Paul Gottfried: The Anti-White Racism of Leftist Whites

I alway laugh when this website is called a “hate group.”

You would think it would be obvious from the issues that I choose to emphasize and write about what I truly dislike. I’m accustomed to blacks because I have always lived in the Deep South. I’m not really bothered by Hispanic or Asian immigrants. Yes, we are being demographically replaced in our own country by an endless tidal wave of immigration, but these people by and large are just opportunists trying to better themselves. The Indian gas station owner or Hispanic small business owner aren’t near the top of my list of problems. Many of these people don’t vote. They are only here for the money.

The people who I truly can’t stand and who are the cause of all these other problems are anti-White White leftists, usually but not always PMCs, who infest the big cities on the coast and college towns across the country. They have recently infected Auburn where they stand around on Toomer’s Corner day after day with signs like “End Racism” and “Keep Abortion Legal” and “Protect Trans Kids.” They also have their stupid Ukraine flags and “In This House We Believe …” yard signs. It couldn’t be more obvious who are the carriers of the plague who are dragging down the area.

Anyway, I was reminded by this while thinking about the contrast between all the Chinese international students here – kids who are here to study and go home and who look and act normal – and the transplants that I see pouring into Auburn from other parts of the country who are bringing their cultural diseases with them. Those are the two major changes that have happened in Auburn since I graduated from there when it was still a sleepy, but cozy small Southern town.

American Greatness:

“Last week, according to USA News, “the Senate failed to pass a bill to create domestic terrorism offices within federal law enforcement agencies in the wake of mass shootings at a New York grocery store and a Texas elementary school.” This bill, which went down to defeat after a 47-47 deadlock in the Senate, was long overdue according to the prevailing media narrative. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) insisted that for the sake of our moral health we need to call “domestic terrorism” by its correct name. This evil is now “feeding off the poison of conspiracy theories like the White replacement theory.”

Now we get to the heart of the matter. The stalled bill was not about such mundane matters as arranging for more surveillance checks on prospective gun owners. Whatever one may think of such proposals, they at least bear some relationship to the mass shootings that recently took place. This latest Democratic initiative, by contrast, is intended to unmask “white supremacists,” who according to Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, represent the greatest terrorist threat in our systemically racist country. Senate Republicans countered by pointing out that the executive is already equipped with the authority to investigate terrorist threats. Are we dealing with something here which existing arrangements don’t address? Why otherwise would we need a special agency to resist domestic terrorism, and one that would exist specifically “to combat White supremacist and neo-Nazi membership in uniformed services and federal law enforcement”? … “

This is the permanent libtard demonstration. They have recently added trans and abortion signs to their repertoire. They have been doing this for years now and I have never bothered them.

UPDATE: Look who is back.


  1. These people are always either Yankees, or Left Coasters, who are either descended from Yankees, who colonised the West Coast, or newly arrived transplants. They spend most of their time attacking the Southern People, or inland, rural Westerners. But never the Whites of Boston, New York, Chicago, or Seattle.

    I’ve challenged them on Twitter by asking them if they’ve ever performed voluntary community service in a Black neighbourhood. Or given monies, time, or effort to charitable organisations that directly help Black People. I’ve also asked them; “What have you done, personally, to alleviate the suffering of Black Folks in Wisconsin/Michigan/New York/etc?”

    I’ve yet to receive an answer. And I’ve been banned from Twitter for over a year.

    As Professor Clyde N. Wilson once said: Northerners are only interested in Blacks as tools of conquest.

    End Reconstruction. End the War. End the Union, again.

    • No James Owens. There are plenty, plenty of Southern Skalywag traitors in the South – please dox them.

      South Carolina Whites in particularly have been absolutely horrible in state and national politics. We observed this in “What’s the Matter with South Carolina” – where South Carolina didn’t have a single heterosexual White Southerner in the office of Governor (Likud party pro J Israel Dot head Indian Governess), Black fake conservative GOP US Senator – takes orders from the NAACP on Federal judge appointments and that homo, Neo Con, open borders immigration traitor Ted Kennedy in drag Lisping Lindsey Graham.

      How about Russel Moore at the Southern Baptist convention – why hasn’t any proud Southerner confronted that guy in public?

      Why just complain about “Those gosh darn Yahkees”. Whites in Boston are way more White identity politics and just tough Whites than novou riche Southerns or hobble Christian Zionists, Chamber of Commerce, in the pocket of Tyson Foods and Cargill – Woke a Cola.

      • The only serious flaw in your argument about SC, overall good in terms of observation, is the assumption that the voting system is not totally rigged there. If the Repuke party apparat in SC is so thoroughly owned by J-street one must assume that all officially permitted parties there are just retarded-monkeys dancing to the same Klezmer tune ground out at 150 decibels by Llord Bankstein. Ditto for most of the churches there. As Koba the Dread observed long ago: Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count them decide everything.

        • “the Repuke party apparat in SC is so thoroughly owned by J-street one must assume that all officially permitted parties there are just retarded-monkeys dancing to the same Klezmer tune ground out at 150 decibels by Llord Bankstein. Ditto for most of the churches there”:

          Yes, the Republican apparat including local committee apparat prevent any nonconforming candidates and voting delegates from even running in an election, and most of the churches won’t allow anyone to even teach Sunday School who is not a Premillennial.

      • SC have probably been the hardest hit since there is where freedom first rang, first to secede first to subvert

        It is certain that yankee puritan politicians and jews have a seething hatered for SC in particular

    • “””…These people are always either Yankees, or Left Coasters…..”””

      In the 1917 in Eastern Europe ???????
      Or in modern Sweden ??????

      Communism is genetical defect and spread over entire white race.

    • Out of the minds of “babes”…

      Columbia South Carolina, Dec. 31st 1864.

      …Yes, the year that is dying has brought us more trouble than any of the other three long dreary years of this fearful struggle. Georgia has been desolated. The resistless flood has swept through that state, leaving but a desert to mark its track. And now our hateful foes hold Savannah. Noble old Charleston is at last to be given up. They are preparing to hurl destruction upon the State they hate most of all, and Sherman the brute avows his intention of converting South Carolina into a wilderness. Not one house, he says, shall be left standing, and his licentious troops – whites and negroes – shall be turned loose to ravage and violate. All that is between us and our miserable fate is a handful of raw militia assembled near Branchville. And yet they may say there is a Providence who fights for those who are struggling for freedom – who are defending their homes, and all that is held dear! Yet these vandals – these fiends incarnate, are allowed to overrun our land! Oh my country! Will I live to see thee subjugated and enslaved by these Yankees – surely every man and woman will die first. On every side they threaten – Lee’s noble army alone stands firm. Foreign nations look on our sufferings and will not help us. Our men are being killed off – boys of sixteen are conscripted. Speculators and extortioners are starving us. But is this a time to talk of submission? Now when the Yankees have deepened and widened the breach by a thousand new atrocities? A sea rolls between them and us – a sea of blood. Smoking houses, outraged women, murdered fathers, brothers and husbands forbid such a union. Reunion! Great Heavens! How we hate them with the whole strength and depth of our souls!
      –LeConte, Emma, Diary, 1864-1865

      May God speed the destruction of this wicked godless Yankee Empire!

      Secede now!

      May God Save the South!

      • @Banned For Life

        Yes the Western yankee army of Sherman

        Crazy Scandinavian and German liberal abolitionists, New England puritans and criminal Irishmen and niggers

        Such was the army that was unleased upon us and such are the policies we still live under

      • @Banned For Life – The South is now an integrated part of the “Yankee Empire”. If the Empire is destroyed, the South will be as well. By the way, that is truly a heart-rending and stirring entry you quoted above. It is awe-inspiring how those who believed in the South fought for her. A pure and honorable bravery the White man will never see again. The best of this nation died in the Civil War-War of Northern Aggression.

        But sir! It’s OVER.

        • Their are voices that say ” It’s OVER”, I say “POPPYCOCK” Here is why, The word of the LORD Declares, in Revelation, chapter 18, Mystery BAbylon, meaning the USA, is coming down, in one hour, thy judgement has come nigh………..and all the kang’s horses and all the kang’s men, can’t put it back together again, we southern nationalist, who understand this, know what it mean’s, out of the ashes of the late great united states, the SOUTHERN PHEONIX shall rise again, GOD willing of course, the REPUBLIC, lives and breathes again, the people will need too be led and that is where we come in, so those who want too breathe free, their yet is hope………so southern soldier’s, get ready, stay ready, the coming republic, is depending upon you……….

        • “By the way, that is truly a heart-rending and stirring entry you quoted above.”

          You’re very-easily moved. The residents of Columbia, South Carolina, where, I believe, Emma LeConte lived, had more to fear from their own soldiers, of the Confederacy, than they did from the troops of Sherman:

          “A party of [Confederate General] Wheeler’s cavalry, accompanied by their officers, dashed into town, tied their horses, and as systematically as if they had been bred to the business, proceeded to break into the stores along Main [Richardson] street and rob them of their contents. A detachment of detailed men fired on one party and drove them out. Captain Hamilton, the Provost Marshal, with another officer, drew swords and pistols on another party, and succeeded in clearing several establishments; but the valiant raiders still swarmed like locusts, and to-day, a hundred miles away from Columbia, you may see men smoking the cigars and wearing on their saddles the elegant cloths stolen from the merchants of that city ….

          “Under these circumstances you may well imagine that our people would rather see the Yankees or old Satan himself than a party of the aforesaid Wheeler’s cavalry.”

          —Letter written from Charlotte, South Carolina, to the Richmond Whig, February 22, describing the pillage of Columbia on February 16.

          As to LeConte’s hallucination that “Sherman the brute avows his intention of converting South Carolina into a wilderness. Not one house, he says, shall be left standing,” Sherman’s Special Field Order No. 26, which, as far as I know went unchanged, gave the following instructions: “General Howard will cross the Saluda and Broad rivers as near their mouths as possible, occupy Columbia, destroy the public buildings, railroad property, manufacturing and machine shops, but will spare libraries and asylums and private dwellings.”

          If you’ll start at the following:

          and scroll down sixteen pages or so, you’ll find my second-quoted item, about the Field Order. My first-quoted item, about the Confederate raiders, is to be found another fifteen or so pages farther down.

          • First off, Yankee.

            Please list all the cities, towns, villages that were burned up in your Yankee-land by Southerners.

            PARTIAL list of CIVILIAN OCCUPIED towns burned by the Yankee army, culled from the Official Records.

            Osceola, Missouri, burned to the ground, September 24, 1861
            Dayton, Missouri, burned, January 1 to 3, 1862
            Columbus, Missouri, burned, reported on January 13, 1862
            Bentonville, Arkansas, partly burned, February 23, 1862
            Winton, North Carolina, burned, reported on February 21, 1862
            Bluffton, South Carolina, burned, reported June 6, 1863
            Bledsoe’s Landing, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
            Hamblin’s, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
            Donaldsonville, Louisiana, partly burned, August 10, 1862

            And then there was the sack and pillage of Athens, Alabama, on June 30, 1862, by Colonel Turchin’s men, who committed rapes and other atrocities on the inhabitants. Turchin was subsequently court-martialed and put out of the military. What happened next? Turchin was rewarded by lincoln, was promoted to Brigadier General and put back in the military.

            Athens, Alabama, partly burned, August 30, 1862
            Randolph, Tennessee, burned, September 26, 1862
            Elm Grove and Hopefield, Arkansas, burned, October 18, 1862
            Napoleon, Arkansas, partly burned, January 17, 1863
            Mound City, Arkansas, partly burned, January 13, 1863
            Hopefield, Arkansas, burned, February 21, 1863
            Eunice, Arkansas, burned, June 14, 1863
            Gaines Landing, Arkansas, burned, June 15, 1863
            Sibley, Missouri, burned June 28, 1863
            Hernando, Mississippi, partly burned, April 21, 1863
            Austin, Mississippi, burned, May 23, 1863
            Columbus, Tennessee, burned, reported February 10, 1864

            Meridian, Mississippi, destroyed, February 3 to March 6, 1864

            “For 5 days 10,000 men worked hard and with a will…with axes, crowbars, sledges, clawbars, and with fire, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing the work as well done. Meridian, with its depots, store-houses, arsenal, hospitals, offices, hotels, and cantonments no longer exists.” — w.t.sherman

            Washington, North Carolina, sacked and burned, April 20, 1864
            Hallowell’s Landing, Alabama, burned, reported May 14, 1864
            Newtown, Virginia, ordered to be burned, ordered May 30, 1864
            Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, burned, June 12, 1864
            Camden Point, Missouri, burned, July 14, 1864
            Kendal’s Grist-Mill, Arkansas, burned, September 3, 1864
            Shenandoah Valley, devastated, reported October 1, 1864 by sheridan
            Rome, Georgia, partly burned, November 11, 1864
            Atlanta, Georgia, burned, November 15, 1864
            Griswoldville, Georgia, burned, November 21, 1864
            Somerville, Alabama, burned, January 17, 1865
            McPhersonville, South Carolina, burned, January 30, 1865
            Barnwell, South Carolina, burned, reported February 9, 1865
            Columbia, South Carolina, burned, reported February 17, 1865
            Winnsborough, South Carolina, pillaged and partly burned, February 21, 1865
            Tuscaloosa, Alabama, burned, April 4, 1865

            Secede now!

            May God Save the South!

          • Too bad the South didn’t torch Philadelphia, right JB? You’re not really a Yankee if you can’t laugh along with people who made sport and burned down your cities, homes killed/stole all your livestock, stole all your valuables, etc, etc. It sure beat fighting in hot war against real soldiers and was so much fun terrorizing Southern women, children and old people, etc… HaHa-NOT.

            The war was/is just a joke to the North, who almost all never had a taste of it in their own neighborhoods or were completely/half starved to death for decades after.

            An editorial printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer cheered on Sherman’s plan to wage war against defenseless noncombatants, rejoicing at “the fate of that accursed hotbed of treason.” General Sherman himself regarded secessionists as traitors and wrote that the state “deserves all that seems in store for her.”

            In a letter to Major R.M. Sawyer dated January 31,1864, the general declared his belief that the war was the result of a “false political doctrine,” namely, “that any and every people have a right to self-government.” In the same letter (published in The Rebellion Record in 1865), Sherman contended that the Federal government could rightfully take the property, and even the life, of anyone who did not submit to its authority, and he complained that it was the “political nonsense of slave rights, State rights, freedom of conscience, freedom of press, and other such trash” that had “deluded the Southern people into war.”

            In January 1865, Sherman’s forces gathered at Beaufort, South Carolina, and during that month a few of his brigades moved a little farther inland. By the first of February, the main advance was underway. Divided into two wings, one under the command of General Oliver 0. Howard, the army began to cut a wide path of destruction across South Carolina from the coast to the North Carolina border, burning farms, plantations and towns (including the capital city of Columbia); demolishing railroad lines; destroying or confiscating crops and livestock; and plundering and abusing civilians, reducing them to hopelessness and destitution. One of Shermans aides, Captain George W. Pepper, recorded his memories of the march through South Carolina in his memoir, published in 1866:

            [H]ouses were burned as they were found. Whenever a view could be had from high ground, black columns of smoke were seen rising here and there within a circuit of twenty or thirty miles.
            Solid built chimneys were the only relics of plantation houses after the fearful blast had swept by. The destruction of houses, barns, mills, &c., was almost universal. Families who remained at home, occasionally kept the roof over their heads.

            Sherman’s armies met with little in the way of military opposition from the relatively small number of Confederate forces in the state, who were compelled to withdraw and burn bridges behind them as a force of more than sixty thousand Union troops relentlessly moved inland.

            In 1865, Major George W. Nichols, an aide-de-camp to General Sherman, published a book about the campaign in Georgia and South Carolina, revealing his contempt for the people of South Carolina, whom he dehumanized as “the scum, the lower dregs of civilization. They are not Americans; they are merely South Carolinians.” Nichols thought that the thievery committed against civilians (usually women and old men) by his soldiers was amusing. After describing how the soldiers would search out valuables that had been hidden away by civilians, he added, “These searches made one of the pleasant excitements of our march.”

            The soldiers sent out as foragers, usually in advance of the main army, were some of the worst offenders in terms of pillaging and other wrongdoing. These men were called “bummers.” In his book Merchant of Terror; author John B. Walters described them as “brigands and desperadoes” who operated virtually free of any military discipline or restraint.

            Of Sherman’s accomplishments in South Carolina, Major Nichols went on proudly:

            History will in vain be searched for a parallel to the scathing and destructive effect of the invasion of the Carolinas. Aside from the destruction of military things, there were destructions overwhelming, overleaping the present generation… agriculture, commerce, cannot be revived in our day. Day by day our legions of armed men surged over the land, over a region forty miles wide, burning everything we could not take away. On every side, the head, center and rear of our columns might be traced by columns of smoke by day and the glare of flames by night. The burning hand of war pressed on these people, blasting, withering.

            Another Federal officer, Major James A. Connolly, wrote home to his wife that halfway through the march in South Carolina, he was “perfectly sickened by the frightful devastation our army was spreading on every hand.” He described the army’s actions as “absolutely terrible” and reported how most houses were first plundered and then burned, and women, children and old men were turned out into the “mud and rain.” He told his wife that he knew the campaign against South Carolina would be a terrible one before it began, but he had no idea “how frightful the reality would be.”

            John J. Hight, a chaplain of the Fifty-eighth Indiana Infantry Regiment, wrote in his diary, “Sometimes the world seemed on fire. We were almost stifled by smoke and flames.” On March 7,1865, Sherman’s second in command, General O.O. Howard, wrote to another officer that “General Blair reports that every house on his line of march today was pillaged, trunks broken open, jewelry, silver &c, taken.”

            Historian Joseph T. Glatthaar, author of an award-winning book on Sherman’s campaign in Georgia and the Carolinas, stated that the Federal army burned the capital city of Columbia (just as it had also torched a number of towns on its way to it) and that most of Sherman’s soldiers admitted that they would do it. The Columbia correspondent for the New York Herald newspaper reported in an article submitted on June 21, 1865, “There can be but little doubt that the destruction of Columbia was the work of our army.”

            In his travels with Sherman’s army, reporter David P Conyngham had seen much destruction in Georgia, but when he gave his general impression of the operations in South Carolina, he stressed how much worse was than Georgia:

            We marched, on the whole, four hundred and fifty miles, our wings extending some thirty-five or forty miles. This would give an area of over fifteen thousand square miles which we operated over, all the time supporting men and animals on the country. Indeed, the loss we inflicted on the enemy is incalculable, and all at a trifling sacrifice of life…

            As for the wholesale burning, pillage, devastation, committed in South Carolina, magnify all I have said of Georgia fifty fold, and then throw in an occasional murder, “just to bring an old, hard-fisted cuss to his senses,” and you have a pretty good idea of the whole thing.

            — Stokes, Karen. South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path, Introduction, pp 9-14,17.

          • @JBP

            More Southern “humor” for your consumption…

            The Allen House Is Burned
            “Nothing but Blackened Chimneys”

            Mrs. Fannie E. Allen looked back on her family’s terrible experiences in Columbia in 1865 and wrote out an account of “those facts which were stamped indelibly on my mind at the time”:

            Several thousand women and children, a handful of men, eighty-four squares of beautiful dwellings. Such was Columbia on February 14, 1865. On February 15, General Sherman and an army of sixty thousand men occupied the banks of the Congaree, on the Lexington side, and in two days the city presented the appearance of having passed through a rain of tire.

            The shelling of the city commenced early Thursday morning. The shells fell thick and fast, in every direction, the arsenal and the State House furnishing conspicuous marks. One fell directly at my mother’s feet, but, fortunately, the fuse had been extinguished, and the missile did not explode. The sudden attack and the fear of what was to follow rendered us numb with fear, and we scarcely had power to take ourselves to a place of safety.

            Fortunately, my father, just home from the army, although nearly dead with consumption, was with us, and we felt more secure than thousands of others less fortunate.

            After an almost sleepless night, we were startled about daybreak by a loud explosion. Hastily dressing and getting out, we learned that the South Carolina warehouse had been blown up, and the wildest rumors were afloat as to its cause.

            The “swish-swish ’’of the pontoons being laid for the army to cross told us that Sherman intended entering the city at once. In less than an hour afterward the work of pillage and destruction commenced. Drunken soldiers, the worst corps in the army, had been sent over, accompanied by drunken negroes, staggering around, insulting women and children, and taunting them with their helplessness. Darkness, that which we worst feared, fell, and with it began the crowning deed of all. A blaze was seen a little way off; the fire bell began to ring.

            Soon another blaze was seen, then another, until the whole town was a mass of flames. Soldiers, now crazy with drink, began to look for something more valuable than food or clothing, houses were entered, and jewelry, gold and silver, plate—anything of value—was taken. This did not happen in every case. At some house an officer would stop, and that house was generally safe, as the officer would throw a guard around it. Such cases, however, were rare.

            As the fire drew nearer our house on Assembly Street, we began to move the household effects out A Yankee soldier, half drunk, came by and, seeing a trunk, wanted to open it. My brother, about fifteen years of age, attempted to stop him, butwas silenced with an oath, and the trunk was smashed in and rummaged through.

            With our house burned, we would have fared badly, but our neighbor, Mrs. T.B. Clarkson, who came over for protection, with her baby, had the servants to erect a kind of shelter with a few boards, and under this we stopped for the rest of the night. Sleep was impossible and, half dead with fright, we huddled under these boards, waiting for daybreak.

            The scene that greeted our eyes the next day was heart-breaking. On every side, where there had once been handsome dwellings, were nothing but blackened chimneys, and in the streets were women and children, weeping over their homes and not knowing where the food for that day was to come from.

            The Taylor house, afterwards known as the Haskell place, for some reason was not destroyed, and, along with several others, we took refuge there. The few men in the city took charge of all the food and established a sort of commissary, where supplies were issued several times a day for several days, until outside supplies were received.
            — “The Allen House Is Burned”, South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path by Karen Stokes

            Secede now!

            May God Save the South!

          • @JBP

            You Yankees did a “great” work on SC. Take a good look at the image linked to below. You white Yanks should be so proud.

            Despite South Carolina’s important role in the beginning of the war, and a long unsuccessful attempt to take Charleston from 1863 onward, few military engagements occurred within the state’s borders until 1865, when Sherman’s Army, having already completed its March to the Sea in Savannah, marched to Columbia and leveled most of the town, as well as a number of towns along the way and afterward. South Carolina lost 12,922 men to the war, 23% of its male white population of fighting age, and the highest percentage of any state in the nation. Sherman’s 1865 march through the Carolinas resulted in the burning of Columbia and numerous other towns. The destruction his troops wrought upon South Carolina was even worse than in Georgia, because many of his men bore a particular grudge against the state and its citizens, whom they blamed for starting the war. One of Sherman’s men declared, “Here is where treason began and, by God, here is where it shall end!” Deprived of the free labor of the formerly enslaved, poverty would mark the state for generations to come.
            — Wikipedia: “South Carolina in the American Civil War”

            And this is what was waiting for the white South after the war, euphemistically called Reconstruction. Yankees/carpetbaggers just loved it. They made money off it and watched the South being ruined even more.

            Caption & image from:

            “A Southern Girl in ’61: The War-Time Memories of a Confederate Senator’s Daughter”
            Wright, Louise Wigfall, 1846-1915, New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1905.


            These are the photographs of sixty-three members of the “reconstructed” Legislature of South Carolina. Fifty of them were [Blacks] or [mixed Black-Whites]; thirteen were white men. Of the twenty-two among them who could read and write only eight used the vernacular grammatically. Forty-one made their mark with the help of an amanuensis. Nineteen were taxpayers to an aggregate of $146.10. The other forty-four paid no taxes, and yet this body was empowered to levy on the white people of the state taxes amounting to $4,000,000.


          • @JBP

            Yankee invader “treasure hunters” from the North … “wore out” their welcome real quick … made a “good” impression on the Blacks they claimed they were liberating … Could some of them have come from Philadelphia?

            Dr. John Bachman (1790-1874) was a naturalist of international reputation and a beloved Lutheran clergyman. He was a native of the state of New York and was called to the pulpit of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Charleston in 1815. A friend of the renowned naturalist John James Audubon, Bachman collaborated with him to produce The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America (published in three volumes, 1845-49), providing much of the scientific data that informed Audubon’s beautiful paintings. Bachman authored numerous books on science and religion, served as the professor of Natural History at the College of Charleston from 1848 to 1853 and helped to found Newberry College, as well as the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia. In December 1860, he was one of the ministers chosen to offer the opening prayer at South Carolina’s Secession Convention. He regretted the dissolution of the Union but thought that it was better for the two sections of the country to separate, like Abraham and Lot, when they could no longer live together in peace.

            When General Sherman’s army invaded Cheraw, South Carolina, Dr. Bachman was in the area, staying at a place called Cash’s Depot, and about six months later, he wrote a lengthy letter about all that he saw and experienced there. The following is an excerpt from his letter dated September 14,1865:

            I witnessed the barbarities inflicted on the aged, the widow, and young and delicate females. Officers, high in command, were engaged tearing from the ladies their watches, their ear and wedding rings, the daguerreotypes of those they loved and cherished. A lady of delicacy and refinement, a personal friend, was compelled to strip before them, as they might find concealed watches and other valuables under her dress. A system of torture was practiced toward the weak, unarmed, and defenseless, which, as far as I know and believe, was universal throughout the whole course of that invading army. Before they arrived at a plantation, they inquired the names of the most faithful and trusted servants; they were immediately seized, pistols were presented at their heads; with the most terrific curses, they were threatened to be shot if they did not assist them in finding buried treasures. If this did not succeed, they were tied up and cruelly beaten. Several poor creatures died under the infliction. The last resort was that of hanging… They were strung up until life was nearly extinct, when they were let down, suffered to rest awhile, then threatened and hung up again. It is not surprising that some should have been left hanging so long that they were taken down dead. But it was not alone the poor blacks (to whom they professed to come as liberators) that were thus subjected to torture and death. Gentlemen of high character… gray-headed, unconnected with the military, were dragged from their fields or their beds, and subjected to this process of threats, beating, and hanging. Along the whole track of Sherman’s army, traces remain of the cruelty and inhumanity practiced on the aged and defenseless. Some of those who were hung up died under the rope, while their cruel murderers have not only been left unreproached and unhung, but have been hailed as heroes and patriots.

            Dr. Bachman went on to describe how the slaves, male and female, were treated by the soldiers:

            On Sunday, the negroes were dressed in their best suits. They were kicked, and knocked down and robbed of all their clothing, and they came to us in their shirt-sleeves, having lost their hats, clothes, and shoes. Most of our own clothes had been hid in the woods. The negroes who had assisted in removing them were beaten and threatened with death, and compelled to show them where they were concealed. They cut open the trunks, threw my manuscripts and devotional books into a mud-hole, stole the ladies’ jewelry, hair ornaments, etc., tore many garments into tatters, or gave the rest to the negro women to bribe them into criminal intercourse. These women afterward returned to us those articles that, after the mutilations, were scarcely worth preserving. The plantation, of one hundred and sixty negroes, was some distance from the house, and to this place successive parties of fifty [soldiers] at a time resorted for three long days and nights, the husbands and fathers being fired at and compelled to fly into the woods.

            Dr. Bachman, who was about seventy-five years of age, was robbed of his watch by Federal soldiers. They repeatedly questioned him about the location of other valuables, and when he did not answer to their satisfaction, one of them beat him so severely that one of his arms was paralyzed for the rest of his life…
            — Stokes, Karen, South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path — Stories of Courage Amid Civil War Destruction

          • @JBP

            Follow up on the “Reconstructed” South Carolina legislature.


            These are the photographs of sixty-three members of the “reconstructed” Legislature of South Carolina. Fifty of them were Negroes or Mulattos; thirteen were white men. Of the twenty-two among them who could read and write only eight used the vernacular grammatically. Forty-one made their mark with the help of an amanuensis. Nineteen were taxpayers to an aggregate of $146.10. The other forty-four paid no taxes, and yet this body was empowered to levy on the white people of the state taxes amounting to $4,000,000.


            Here are scenes out of The Birth of a Nation (1915) that came out 50 years after the war and over 105 years ago.

            The riot in the Master’s Hall.
            The negro party in control in the State House of Representatives, 101 blacks against 23 whites, session of 1871.


            Secede now!

            May God Save the South!

  2. Several reports in the past six hours that the Russian forces massed in the north are moving toward the Ukranus border. Looks like in a couple weeks Kiev will not be holding anymore fag pride parades. Goodbye country 404.

    Your enemies are really in Washington and Tel Aviv and New York. The brainwashed Zombies at Auburn are victims of our real enemies. When the Russians storm Kiev, some will question the power of Satan whom they serve and turn to Jesus Christ.

    • I hope you’re right, RR. The Ukraine was never a real country anyway. It, along with Finland and the Baltic States, needs to be re-incorporated back into the Russian Empire.

      • Baltic peoples really do not want to be inside Russia again, for sure.

        Amongst Slavs I think it’s more common to see Ukraine as indeed a thing, but not the whole big Ukraine with the artificial borders it has had post-1991 … the true Ukrainians are seen only as a core in the middle, maybe half the place.

        Not only is there a huge region of just plain Russians in the east of Ukraine, some of far west Ukraine used to be Poland, with some smaller areas being Slovak, Hungarian or Romanian.

        Right now Polish troops are massing for entry into Ukraine, potentially invited by Zelensky as things get desperate – tho Belarus says they will go in, if Poland goes in, a ‘WW3’ scenario.

        Some Poles are thinking they will get their old land back from Ukraine when peace comes … Poland would then have a bigger land area than Germany.

        • There will be no such country as Ukraine left thanks to Zelensky, who will high-tail his happy behind out of there to a life of luxury in some Israeli villa after the USA’s military industrial complex and the Congress critters collaborating with them figure out that they have bilked the American public to the point of facing serious backlash, i.e. every incumbent losing office in 2022 and beyond or even a unified citizenry in open revolt.

          The clumsy Uvalde elementary school massacre just shrieks panic and reeks of desperation by incumbents desperate for an excuse – any excuse – to engage in a gun grab. Especially when the economy crashes on the heels of sending all year billions to a corrupt sinkhole like Ukraine, i.e. the deep state’s money laundering operation.

          There is no way in God’s green earth that all of that money or any of that money was used for the stated purpose of arming and outfitting the men of Ukraine to fend off Putin’s army.

          But all those poor patriotic men of Ukraine were conned by Zelensky and their backers into destroying Ukraine to be partitioned by Russia, Hungary, and Poland. I don’t know if Hell has enough room for all the psychopaths who were willing to shed innocent blood for a lousy buck.

    • Genetic white iberals sometime turn to Jesus Christ. Then we start burning witches alive. Or when genetic white liberals turning into nationalism, then Azov Regiment start burning Russian agents alive.

  3. I like to respond to these anti White Leftists but also just assorted off Whites, Arabs, especial Js and not just anti White Lib Leftist Js – Libertarian open borders Js are just as bad:

    “Who hates whom”?

    Why did ugly, stereotypical J pervert Harvey Weinstein mass open “D’jango Unchained” on Christmas Day.

    Why did he mass market an incite the Blacks to murder White people revenge porn movie…

    On Christmas Day!

    Why does the J dominated porn industry push the worst Black on White hard core pornography, sure there is a $ money profit motive, but there is more to it than that.

    Why did anti Racism/Anti White activist Tim Wise screed that hateful open letter to White people expressing great joy that poor old people drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and watching the Andy Griffith Show would soon go extinct?

    Why did CNN change so drastically when (Liberal) White Southern Ted Turner sold CNN/TBS to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner and Jeff Zucker was phoning in the hate White people, hate Trump orders from Israel?


    These ethnic Js hate us and want us replaced.

    Just look at that fat horrible supposedly “Conservative” ethnic J William Kristol. Responding to Charles Murray’s dire report of the declining health of poor, rural working class White men – Kristol said :

    “Well, if things are really so bad with these poor White Americans, wouldn’t it be better to just replace the with POC immigrants that would be happy to take these low wage jobs”. (In other words, “let them eat cake).

    Who called our White European race “the Cancer of History”?

    Answer: the Jewess Susan Sontag.

    Why do all these ethnic Js say and do such hateful anti White things?


    They hate us – want to see us replaced, maybe save some of our sexy nordic women for their Shiksa whores, girl friends, brides – have a Ivanka Trump.


    Yeah, we should ask:

    “Who hates whom”?

    And the next response can and should be.

    “If you hate us White European/Western people, why do you always insist on living in our countries, our societies? You have a J homeland – Israel the homeland of the Js – so go home”.

    GO HOME.

    • Will Uncle Shmuli convince the Japanese that the answer to their declining birthrate is to import endless numbers of Somalis, Guatemalans, Haitians and Pakistanis? Hey, it worked wonders for us!

      • Uncle Schmuel and his minions are already busy using their usury/fake money carrot and stick to push their Japanese step-n-fetchits to open the borders. There is some resistance but I saw more negroes in Japan than I did in China. Even in very cosmopolitan Shanghai (pop. 28 million) one only rarely saw a negro. In Japan they were to be found even in smaller cities like Kyoto – usually in the company of white females.

    • They can’t replace us. Nonwhites cannot create or sustain a First World nation. They never have, and it’s obvious why.
      If they think they can breed mixed racials and have them take over, ala Obama, they are very stupid.

  4. This hatred of whites, it is hatred of the innocent and it is the fruit of the Jews. Do you think Paul Gottfried will ever tell us why the Jews killed Christ and why oh why do the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong for the past 2,000 years.

    The Jews are on defense now,. This great replacement “theory” must not be blamed on them or their hatred of Christ and their hatred for the innocent. It must be blamed on other whites, close non-Jewish allies presumable the Irish and the homosexuals.

    Paul went to Yeshiva U his father was a furrier from Hungary. The family fled to America after a failed insurrection in Hungary. Do you think Paul is down with the Moshiach?

    • @Robert Browning,
      Oh man, you’re out there!
      What Jews get up to nowadays is against our best interests, yes. Their power and wealth is excessive for their numbers demographically, yes. But Christ killers?
      Do you understand actual biblical Christianity?
      The crucifixion was part of the plan of atonement to reconcile mankind with God through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. This allowed our sins as imperfect beings, to be forgiven. Jesus was then ressurected and modern Christianity was established. Do you understand this?
      Don’t you think if Jesus wanted to stop his crucifixion, then he wouldn’t have had the power to do so? No, because it was part of a greater plan, and there are verses in the Bible where he predicts it will happen, and I can quote some if you wish. Those are the facts. Calling Jews ‘Christ killers’ because of biblical incidents that occurred two thousand years ago………just sounds juvenile and silly. It brings nothing to our cause.
      Just stick with things they’re doing to us like, in the 21st century. That’s more relevant.

      • Synagogue of Satan is more to the point, and it’s the perfect description of their organization, which is more of a mafia masquerading as a religion than a real religion for those who run the operation. Yes there are some (like the Kushner krime-family) who believe in Talmud which is merely glossed-over Satanism. Most of the tribe are made-men who carry out the orders of the Dons and the Capos to strip-mine and loot the goyim. There are a few who’ve actually said “no” to formally joining the ‘organization’ but they often end up getting treated even worse than the goyim.

      • @Gooser——What do you call those who have a genetic pre-dispostion to hate the innocent? I call them Christ killers, what do you call them schmuck?

      • @Gooser—- you are Jewish aren’t you Christ killer? No non-Jew, outside of the retodded whoring Irish cares what I say or think about the Jews, only a Jew does. Why are you defending those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent, because they are your own kind, they are of your own blood, right kyke?

        • Robert O’Browning,
          Gee I must have got to you, given that you responded to me twice!
          No I’m not Jewish. In fact, I certainly know more about biblical teachings than you seem to. Your own own temperament suggests you probably have groid genes yourself.
          Read what I said again……….the atonement was planned to reconcile God with sinning mankind.
          ‘lets condemn every Jew alive today because they killed Christ two thousand years ago’………. trying to market our cause that way will win very few over I’m afraid…..
          Focus on what they’re up to now…… it’s more relevant.

          • @Goose—–I don’t believe you kyke. Christ, the Palestinians the unborn. The Jews have a genetic predisposition to persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. And you kyke have empathy and understanding for these savage beasts. How is that possible if they are not of your own kind?

      • Goose- Yes, you are. the Jews are guilty of DEICIDE. And, for the record (whoever they are now, their curse is covenantal,) anyone -whether Khazars/Edomite/African- that ‘becomes a Jew,’ is included in God’s damnation. THEY KNOW THIS.

        DO YOU? Here. Learn. then shut up.

        “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

        • Fr. John +
          It matters not who wanted responsibility for it. That’s beside the point. The fact is………it was PLANNED.
          Please reference the biblical passages you refer to. I’ll stand corrected if they contradict me.
          All I want is for the correct context to be understood.

        • John + is also a is a global commie monarchist …

    • The Romans killed whoever the historical Jesus was because he was a violent zealot revolutionary against Rome. The Gospels are Hellenistic fictions written by gentiles a century later loosely adopting Hebrew monotheism and Essene ideas into this Platonic Socratic “turn the other cheek” Greek Mystery Religion. Islam is much more authentic to the true philosophy the historical Jesus taught. The few actual descendants of the Essenes who survived the 66-70AD revolt fled into the Arabian Desert and Muhammad got a lot of his ideas from them and cooked up his own Cosmopolitan version of Pre Talmudic Judaism for the Arab masses. The Hebrews we know from the Old Testament died after the second Bar Kochba rebellion in 136 and what is left are the pre revolt diaspora and a few collaborators who survived and crafted a new “non confrontational” esoteric form of Judaism in the Talmud, a new religion. These people in Hollywood and the NY Times have little to do with Ezekiel or King David.

      • @Nightowl—–

        When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”

        The greater message is, the sins of the Jews are born in Jew blood they, are inherent, and they can not be changed with the hands of time. The Jews are now as they were then, persecutor, tormentors and HATERS of the weak and the innocent, and by virtue of these personal inherited qualities unfit to live among civilized man. The leopard can not change its spots now can it Christ killer?

      • “The Hebrews we know from the Old Testament died after the second Bar Kochba rebellion in 136 …”
        “These people in Hollywood and the NY Times have little to do with Ezekiel or King David.”

        Are these the things Christians tell themselves so they can continue to worship the Jews?
        Those people in Hollywood have everything to do with them. You guys want to absolve them so badly.

  5. The Chinese and Hindus aren’t going home…. neither are the Pakistani Muslims. They are a highly racialized Democratic Party Voting bloc that breeds on US soil…increasing the size of their US Voting Bloc on US Soil…Perhaps you have heard of state called California?

  6. @Hunter, There are no genetic characteristics possessed by all Blacks but not by non-Blacks; similarly, there is no gene or cluster of genes common to all Whites but not to non-Whites. One’s “race” is not determined by a single gene or gene cluster, as is, for example sickle cell anemia. Nor are “races” marked by important differences in gene frequencies, the rates of appearance of certain gene types. The data compiled by various scientists demonstrate, contrary to popular opinion, that intra-group differences far exceed inter-group differences. That is, greater genetic variation exists within the populations typically labeled “Black” and “White” than between these populations. This finding refutes the supposition that “racial” divisions reflect fundamental genetic differences. There is no biological/ scientific basis for “race”.

    • Nobody here is arguing that. “White” is a filler for a coalition of European-descended ethnic groups within Anglosphere nations like America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that haven’t yet gone through the stages of ethnogenesis. It’s also a big tent identity (for lack of a better term) for anyone considered “privileged” by our enemies on the basis of our skin color.

      I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to sell us all (which I presume is the real reason why you’re here) but you’re doing an awful job at doing so.

      For anyone else reading this, here’s a good article by Classical Theist regarding the Roman Catholic view on race.

      • I think that catholicism today is not serious ( and i say that being catholic for education) not because of its doctrine but because it’s ruled by woke Pope. Pope Francis is the worst Pope in history of the church, instead Pope John Paul II and Pope Ratzinger were more clear about gay stuffs and christian identity. The present Pope was elected in 2013, right at the beginning of the woke epidemic, I live in a catholic country and i can assure you that true catholics don’t want gay and gender stuffs and immigrants who tear down monuments and want to remove crucifixes from classrooms (as muslims immigrants have requested). This Pope is not it is not a serious leader unfortunately, instead he’s playing the game of globalism and materialism.

        • Pope Francis isn’t a very good Pope but he certainly isn’t the worst in history. A lot of the woke things he has supposedly said are either taken out of context or completely fabricated by the media. This is the same Pope after all that greenlighted the beatification of a mystic that said Mussolini is in Heaven, so he can’t really be THAT bad.

          Ethnically I’m from a Catholic country too, and I’ll always be a Catholic regardless of the Pope’s political views because I’m not religiously obliged to agree with him on politics.

          Anyways, I didn’t intend on starting a religious discussion though. I just wanted to share the difference between Liberal American “Orthodoxy” and Roman Catholicism on a topic.

    • There is more genetic variation within males and females than between the sexes, Therefore, there is no biological/scientific basis for sex.

      • “Therefore, there is no biological/scientific basis for sex.”

        You joke, but this is actually the current woke science consensus.

      • Comparing apples to oranges. Imo there is biological scientific basis for sex just not for so called “races”.

        • No, it’s not your opinion; it’s just your nonsense.

          Even if it were true—as I’m sure it is not—that there is no “biological scientific basis” for race, we would not thereby be justified in saying races don’t exist. We would be justified only in recognizing a present limit of science. The differences that we call racial differences are hereditary; nobody disputes that. That means they have a biological basis. Even if it were true that that biological basis has not been formulated scientifically, it would exist. To say the opposite is, as I’ve said, nonsense (which is not to say nobody’s uttering it, either witlessly or, as I’d guess in your case, deceitfully).

    • Blacks have more genetic diversity than Whites. It took more evolution to produce Whites. A black will always have black children, and the same for whites. The racial differences are as keen as any species differences.
      Saying there is “no scientific basis for race” denies the fact that a white will always reproduce a white, and same for the other groups. Whites have variety such as blonde to black hair. A white will never reproduce with another white and have a baby with a wide nose, prognathic jaw, and white skin.
      So while you want to make claims, the real biology says otherwise.

    • “The data compiled by various scientists demonstrate, contrary to popular opinion, that intra-group differences far exceed inter-group differences.”

      Whence you conclude that the groups to whom you yourself are referring don’t exist.

    • All observation and experience contradict your bullshit. There is a measurable scale of average racial group differences which consistently holds true in almost every category….physical traits, crime, intelligence, etc.

  7. The liberal demonstrators in that photo look quite harmless, HW. Is your community in danger of turning into another Cambridge, Greenwich Village, Austin, Berkeley or Portland?

      • I bet your area will not touch Tuscaloosa. Hell, the Chamber of Commerce is an “ally” of Druid City Pride.

        • Auburn is Little China now.

          There has always been Asian students, but there are so many more of them now. I wonder how this will change again when China invades Taiwan

          • “I’m not really bothered by Hispanic or Asian immigrants”

            You will. We are going to pay for ‘cosmopolitanism’ in spades, financially and then social chaos. Depression, then mass violence.

            Just a matter of time.

          • Yes, the invasion affects all of us, anywhere we are. It will become worse with time, as you say.

          • We are paying for their housing, food, healthcare, and utilities. This is why our taxes are so high. We spend less on military or the space program. A lot of whites neither see this, nor do they understand it. They think it’s fine someone has an illegal trimming their hedges. They think that’s all this is.

  8. Having grown up around Hispanics in Arizona, some are related by marriage, as you found out, are more like us in many ways, than these stupid white s are. Most just want work and and earn. They usually don’t hate whites either. Unlike this bunch of loser whites, and many blacks do

    • @Shadowbass—-The divide is not race or ethnicity, it is species, homo-sapien versus homo-neanderthal. Gentiles being homo-sapiens and Jews homo-neanderthals. We get along just fine with our own kind don’t we? Our own kind being homo-sapiens, right or wrong?

      • All non-Africans have some Neanderthal DNA. Now what does that say about Neanderthals, and what does that say about Africans, knowing what we we know?

        • @Tikkun Olam is coming for You—–

          neanaderthals are the Jews kyke, nice try though schmuck.

    • If they have such high character, how come most of them don’t work?
      Why do they abuse our medical system, which the taxpayers pay for?
      How come they just head to the US and abandon their nation?

  9. Citing a Jew to blame whites for the American freak show. This is what southern nationalism is all about.

    • Right.

      We shouldn’t blame White leftists for anything. Especially when they start moving in and visibly changing the culture in the area. They are White or something so 1.) we must identify with them on that basis and 2.) deny them any agency or control over their beliefs and actions.

      Eureka Springs, AR in the Ozarks is another example of this.

  10. I get your point Hunter, the true problem is the power of the cultural left. The indian gas station owner probably, as you said, doesn’t vote or is interested in politic, instead woke leftists, BLM and antifa are the true issue. Your website is described as a hate group especially by SPLC which we all know to be a leftists propaganda organization: SPLC describe all “groups of hate” but he is careful not to put antifa and BLM among those because it’s clearly a leftists propaganda organization. They describe this website “a blog devoted to white nationalism” and you as “Brad Griffin is both a gatekeeper for the racist “alt-right” and the chief exporter of its most effective tactics to his ideological passion project — Southern nationalism”………. we all know that SPLC lie, they’re used as sources by leftists wikipedia admins.

  11. It’s only the White race that turns on it’s own people and supports its own demise by attacking other Whites that don’t want their country invaded and its borders destroyed. I know the reason why this is happening but it’s sad to see my fellow Whites fall for the lie of diversity is our strength.

    • Hunter, the success of our enemies conclusively proves that whoever defines the language and terminology controls the outcome.

      We need to actively direct the conversation to attacking the White Quisling Left as self loathing racial degenerates. Emphasize that they are misanthropic nihilists who want to use mongrelization to shatter true racial solidarity of distinct ethnoracial communities under the guise of pushing diversity into every targeted country they can.

    • @ John Exactly. The other groups use this to push ahead and take from us. There are too many whites that lack a sense of ethnicity and race. They don’t care. Money and power are more important to them.

  12. The people who I truly can’t stand and who are the cause of all these other problems are anti-White White leftists, usually but not always PMCs, who infest the big cities on the coast and college towns across the country. They have recently infected Auburn where they stand around on Toomer’s Corner day after day with signs like “End Racism” and “Keep Abortion Legal” and “Protect Trans Kids.” They also have their stupid Ukraine flags and “In This House We Believe …” yard signs. It couldn’t be more obvious who are the carriers of the plague who are dragging down the area.

    I quite agree with HW here. Anti-White PMCs are by far the worst problem – even worse than the (((usual suspects))). At the end of the day, the (((usual suspects))), even though literally the spawn of Satan, would not have been able to get to where they are today without the greed and assistance of the Anti-White PMCs – fellow spawn of Satan – and the cuckservative enablers. The usury-racket they control has enabled the fueling of many destructive forces like open borders. The way to enforce immigration law is not to send the jackboots to round up the millions of invaders (very costly), but to send them to shut down the (much fewer) businesses of the Chamber of Commerce cucks who hire them – socializing their costs in order to privatize the profits – this behavior often itself spawned by their own enslavement to the usury-racketeering schemes of (((Wall Street))). Shut down those who hire the invaders along with closing off the welfare spigot and the majority of invaders will go home on their own.

    While Shadowbass describes the Anti-Whites as ‘losers’ such creatures are usually not losers the financial sense of the term (thanks to the usury-racket financial system). White PMCs are typically in the upper 10th of income. The spoiled-brat offspring of such PMCs (and those of the cuckservatives) often embrace a loser lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity in their college years, joining BLM and Antifa (for example). Colleges and Universities are essentially Church of Woke seminaries. Again, destroy the usury-system and the Woke seminaries will not have the loan money to fund their evil indoctrination.

  13. My daughter sent me a pic of a cannon in Montgomery painted in the full LGBTQIAA2S logo.
    Very demoralizing.
    My biggest gripe is the anti whites & fellow whites, as well.
    I have begun having an outsized hatred of pajeets, tho.
    I’m sick of these uppity curry devils.

  14. You could eliminate all white gentile libtards from the picture and the problem of leftist power and influence would remain unchanged-Why?- because the secret ingredient to the power and influence of the Left is Jews. In every left wing movement the foot soldiers may be White liberals, blacks, women or homosexuals, but the generals are always Jewish. White libtards have been relegated to secondary status and are now only the’ ‘Amen Corner”‘ of leftist movements. Without Jewish networking , media control and money none of the Leftist movements that have ruined life in America since WW2 would have amounted to a hill of beans.Do you really think that blacks could have pulled off the Civiil Rights Movement by themselves/- Who would have paid MLK to fly all over the country from one hot spot to another for years?The only way to defeat the leftist snake is to cut off the head of the snake.and the head is Jewish They have been ever since they started arriving in significant numbers during the second great wave of immigration to America in the 1890s to 1924. Since then they have dominated Leftist Movements here. They are the reason why the South won the first Reconstruction(1865-18770) but lost the second reconstruction (the Civil Rights Movement) Jews are much more formidable adversaries than Yankee abolitionists.

    • I generally agree with your observation that Jews take over the ‘general’ positions in all leftist movements (as they do in ‘conservative’ movements). The reason for this has nothing to do with their supposed superior intellects, but everything to do with the combination of usury-rackets (they literally control the issue of money) and extreme nepotism. The point you’re missing though is that an army consisting only of generals will fail. If the privates and NCOs start feeling the pain, they’ll become less enthusiastic about carrying out Gen. Schlomo’s orders. At some point Capt. Pajeet might even get fragged, and Gen. Schlomo will have to pay out more and more – ultimately to no avail.

      At the present time the Sanhedrinal General Staff is quite untouchable. It would take a special-ops team of at least 100 to remove a George Soros and his offspring and most would die in the process. Not worth the cost to remove a single oligarch. When the privates and NCOs no longer care much about following Gen. Schlomo’s increasingly desperate orders and things are starting to get ugly, Schlomo’s own Captains and Colonels will turn their weapons upon Schlomo themselves and send him to his eternal reward of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    • @Blowtorch+Mason:

      I respectfully disagree that Jews are the instigators of White Leftist Degeneracy: Exhibit A: Thaddeus Stevens – White Abolitionist just prior to the War Between The States. Not to mention, John Brown and his followers.

      Do opportunistic Jews exploit and cultivate White degeneracy? Yes. But if whites maintained moral racial solidarity from the elite on down, Jews would be ineffective like they were in the Byzantine Empire for a thousand years.

  15. White Leftists are discriminatory and hateful towards their own race because they have been emotionally and morally deceived by being brought up, both by the educational system and their diverse “friends” of whom they form loose interpersonal relationships with. This very emotional moral deception as well as the lies about their race which have been perpetuated by non-Whites in order for Whites to believe that they are akin to Non-Whites is what Leftist firmly hold as being absolutely true. However, such convictions are far from the truth as the following documents will reveal.

  16. Fuck these people.

    HW, take your family to see Top Gun then give us a movie review.

    You should rest up while the news cycle is slow.

    • I’ve been working like a mule for a month now. I am finally going to have a significant amount on time off and should be updating the site more, but I will be on the road for the next two weeks. We’re taking a big family round trip out West.

  17. The lede into this article sounds as if there is something ‘organic’ about these leftist whites, but that’s not really the case

    Many people just have life paths making them submissive to dominant media framing … they are NPCs in large part, and they parrot the views elites press on them, as instinctive survival strategy

    Things shift because enough of those people get hit hard enough by events that they peel away from the establishment, as is happening now

    And we should remain aware of how numbers for men and women usually stay different … women more establishment-following than men, and single women having a political mentality more like catered-minorities and system-beneficiaries … women finally flipping super quickly when things shift around them

  18. >… but these people by and large are just opportunists trying to better themselves.

    You said pretty much the same thing before (link) — it was no more trenchant, or even interesting, then than it is now — yeah, OK, we all understand they ‘want a better life’, but it’s important to note that they cannot create this for themselves back in their own countries.

    >I’m accustomed to blacks because I have always lived in the Deep South.

    What is the point of such a banal remark? — it’s roughly akin to a an anti-racist boomer saying ‘I’m not a racist, but …’, except you leave off the ‘but’ part.

    I’m not really bothered by Hispanic or Asian immigrants. Yes, we are being demographically replaced in our own country by an endless tidal wave of immigration, …

    So on this issue, what’s the difference between you and a chamber-of-commerce, as-long-as-they-come-legally cuckservative? — or for that matter, between you and a virtue signaling ‘anti-white leftist White’?

    Your concern about ‘modernism’ and the moral decay of society is understandable.

    But the preeminent issue facing the US, and Whites in particular, is race.

  19. I would leap over 10 jews to get at 1 pale-pelted shitlib race traitor, but that’s just my personal hatred speaking. I understand that such masses of white scum exist mostly because the god damned kikes usurped all the machinery of propaganda, especially the schools & the media. Plus, they provide the money & organizational know-how that marshals their tools. Therefore, they’re the ones who must be destroyed first, and since there are far fewer of them, it would be the easier task physically.

    Strike the (((root))) as soon as circumstances allow; then deal with the race traitors at leisure.

  20. These Chinese students won’t be going home. They never do. They will play their part to make America less white. But after reading this article, I’m wondering if that’s such a bad thing…… many of them disappoint me. We’re now a race of soft cocks with a level of guilt and compassion not found elsewhere. Being caring, giving and compassionate is a great quality to have……..but not when extended to those who want to destroy your race and culture.

    • That might have been the case 20 years ago, but no educated or middle class Chinese person would want to live in the USA today. They can have a much better life with a much higher standard of living in China than they can in the USA.

      Most educated immigrants will probably be abandoning the USA in the near future. Their home countries are developing enough, and the USA has decayed enough, that the USA is not really an attractive option for living anymore. They might come temporarily for education because American schools still have prestige, despite significantly dropping off in quality, but there isn’t any reason to stay here permanently.

      • @Dart,
        Trust me:- once they leave China, they rarely return. Things will need to get worse still, in America, and better in China before that changes.

  21. Brad, you will be giving us a “field report” on you and your family’s experiences out West I hope.

      • @Hunter read this. Oh and IF you make it to heaven you understand that it’s gonna be integrated right? They’ll be no “racial” separation or division in heaven. If you believe otherwise you ain’t gonna make it.

        9 After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, 10 and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” 11 And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures, and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, 12 saying, “Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen.”

        13 Then one of the elders addressed me, saying, “Who are these, clothed in white robes, and from where have they come?” 14 I said to him, “Sir, you know.” And he said to me, “These are the ones coming out of the great tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

        15 “Therefore they are before the throne of God,
        and serve him day and night in his temple;
        and he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence.
        16 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore;
        the sun shall not strike them,
        nor any scorching heat.
        17 For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd,
        and he will guide them to springs of living water,
        and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

        • I don’t see how the verses you posted prove your point. The last two chapters of Revelation implies that nations at the very least will continue to exist in Heaven after the Second Coming of Christ. Regardless, it doesn’t matter so I don’t see the point in you gasping at straws and borderline lying about what the Bible says.

          Revelation 21:24-27 (DRA)

          “And the nations shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth shall bring their glory and honour into it. And the gates thereof shall not be shut by day: for there shall be no night there. And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it. There shall not enter into it any thing defiled, or that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, but they that are written in the book of life of the Lamb.”

          Revelation 22:1-2 (DRA)

          “And he shewed me a river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street thereof, and on both sides of the river, was the tree of life, bearing twelve fruits, yielding its fruits every month, and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

          • If you think racism and racial separation will exist in heaven then you are NOT a real Christian period. If you can’t learn how to love people in this life, and get along with them then the afterlife is no different. There will be perfection and unity in heaven. Enjoy the fire.

        • @Orthodox Slumlord

          Nice job avoiding the substance of my response, you’re very good at dodging anything that challenges your retarded understanding of theology and politics.

          “If you can’t learn how to love people in this life, and get along with them then the afterlife is no different.”

          I have no problem loving people in this life, except for when it comes to people on the road, those people are assholes. Joking aside, in real life I’m friendly to everyone I come across in person. Even if I end up not liking them afterwards, I’ll still show respect to them when it’s deserved. You don’t know how people here or on any other political forum truly are in their day to day lives. It’s the internet, don’t take it too seriously.

          “There will be perfection and unity in heaven.”
          Yeah, I know. Nations will continue to exist in Heaven as the last two chapters of Revelation at the very least implies and at most outright confirms.

          “Enjoy the fire.”
          The fire is for schismatics such as yourself, become Roman Catholic while you still have the chance.

  22. I was walking in Chicago city (fortunately I’m mostly out of the City) when I noticed the police had closed off the street and a large demonstration was marching my way – thousands of ugly, Lib leftist White LGBT women protesting for abortion rights. I was a bit beer buzzed. I decide to heckle the entire mob.

    I shouted:

    “You’re ugly, no man wants to ever be with you”.

    One guy in the march tried to get in my face, I turned the verbal confrontation as a defense of my mother – I said “I wouldn’t be on planet earth if it wasn’t for my mother” and that my mother was better than all these fa* hags combined.

    He didn’t escalate to throw the first punch. Cops thought it was amusing.

    This might sound trivial, but you would be surprised and ashamed at the high % of cuckservatives in suits and especial LDS pols like Mittens Romney, Jeff Flake would never dare do something like this – stand up to Lib Leftists, LGBT, marxists and simply give some constructive criticism. And they are also of course consistent Chicken Hawks – always going along, getting a hard on for the latest Jew war.

    • The “movement” clearly needs more drunk dudes engaging in National Lampoon’s Animal House type street confrontation. Can someone slip LDS Romney LSD? Put a white horse in the Dean’s office at Auburn?

  23. I don’t give a damn about China or the Chinese. But things like this are instructive to those of us still lionizing China as somehow an example to those of us that wish for a more Nationalist, traditional and racially homogenous culture for ourselves.

    We can want those things for ourselves, but its a mistake to look at non Whites for inspiration. The Chinese culture, the Han race, are monstrous in ways that make them wholly uncompatible with intrinsic White values of decency.

    This organ harvesting thing is more than a meme.

    • This organ harvesting thing is more than a meme.

      That is true, but do keep in mind that the organ harvesting is a major source of income for (((Planned Parenthood))) and their fellow chop-shops. A near term infant brings a fortune in body-parts. Schlomo rubs hands in glee at the thought, salivating for the shekels to flow in.

  24. The white people who come and screw things are the suburban yuppies. They act like they’ve never talked to a small town person in their lives, or at least never listened to them.

    I would say it’s hard to say exactly how people got so incredibly fucked up, it has something to do with the forced feminization of society, girls are always looking to find what will make them popular and elevate them in status. They don’t consider what the effect will be, they only think to manipulate circumstances. This is how you can be clever without being intelligent. This is not say every women is this way.

    Yuppies usually want to look better than some white guy that has to work hard for a living. Yuppie snobs despise poor people, i.e. the jokes about shopping at Walmart. They’re basically snobs when you get right down to it, once you get past the pretentious chicken shit about 43 genders, and the holy grale of gun control.

  25. Honestly, they all look like genetic defects even if the majority are White! Like Wal-Marteans! Regardless of whether you have a group full of highly educated people who dress in suits and never use racial epithets or if you are radical White racialist group that has rowdy street demonstrations the powers that be condemn all of you as Nazis and White Supremacists and makes no distinction as to whether you are legal and peaceful or disruptive and violent.

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