each time under leadership of Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, who as father of his country must rank with George Washington and Robert E. Lee. At turn of 20th century nobody would predict on paper tiny country that theretofore never existed would achieve and maintain independence from both Communism and NATO to become thriving Nordic social democracy—despite being at war with all 3 sides at one time or another in WWII, and 3 wars against aggressive giant Soviet Russian bear with whom Finland shared 1,000-mile land border…

        Decades later, Molotov tried to spin things but basically admitted Stalin/Soviets calculated from Winter War humiliation that even if Russians used overwhelming numerical advantage to occupy Finland, against all odds stubborn Finnish resistance would have been fierce and unrelenting and never end—never accepting defeat—which is the only way to win:

        «How merciful we were toward Finland! We were smart not to annex it. It would have been a festering wound. Not because of Finland itself, but because that wound would have afforded a pretext for anti-Soviet action. People are very stubborn there, very stubborn. Even the minority could have been dangerous there.»
        —Vyacheslav Molotov, 28 Nov 1974; Soviet Foreign Minister (1939-1949) trying to explain in propaganda language as friendly to Soviets as possible why they didn’t annex Finland—even if endless masses of Red Army overran territory, occupation would drain Soviet blood/treasure facing guerrilla warrior Finns on skis hiding in snows and woods making neverending ‘bleeding wound’ for CCCP…

  1. Yes, they are a bit like rats. Not particularly nice to look at, crap and soil everything the touch. And often smell bad….

  2. Damn, I wouldn’t want to battle with that heifer on the left for the last pork chop on the plate.

  3. For starters on the left, we have some fat soy drinking lardass who probably never heard of a treadmill that doesn’t look a man or a woman but type of manlet in between. In the center we have a lady wearing a hat and fattish looking legs. On the right we have an old man who has probably wasted his life on a dead end job and taking it out on us rather than blaming the failed system, and on the bottom we have a kang who is probably under the influence of drugs.

    What did I miss here or is that a good chunk of the liberal caricatures?

  4. Back in 1994, I was at Auburn for the very last Old South Parade. It was a bitter sweet event, for the last time a parade to honor the Old South marched through town with Confederate Flags flying and Southern Pride on full display. So much Southern History in Auburn, so many men died in Langdon Hall that was was converted to a Hospital before and during the battle of Atlanta. There is a small mass gave of Confederate Solders in Auburn, if you know where to look. My how far we have fallen… It’s going to end badly gentlemen…

    • I went to college there in the early 2000s. The place has rapidly changed over the last five years. There are more foreign and out of state students, bigger high rise buildings downtown, the usual metropolitan garbage creeping in

      • @Brad That’s like WVU. All of the pagans, professors, and those dependent on them have built mini-mansions, and some not so mini on Cheat Lake, where I spent a lot of my youth swimming, hiking, and drinking beer. LOL. (the drinking age in WV was 18 back then).

        My great-great grandfather, a Confederate soldier had bought the property, before the Civil War, where the golf course and resort is located today. If any of you know the area?

        The Whippoorwill (The Whip) was still there, and in business a few years ago. It had been bought by a fellow from Maryland and he is doing a nice job keeping it up. If I get down that way I will stop in for a beverage and sit on the dock like I did in my youth.

        Charleston is another story, and I am disappointed to say the least in the destruction of our heritage, and choices that have been made, even though I do have fond memories.

  5. Trust me, after they’ve spent the evening further dividing the community, they’ll retire to their dens and get on the pot or booze. I’m sure they know how to entertain themselves.
    They seem unaware that whatever they do, it has the opposite effect of what was intended. Truly a pack of worthless losers.

  6. “after they’ve spent the evening further dividing the community (…) unaware that whatever they do, it has the opposite effect of what was intended”:

    Yes, it has the unintentional effect of further dividing the population, but that is the very intention of the ruling elites: Divide et impera, divide and rule.

    A sad scene. Like the activities of Tea Partiers and Trumpists on the other side of the coin, a useless, and worse than useless waste of time.

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