Rich Lowry: Vladimir Putin Shouldn’t Be a Rightwing Hero

Why on earth should I dislike Vladimir Putin?

What has Vladimir Putin or Russia ever done to harm us?

We already live under “authoritarianism” of the leftwing variety. Experience has shown that Vladimir Putin was wise to crush those people. They aren’t restrained by liberal norms in this country. They have no one but themselves to blame for shredding the liberal norms.


“No CPAC invitation will be in the offing anytime soon, but Vladimir Putin has picked up admirers on the populist right in the United States and abroad that he doesn’t deserve.

With Putin threatening to invade Ukraine, the Russian dictator will again become a top-of-mind concern for the United States. In recent years, there’s been a reversal in which Democrats who were consistently soft on Russia from the Cold War to Hillary Clinton’s attempted reset have become, at least rhetorically and in theory, much tougher-minded about Moscow, while elements of the American right that once were the fiercest Cold Warriors have warmed up to Russia as Putin has grounded his autocracy in religion and social conservatism. …

The sources of Putin’s appeal to American populists are manifold. They admire his strength and audacity in advancing Russia’s interests. They think he has the right enemies, namely the same establishment that also scorned Donald Trump. They see in him an antidote to the cosmopolitanism of the European Union, and a bracing reassertion of national sovereignty. They envy his pushback against fashionable progressive causes and his alliance with the Russian church to form a bulwark in favor of what they see as the traditional values of Western civilization. …”

Patriot Front are being called “feds” for wearing masks.

Why are they wearing masks though? It is because we live under Joe Biden’s despotism in this country. It is because of woke totalitarianism. We live in a politically correct surveillance state now like East Germany. Putin himself recently said that this country is declining like the Soviet Union.

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  1. Teh term “woke totalitarianism” is not accurate, in my opinion. Nor is “we live under Joe Biden’s despotism.” An accurate term is plutocracy, and we live in an empire, under capitalist imperialism. “Wokeness” serves the interests of the elite at the present time, as does right-wing populism. Always keep in mind the common denominator.

    Putin will continue to be a hero of many right-wingers, while others (mostly White nationalists) think he is too moderate, or too well-connected with or amenable to Jews and Israel. From a Neocon/Neolib perspective, he is unacceptable and must be removed because he does not bow to and obey all the dictates of the U.S. (or Anglo-Zionist) Empire, not giving Western banks and corporations full permission to fully enslave the Russian people.

    From an ethno-national socialist perspective, Putin is inadequate because he is not socialist, and we see he will never change. He is part of the revisionist Khrushchev-to-Gorbachev generations that absorbed and accepted the U.S.’s relentless propaganda of “free market” ideology, i.e. capitalism, until they finally surrendered to it and experienced being plundered, raped and depopulated (genocided) all through the 1990’s. Sadly, Russia remains corrupted and confused, has not learned the lesson fully, and is satisfied with the midway compromise of Putin and the United Russia party (almost 75% of Duma seats). Russia may have managed to maintain its military strength with superior weapons, but the West senses the weakness it can exploit, and is relentlessly pushing to overthrow Putin and reconquer Russia. After that only China will stand in the way.

    • China AND Iran. But how is ZOG going to fight and defeat all these bad guys with such a faggy “woke” military, bro? And no draft, bro?

  2. Putin grovels at the (((sperm))) encrusted “Wailing Wall” like all our “leaders” do. You think they would like him.

    • Putin has not allowed Russia to be turned into a vassal state of The West ( i.e., Zionist and globalist billionaire oligarchs). He is not a weak and drunken buffoon like Yeltsin was, so he can’t be bribed or pushed around.

  3. Yes, yes, Rich Lowry is right. Why doesn’t the Right slobber over such real heroes as Mitt Romney, George Bush II or the greatest of them all David French?

  4. Putin is a thuggish mafia boss and president-for-life who runs a criminal enterprise disguised as a state. The right and WNs had best not be drawn into defending him as some kind of folk hero or resistance symbol. Just agree that he’s a bad dude and move on.

    There are plenty of ethno-states around the world which don’t follow “liberal norms” but also aren’t dictatorships. Singapore, Israel, Hungary, Poland, and Japan come to mind, as does apartheid South Africa.

    • Re: “Putin is a thuggish mafia boss and president-for-life who runs a criminal enterprise disguised as a state”:’

      So that is the Neocons’ and Neolibs’ (and Epoch Times’ and CIA’s) new improved version of: “Putin is running a gas station disguised as a state.”

      He’s not a mafia boss (he struggles to control them) and he is not president-for-life. Russian people approve of him overwhelmingly, and they elect him repeatedly by wide margins, while the Communist Party is slowly coming back.

      Re: “There are plenty of ethno-states around the world which don’t follow ‘liberal norms’ but also aren’t dictatorships. Singapore, Israel, Hungary, Poland, and Japan come to mind…”:

      Tell that to the indigenous people of Palestine, that Israel is not a dictatorship! Tel Aviv is also known as “the Sin City of the Mediterranean,” so I would say it does follow liberal norms. Hungary and Poland are not ethno-socialist, and if they are not socialist, then they are elitist, and not truly ethno. Their rotten fascist leaders, like Orban, stroke the workers’ national pride, and Catholic pride, while they are being exploited, and Poland and Hungary both belong to NATO and threaten to attack their fellow Slavic neighbor, Russia on behalf of the U.S. (and Israel) and they contribute enthusiastically to the Empire’s endless global wars including those in Syria and Afghanistan.

  5. Putin never called me cracker. I’m generally alright with whatever he’s done.

    Russia isn’t an ally of White Americans though and that’s an important point to make. Russia’s strategic goal has been to challenge the American Empire, which is still resting on the backs of a White work force, and a White military. This is slowly changing as the GAE slowly crumbles, but it still stands as the reality on the ground. Russia is our enemy, and I wish it weren’t.

    China is a whole different story. That they persist in flooding rural america with fentanyl out of a perceived revenge for the opium wars tells me that the Chinese are monsters. This is just one example. There are many, not the least of which is probably this gay plague of Covid.

    • China manufactures everything, including fentanyl, which has a legitimate use as a painkiller of last resource for terminal cancer patients. If the US is “flooded” with fentanyl, it’s because there is a high demand for it here, as there is for all other recreational drugs. It’s preposterous for the US to blame China (and Mexico) for its own insatiable appetite for drugs. That appetite is largely the product of the policies of the Deep State, which have made the lives of many Americans unbearable. Countless American men lack a job, a wife, children, an education, or an education. The drug crisis will continue until the US recognizes its real enemy is internal.

  6. The Moshiach shouldn’t be a right wing hero either Rick. But he is. Tell me you do not love your Big Mo, tell me Rich, I am begging you.

    Rich is down with the totality of the total awesomeness of the Moshiach and all his wondrous girthy goodness, right Rich?

  7. I don’t believe Russia is as controlled as the US where jews are concerned by they still have power in Russia. Putin would have you thrown in jail if you deny the “holocaust in Russia. That alone should be enough not to trust him.

  8. The Republicans and Democrats are both destroyers of nations. Leviticus 18 lists sins that destroy nations and causes the land itself to vomit out its inhabitants: incest, adultery and homosexual acts are among those sins listed. And Trump DOES HAVE NY values — he also supports sexual sins just as his peers. He will not take a stand.

    We need a Putin on steroids to turn this nation around and instill good character into every level of society.

    And the current president thinks that white men who love and want to preserve their heritage and honor their white ancestors are sinners while praising black homosexual race-baiting hate crime hoaxers as if that is righteousness. This president even used a race-baiting hoax himself to justify his run for President — the Charlottesville race-baiting Nazis stormed a “righteous city” hoax of violence. The real violence was caused by his own people the very ones (Antifa, BLM, anarchists, other radical Leftists) you on the Left ignore, look the other way when they cause violence on the streets. The Left’s terrorists were futilely trying to block the UTR people from entering the park that the UTR had a permit for and the police hid themselves from the violence they knew would erupt so McAuliffe could call an unlawful assembly and shut down the rally before the event was scheduled to start denying the Right their opportunity to exercise their 1st Amendment rights

    May the entire South repent of all our sins and secede out of this wicked Yankee Empire!

    May God Save the South!

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