Poll Watch: Half of Americans Expect Civil War 2 Within Years

Orthodox Slumlord was just denying this in the comments.

Daily Mail:

“Half of Americans expect to see a second U.S. civil war within years and nearly a fifth say they could one day be toting guns at a political face-off themselves, according to an alarming new study about the nation’s deepening divisions.

Researchers at University of California, Davis uncovered worrying levels of ‘alienation’, ‘mistrust’ and a growing tendency to turn to violence in their recently-conducted survey of 8,620 adults across the country. …

More than two-thirds of respondents said they saw a ‘serious threat to our democracy’ and 50.1 percent agreed with the statement that ‘in the next few years, there will be civil war in the U.S.’

Once again, it is White people who are being replaced in the electorate by non-White immigrants for political reasons and the people who believe the Great Replacement is happening clearly understand this.

“More than 40 percent said having a ‘strong leader’ was more important than democracy and that ‘native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants’ — a racist belief known as the ‘great replacement theory’.

Researchers also uncovered a growing inclination to settle political rows with violence. …”

They are angry enough about it to say this in the poll. Conservatives glorified Kyle Rittenhouse for blowing away that Antifa.

“Nearly a fifth of respondents said it was likely they would be ‘armed with a gun’ at a political flash point in the coming years, while 4 percent said it was likely they would ‘shoot someone with a gun’.

Garen Wintemute, a university public health expert who warns of growing gun ownership rates and led the study, said his findings were ‘pretty grim’ and ‘exceeded our worst expectations’.  …”

The SPLC recently conducted its own poll which also showed that I was right about this.

“A similar study by Tulchin Research and the Southern Poverty Law Center last month found that 44 percent of Americans said the U.S. was headed toward another civil war.

A YouGov survey last week highlighted growing calls for a break-up of the U.S. …”

The SPLC poll found that the Great Replacement is starting to become something like the conventional wisdom among conservative normies.

“Nearly 7 in 10 Republicans surveyed agree to at least some extent that demographic changes in the United States are deliberately driven by liberal and progressive politicians attempting to gain political power by “replacing more conservative white voters.”

Good luck on keeping a lid on “extremism.”

“Almost half of self-identified Republicans – 47% – responded that Census projections estimating “white people will become a minority” in roughly 25 years are either “somewhat negative” or “very negative” for the country. Only 28% or Republicans polled said the changes were “somewhat positive” or “very positive.”

And 67% of Republicans polled “believe the country’s demographic changes are being orchestrated by ‘liberal leaders actively trying to leverage political power by replacing more conservative white voters.’”

More findings from this study:

Los Angeles Times:

“Almost 23% agreed somewhat, strongly or very strongly with this statement: “The government, media and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.”

Here is the link to the actual study:

“Four items explored beliefs on race and “great replacement” thinking (Table 3). While 39.0% of respondents agreed strongly or very strongly that “white people benefit from advantages in society that Black people do not have,” 27.1% agreed strongly or very strongly that “discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against Blacks and other minorities.”

Nearly 1 in 5 (18.6%) disagreed with the statement that “having more Black Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans is good for the country,” and 41.2% agreed—16.2% agreed strongly or very strongly—with the proposition that “in America, native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants.”

Another 4 items addressed the central elements of QAnon mythology and other beliefs (Table 4). More than 1 in 5 respondents (22.7%) endorsed the statement, with 9% agreeing strongly or very strongly, that US institutions are “controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles” who traffic children for sex.

Nearly 30% (29.7%) agreed (10.1% strongly or very strongly) that “a storm coming soon” will “sweep away the elites in power and restore the rightful leaders.” More than 2 in 5 (43.4%) agreed (19.3% strongly or very strongly) that “we are living in what the Bible calls ‘the end times.’


  1. The war that was fought against the North and the South is not the same as we are facing today. I hope both the North and the South team up this time to defeat the tyrannical govt that is hurting both of us today. Whites needs to stick together this time, not kill each other off for political ideologies.

    • Next war will be Jews and communists against entire planet Earth and this will be global.

      Like Christians say, fight between good and Evil.

      War already started. Syria, Ukraine, soon Serbia and Taiwan , Iran of course. Netherland has protests right now. And this only getting worse. At some moment of course open fight will come to US too.

  2. Yes, there’s never any shortage of turd world immigrants who want to move to the West to be ‘victims of racism and oppression’.

  3. Brad you are obviously ignorant of logical fallacies. Your appeal to numbers is a fallacy, and does not prove the claim that you are making is true. You still have all of your work ahead of you to prove that the great replacement conspiracy is true which you haven’t done.

    ARGUMENTUM AD NUMERAM (argument or appeal to numbers)
    This fallacy is the attempt to prove something by showing how many people think that it’s true. But no matter how many people believe something, that doesn’t necessarily make it true or right.

    • You said …

      “Nice try but Tucker is not agreeing with you “White Nationalists” Brad and he is not pushing the “White” replacement theory bullshit because like myself he’s smarter than that. If you listen carefully to what he says he clearly says that the people the left wants to replace are native born Americans not “Whites only”. He also clearly rightly says that it has nothing to do with race whatsoever. You are taking talking points from the far left and projecting your worldview into Tucker Carlson. In doing so you are just as bad as the far left libtards. Clearly there are pro White Tards like yourself. Nice try but the mainstream right has not embraced White Nationalism.”

      As I explained to you, the audience clearly understands the Great Replacement the way that we understand it, which is that Whites are being replaced by non-White immigrants in the electorate for political reasons. Tucker is following the audience and trying to reflect their views in a sanitized way. The audience is much more radical though. He does the same thing with anti-vaxxers. He presents their views in a more palatable way for a television audience.

      • I rest my case, I asked an intelligent black guy that works for me, and he understood that you were making a fallacy appealing to numbers. I asked what evidence do you have that the great replacement conspiracy was true, and you couldn’t produce any evidence only propaganda.

        • You unambiguously said that normal people did not believe that Whites were being replaced by non-White immigrants. How do you explain these numbers?

          • ” . . . Your appeal to numbers is a fallacy, and does not prove the claim that you are making is true. . .”

            The numbers are prima facie evidence that the claims of The Great Replacement are true. The numbers show the massive decline in the White population from about %90 of the population in 1970 to about %60 now. That is exactly what The Great Replacement is by definition, the White percentage of the country declining.

            If The Great Replacement were a “logical fallacy” then the White population would still be about %90 and O.S. would be citing that as his evidence that you are wrong, Hunter. Instead he simply rejects evidence he doesn’t like and resorts to trying to change the premise i.e. that tired old canard that race is only a social construct, it has no basis in science. If you cannot trust scumbags like Tim Wise who can you trust?

            Of course when it’s time for dividing up the gibs, disparate impact lawsuits, admissions to Harvard, AA quotas, voting procedures etc. then race is real, not a social construct, it’s rooted in biology. So saith the lawyers, $PLC types, (so-called) “Civil Rights (sic)” hucksters, and a whole galaxy of NGO types who feed at the “Civil Rights (sic)” trough like the pigs they are.

            Holding contradictory ideas at the same time, denying facts one would prefer didn’t exist, appeals to authority over evidence, ad hominem attacks are all signs of modernist thinking. The Modernist believes truth is relative, not objective, that he/she/it/ze/?? can go through life pounding square pegs into round holes, with the help of the Government.

            There is no reasoning with such people, they are beyond the scope of reason.

          • Anti-Whites deny White Genocide but never name a single country that should remain White.

          • You claimed that Trump’s base understands the Great Replacement as Democrats replacing Republicans, not as non-White immigrants replacing native born Whites. The polls clearly show otherwise including this larest one. They deeply resent racial demographic change.

            No one gives a shit about Aleksandr Dugin, Orthodoxy or your “race is a social construct” postmodern autistic nonsense. Assuming you were ever in the movement, you were one of those weirdos who got your religion from a meme that people like Matt Heimbach were promoting. You are still a marginalized autistic weirdo today

          • The discrepancy between those who said they believe that Whites are being replaced (41.2%) and those who disagreed that having more non-Whites is good for the country (18.6%) doesn’t really lend much support to the claim that people understand “the great replacement” in racial terms, though.

            Just asking if people believe Whites are being replaced doesn’t say much. For example, we know that Joe Biden, Mark Potok, and writers at the New York Times all believe that Whites are being replaced, and they believe it’s a good thing. I guess the one conclusion that can be drawn from that question is that the majority of Americans are retarded, since the majority said they did not believe that Whites are being replaced with non-Whites. That Whites are being replaced is just an undeniable fact. The only real question is whether they believe it’s good or not.

            That brings us to the more relevant number, 18.6% saying that having more non-Whites is bad for the country, which is not really that high. I doubt it is much outside of historical norms during the Bush or Obama years. There has always been a sizable number that viewed White minoritization as a bad thing, but it’s a continuum between those who believe it is bad but tolerable (the majority- casual racist normies) and those who believe it is an existential threat (the minority- White nationalists, etc.).

            In the political violence category, the only interesting take is that the willingness to commit violence on racial and religious grounds are two of the lowest. This really throws water on the “violent White Christian nationalism” narrative the media has been trying to push. It seems here that the primary motivators for violence are demoncrats stealing the election and Q stuff about “the storm” coming for the Satanist elites (which is really tied in with evangelical “end times” doomerism and John Bircher crap that has been around forever).

            I still don’t really see this as a sea change or that Republicans are “waking up” or anything like that.

          • This is off topic, I suppose, but in reading Alexander Dugin’s tweet that was presented in the article linked by commenter Dart, I was struck by the following:

            “Remember that the first act of the French Directory was the legalization of homosexuality; remember that British King William recruited boys from the oligarchs’ rebellion as his lovers, to say nothing of the Greek pederasty that inspired the British school system ….”

            Note well: “… the Greek pederasty that inspired the British school system …”

            Of what is Dugin speaking there? Is it common knowledge, for lack of a better term, that “the British school system” was “inspired” by Greek pederasty? Years ago, I was struck by the following, in Wikipedia’s entry about rock star Freddie Mercury:

            “Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town in the British protectorate of Zanzibar (now part of Tanzania) on 5 September 1946. His parents, Bomi … and Jer Bulsara … were from the Parsi community of western India.

            “Mercury spent most of his childhood in India where he began taking piano lessons at the age of seven while living with relatives. In 1954, at the age of eight, Mercury was sent to study at St. Peter’s School, a British-style boarding school for boys, in Panchgani near Bombay.”

            That struck me because it made me wonder whether a British-style classical education had somehow turned Mercury into a British-style homosexual, which is what he seems to have been in his adult life that was ended by AIDS. I’m reminded of a subject of which I happen to know only a very little, namely, Oscar Wilde’s encounter, at Oxford, with Walter Pater.



          • Hunter, I avoided mentioning the Trump years because he actually seemed to reduce racial awareness in White Republican voters. They got hopped up on MAGA civic nationalism and the racial awareness that seemed more common during Obama’s years evaporated. I would have to look up polling over the course of Bush and Obama terms before saying it’s a big improvement.

            And then, even if it has increased, it does not necessarily mean there has been any fundamental change in racial understanding on a deeper level, since the next time they get a Trump or a Reagan it could all just dissolve again. I am still seeing mostly “Obama brought racism back to America” or “democrats are dividing us” types of comments. Without a more fundamental change, such that they acknowledge that the MLK race-blind dream is a sham and not worthy of being held as an ideal, they would be like some of those White Zimbabwean farmers who were out appealing to anti racism as their heads were being sawed off their bodies by hordes of Africans.

        • >I asked an intelligent black guy


          Why would you mention his skin color? — why does it matter? — haven’t you repeatedly claimed that ‘race is a social construct’? — or do you mean to emphasize that if even a ‘black guy’ can recognize the fallacy, then it must actually be a fallacy — because after all, Blacks are dumb.

          So maybe it’s just as I always suspected: race flat-earthers are the ‘real racists’.

          And come to think of it, isn’t asking someone else also a form of what you call the ‘argument or appeal to numbers’ fallacy? — why should we care? — are we supposed to be more convinced that this is an instance of the aforementioned fallacy just because you found someone else who says it is?


          And the weirdest thing of all is that you appear to be completely unaware of how stupid you are.

          • @Hunter enjoy hanging and banging with Satan, i hear it’s a hell of a good time. You can’t hate your neighbors who you’ve seen but claim to love God whom you haven’t seen.

          • If I actually hated my neighbors, I wouldn’t live where I do. The only people who I complain about on this website are the libtards in Auburn. I have never once bothered them or distributed them, however, in their little demonstrations. They have the right to express their views

          • @Hunter I meant that you hate non-Whites or at the very least you don’t love them, don’t show Gods love to them, don’t share the gospel with them, and you believe in completely separating from them. Am I correct? If not then what isn’t true?

          • You sound indistinguishable from a liberal.

            I don’t “hate” non-Whites because I recognize that they just are not my own people. If I were to move to Russia or Poland or Vermont, I would be an alien there too. There are racial and cultural differences between groups of people including those who share the same religion

          • Of course Biden was (rather spectacularly) wrong about the ‘absolute minority in 2017’ remark — which is odd, since by the time Biden said that in 2015, an estimate of when Whites will no longer by the majority (> 50%) population had been available for many years, and even today it still hasn’t changed: 2042/2043.

          • Nice spin no I fully reject all forms of liberalism. Obviously you are not smart enough to know that someone can fully reject liberalism, woke ideology and Marxist ideology while at the same time rejecting racism and separatism. That’s not entirely what I said either. I said even if you say you don’t hate non-Whites, IF you don’t love them, show them Gods love, and spread Christianity to anybody regardless of race then you are not a real Christian, PERIOD. I don’t give a damn how many times you say Lutheranism says this or that, I’m talking about Christianity 101 regardless of sect or denomination. Now I’ll ask again do you love people regardless of race, do you help people in need regardless of race, do you show people Gods love, and do you spread Christianity to anybody you come in contact regardless of race?

        • It matters not the question is that “how did this belief become mainstream?”

        • “I rest my case, I asked an intelligent black guy that works for me, and he understood that you were making a fallacy appealing to numbers.”

          @Orthodox Slumming Slumlord – Oh, well; if you asked a sacred black person that certainly settles it decisively. Is he also clean-cut and articulate, in addition to not being as ignorant as an ape?? Cartoonish DR3; all of you self-haters are so cartoonish — my God, you anti-Whites are tiresome.

        • @Orthodox Slumlord I don’t believe in a god or gods. I believe the universe operates on the laws of science, hence man evolved in several ways. Some conditions put greater strains on environmental responses and produced higher intelligence in some groups. When you believe in a “god” who made everything equal, YET, you can see the big differences, it should be MORE than clear that’s not true. The only reason some groups are able to survive, is because the more intelligent ones are propping them up. If all of that was taken away, you’d see real Natural Selection at work.
          Most people are too emotional and afraid of not being liked or approved of, to admit most of this.
          No one gave you the right to be equal. We all have to work to earn our place in the world, and survive. This is what every animal and insect has to do every single day. They have to try to make it to adulthood, and then, reproduce. Then they are done. Man should also be reproducing to produce the best offspring, not the dumbest or most violent ones.

    • >fallacy

      Interesting that someone who cites Lewontin in support of race flat-earthism would characterize someone else’s argument/rhetoric as a fallacy.

      I wish I’d been the one to invent the aphorism ‘You really can’t make this shit up’ — because you really can’t.

    • You are being diengenuous my anti-white friend. Joe Biden is on record as saying he supports it.



      Former White House adviser, Oliver McGee, has shared footage on social media of former Vice President Joe Biden saying he wants “unrelenting immigration” to turn white America into an “absolute minority.”

      “The wave [of immigrants] still continues. It’s not going to stop, nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things, I think, we can be most proud of…”

      “[We want] an unrelenting stream of immigration. Non-stop. Non-stop. Folks like me who were Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we’ll be in an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50 per cent of the people in America, from then and on, will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s the source of our strength,” Biden said.

      • and whites have to support them, because they aren’t here to work, and all of the “they’re such hard workers!” stuff is a lie. Most of them do not work. They take advantage of our welfare system. They don’t have to change their countries for the better, because they can come here and be taken care of. When the population of whites is less than 25%, it will be interesting to see how they can obtain enough money to support millions of “migrants” who don’t work and have big families.

    • >to prove that the great replacement conspiracy is true
      We don’t have to prove anything. It’s that media deny that whites will became minorities with endless non-white immigration, when it’s so obviously true, that almost force white people to conclude that it’s done to replace us.

      • They can’t replace us in our jobs or professions, though. Most of them are lower IQs. They won’t be doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. They live off the working, tax-paying Americans. If they just bring them here to replace the population, it’s going to look like Mexico or Central America or Africa.

  4. I believe Lothrop Stoddards work about white genocide over 100 years was accurately prophetic
    Been reading his stuff lately ..

  5. What did you expect to happen? Once whites are stupid/insane enough to allow nonwhites (Jews, blacks, browns, asians etc) into their nations then society ineluctably becomes a battleground between white/nonwhite supremacy for sociopolitical power. The only solution to this sociological conflict is for whites to establish their own Ethnostate devoid of nonwhites. But that’s the problem, since the majority of whites are Christianized egalitarian idiots who prefer living in a multiracial society thanks to the ethics of Rabbi Jesus.

    • Good post. They also support and worship the tribe, who is their oppressor, but they refuse to see this. They think it’s just antisemitism, to criticize any of them for anything, while they are carefully being pushed aside. They are still going on vacations and to the mall, and as long as they can do this, everything is good for them.

  6. The snake is rattling, but the fanatics of the New Religion have their fingers in their ears!

  7. Uncle Jared’s article here at Unz poses interesting and inescapable facts about what most people experience when they are in contact with blacks.


    Far be it from me to defend the blax, but I would say there is a huge difference between these feral innercity/urban blacks (whom I avoid at all costs), and the blacks that tend to populate the rural areas of Appalachia (who I have regular contact with) and the deep south, who generally are quite decent. The good blacks I know, I’ve got no problem breaking bread with.

    HW I think you’ve mentioned this phenomena being prevalent in Alabama, as one would expect, the good blax that are as generally decent as your average White working class folk.

    There is more at play in this than biology. It is ideology and social conditioning, specifically against Whitey and Asians that makes the feral nogs of the city hellscapes behave the way they do.

    This speaks directly to the issue of potential violence between demographics on a larger more organized scale in the context of civil war. The distinction deserves to be made. Not that all blacks shouldn’t be separate from us, but that not all of them are overtly hostile to Whitey. To a large degree, we owe that smaller minority of good blacks consideration, as they are as much a victim of this imperial construct as we are, and many of these folks share all but our common ancestry with us.

    Socially, they are even more closely aligned with our values and worldview than the “natural conservative” hispanics who are all catholic, but never the less are gravitating to the right politically.

    • Blacks and Whites who live in big cities differ in important ways from those who live in small towns and rural areas. This is especially true across generations.

    • >There is more at play in this than biology.

      And most Blacks, i.e. > 50%, are not criminal — so what?

      I’m sure there were decent Blacks in Haiti back in 1804, in Rhodesia, and now in South Africa.

      Anecdotally, most Whites know decent Blacks (I do), and this is true whether one lives in a city, a suburb, or out in the country — but that’s irrelevant when considering Blacks as a demographic group, i.e population averages — when you do that, it’s very clear that Blacks are, on average, significantly less intelligent, significantly more criminal, and exhibit behavior that differs significantly from Whites.

      In aggregate, Blacks are incompatible with first world civilization — they cannot create it, they cannot maintain it.

      Consider Liberia, which has been independent since the time California became a state, was never colonized, and was never embroiled in foreign wars — yet here’s how the CIA World Factbook describes the economy of Liberia (link):

      Liberia is a low-income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance and remittances from the diaspora. It is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture.

      In other words, the country has good economic potential, but the people who live there have been unable to exploit it — what kind of people live there? — Blacks — in fact, per the Liberian constitution, Whites are not allowed to be citizens (look it up; you were probably unaware of that, but have heard a lot about apartheid in South Africa).

      Ultimately, your comment is trivial; it is naive and meaningless — such sentiments serve only to psychologically disarm Whites at a time when Whites, as a coherent ethno-political group, are faced with the existential threat of low birthrates, plus high non-white in-migration within their already multiracial one-man, one-vote democracies.

      • Well said. Non Whites & jews must always be considered AS A WHOLE, because that’s how they consider us.

        • Agree with both comments. People move in groups, so when “conservatives” say they want to take people “as individuals”, they are wrong. Most individuals do NOT affect things, but groups do. They just cop out by not wanting to recognize groups.

      • “Blacks are incompatible with first world civilization — they cannot create it, they cannot maintain it.”

        But they can destroy it, very quickly.

        More importantly, they can destroy the civilisation builders.

      • That’s racist because like us fair skinned folks, “blacks” are not a homogeneous group, and there is more genetic variation compared to other blacks then when comparing blacks and whites between each other. So to say that “blacks” are less intelligent than “whites” or more prone to crime, or collective behavior is different than ours is simply a low IQ retarded statement. You can’t say “blacks” because they are so diverse it’s not speaking direct so doesn’t hold water. Outside of the US nobody looks at things that way. It’s because here everybody has been grouped by physical appearance is why this is the case. The modern concept of “race” is purely a modern western social construct. People outside of this bubble don’t share those views.

  8. Our war is being fought in Ukraine and Russia, and the Netherlands. The Jews that conceived The Great Replacement and then implemented it are getting some resistance.

    Russia has only gone a short way in freeing itself from the Vampire Squid of Judaism. But they are making progress. We will need their help.

  9. Dear Orthodox Slumlord- No proof of the Great Replacement?- in 1960 America was 90% white. Now , since the 1965 Immigration Act and leftist control of border enforcement, we’re 57% . What more proof do you need? Do you think this change is just a coincidence? if you do- write me later- there’s a bridge in Brooklyn that i’d like to sell you!

  10. Amongst his other 7th grade debating tricks O.S. tries to change the definition of The Great Replacement to one more amenable to his worldview. The Great Replacement means the replacement of White i.e. European populations by non-European populations. Period. It doesn’t mean changing trivial political affiliations.

    The evidence, i.e. demographics, %90 to less than %60 White population through U.S. Government policies since 1965 demonstrates that The Great Replacement is a true observation of reality in the U.S.

    One petty trick is denying the math, a “fallacy”. Another equally stupid trick is changing the definition of The Great Replacement from changing the population demographics to really meaning changing political affiliation.

    There is certainly a political dimension to The Great Replacement. Third World types are overwhelmingly Left Wing in politics and therefore support the Democrats for the gibs.

    The problem with this explanation is that the Republicans support The Great Replacement too albeit for different reasons, they want cheap labor. The Republicans are quite satisfied with losing elections because they still get their graft and their seats at the table as controlled opposition. Political affiliation doesn’t drive The Great Replacement, hatred of the White population is the animating force with the colored folk as the biological weapons used by The Usual Suspects.

    If political realignment were the driving force behindThe Great Replacement the useless Republicans would have stopped it decades ago. Instead, they encouraged it. With both parties agreeing toThe Great Replacement as national policy for decades with sometimes Republicans, other times Democrats in charge the definition of changing political affiliation as whatThe Great Replacement really is doesn’t hold up upon examination.

    O.S. needs to go back to 7th grade and study some more cheap debating tricks. Consult with his pals at $SPLC first, they know all about dirty tricks and scumbaggery.

    • O.S. is really Church of Woke. He embraces the whole enchilada of exterminating entire ethnic groups as long as they are European in origin – fully in accordance with the Talmudic Kalergi plan. Another so-called “christian” allied with Talmudic supremacism, which is fully Satanic in nature. Open borders for every European country and those elsewhere populated Europeans (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) in great number. All part of the Empire of Lies of course. O.S. is on the same side as Soros, Zelensky, Nudelman, Schwab, et al at the end of the day.

      • It’s funny how they think the world will be just fine, if they get rid of whites. Yet, all of them want to live in white nations, live off of us, benefit from everything our people have invented and sustained.

  11. “uncovered worrying levels of ‘alienation’, ‘mistrust’ ”

    Driven by decades of ((media)) fueled lies and antagonism.

  12. The part about “civil war” is left wing clickbait. But if you factor it out, the news is really good for our sector.

    Problem is, you just can’t factor it out in the real world way these things are written.

    And I’m starting to think that’s on purpose.

    I think what’s going on here is that deceitful left wing journalists (et al) are deliberately throwing in this stupid and improbable “zomg civil war lol” talk along side the real news of the increasing radicalization of the heretofore lamestream conservative normie, in order to try to smear the latter.

  13. That’s funny Martin Armstrong, the financial and geopolitical cycle analyst, expects civil war, right here in the USA, next year (2023). He said if it could, his supercomputer, Socrates, would hide under his bed. I believe he said it appears to start toward the end of this year (after elections or in response to them, something like that).


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