McAuliffe Concedes

Gay Tim Miller has one of the funniest takes on the Virginia governor’s race. Youngkin won by the race by reaching Assad-like margins in rural areas.

The Bulwark:

“Pittsylvania County is in Southside Virginia just north of Danville. I lived there for a couple of months in 2005 helping out with the Jerry Kilgore for Governor race. Kilgore won the county by 3,900 votes in a race we lost by 5 points. Fast forward to 2013 and Ken Cuccinelli beat McAuliffe there by 6,200 votes. In 2017, Ed Gillespie beat Ralph Northam there by 7,900 votes.

With 97% of the precincts reporting in Glenn Youngkin is winning Pittsylvania County by 13,200 votes. That’s 5,000 more votes than Gillespie, the 2017 candidate, banked in just that one small county.

The story is the same throughout the rural part of the state. Here are a few other examples, with the margins rounded to nearest hundred:

Wythe County in Southwest Virginia:
Gillespie +4,200, Youngkin +7,400 (93% of precincts reporting)

Rockingham County in the Shenandoah Valley:
Gillespie +10,800; Youngkin +16,200 (91% reporting)

Augusta County also in the Shenandoah, including Staunton:
Gillespie +11,200; Youngkin +18,900 (96% reporting)

Lee County in the far western corner of the state, sandwiched by Tennessee and Kentucky:
Gillespie +4,000; Youngkin +5,500 (95% reporting)

These margins all add up. So while it’s true that in a place like Virginia running up Assad-like numbers in Southside isn’t enough on its own, those tallies can be decisive when combined with the shifts we saw in Loudoun (which went for the Democrat 59-39 in 2017 but this year appears to have gone for McAuliffe by only 55-44) and Virginia Beach (which the Democrat won 52-47 in 2017 but McAuliffe appears to have lost 45-54 this year).

Yet for some reason Republicans are fighting on both fronts while the Democrats have just thrown in the towel in huge swaths of the state. …”

This reminds me of a very important data point:

In the 2020 election, 32% of Biden voters were White working class voters. This was the biggest single bloc of Biden voters even though the party is utterly dominated by White college educated PMCs. There was every reason to believe that Joe Biden could fall even further with that group.

David Shor has said for months that these people and education polarization was going to doom the Democrats. How did that play out in Virginia?

88% of evangelical Christians voted for Youngkin.

54% of Independents and 40% of Moderates voted for Youngkin.

75% of White non-college women voted for Youngkin.

78% of White non-college men voted for Youngkin.

60% of non-college voters voted for Youngkin.

76% of White non-college voters voted for Youngkin.

Youngkin won all groups of voters without bachelor degrees.

Youngkin outperformed Blumpf.

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  1. Our side needs to start doing GL Rockwell type street theater, have some fun out there and consider using dishonest or at least not 100% honest campaign tricks like these lying Lib Dems did dressing up as “United the Right” khaki clad Trump Republican activists.

    Our rural White people will believe pretty much everything bad about Lib Demorats – so why not do mailers supporting:

    Abortion Rights
    Strict Gun Control
    Renaming everything named after Washington, Jefferson and Lee
    Write small town, rural officials and demand that they end all public celebrations of:

    Christmas (substitute Kwanza, that Hindu festival of light)
    July 4th Independence Day – the new Black Liberation Theology day is Juneteenth
    Indigenous People’s Day – that’s on Columbus Day

    Ah what the hell – don’t let the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, make it a Muslim/Gay/Trangender appreciation day.

    Here’s one dirty trick I’ve always want to do:

    Do literature drops on White Christian church parked cars – the literature brags that their area is going Muslim thanks to mass Muslim immigration and the fact that their version of Christianity is FALSE, plus it’s all run now by homosexuals. Also do some “Who Rules the Media” honest propaganda that Js run the USA Media, only from a pro Muslim perspective.

    Then include some literature that the brags about the proud, Islamic warriors in Afghanistan that has completely routed the homosexual Zionist USA Army and the same will soon be happening in their mountain rural area of Virginia/West Virginia.

    Have some really insulting photos, drawings off some old, dark hairy Muslim guy with 3 pretty young White wives and threaten that their White daughters should/will become #4.

    Again, have some fun out there. What would GL Rockwell do?

    And let’s not be so honest, clean cut and committed to always losing like the Washington Generals do to the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Look at all the dishonest, but effective things the Js do in politics, culture – they change their names to sound like they are one of us, they get well liked C&W, Rock Stars like Hank Williams Jr, Toby Keith and Ted Nugent to crank out pro Zionist, Neo Conservative war mongering songs.

    • “Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will think himself wise in his own eyes.” – Prov. 26:5

      “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” – Matt. 10:16

      I agree. Give the god-damned Left a taste of their own medicine. Stuff CRAP DOWN THE LEFT’S MAW.


      Might as well aim big. Christ did.
      “Thy kingdom come ON earth.”

      ““Cry out, O Heshbon, for the town of Ai is destroyed. Weep, O people of Rabbah! Put on your clothes of mourning. Weep and wail, hiding in the hedges, for your god Molech, with his priests and officials, will be hauled off to distant lands.” – Jer. 49:3

      REPATRIATE ALL NON-WHITES. This is payback for Charlottesville.

    • @ jaye ryan, There is no honor too what you suggest sir, we are the physical theatre of this creation wide, eon’s old war between good and evil, everything that exist’s, is claimed by either God in heaven, or the renegade, fool satan, the enemies of God and therefore our enemies, should not be played with, ” Kii a snake, or leave it alone”.

    • @Jayd Ryan,

      Indeed. We do not owe our adversaries the truth and nothing but the truth. That’s a losing hand when they are playing by different rules, and coloring outside the lines of honest debate.

      We should treat foes like mushrooms- feed them shit, and keep them in the dark.

    • A “Who Rules the Media” expose from a Muslim perspective is a bad idea and would be a counter-productive strategy.

  2. What would Lee Atwater do to win these kind of races?

    I’d bet he’d sponsor annoying robo calls to likely voters, especially older voters demanding that THEY MUST Vote Lib Democrat, must do what the CNN, Hollywood celebrities, the Harvard and Yale elites demand they do!

    Get some actor with a name very close to Barach Hussein Obama to robo call demanding that they MUST embrace

    The United Nations
    Homo marriage equality
    Transgender adoption

    Play that horrible John Lennon Song “Imagine”.

    Also, dress up like Muslim with women in burkas, guys in that red checkered Palestinian scarf –
    signs that say:

    “Give us your children”.

    Have some fun out there.

    • “dress up like Muslim with women in burkas, guys in that red checkered Palestinian scarf”:

      Oh yes, an anti-Palestinian dress-up psyop, making your target audience think it’s the Palestinians and other “Arab beasts” who want to take your children. But the red Palestinian scarf represents freedom for all peoples being genocided, and the most courageous resistance to Western Anglo-Zioinist settler-colonialism. Furthermore, Islam forbids usury that Anglo-Zionism revels in.

  3. If all along Republicans had been in control of Richmond, the state legislatures, and the Va. governorship, then the George Floyd riots would not have resulted in all the statues coming down. In 2020 about 60% of Virginians wanted them to stay up. The GOP is very pozzed but no way would they have allowed mobs to tear down those statues in the same way that the Democrats allowed them to come down. Immigration, legal and illegal, drove the GOP decline and the Democrat rise. This being said, the GOP now is not interested in restoring Monument Ave, so we have to change them or the culture. Trump is just a Zionist and a lightning rod, so we need to move on.

      • Youngkin doesn’t care about some stupid polls of what Whites want – he will do as he is told – he’s a shabbos goy like all of them.

        • I’ve never said otherwise.

          Like I said, he can be Jeb Bush and would still be better than McAuliffe given the level of damage that he inflicted on every corner of the movement in Charlottesville

          • Its a good cop, bad cop routine. Democrats are the bad cops. The Republicans play the good cops.

            The Democrats beat white brains out, while Republicans stand by and watch. Then the bad cop is told to leave the room for a short while, while the Republican uses guile against the desperate white, who is grateful for a short break from the regular abuse.

          • It says a lot about how far we’ve fallen these days when a jeb bush type republican is preferable and seen as good compared to a white democrat. Voting is completely useless now. Won’t change a damn thing. America is one giant negro and jew loving insane asylum. The social and cultural rot is too deep.

      • Good to hear that – where are the statues now ? And what credible organization out there can we support that are trying to 1. keep the statues that are still standing 2. restore the ones taken down ?

  4. It’s true that Whites still makeup the majority of the electorate and typically have the highest turnout — so if you can get a large enough majority of them to vote for a candidate, that candidate can still win the election — the problem is that the white fraction of the electorate is shrinking all the time, and therefore what constitutes a ‘large enough’ majority of white voters is growing larger all time — and re repeating the result of this specific election (not that I think much will change in VA), girls don’t get raped in HS bathrooms nearly often enough and in nearly enough locations (yet, anyway).

    And cunts like Brianna Keilar show that the white female demographic is a problem — there are legions of women who think and vote like her — as I’ve said: I was surprised by how many young white women I saw at BLM ‘peaceful protests’ in 2020 — albeit like ‘crying wolf’, ‘crying racism’ is probably less and less effective.

  5. The current political system is a gatekeeper that filters out any true pro-White candidate(s) but keep believing that “voting” – no matter how “conservative” any of the candidates appear to be – will yield any truly positive results for Whites.

    • Once again, it made a real difference that McAuliffe was in charge of the Virginia State Police in Charlottesville. Democrat governors were unwilling to use the National Guard to quell all the rioting last summer too. Believe me, it brings me no pleasure to say it because I don’t like the GOP, but this willingness to coddle Antifa and BLM is no small thing

      • shit-eating Jew-stooge demoncrat out,

        shitface Jew-stooge republiscam in.

        Youngkin wil now spend 4 years

        consolidating all of McAuliffe’s anti-white rackets.

  6. Taking a look around social media, democrats still haven’t learned any lessons. They’re once again doubling down on the kind of rhetoric that cost them this election, blaming their failure on “Whiteness.” Democrats have no brakes on their crazy train. It would be very simple for them to sweep elections if they dropped the anti-White stuff, but it’s a religious fixation for them.

    Anti-whiteness is the defining characteristic of the American left today. If a person is anti-white, then he is considered “left wing,” regardless of his other views. If a person is pro-white or even neutral on whites, then he is “right wing,” even if he is otherwise a communist.

    • The only way to solve the present day crazy woke anti-whitism is with a pinochet solution and kicking the jews out of america. We know the cucked right doesn’t have the guts to solve the problem when in power, because of muh constitushion and all that, so they rely on elections and speeches and think that will persuade the woketards to change their ways. Bunch of cowards.

      • It’s not that the right doesn’t have the guts. It’s that they’re actively anti-White, too.

        Take the anti-CRT rhetoric from republicans, for example. They don’t argue that CRT is bad because it’s anti-White. They argue that CRT is bad because it isn’t as effective as raceblindness was at ending Whites. That is Chris Rufo’s actual argument, that republicans are better at being anti-white than democrats are. They want to go back to race blindness because it will get rid of Whites even faster.

  7. OT

    I see Über-Jüdin Deborah Lipstadt was called by plaintiffs to testify in the UTR trial — the Jews behind the UTR civil suit are really despicable.

    linkMost of the defendants, wisely, don’t ask her any questions. Her testimony is really irrelevant to the facts in dispute here.

    linkThat was the point of including her. She is otherwise irrelevant. This is a case that is supposed to weigh evidence that an alleged conspiracy took place between the defendants to engage in a violent event. He testimony is purely designed to poison the well. The defendants’ beliefs are not supposed to be on trial. I am shocked they allowed her at all without a defense objection.

    The problem is that Jews/the ‘Holocaust’ are both still too third-railish in America, so not only did defense lawyers not object to her irrelevant presence and testimony, they won’t forcefully/appropriately condemn it later before the jury later.

  8. I’m surprised the self hating White cuck conceded. Usually with the new and improved voting system we have today, it takes days for the full results to come in.

  9. 50 to 49, the Dems could easily have stolen it, like they did for Murphy in New Jersey, where Dominion just flipped enough votes to get Murphy over the top. But they didnt. They threw McAulliffe under the bus. And the sheboon elected as Lt. Governor, what a wonderful victory for us.

    It was a racist campaign, the Dems brutally anti white. Seems the rural whites didn’t like it. But of course, the election is over, so the Reds will completely forget about us. And the sheboon never gave us a thought.

    When I was growing up in Virginia, we still had vigilance. No blacks were allowed in our space, certainly not in our stores or schools. That is all gone, a Red achievement by 1970, and they are proud of it. There were no victories for us yesterday.

    But yes, I understand the joy of seeing McAulliffe defeated. I wish everyone could have forseen that C’ville was a trap. I was in a hotel just outside C’ville, and saw what it was the night before, so I didn’t go.

    McAuliffe was a player there, but the deep state was in charge. He was taking orders from the Company Men, who were running things from the shadows. If we had the all seeing eyes of God, we would know just how Trump and his team were ultimately behind this trap. Same as they were Jan. 6.

    Let’s Go Brandon.

  10. Youngkin is now promising to use the ADL’s definition of anti-semitism in a fight against anti-semitism in VA. Was this a big campaign issue?

    I notice that the rubes on FreeRepublic are orgasmic over the win. They are an excellent contrary indicator on how Youngkin will turn out.

    • Conservatives will never learn. They vote with their hearts instead of their minds and than wonder why they always lose. All they had to do is research the cuckold and see he is another fraud.We as Whites are our own worst enemy.

    • Limbaugh’s replacements were on the radio acting like the country was in the first stage of getting right back on track. People like that are either fools, or liars.

  11. Not one word against CRT in Bumpkins acceptance speech. Not one word against CRT talking to Tucker tonight. Tucker did not bring it up either. He’ll be for it like Tucker will be before you know it. Tucker lets guests speak against it but dots his i’s and crosses his t’s to make sure he does not really offend. He makes sure to tell you how Latinos are against it too

  12. The remaining monuments are all that still exists of the confederacy in what was once Dixie.

    This election only granted them a temporary stay of execution in Virginia. Tick. Tock.

  13. Don’t ever vote for a Republican again. Let the Commie/Anarchist/BLM/Antifa/etc Dems go ahead and destroy the Empire. It just comes natural for them. Secession is the only way to survive and restore our lands, our monuments, who we are and reestablish our rule over our land and throw out all these demonic Lefties.

    When everything starts breaking down, power goes off, food shortages, no clean water, looting, murders, homes and businesses being totally ransacked by bands of thousands of the worst of society, police and law enforcement being driven off, etc, etc secession with real men fighting back will save the day and we can’t stop until every Commie, BLM, Antifa etc is dead or driven out of our land and we set ourselves back up as independent sovereign states as we originally were.

    Prep, prep, prep!

    May God Save the South!

  14. I see that 55% of college-edjewcated White men voted for Youngkin, but only 38% of that class of women did: a yawning 17 percentage point gap.

    Kollige-indoctrinated wimmin – almost all shitlibs, many full-blown green-haired, single feminist man-haters – are the most susceptible to the kikes’ brainwashing. They and their issues can be safely ignored, and should be.

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