Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Blocking Russian Oil Is Worth Hurting Americans

You’re going to be hearing this argument a lot from establishment types.

Instead of working to reduce geopolitical tensions with Russia and preserving the peace in Europe by ensuring Ukraine’s neutrality, it was much better to reignite the Cold War and transform Ukraine into a war zone and to send inflation and gas prices soaring. You should be willing to suck it up and pay the price for their reckless foreign policy by becoming poorer and less secure than you were a year ago.


“Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Wednesday called for the U.S. to stop imports of Russia oil to punish Moscow for the assault against Ukraine — even if it drives domestic energy prices higher.

Targeting Russian energy is the “most significant” tool left for the U.S. to deploy, the Alaska senator said in an interview, and given President Vladimir Putin’s dependence on oil and gas revenues, it’s “the one that can do the most immediate damage to Russia in halting their efforts.”

“We are going to see price increases,” Murkowski said. “Nobody wants to see that. And this is going to hurt. But we all need to recognize Europe is in the midst of a war with Russia now. Innocent people are dying, children are dying. We have not been in as volatile as a situation as anytime in my life. And so we are looking right now from a very short window.” …”

Innocent children are dying here!

We’ve got to do something to help the Ukrainians!

Pardon me, but couldn’t we have helped the Ukrainians by choosing not to transform their country into the latest war zone like Syria? Couldn’t we have helped ourselves along the way by reducing energy prices? No one likes to see innocent children dying, but hasn’t this been going on for decades in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan because of the choices of our foreign policy establishment?

What happens to innocent Russian children who had nothing to do with this when the Russian economy collapses? What happens to innocent children all over the world as a result of skyrocketing food prices due to knocking out exports from the world’s first and fifth largest producers of wheat? What about them?

Children are dying right now in Yemen and Afghanistan too, but strangely we don’t hear anything about that these days.


  1. Really, Senator Murkowski? Really?

    I abhor violence and am not advocating violence. However, witnessing the gross stupidity and callous indifferrnce toward the abuse and suffering our “leaders” are willing to inflict upon their country’s citizens has always helped me to understand why the people of a country might eventually find gallows and guillotines acceptable solutions for dealing with their country’s leadership problem.

    Civilization is a thin veneer, Mrs. Murkowski, and history is replete with examples of events spinning out of control. Tread cautiously. Tread cautiously.

      • Indeed.

        But do “leaders” not understand history, or do they imagine the rules don’t apply to them? Perhaps they examine the odds and imagine that this time the odds of their suffering from their foolhardiness are minimal, or maybe they really are so cynical, e.g. Frau Clinton, that the suffering of millions is trivial compared to their achieving their ambitions.

      • That was one of Shlomos first efforts. Thankfully Ramses put a stop to it. Of course they are still whining about it.

        • Sorry, KT. The Israelites under Moses are in NO WAY (historically, ethnically, culturally) related to the [sic] “Jews” of today. I have a quote that I can send you later today, should you seriously be wiling to hear an alternative opinion.

  2. Markowski is playing right into Putin’s strategic goals. How are American voters going to react? Are these people this stupid?

    Persistent high energy prices will over throw all western governments.

  3. Whenever they want us to “sacrifice” you know it’s never for anything that benefits us.

    • The ruling elites do not suffer of sacrifice from their schemes and ineptitude. Shit rolls downhill from the top of the heap.

  4. Alaska is a major oil producer. This corrupt senator wants to drive oil prices higher to benefit her state’s economy while no doubt also benefitting her personally. Sen. Murkowski is feathering her own nest both politically and personally at the expense of the rest of the country and even foreign nations that will also suffer from high inflation. She doesn’t care of course, she just wants to shift oil production to Alaska, consequences be damned.

    The wild card here though is Iran. The Dementia Joe administration is desperate for two things: a foreign policy success somewhere and driving gasoline prices lower. The Democrat Party is facing a wipe out this November because of the U.S. Government’s war mongering going back decades (both parties) and sky high oil prices now.

    The U.S. Government looks like it’s going to sign a new Iran deal that will bring more oil to market thus lowering the high price of gasoline which the public is very angry about. From the Dementia Joe administration’s point of view this would be a double win: a foreign policy success after Afghanistan and Ukraine and lower gasoline prices by the summer. At least that is their plan.

    Israel has been barking about Iran getting da bomb for about 25 years now, they are always only months away from their first nuclear test. Our Greatest Ally has been unable to get the U.S. to attack Iran, even Herr Trump wouldn’t do that. If Israel decides to attack Iran as it has threatened for decades the resulting destruction of oil production in Iran, Kuwait, Saudi etc. may double oil prices collapsing economies all aver the world.

    The Israeli government has no fear over the response of the U.S. Government to an attack on Iran. They carry the corrupt politicians in Washington around in their pockets like pieces of dirt which they are, of course. Congress, Dementia Joe and the Lügenpresse will blame Iran and Russia for starting the war anyway and the public will probably go along with it.

    If Israel attacks Iran Israel will still get supplied with oil from the U.S. and at rock bottom prices too. They will also turn over the war they started to the U.S. Government of course which is no position to fight a big war with its diverse, multicultural, globohomo military led by Idi Amin and his tranny, mentally ill friends. Today’s problems will be nothing in comparison to tomorrow’s troubles if Our Greatest Ally sets fire to the Near East again.

    • Don’t forget Murkowski’s stock portfolio! IMMEDIATE PROFITS.

      Yeah, old lady. We see what you are doing. Never forgive, never forget.

  5. Persistent high energy prices will over throw all western governments.

    You write as if this were a bad thing, RB. In a narrow sense it is. It is however not avoidable. The faster the evil bastards play into it, the better. As has been noted many times, nobody who opposes Globo-Pedo in the west is will be allowed to vote them out of office. Nor will they get their “day in court”. Yes it will be very bad for normies if they are unprepared for it – but the normies are still so stuck on stupid (even now) they listen to gaslight media. Not quite Darwin Award level, but getting close. When the EBT, SNAP, and other entitlements stop, dindus will start looting well beyond their urban shitholes. The badge-gang, as we have have seen repeatedly, will be ordered to aid the looters and kill those who resist. Most (predictably) will obey the orders – until they discover their precious is no more. Oh and the invaders brought in via caravan (chiefly military-age males) will be armed by the Ze-klown equivalents running every city and state in Wokeunduh Kwa-Bananaland (USSA).

    The empire must collapse before we can even start to organize something locally. If the collapse is sufficiently complete, with all badge-gang pensions sucked into the maw of giant vampire-squid entities like Blackrock and transferred to Israel, the armed criminals who operate under the color of law will start killing those whose orders they faithfully obeyed for the promised 30-pieces of pension: politicians and judges, many of whom have by now amassed hard assets – and each other over the loot collected. When you see an event in the west similar to Valentine’s Day in Country 404 (planeloads of Schlomo departing for Israel), you will know the party is about to begin in earnest. If you’re not in a place where your survival chances are at least decent, best to plan an escape route right away. Globo-Pedo’s owners are not going to just take a cyanide pill and go away quietly. Don’t make the common error of underestimating our enemies. They’re obviously starting to feel unease, which makes them more likely to make serious errors.

  6. Re: “choosing not to transform their country into the latest war zone like Syria?”

    But it is NOT “the latest” war zone, not even a recent war zone. We have been (the U.S. has been) running a hybrid, proxy war against Russia in Ukraine for MANY YEARS, beginning in the 1980s, or even earlier, long before the fall of the Soviet Union. THOUSANDS of Russians had already been murdered in Ukraine by our hired proxy forces over the years BEFORE Russia finally rises up and goes into U.S.-created Khazar-kraine to stop the murder, by disarming our proxies in a legal-under-international-law defensive, precisely-targeted police action.

  7. Why would the political class running the US care about the average American? They have impoverished the American middle class by shipping good paying manufacturing jobs to China, squandering trillions of dollars and causing thousands of American deaths on endless wars without being held responsible by the American middle and working class.

    • This. And of course, it’s always great to hear from our ruling elite that we have to sacrifice when even gas at $10 a gallon has no impact on them. After all, they are lining their pockets. If they weren’t multi-millionaires before being “elected”, they certainly are when they leave.

      • Our ruling elite are unhappy that the fine money laundry they had set up over in Country 404 (among many other things) is now in serious danger of falling into Putler’s hands. Perhaps he could set up his own money laundry there to bypass the “extremely honest, open, transparent, free-market system” exemplified by Larry Fink’s Blackrock. That would be most amusing. It would be better if the whole transaction list fell into Putler’s hands and he’s just publish it openly. Might even cause some of the gaslighted ghouls to see a tiny bit.

  8. Murkowski is just another goofy Roman Catholic. You can bet she believes that the Pope is infallible, and that Mother Theresa is a “Saint”. Plus, I’m sure she goes to Confession regularly.

    People actually vote for these Catholic nut cases.

    • Kristy,

      If you think voting for Catholics is bad, how about starting a world war for Polish Catholics that lead to the “Winter of Western civilization,” huh?

      That’s what your tribe did.

  9. Looks like there could be yet another reason she and the rest of the Gay Old Pedobears are agitating for MOAR WAR. Putin’s UN ambassador just dropped another unpleasant observation into the discussion:

    From Barnhardt (who I’m surprised to see this red-pilled)

    “Buckle-up, Buccaroos. Looks like Russia has the receipts on the ARSH 2020 “election”. No wonder the Washington DC cabal is agitating for nuclear war. It is a truism, to which I can personally testify, that malignant human beings will engage in all-out war against a person or persons who have eyewitnessed and “have the receipts” on the malignant actors’ hidden misdeeds and frauds as a preemptive tactic to avoid being exposed.

    IF Russia has the receipts on the 2020 “election”, then YES, I believe the Washington DC deep state/New World Order would engage in literal nuclear war in order to maintain their power. Millions of casualties would be a feature, not a bug. Remember, they are Malthusians. They want a 90+% reduction in the human population, as soon as possible, with a preference for killing white, culturally Christian people first.”

    China, by the way is even more likely to have the full data-set on the “election”. This being said, the blame falls on Zion-Don’s shoulders for refusing to fight the ongoing fraud already well under way by the 2018 mid-terms. Fellating Jews was more important, as was “owning the libs” on Twatter. “Stable Genius” indeed. Maybe he would be a genius stable boy, but he’s too old for it now.

    Meanwhile, Murikans can be confident that the Invincible Globo-Pedo legions are being highly trained in advanced warfare techniques so they can defeat Putin’s legions by merely speaking the correct pronouns.

  10. Nothing new here!

    The US government never miss an oppertunity to hurt Americans, never have never will

  11. In other words, Ukraine and the people being killed is more important than America and our people being killed. Foreign countries always over domestic problem. Both parties are equally corrupt and anti-American.

    • @John,

      They care more more about Ukraine’s fake borders with its neighbors than the nation they swore to defend.

      America is just a vector of judiac cultural cancer of the globe.

  12. She wouldn’t even be a US senator, except for nepotism. Without her father’s assistance, she’d just be another dumb pollack.

    Poles aren’t exactly known for being the brightest bulbs so to speak. Take away Copernicus and Chopin, and they have contributed little to Western civilization.

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