1. He talks about being hopeful about Biden and Obama and how they keep dropping the ball. Talk about not facing reality. They’re politicians, it;s in their DNA to lie and deceive.

  2. How many members of (what is called) the PMC have real wealth-producing jobs? — as opposed to being part of the management hierarchy, i.e. filling a slot in some org chart in the FIRE economy?

    >The Democratic brand is being defined by PMCs

    Certainly reported voting patterns seem to reflect this, e.g. the college educated vs those who didn’t go to college.

    Many countries have a state-controlled media (even if these organizations are nominally obligated by law to be independent, the state controls their budget) — you’ve probably heard the phrase media-controlled state.

    Maybe this is a chicken/egg problem: is this change organic, or has it come in response to the (largely superficial) agenda promoted by the media?

    It seems pretty clear that many politicians are primarily concerned with showing their moral fitness to lead (i.e. rather than acting in ways that genuinely serve the public interest) — and how do they do this? — by aligning their positions on important issues with those of the media; and note it is also the media that decides which issues are important — as I’ve said when describing secular moral absolutism, it is the media that currently determines today’s secular moral canon.

    As an aside, this was one of the more absurd things about the whole idiotic Russia collusion hoax: looking at the 2016 election results, it was clear Trump won due to the rubes in ‘flyover country’ — whereas it seems (to me anyway) it is the PMC that is more easily manipulated, e.g. by the media.

    • “”””….How many members of (what is called) the PMC have real wealth-producing jobs? …..””””

      Zero. That is why getting rid from then will be bloody. Without us they just starve to death and they know this.

      • Larry Romanoff has a very insightful article about where PMCs are getting all that fake-money they have to spend on creating more misery. I rather like this meme about an appropriate outcome for the PMC types when their jobs all go up in a massive bankster-fart.

  3. Frank (native of Kansas City, Missouri) is most famous for the book, What’s the Matter With Kansas. While it’s much more involved than this, more or less the fundamental premise of Kansas is that the mainstream American right (at the time he wrote it) sold out their economic best interests because the economic elitists of the mainstream right tricked them with the opiates of social issue conservatism which they never had any intent on actually implementing.

    Ever since The Great Awokening hit, I thought that what Frank should have done is write a book entitled: What’s the Matter With Seattle, about how liberals are selling out their economic populism for social issue liberalism.

    And from this, it looks like the real world Thomas Frank is getting ready to do just that, or something like it.

  4. As if the Republican Party isn’t part of the Marxist dialectic to morph the nation into anti-white Judeo-Communism as well…If the millions of white wing masses had any intelligence they would abandon this Zionist owned Republican Party & start a new one controlled by them..but they’re too moronic for that…

    Welcome to your Jewocracy masquerading as a ‘democracy’, where the politicians don’t represent the people but the Zionist-Communist Oligarchs that select, groom & hire them to represent themselves. This Semitic system can be extrapolated to all ‘western democracies’ of the world, where the moronic white electorate persists in voting for the State controlled parties in rigged/meaningless elections unaware of the scam. The white-wing mob is unable to realize that nothing will ever change or improve for them, because its ruled from the top (Oligarchy) & not from the bottom (democracy)–even though its presented otherwise to them…

  5. This is OT but i feel i need to get it out somewhere

    It is now paramount that we as European folk start acting and thinking like what we are by our Race

    They say you can pretty much measure the condition in a society by watching it´s culture

    Case in point

    I was watching Survivor season 42 just to see how if the show have changed (i used to watch it way back when) was figuring as america have changed well i´m sure so have this show and i was not disapointed

    Two negresses where pulling the Race card at “Tribal council” as to why they were going to be voted out “Why is only minorities being voted out first” bla bla the usual fn shit you know
    the other contestants there was a huge Alabamian a Northern girl and a Germanic looking blonde girl

    -The chad Alabamian was sorry for them and for him not “understanding their burden” so he hugged one of the negresses
    -The Northern woman started to directly defending them spouting the same hogwash as the Alabamian
    -The Aryan looking girl was clearly pissed and would have nothing of it but clearly she could not say all she wanted, she surprised me and i´m pretty sure she was undrestanding more than she let on

    You would say this is just a game show but if this is any indication to where the country is a break up is near and probably extreme levels of violence to follow
    this is not mendable

    If there is something the left and the “right” agree on is this union is fcked and this is where we are going, the lines are clearly forming but we need to increase our numbers

    I highly encourage yall check that episode out for yourselves! it´s Episode 9 of season 42

  6. “How many members of (what is called) the PMC have real wealth-producing jobs? — as opposed to being part of the management hierarchy, i.e. filling a slot in some org chart in the FIRE economy? . . . “

    The overwhelming majority of them, and that’s the way they like it. Ironically, it was that great “conservative” Republican, Ronald Reagan who kicked the FIRE economy into high gear with his election in 1980. Reagan’s policies de-industrialized much of the U.S. with import substitution. No doubt part of this was directed at destroying the blue collar, traditionally Democrat voting unions by bankrupting the businesses they worked for.

    “Mission Accomplished”, as another great Republican disaster once proclaimed from the deck of an aircraft carrier. In another irony many of those blue collar, traditionally Democrat voting union members voted Republican in 1980 for the first time in their lives. They opposed the disintegration of the country caused by the Democrats since LBJ’s election in 1964.

    There’s the thanks they got. The Republicans bent the knee for their oligarch masters and stabbed their voters in the back. Again. Shocking, just shocking.


    The PMC types generally have no useful skills in a grid-down world. It’s amazing how many, now going on two generations, have never built anything, taken anything apart, changed a flat tire, fixed an engine or other machine, planted a garden, know how things work etc. They do have awesome skills at Tik Tok, Facebook, being outraged at some abstract wrongdoing, generally many years in the past or thousands of miles away, and typing on keyboards. They may lack practical skills and knowledge but they don’t lack confidence in their useless university degrees and their futures.

    Their gullibility seems to know no bounds, no doubt reinforced by their time in Church of Woke College, the ultimate scam. Global Warming AKA “Climate Change”, Systemic Racism, whatever that is (really wogs’ dysfunction), Bitcoin frauds, etc. they readily believe in wholeheartedly in spite of evidence to the contrary biting them in the ass. When the wheels come off this GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire their real education will begin, and they won’t like it at all.

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