National Review: Against Conservative Pessimism

Am I black pilled?

Are you black pilled?

National Review:

“The right-wing Internet vocabulary is rife with “pills.” The red pill, originally a reference to the famous choice that Neo faces in The Matrix: “You take the blue pill, the story ends. . . . You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The “red pill” has become the conservative version of “woke,” denoting ideological affinity and an awareness of what’s really going on behind the curtain. The blue pill is its ignorant and blissfully unaware counterpart. This initial binary has expanded to accommodate a vast array of digital capsules, ranging from the white pill’s hope and confidence to the clear pill’s “absence of political conviction” altogether. There is even a quantum pill, which stands for a sort of in-between state, seeing the future in what Spencer Klavan describes as “both an optimistic and a pessimistic way at once — like a quantum computer hovering at 1 and 0 simultaneously, or like Schrödinger’s cat, both alive and dead until observed.”

The most dire of all “pills,” however, is the black pill, a term that originally arose in online “incel” forums to describe an attitude of complete and totalizing nihilism — both a despair about one’s situation and a firm conviction that the existing state of things will not, and cannot, improve. Amid a growing alarm about the state of the country and Western civilization more broadly, this pessimistic outlook has become increasingly common in some corners of the Right. Conservative black pills come in many forms, from Rod Dreher’s culture-war defeatism to Patrick Deneen’s thesis that the rot in modern American liberalism traces all the way back to the Founding — that the “atomistic philosophy” underpinning the American experiment, in other words, was doomed from the outset. …

Just where else would our nihilistic friends suggest we go? The rest of the West is in much worse shape than we are. China has set about building the world’s first techno-totalitarian state. America, on the other hand, still has the First and Second Amendments as well as powerful red states that are increasingly well situated to erode the dominance of national progressive-controlled institutions. Absolutist narratives of decline suffer from the same problem as absolutist narratives of progress: Both assume that History has an inevitable and predetermined direction. But it doesn’t. Don’t let any black-pill-peddling digital junkies convince you otherwise.”

Not really.

I’m currently in a weird place.

I’m very optimistic about our ability to influence and reshape public opinion. The language used in this article in National Review – terms like “red pill” or “blue pill” or “black pill” – is itself an obvious example of how our ideas, analysis and language have permeated the wider Right.

We created the term “cuckservative.” We made David French into a symbol of a type of conservative in 2015. It stuck to the point where he is now universally seen this way. Bill Kristol, David French, Jonah Goldberg, Charlie Sykes and all the rest used to be influential figures on the Right and have now been reduced to griping in The Bulwark and The Dispatch and guest appearances on MSNBC.

If our goal is to reach and influence normies and gradually make them more like us, it is working. We can see this on core issues like immigration, foreign policy and trade where there used to be a sharp divide between the “far right” and the Republican establishment. The politics of those issues changed under the Donald Trump presidency mainly because he changed the Republican electorate. He brought in millions of new voters and pushed out establishment voters. We’re now at the point where the “Great Replacement” and terms like “anti-white” have gone mainstream. White identity is surging in the Republican base whose mood has shifted from complacency to anxiety about their place in America.

The single most difficult topic for us to make any headway on has been the Jewish Question. Even here though, OUR GREATEST ALLY is losing ground on the public opinion front on the Right and the Left. The public image of the ADL and SPLC has sharply deteriorated over the past decade. Twenty years ago, there used to be a mainstream media which was policed by “watchdog organizations,” which just seems laughable now in an age in which “journalism” has been discredited as fake news. Once again, Donald Trump made a valuable contribution in this area by raising awareness of how “journalists” are enemies of the people. Congress is still controlled by the Israel Lobby, but this is a lagging indicator. Younger generations never bought into Christian Zionism like the Boomers.

It is true that conservatives are grifting off “cancel culture” and Wokeism, but this only goes to show how political correctness along with immigration has become a top tier issue over the past five years. Republican voters and normies are genuinely alarmed and angry about cancel culture and Wokeism. “Antiracism” is becoming politically toxic and polarizing which is a new development. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and others now regularly and casually refer to White people now on Twitter as a lib owning provocation which is something that almost never happened when Trump was president.

We often hear in the comments that the system is broken and there is “no political solution.” This isn’t a fringe opinion either anymore. Millions of White people agree with this and more seem to do every day. Over half of Populist Right voters who are Trump’s base don’t believe that voting makes a difference. Secession has also gone mainstream too. 2/3rds of Republican voters don’t even believe that Joe Biden is a legitimate president. We have watched this shift take place over the last 11 months.

Looking at the big picture, the overall trend on the Right is that the proportion of radicals was rising around 2000 and slowly grew through 2010 and soared through 2020 and has exploded since around 2019. There are more radicals now and what had previously been radical views are much more prevalent on the Right. There has been a blurring between the radicals and the mainstream on the Right. The enemy has responded with violence, censorship and lawfare and electing Joe Biden as their president who has pushed systematic racism and “racial equity” which have only accelerated the trend.

This shift in the Republican base which is becoming more radical and especially among those under the age of 45 has been offset at the top levels of the party. The typical Republican senator is like Chuck Grassley who is 88 years old. Republican donors have their own unpopular agenda and buy off the politicians including Trump. Conservative institutions are infested by networks of professional hacks like Miles Taylor who were selected and promoted in a different era. When Trump became president, he had to deal with a Republican Congress like by Paul Ryan who was full of these people.

I’m not blackpilled because change isn’t happening fast enough for my tastes. I’m conscious of the fact that I am a radical. Most people are not radicals and that is actually a good thing. You don’t want to live in a society of radicals. It is unpleasant. Normal people only become radicalized in extreme periods of crisis and social breakdown which is what is happening today. It wasn’t fun to live through the 1860s and 1870s or the 1930s and 1940s which is where we road we are currently on is taking us.

The bottom line is that I don’t see any temporary obstacle – elderly politicians frozen in the past, Con Inc. and its antiquated ideology, even billionaire donors buying the policy agenda – standing in the way for long. We are trapped in a spiral toward some inevitable crisis. Both sides are radicalizing each other now. It is a safe bet that the number of radicals will continue to increase and the social order will continue to destabilize. Many people who assumed that life was going to return to normal under Joe Biden have been sorely disappointed. Inflation and fiscal crisis is the last necessary ingredient – radicalization of the public and elite fragmentation are the other two – and that appears to have finally arrived.

I’m extremely confident that there will be some type of imminent crisis in this decade which will ultimately resolve all these issues. I can’t say which side will emerge victorious or what the shape of the crisis will be like. It could be a foreign war with China, a revolution or a civil war, an economic depression, a political collapse that breaks the gridlock in Washington, etc. Something will happen. It looks like the political establishment drew the short straw though and is going to take the blame for inflation.

It is true that things are getting very dark right now, but history shows that the present state of affairs won’t continue. We’ve been deeply polarized in the past with two sides which hated each other even more than the two parties do today in the Gilded Age. We’ve lived through worse periods of violence, immiseration and economic collapse. We’ve lived under plutocracy in the past. Ultimately, these issues resolved themselves in ways which were difficult to anticipate at the time.

History doesn’t have an inevitable and predetermined direction, but it does have regular cycles. We are living in a time of social disintegration, extreme economic inequality, radicalization, polarization and intellectual ferment. This ought to be familiar because it is the way things usually go. When a social order is breaking down and is poised for imminent upheaval, this is what it always looks like. You see radicals identifying the problems and brainstorming their solutions. More importantly, you see a mood shift in the public among normal people which makes them receptive to the message of the radicals. The status quo becomes increasingly toxic and unbearable and the window opens to major change.

I can think of three or four times this previously happened in American history – the American Revolution, the War Between the States, the Progressive Era and the Great Depression / World War II. In each case, these events were decades in the making and defined American politics for generations. The Patriots prevailed and vanquished the Tories. The Union prevailed over the Slave Power. The political gridlock of the Gilded Age was broken after 1900. New Deal Democrats prevailed over conservative liberalism which was discredited by the Great Depression. No social order ever lasts forever. In the long run, it always liquifies and collapses under some type of stress and is replaced by something new. Life always moves on.

Such is the way it has always been. It will always be this way too. Everything has an expiration date.

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  1. I’m “optimistic” that I will live to see the end of the despicable U.S. empire and the end of the cheesy Enlightenment radical egalitarian experiment that is Lincolnite America. That in itself makes me hopeful about the future of our people.

    • I would agree. But, as Ann B has said, ‘short of a ‘hot WAR’- things are not going to go down, easily.’ This COVID charade is nothing less than a genocidal Crime against Humanity, and those of us (like myself) who would rather die a martyr than give my body and soul to demonic possession via the ‘prick,’ will not go quietly.

      Death to Fauci, Biden and the Schwabic/Jewish “Great Reset.” Anathema.

      Puro sangue di Cristo, conserva il nostro sangue immacolato dal Maligno.
      Sanguis Christi purus, serva sanguinem nostrum a malo illibatum.
      Sang pur du Christ, gardez notre sang pur des méchants.
      ?????? ???? ???????, ?????? ?? ???? ??? ???????? ??? ???? ??????.

  2. Well, if you are homosexual pederast, then America’s future is quite bright….I can’t imagine certain Conservative magazines supporting this future…

  3. >imminent crisis
    >resolve all of these issues

    If only, just only, there was a once-in-a-century black swan event, let us say, perhaps a global pandemic, that gave conservatives an excuse to close the borders, end immigration, and deport all illegals under the guise of a national emergency. When are we ever going to catch a break?

    I hope optimism is right and we eventually unboomer ourselves.

  4. does the Eternal Jew have an “expiration date”?

    because if (((it))) doesn’t, Whites and their civilization

    will shortly be extinct.

    • “does the Eternal Jew have an “expiration date”?”

      Haxo- Yes, they do. But we did not finish the job in the 1940’s, because sectarian cultists and apostate Scofieldite Protestants, along with already Judaized RC’s, didn’t remove the Juden from all of Europe and every OTHER White Land.

      That doesn’t mean, we can’t try try, try again.
      Christ has Risen. He is King. His kingdom does NOT include the Talmudics.
      They are forever excluded.

      Once you realize that, victory is certain. Or at least we die (and so do [[[they]]],) trying.


  5. Eh, I think the Summer of George was itself the change point – the catalyst for leftist elites to finally destroy and bury the old white-constructed social order, rooted in Enlightenment ideas and English social, political and legal tradition. There are many recent metaphors for this (removal of statues, the recent show trials) but let’s go with Jack Dorsey: a white man who built a revolutionary tech product and genuinely agonized about free speech issues, he sailed into the sunset by giving $10 million to Ibraim X. Kendi and then resigning his CEO role in favor of an Indian immigrant – said Indian making no secret of his contempt for legacy Americans and their idealistic nonsense about the First Amendment.

    The most interesting question of our times, then, is where whites go from here. 806 years after the Magna Carta it seems that classical liberalism has reached its sell-by date, having turned into a suicide cult and a cudgel to crush the white societies that invented & practiced it. Your public coming-out against classical liberalism was interesting as a couple months ago I’d started saying the same things in private, to like-minded folks. White identity is a prerequisite for anything to happen, and is still absent from the public sphere, but we can hope not for long.

    • “I think the Summer of George was itself the change point” Nah. I would say the main changing points were the civil rights movement, the hart-celler immigration bill, reagan amnesty, and 9/11- which led to the neocon fake war on terror and the creation of dhs, patriot act, etc. It all went downhill from there.

    • The ((Bank of England)) was over here in the late 1700s, right after the Revolutionary War 1775. They wasted no time coming here.
      But the colonists were not about them, and wanted a free nation. They needed to keep them out.

  6. When it comes to conservatism and conservatives, there is nothing to be excited about. What have conservatives conserved lately? As far as I can see they always concede.

    • Agree. To me, “conservative” means a Leftist-Lite. They aren’t on our side.
      The tribe always plays both sides so they never lose.

  7. @ ” I can’t say which side will emerge victorious,” I can, we will, our side will, defeat is not an option, Victory is certain, let there be no doubt, you stand with JESUS, you win, you stand with the devil, you lose, if you believe, anything, other than this truth, you have already lost, being “soft”and ” decadent” isn’t a permanent state. those of you with families, or anybody you happen too love and care about, Look at them, then tell me, were not going too win, you can’t and you won’t, yes we are going too win this war!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well said,I stand with Jesus and the Heavenly Father,and I stand against the central enemy of the Cross which is the Jew.The final victory has been won already by Christ but this life on Earth is also not just meaningless,God will at some point command his children to defeat the wretched Jew.Now there is an all powerful totalitarian government and Jew rulers who have the every lever of power provided by their father in Hell.But at some point our all powerful Lord in Heaven will create conditions by which we may defeat them.All it will take is inspiration from the Lord to the downtrodden and despairing reach for the ring of victory.Believe.

  8. I am not optimistic on the outcome of any political realignment in the USA. It will only serve to reinvigorate poisonous Americanist ideology that will ultimately harm Whites. We can see the roots of this Hazony neo-neo-conservatism.

  9. I no longer care about this country, I think it will become like Brazil. I just want our ancestral homelands in Europe to somehow be saved.

  10. White pill.

    My two sons are about to turn a year old. They now have a first cousin, a nephew of mine (nephew by marriage) that arrived in August. And Martin and Brittany Sellner just announced that their son, named Reinhold, has arrived. There are your Fantastic Four that will save our civilization, all born within a year of each other, and born into a generation that will eventually be called the Covid Generation.

    • It’s nice to fantasize, but that’s way too late, and names do not make the person, despite what modern parents think.

  11. While it’s not at all realistic to be talking about China marching into the United States, it is quite feasible to see a scenario within the next couple decades of the Chinese running the US military out of the Eastern Pacific. This would be a real shock and delegitimize the ruling elite just from the optics, but also cause the dollar to no longer be the reserve currency since it only plays that role due to our military might being able to enforce a global “Pax Americana” since 1945. I also saw an article on unz a few months back about a “disturbing poll” some academics had run where they found one third of conservatives were familiar with the JQ. People aren’t going to sit down next to you in the airport and talk about this or make it a workplace cafeteria conversation topic so it’s hard to know just how many people are in the know. It could be a lot of people were exposed to this over the last 20 years and dismissed it until seeing the events of the last few years which seem to vindicate everything the far right had been warning about all along.

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