Mainstreaming Actually Worked: 12 Ways Conservatives Gradually Became Radicals

I wrote this for my own amusement.

I’m half joking around about it. I’m half serious. It gets at something real.

In all of those big brained strategy sessions about how we should move forward, did anyone ever consider the possibility that conservatives would just eventually come around at a slower pace?

Step #1: Discrediting The Media

Millions of Americans don’t even believe in “journalism” anymore. Just 5% of Republicans now say they have “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in newspapers. Only 8% of Republicans now say they have “a great deal or quite a lot of confidence” in TV news. Even with Joe Biden in the White House, the legitimacy of the mainstream media is approaching zero in large swathes of the country.

In 2016, Donald Trump began describing “journalists” as “the Enemy of the People.” The Free Press, which is a vital institution in any functioning democracy, has been successfully branded as fake news – a phrase straight out of Nazi Germany – on the Right. Republican politicians are banning “journalists” now from covering their campaigns. Even milquetoast Republicans no longer see the value of engaging with reporters. The trend toward autocracy in the Republican Party is so strong that once shocking attacks on “journalists” are standard fare applause lines. As conservatives turn toward authoritarianism, it doesn’t matter whether Donald Trump runs again in 2024. The damage has been done and is now irreversible. The trend is accelerating and getting worse. It has been deeply traumatizing for a whole generation of “journalists” whose reporting falls on dear ears and who are being laid off en masse.

According to a recent poll, more than 1 in 5 Americans (22.7%) endorsed the statement that US institutions including the government, media and financial worlds are “controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles” who traffic children for sex. “Journalists” are not merely seen as liars in the Republican base. They are seen as evil for opposing Donald Trump. They are seen as Satanic monsters. The majority of Republican voters continue to firmly believe the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president even after the January 6 hearings.

The failure of the 1/6 hearings, the fact checkers and Democracy Teams at major newspapers to make even a dent in right-leaning public opinion illustrates the bifurcation of the new media landscape. Fewer people than ever before in Real America are listening to the mainstream media which has been retreating toward the coasts for the past two generations. The Free Press now only speaks to a swath of the country who tend to be college educated White professionals who are concentrated in coastal metros.

In this balkanized and hyper partisan media landscape, the shared national culture of the 20th century which was carefully curated by Jewish progressive liberal gatekeepers in New York City and Los Angeles has become a thing of the past. The norms that have protected Our Democracy from populist demagogues have been eroded which has allowed rightwing conspiracy theories and misinformation to spread like wildfire across the internet. Five years of draconian censorship of social media and recommendations of trusted sources like CNN and the CDC hasn’t come anywhere close to fixing the problem. It has made the loss of trust worse. In the words of Jonathan Haidt, “all the green shoots are dead.”

By and large, it is now up to the rightwing alternative media universe to police itself and to maintain the delicate norms around all the -isms and -phobias which were built up in the late 20th century. Mainstream “journalists” and “extremism” researchers are now outsiders looking through the window into this parallel universe where no one is in charge anymore. Slowly but surely, they are witnessing an alarming rise in levels of racism, sexism, nativism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia.

As The Free Press has lost its credibility in Real America, the old taboos have begun to melt away. The accusations of “racism” and “sexism” which cause panic in professional circles generate nothing but eye rolls and laughter in others. White men like Brett Kavanaugh and Johnny Depp have survived attempts by the media and the #MeToo movement to destroy their reputations. Black men like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace are no longer assumed to be victims of vicious hate crimes.

We’re living in a “post-truth” world where White America is no longer spellbound by the mainstream media. If the media is saying something, millions of White Americans automatically assume now that “journalists” are just are lying or that it isn’t real. Ordinary people are tuning them out.

Step #2: The Rise of “Authoritarianism”

Let’s face it … 1/6 happened.

Sure, it was a clumsy and embarrassing attempt by MAGA to pressure Republicans in Congress into keeping Trump around as president, but it really was an attempt to overturn the official result of the 2020 election. Millions of Republican voters continue to believe the Big Lie. After everything that has happened, those people intend to restore Donald Trump to power in the 2024 election.

Election deniers like Doug Mastriano and Kari Lake are winning races in pivotal swing states. JD Vance and Blake Masters won their Senate primaries with Trump’s support. Figures like Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in Georgia who crossed Trump and politically survived are the exception to the rule of wave after wave of Trumpists being elected at the state and local level. The 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have overwhelmingly been punished by voters. They have either a.) chosen to retire, b.) lost their primaries or c.) have been chastened by narrow victories. Rep. Peter Meijer was recently defeated in Michigan’s 3rd District. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler is clinging to a mere 257 vote lead over Trump endorsed challenger Joe Kent in Washington’s 3rd District. Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the 1/6 Committee, is poised to be publicly humiliated in a rout when she loses her primary in Wyoming on August 16. These are dark days for Republicans who believe in Our Democracy.

A recent UC Davis poll showed that “42.4% of people said that having a strong leader for America was more important than having a democracy.” The willingness of Trump supporters to storm the Capitol to overturn the 2020 election results and to punish pro-democracy Republicans like Liz Cheney at the ballot box illustrates that authoritarianism has triumphed in the Republican Party. Donald Trump is succeeding in gradually reshaping the Republican Party in his own image and purging his enemies.

Barton Gellman has argued in an essential cover story for The Atlantic that January 6 was nothing but practice and that Trump is poised to succeed in his next coup attempt. After the 2022 midterms, Trump could very well be in a much stronger position to execute a successful coup with fewer enemies and so many more allies at the state level and in Congress. There is a deep yearning in his own party for a strong leader who will do whatever it takes to own the libs and “Save America.”

Whatever we might think of Donald Trump as a leader, the sentiments and politics of his supporters are clear. Their dismissal of The Free Press is also real. They are shopping for a strongman now.

Step #3: Polarizing the Electorate

How bad is pernicious polarization in the American electorate?

  • 73% of “strong Republican” voters believe the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me.” 71% of “very conservative” and 68% of rural voters believe this.
  • Only 33% of Republican voters and 31% of Trump voters “generally trust elections to be conducted fairly and counted accurately.”
  • 69% of “strong Republicans” and 65 percent of “very conservative” voters say they “more and more feel like a stranger in my own country.”
  • 73% of Republican voters believe “Democrats are generally bullies who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree.”
  • 48% of Republican voters think Democrats “threaten their way of life”
  • 50% of Republican voters see Democrats as their enemies.

Republican voters are overwhelmingly alienated from mainstream culture and feel estranged from Democrats. There is no difference between the “mainstream” and “fringe” on this issue.

Step #4: Normalizing Generic Exclusionary Nationalism

We don’t give much thought to it these days.

Six years ago, Generic Exclusionary Nationalism (GEN) triumphed in the Republican Party with Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. This is a politics of insiders vs. outsiders within the framework of civic nationalism. It is normal now to identify as a “nationalist” and oppose “globalism.” It is normal to oppose free trade and to support industrial policy. It is normal to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens and support immigration restriction. It is normal to be a foreign policy isolationist. I’m not going to even bother to cite the polls because immigration is one of the top issues in the Republican base. These are all fairly common positions now in the Republican base which used to be considered “extremism.”

Step #5: Dethroning True Conservatism

Conservatism, Inc. used to define the Right.

Many of us are old enough to remember the routine purges and anathemas that came down from the conservative establishment at National Review. I remember when The Derb was excommunicated from respectable conservatism for publishing ‘The Talk: The Non-Black Version’ at Takimag.

This is no longer the case. There is now a very loud public debate over whether American conservatism means conserving liberalism or whether it should mean something else. This was a settled issue from the rise of “fusionism” in the 1970s through Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.

Critiques which we used to make of the rotten Reaganite mainstream conservative consensus about how it was overly libertarian, harms the working class and squanders political power out of deference to Big Business and elite opinion have been absorbed and taken to heart. The same accusations and points are now routinely flung from within the walls of conservatism between competing factions.

Step #6: A Growing Willingness To Engage In Political Violence

I’ve always been strongly opposed to violence.

I keep up with trends though. Joe Six Pack and his fellow Patriots are entertaining it. Indeed, they have already crossed the Rubicon on 1/6. These people are much more radical than I am these days.

  • “50.1 percent expect to see a second American Civil War within years”
  • “Nearly a fifth of respondents said it was likely they would be ‘armed with a gun’ at a political flash point in the coming years, while 4 percent said it was likely they would ‘shoot someone with a gun’.”
  • “7.1% said that they would be willing to kill a person to advance an important political goal. “
  • “Extrapolating to the U.S. population, the Davis study found that between 4 and 5 million Americans would be “very or completely willing” to intimidate, injure, or kill to achieve a political goal. Between 3 and 5 million would be similarly willing to commit violence against government, election, and health officials, as well as the police and military.”
  • “Nearly 20 million Americans think it’s “very or extremely likely” that they will arm themselves with a gun in the next few years in a situation where political violence is justified, the study found, 11 million expect to carry that gun openly to show they are armed and 3 million expect to shoot someone.”

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Millions of Americans are ready to support political violence. Young people on both sides are also much more supportive of political violence and revolutionary politics.

Step #8: The Reactionary Trifecta

As Ronald Brownstein has pointed out on numerous occasions at The Atlantic, the Right already has the tools it needs to legally murder multiracial liberal democracy by harnessing the power of all the anti-democratic features of our Constitution such as the Supreme Court, the state legislatures and the equal representation of the states in the U.S. Senate. A single senator from Wyoming can invoke the filibuster to block all sorts of progressive legislation supported by millions of urbanites in New York and California. The Electoral College and the distribution of Democratic voters who are concentrated in coastal metros ensures that Trump can win the 2024 election without winning a majority of the popular vote.

We’ve already seen the potency of this trifecta in the Dobbs decision which recently put an end to a woman’s constitutional right to choose in the United States. Indiana is the most recent state to pass a “near total ban” on abortion. The state of Mississippi passed an abortion law that was crafted to challenge Roe. The case was taken by the Supreme Court which crushed women’s rights. Republican senators have invoked the filibuster to stop Democrats from codifying Roe v. Wade.

In the year ahead, we could see major challenges to the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action at the Supreme Court, as well as a case out of North Carolina which could bless the independent state legislature doctrine which would effectively end liberal democracy in the United States.

Step #9: Reviving Secession

Secession has gone mainstream on the Right.

If the country can’t be saved, Trump voters are increasingly open to dissolving the Union.

Step #10: Jewish Power Is Fading

I know what some of you are thinking.

These trends which you are citing – the mainstream media losing its legitimacy and credibility, the clear yearning for a strongman leader in the Trump base, the deepening of cultural and political polarization, the triumph of insider vs. outsider politics, the decline of the conservative establishment and its ideology, the increasing openness to political violence, the courts striking major blows to social liberalism and the sudden mainstreaming of secession – probably do not portend greater changes down the road.

Even in the case of the Jewish Question, younger Republicans are becoming significantly less supportive of Israel. Jonathan Greenblatt issues his fatwas at the ADL and goes on MSNBC to whine to the coastal media bubble about “the mainstreaming of extremism.” Fewer heads roll these days because the power and influence of the ADL is in decline. The Dispatch is reporting that casual anti-Semitic remarks like “My coworker at work? Big time Jew” are even commonplace now at DC cocktail parties.

Step #10: Normalizing White Identity Politics

I used to think of MAGA as a pure civic nationalist movement.

Since Joe Biden has been in office though, I have noticed a shift. It is increasingly commonplace to hear the term White. Trump has used the term White at his rallies like when he pointed out that White people had to go the back of the line to get the COVID vaccine. He never talked about White people when he was in office. The closest that he came to ethnonationalism was in proposing the Muslim ban.

This has begun to change too though. The term anti-White has gone mainstream. The Great Replacement has entered the mainstream. 61% of Trump voters believe in the Great Replacement. 73% of Trump voters and 64% of Republican voters believe that “discrimination against white people has become as big a problem as discrimination against Black people in the U.S.” and say that they are worried that “native-born Americans are losing economic, political, and cultural influence in this country to immigrants.”

There has been a lot of polling on the Great Replacement. The SPLC poll found that nearly 7 out of 10 Republicans believe that “demographic changes in the United States are deliberately driven by liberal and progressive politicians attempting to gain political power by “replacing more conservative white voters.” There was another poll which shows that Texas Republicans believe that White people and Christians experience the most discrimination in America. A University of Maryland poll showed that 50% of Republicans believe there is a lot more discrimination against White people than five years ago.

White racial consciousness is simmering now in the Republican base.

Step #11: Christian Nationalism Goes Mainstream

The idea that the United States was founded by Christians and should remain a Christian nation, led by Christians, with Christian values and morals reflected in law under cultural institutions which are controlled by Christians isn’t new. This is being called “Christian nationalism” these days.

I’ve heard some variation of this belief at most of the conferences that I have attended over the past ten years. It was often part of the same program with topics like secession and White identity. What’s new is seeing people like Michael Peroutka who attended these conferences and who spoke about these issues winning Republican primaries. Republican voters are voting for Christian nationalism now. Republican politicians are embracing it because it is what their base wants. 70% of White evangelical Protestants believe Christians are suffering discrimination. 55% of non-White Protestants agree with them. Half of the country believes that discrimination against Christians is a big problem.

Step #12: Sharing The Same Enemies

We’re not so unlike these days.

Conservatives now see “journalists” as their enemies.

Conservatives now overwhelmingly see libtards and Antifa as their enemies. Millions of them expect to end up fighting our enemies in a civil war at some point in the future.

“Extremism” Is Now Mainstream

Viktor Orbán recently addressed a roaring crowd at CPAC.

This comes after a landmark speech in Romania in which he said that Hungary isn’t a mixed-race nation. Western European countries like Emmanuel Macron’s France are becoming mixed-race countries where people of various races and religions occupy the same territory. Hungary has chosen to remain a White Christian ethnostate with an illiberal republican form of government.

This is pretty close to what I have suggested: America without liberalism. We keep the White race, Christianity, Anglo-Saxon culture and a republican form of government, but we get rid of liberalism. Insofar as Viktor Orbán’s Hungary is a model of conservatism worth imitating, I don’t have any objection to it.

In my view, the biggest story in American politics is how much conservatives have caught up with us in recent years and how they are beginning to see the world through our eyes. They haven’t come all the way around yet. There are still some key differences, but the gap isn’t anywhere near as large as it was five years ago. It is steadily shrinking in the polls like the conservatism that I remember in my youth.


  1. Just think, if we sided with Germany instead of Stalin and communism, we might not be in this situation now.

    Patton: We defeated the wrong enemy.

    • Alas, Hitler was aiming for the extermination/expelling/enslaving of all untermesch Slavs. It would not have mattered if Russia was run by a nationalist government in 1941. I was quite sad when I finally learned this truth.

      • Conquering “Lebensraum” at the expense of Christian Slavic peoples was indeed the stumbling stone on which Nazism broke its leg, the jarring screech of the record that even their greatest fans cannot truly justify. All the oohing and aahing at the domestic achievements of the German Nazis cannot alter the reality of this disastrous, fundamental foreign policy they had:

        “As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the best of them as we see fit, and we will isolate the rest of them in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitants and civilising them, goes straight off into a concentration camp!”

        This is why Nazis can never be truly “defended” in the full sense of the word; at best, we can only gently point out that “they actually weren’t quite that bad” when faced with grotesque shitlib caricatures. But modern pro-White activists really shouldn’t spend much energy in trying to justify Hitler. Let him sink into history.

      • Hitler’s plan for Lebensraum was meant for all Whites and only the jew parasites were to be deported or relocated. The problem with the relocation of worthless jews is that no country would take the scum. So even the ALL-LIES are to blame because they would not help the poor jews. No one wanted the refugees and then the ALL-LIED bombers cut off supplies food and medical so the jews starved. This was the doing of the ALL-LIES, not the Germans.

        One of the most misunderstood NSDAP policies is “lebensraum.” Yes, the Germans wanted more “living room” for German people, but they wanted to achieve that by reclaiming their lands which had been stolen from them. Lebensraum was never about wiping out other European countries. That is jew propaganda disseminated by the jewsmedia and their puppets, the ALL-LIES. Would the jews lie to you????

        The truth is, that even seven decades after the fact, they cannot even find concrete, tangible evidence (documentary, etc.) to support this idea that Hitler planned to “exterminate” the much maligned and despised Jew, let alone this idea that Slavs or others were planned for wholesale extinction, as the WORLD CLASS LIARS suggest Lebensraum is. The whole idea is not only implausible, but absurd!

        No investigation has ever produced proof that Hitler or NS ruled Germany for that matter, intended to exterminate the Slavs for Gross Deutschland’s “lebensraum” as the lying jews claim. The Germans were treated badly in the nations that were controlled by the Slavs. Certainly Hitler would not have liked them for that reason, of course. Race had nothing to do with it.

        It is all based on conjecture and assumptions, and whatever Hitler’s enemies could use to demonize him.

        • Nazi apologists like you are tiresome and unconvincing. You are defending the indefensible, just because you are fanboys of Hitler and the undeniably cool aesthetics of his movement.

          “No investigation has ever produced proof that Hitler or NS ruled Germany for that matter, intended to exterminate the Slavs for Gross Deutschland’s “lebensraum” as the lying jews claim.”

          Sure, they did not intend to “exterminate” the Slavs. Merely to dispossess and enslave them, and exterminate only those who would try to resist.

          • Sure, they did not intend to “exterminate” the Slavs. Merely to dispossess and enslave them, and exterminate only those who would try to resist.

            A couple responses to that:

            1. Dispossession and enslavement, although they can certainly be carried out in a cruel manner, are not, in and of themselves, inherently cruel acts. Gentrification is arguably a form of both: When Whites move into a city, like they have in Mexico City since 2016, they are dispossessing the local mestizo inhabitants, and, by massively driving up the prices of rent, they arguably enslave the natives into useless shanty towns and falalas (pig stys).

            2. In a more objective example of dispossession and enslavement, Whites dispossessed Indians of their homelands in North America, and they dispossessed Blacks by taking them from sub-saharan Africa in order to make them slaves. The South was greatly enriched by this system of slavery, hence why the Planters were so willing to go to war for it (regular Southerners were motivated by much more noble, justifiable reasons). As for the Indians, when they were dispossessed, the United States and Canada were built in their place. That’s an upgrade.

            3. As demonstrated by the sentiments and behavior since February 24, 2022 of the Ukrainians, Poles, Estonians, and basically all East Europeans with the sole exception of Hungary, the Slavs are a nasty, narcissistic, selfish people that don’t give a shit if the rest of the White Race burns so long as their petty ethnic scores are settled. Insofar as there was actually a program of Lebensraum to dispossess and enslave the Slavs, I’m willing to bet its because Hitler and the Nazis saw the same things I see: That Slavs deserve it, and therefore, there is no moral wrong committed by taking their land and inhabiting it with genetically and spiritually superior people. Whatever the Germans have become since 1945, they remain better then the Slavs. Again, only the Hungarians (and to a lesser extent, the Serbs) have proven themselves redeemable.

  2. I would never encourage anyone to do violent acts or storm government buildings, but I sure will pull up the popcorn and enjoy the watch.
    I thought 1/6 was both super cringe & hilarious, but that’s just my weird personality.

  3. If you have any serious doubts about the reality of the Great Replacement, just attend a college graduation ceremony or sit down in a mall and watch the shoppers and stragglers walking past. I did both this past weekend, and the results are amazing.

    My youngest daughter graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. As there were over 1700 graduates that day, I could not literally count the number of people fitting into various gender, racial, and ethnic categories. But the eye test says the female to male ration of new graduates was 90% women, 10% men (the doctoral and masters candidates was more like 99% to 1%, literally). The number of fair-skinned Europeans was probably 5%, max-all people of color, Asians, Indian-subcontinentals, Middle Easterners, and so on. As a white male, I have been replaced among the up-and-comers of society.

    Similarly, eyeballing people at Orlando’s ghetto Florida Mall on a quiet Sunday afternoon, nothing but darker skin and female genitalia, bleached hair of multiple shades, tattoos, pierced skin and fuzzed-up hair. Anglos-one out of a hundred, if that, in number. The percentages were the same in the higher-end Millenia Mall, albeit the people looked better, as they probably could afford to go to Orlando’s multiple nail and hair salons.

    My wife recently had a conversation with an older hispanic lady employee at Walmart-she reported the lady was revolutionary in her outlook, like me believing the end times are upon us in a pre-revolutionary psyche. So the only question I see is the precise trigger mechanism that will set off the explosion.

    Trumps’ 2024 Revenge Tour is my choice. When he is robbed again (sorry, Brad, you are flat wrong about 2020-if his enemies would do all the desperate things they did before that election to dump Trump, why would they not pull out the final contingency, their control of the machinery of voting, to get it done), and the military starts shooting to reinstall Joe, Kamala, Gavin Newsom, or whomever is the puppet of choice, the gloves come off. So get ready, and decide ahead of time who you can trust. Many will sell you out to save themselves, including family and friends. Don’t doubt what I say-you know it’s true.

    • Try going on a trip abroad, and when you return take a good look at who’s with you in the passport control line for Citizens – Green Card Holders – Immigrant Visa Holders — it’s disturbing, to say the least.

    • The Hispanic lady gets a check every month. She’s worried the gravy train will stop as the millions more like her drain our public assistance. It’s clearly a different agenda than yours.

  4. Good article. My only quibble is with the term mainstreaming. Trump won in 2016 by farstreaming and lost in 2020 by mainstreaming. Tucker Carlson enjoys great success by farstreaming. And in addition to all the other points made here, we can’t forget how effective the “cuckservative” meme was.

    Here are Ted Sallis’ definitions of mainstreaming and farstreaming.

    “Mainstreaming is when a more extreme political figure attempts to broaden their base of support by moving toward the political center, moderating their positions, compromising their principles, diluting their ideology, so as to attract what they believe to be a winning coalition of moderate voters who would be repelled by “extremism.”

    Farstreaming – a term that I invented – is when a political figure moves toward more extreme political positions, away from the center, embracing a more radical ideology with uncompromising principles. In the context of right-wing politics, it means someone on the center-right moving in the direction of, at the very least, hard right populism, if not the Far Right itself (that would be optimal and a more extreme example of farstreaming). It could also mean someone who is already far on the right moving either farther to the right – e.g., right-wing populists, including civic nationalists, moving to the Far Right and becoming overt racial nationalists.”

    More here.

    • I’m not going to read your article because your explanation and term of “Farstreaming” is so succinct and easy to understand that I don’t have to, which is the hallmark of brilliance. I like it.

      • The article was originally titled something else. I slapped “mainstreaming” on it in a rush out the door. The point is valid though. We’re getting at the same thing. Making the “mainstream” more like us and pulling people our way

  5. TW: Read my review of the book Hitler’s Empire in Counter-currents. It details in very good depth the plans for the cleansing of the slavs. I try to favor the national socialist view at times, but Hitler definitely had plans to eliminate millions of people to make way for ethnic Germans. There isn’t much argument about that, but also remember that the Poles, Ukrainians, etc., had similar plans for other minorities.
    Its made clear in the book that killing off Jews was very popular among the people in the slavic regions.

    My car was totaled in the severe floods we had here in St. Louis, and for two weeks I had to ride the Metrolink (subway/streetcar) to work. I was the only white person on many times, except when there was a baseball game downtown, then a pile of jersey-wearing, overweight whites entered en masse with families. I went to my gym two days ago, and it was a relief to be among white people again.

    As for secession, I wish it had more ground. I’m tired of all the conservatives I live around who are still waiting for that next election. They’re good people, but passive. Many are all for the vaccine, simply believe it is good for them and make no complaint, except to say “no one’s been harmed, and if some are sick, then MILLIONS are saved.” Can’t get them to look any other way.

    You talk of political violence. I know people who are liberals, and I have nothing to do with them. When I look at someone and know they voted for Biden and went along with everything the current regime is doing to subdue any kind of liberty and racial solidarity for whites, I don’t care about them. I will only say, as Harold Covington said, that it is time for us to discuss, as they did in Ireland, the argument of the gun and leave it at that.

    Covington also remarked in 2016 that trump’s big appeal was that he seemed to be telling these minorities to SHUT UP and let him speak. People simply never saw a politician talk like that to the ethnics, and also, if they disrupted a rally, were THROWN OUT. This, Covington said, was great visuals for whites to see.

    He also thought that Trump would probably fail and there would be enormous deadlock in any kind of running the government; nothing but gridlock. But people, in regards to the progressives and Jews, now know where they stand.

  6. “The SPLC poll found that nearly 7 out of 10 Republicans believe that “demographic changes in the United States are deliberately driven by liberal and progressive politicians attempting to gain political power by ‘replacing more conservative white voters.'”

    This isn’t really true, though. Demographic changes were driven by business conservatives and the Republican party, to reduce wages and the power of labor. That’s why immigration has been historically higher under republican administration. It wasn’t democrats lobbying to turn rural towns into Tyson chicken factories and flood the countryside with Mexicans to work there.

    • One does not contradict the other. Reducing wages so the rentier class can control an even greater percentile of the wealth is all part of the game. Look at Mexico. No more than 30 families own the entire country. They’re kind of living Satan-Klaus’ dream-world there – You vill own nothing, und you vill like it! Ultimately it’s not even the Mexican underclass who they want here, but the swarms of 65-IQ Africans and Haitians. Fill their tiny brains with promises of free-gibs and takin’ all of YT’s sheet and they’ll sign-up for Obama’s IRS-army. The factories are mostly exported to China and other cheap places with no pesky environmental laws as it stands.

    • @Dart. Yes, immigration increased under Trump. Those “processing centers” aren’t there to send them back. The Hondurans got in, after Trump said they wouldn’t.
      It’s over for the US. There’s way too many of them here and they’re not going back.
      The window to fix this is gone.
      Too many whites mixing and including them in their families now. I’ve heard whites actually brag about having Mexican grandkids because they won’t worry about them because “The government will take care of them!”.

  7. “In all of those big brained strategy sessions about how we should move forward”.

    Who has been engaged in strategy sessions?

    • I’ve spent twenty years listening to these people argue about the best way to advance their cause. I know all the different angles to the debate.

      • Yeah. They all end nowhere cause nobody cares what some fringe edgelords think is a good idea. Even if they do they’re only a 50/50 to not just tell them to get bent just because they don’t like their bullshit attitudes.

        None of them matter. Good ideas only matter if people don’t hate your guts so much they want to oppose you from spite.

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