Foreign Affairs: The Price of Hegemony

Good morning.

Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, infamous Iraq War neocon and husband of Victoria Nuland, has a surprising admission in a new article out in Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs:

“For years, analysts have debated whether the United States incited Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interventions in Ukraine and other neighboring countries or whether Moscow’s actions were simply unprovoked aggressions. That conversation has been temporarily muted by the horrors of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. A wave of popular outrage has drowned out those who have long argued that the United States has no vital interests at stake in Ukraine, that it is in Russia’s sphere of interest, and that U.S. policies created the feelings of insecurity that have driven Putin to extreme measures. Just as the attack on Pearl Harbor silenced the anti-interventionists and shut down the debate over whether the United States should have entered World War II, Putin’s invasion has suspended the 2022 version of Americans’ endless argument over their purpose in the world.

That is unfortunate. Although it is obscene to blame the United States for Putin’s inhumane attack on Ukraine, to insist that the invasion was entirely unprovoked is misleading. Just as Pearl Harbor was the consequence of U.S. efforts to blunt Japanese expansion on the Asian mainland, and just as the 9/11 attacks were partly a response to the United States’ dominant presence in the Middle East after the first Gulf War, so Russian decisions have been a response to the expanding post–Cold War hegemony of the United States and its allies in Europe. Putin alone is to blame for his actions, but the invasion of Ukraine is taking place in a historical and geopolitical context in which the United States has played and still plays the principal role, and Americans must grapple with this fact. …”

Kagan isn’t going with the usual “why do you Blame America route.”

He isn’t feigning ignorance and pretending we had nothing do with the war in Ukraine. After all, his wife was one of the key architects of this disaster. Ukraine is the latest in a series of disasters.

“For the 70-plus years since World War II, the United States has actively worked to keep revisionists at bay. But many Americans hoped that with the end of the Cold War, this task would be finished and that their country could become a “normal” nation with normal—which was to say, limited—global interests. But the global hegemon cannot tiptoe off the stage, as much as it might wish to. It especially cannot retreat when there are still major powers that, because of their history and sense of self, cannot give up old geopolitical ambitions—unless Americans are prepared to live in a world shaped and defined by those ambitions, as it was in the 1930s.”


We can never be a normal country.

In the absence of communism, some other excuse will always be found to justify liberal imperialism – Global War on Terror (GWOT) or now “democracy vs. autocracy” – and perpetual war and expansion in Eurasia along with the burden that Americans absorb as a result of our foreign policy establishment. It has less to do with foreign actors than the people who dominate the State Department.

We need to get rid of these people, cut the Pentagon’s budget to the bone, abolish the “intelligence community,” withdraw from NATO, gut the Deep State, pull out of this spider’s web of military bases that encircle the globe. Congress should have the sole power to declare war. There should also be a public debate about it, not covert ops by the CIA to foment regime change in foreign countries.

Democracy should be restored to American foreign policy which is currently run by a bunch of unelected, unaccountable autocratic bureaucrats who continue to make foolish decisions.

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  1. We believe in freedom so much we are determined to fight Russia down to the last drop of Ukranian blood!

  2. Destabilization, threat of war and war itself seem to be the only foreign policy tactics Neocons ever use.

  3. If we ever de-nazify the US, that fat kike, his bitch wife and every other neocon deserve to be tried, convicted and publicly hanged. (No exaggeration intended.)

    Everyone in the US who wants a return to sanity should loathe that fat kike and his fat wife so much that they endanger themselves by only showing their fat kike faces in public.

  4. Well said, in the western there’s the woke autocracy, but it’s justified because our politicians agree with this autocracy.

    • Did they ever catch the person who drew a swastika on one of the walls inside the State Department building?

  5. Kagan is the spouse of evil witch Viktoria Nudelman. Kagan’s “democracy” is totalitarianism. We are not going to be rid of these types by voting in rigged elections.

    • “We are not going to be rid of these types by voting in rigged elections”:

      And we’re not going to have real elections either, in this rigged (class) SYSTEM.

  6. “Kagan’s “democracy” is totalitarianism. ”

    The (((narrative))) is always a corruption of the truth, most frequently, a complete inversion.

  7. We can never be a normal country.

    Not with people like Kagan, whose views align well with the interests of the ‘deep state’ and ‘military industrial complex’, wielding inordinate influence.

    Among western nations, America seems uniquely cursed with a dominant, effete kike intellectual and punditry class that is at the same time both monumentally arrogant and incompetent.

  8. The lousy kike says that it’s not intentional imperialism, but the mere fact of the tremendous gravitational attraction of Uncle Shmuel’s wealth, power & image to the former Warsaw Pact states that caused them to seek to join the (((West))). Why, Washington was only reluctantly responding to their pleas – forget all those CIA/State Dept./Soros NGO “color revolutions”…

    These parasitical neo-cohen shitkikes epitomized by Kagan & his sow Nudelman are the cancer eating out the guts of America & the White world. No matter how many catastrophic wars they start, they never pay the price; there they remain, running their god damned liver-lipped mouths from the State Dept.,their stink-tanks & in their judenpresse pieces, giving orders to their shabbos goy whore pols & egging on the White patriotards to send their sons to die to fight their Hitlah of the Moment.

    They must somehow be irradiated, cut out & thrown into the incinerator.

  9. These decisions are not foolish. They are deliberate. The banksteins are collapsing the West as they move East. America/the West must be destroyed so ZOG can bring in its Eurasian entity the EAEU.

    Those (((people))) making the policy decisions are acting under orders and there is nothing mistaken about any of it.

    When the great clash comes between the West and Russia/China, Israeli kill switches will be activated at the crucial moment so the West loses.

    It is already scripted. Death to ZOG.

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