Poll: Greg Abbott Is Up 15 Points on Beto O’Rourke


Hi, Beto O’Rourke here.

I’m running for governor of Texas to take your guns away and because Trump is like Hitler. It isn’t enough to not be racist. You have to be antiracist.

Will you vote for me?

Houston Chronicle:

“Gov. Greg Abbott has a commanding lead over Democrat Beto O’Rourke in a new public poll released on Wednesday.

Abbott, a Republican, leads O’Rourke 52 percent to 37 percent according to the Quinnipiac University poll of 1,224 registered voters.

A big problem for O’Rourke lies in the poll findings, in which 54 percent of respondents say the former El Paso congressman is too liberal. …”

Something tells me that Beto isn’t going to recapture that 2018 magic in the suburbs.

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  1. Well at least Beta told everyone what the plan is when they eventually take power in Texas. Not that anyone should really care what I think but I don’t really like Texas. It would be an uneasy union between the Pacific Northwest and Texas. That said, I do hope they lead a secessionist movement but I’m not holding my breath for it.

    • The conservative, republican voting texans threaten secession when things don’t go their way on the federal level. Those fools aren’t serious about it. When trump gets back in power all the secession talk will go away.

  2. Texas is way too brown and black. It’s pathetic to see texan conservatives put banning abortion as a top priority. These conservatives care nothing about race or how whites are being demographically swamped. I guess more violent negros running wild is seen as a good thing to the bible thumpers.

  3. Beto is a grown man running around acting as though he were a 14 year old boy. And he thinks he should be Governor of Texas? The guy is a damn fool like many in this country. He and many others need to grow up, they are men now, not children, It’s past time for them to act and more importantly, think that way.

  4. Beto is a spoiled Texas rich boy, whose current hobby is politics. Eventually, though, he’ll get a new hobby, then move to Highland Park, Dallas, and try to climb the social ladder there, like they all do. He may try to run for county commissioner, or even Mayor of Dallas. But he’s gonna disappear from the political stage. At least on a state and national level.

  5. I’m thinking about voting for Huffines.

    Beto, like Wendy Davis, is another Yankee Trojan horse. He’s just a way for Northern State Lefties/SJWs, to weasel their way into our state government and interfere even more, than they already do, in our political processes and elections. Like they’ve done in nearly all of our Southern State governments.

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