CNN: A Grim Portrait of Biden’s Unhappy America

No one could have imagined this.

We’ve only been consistently saying that we dislike the American Empire for the past 30 years. The political establishment, of course, ignored our grievances which were dismissed as “racism.”


A year ago, the pundit class was ecstatic.

We were in a “new progressive era.” Joe Biden was FDR.

Maybe Joe Biden will get the chance to show us he is FDR in the next few weeks? FDR guided the country to victory in World War II. Putin and Xi don’t seem to share this assessment.


  1. No one seriously believes Shitpants Joe is another FDR. I watched that senile prick attempt to give a speech last night and noticed that he was standing in front of a green screen with a frozen image of a White House hallway superimposed on it. That means his handlers don’t trust him enough to make
    appearances inside the Executive Mansion itself, they have to be done in a TV studio at a nursing facility in Delaware. No one is in charge, no one is accountable to anyone. This “presidency” is a real-life SNL comedy sketch!

  2. Under Stalin the USSR had very good relations with Red China. But under Krushchev and Brezhnev they deteriorated to the point of armed clashes along the Sino-Soviet frontier, something which Secretary of State Kissinger and his co-religionists used to their advantage. Now apparently they are allies again, united in their contempt for this decadent and dysfunctional mess of a country.

  3. Joe Biden can’t even finish a coherent sentence let alone lead the country. The American Empire wants to send Whites to die off in foreign wars for Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, and degeneracy such as “anti-racism” and “feminism.”

    Not worth defending by anyone.

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