Live Thread: Super Tuesday

Open thread.

We will be tracking the election results here.


Eric Schmitt wins GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Missouri

Pro-abortion side wins in Kansas

Trump-endorsed MAGA based black John Gibbs defeats Rep. Peter Meijer who voted for Trump’s impeachment in Michigan’s 3rd District

Kris Kobach wins the GOP nomination for Kansas

Blake Masters wins GOP nomination for Arizona Senate

Paul Gosar wins his primary in Arizona


  1. I don’t think any abortiòn ban will pass here in Kansas. Since I’ve been staying here the last year at my daughter’s house, I’ve noticed that even the good white burbs of so-called Christians have a lot of vote no signs in their yards.
    I thought KS was more Conservative than this, but it’s almost totally controlled by the cities. Sad.

    • David Cole was right, the GOP needs to avoid this abortion issue if it wants to win in November. The game is you have to trick the white female voter and a huge section of this feel an anxiety of not being able to have abortion out there as a safety valve in the back of their mind. Abortion bans are the kinds of bitter medicine that come AFTER achieving absolute power. I had assumed KS was similar to Nebraska, but it appears KC is such a huge entity that it overpowers the sparsely populated plains. As I drove through Topeka on I-70 the run down neighborhoods looked like a midwestern Ghetto so I know they have black troubles in KS that states farther north and west do not.

      • Okay, even though I agree that too many women use abortion instead of contraception to not have children, it is also highly likely that many women have an abortion after they get pregnant from an unreported rape. And thanks to the current climate, where White women, assert what used to be their right to non-harassment or to demand that antisocial behavior by Blacks stop, end up with their lives and livelihoods in jeopardy, and the underreported Black on White crime stats, there should be less surprise over White women being terrified at the idea of abortion being abolished.

  2. We will not vote our way out of this,especially with the two headed snake pretending they’re on opposite sides. They agree more than they disagree.

    • It was never about White interests. These candidates only focus on groups whose voting rights only matter to the mainstream empathetic left and politicians will back these people for their own reputation and public image.

      A Racial revolution that upsets this current system is the only way that White group interests will finally be heeded. This racial revolution, in order to work, needs to promote a differential White group identity that sensibly provides a reason for White interests to be separate and important. That very reason is the fact that White people are an anatomical or non-variably different people from Nonwhites of every variety as explained here.

      Whites people therefore as defined by their biological difference not their allegedly supremacyist position of other races.

  3. Evangelical Nationalism lost in Kansas tonight by a big margin. This ideology simply doesn’t appeal to most Whites.

      • Trump won in 2016 with a pro-White message that carried non-evangelical Whites in the Rust Belt. Most Whites aren’t Evangelical and aren’t interested in this Bible thumping nonsense. What they want is simple, less immigration, less wars, and less free trade.

          • This doesn’t prove your case. Evangelicals aren’t enough to carry a national election, as the last two have shown, and most Whites reject this particular denomination of Christianity.

          • Perhaps Trump should have bashed Christianity and appealed harder to the 14% and 11% of atheists who voted for him? 8 out of 10 Trump voters were Christians. 4 out of 10 were White evangelicals

          • No need to bash anyone. Evangelicals can be part of the movement, but the movement is secular, like the NSDAP was.

          • First of all, I never said Trump should have ran like a national socialist. I said Republicans should run like Trump did in 2016, rather than as Evangelicals. Second, I cited the NSDAP as a successful White Movement that was secular, and united Catholics, Protestants, Pagans and Atheists alike. Third, Hitler was only anti-Christian when certain people put their religion before their race.

          • In 2016, Trump ran on promising to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court, and against Merrick Garland taking Scalia’s seat. Something like 90% of Trump voters believe that “Christianity is essential to American Greatness.” Virtually all Trump voters have no axe to grind against Christianity.

            Where do White atheists stand in American politics? They overwhelmingly voted against Trump in 2016 and 2020. 9 of 10 of them are hopeless cultural degenerate Reddit libtards with the worst politics of anyone in the country. They are so bad that Jews are rightwing compared to them on most issues. Trump won over a quarter of Jews.

            Trump spent much of 2020 pandering and making futile appeals to blacks. It was dumb. Black Protestants are loyal to their race. Most White atheists just hate their own race. They were the brats who rioted in Portland and Seattle in the name of George Floyd and created shit like CHAZ and blew up the police station in Minneapolis

          • Trump could have personally aborted one of those Haitian babies Evangelicals love to adopt at one of his rallies and still gotten their vote in 2016. Every Republican since Reagan has vowed to overturn Roe. The reason Trump won in 2016 was not his position on abortion, but his positions on immigration, war and trade.

          • It was definitely a major reason why he won.

            If Trump had ran as Susan Collins, he would have never been elected president. There are lots of single issue pro-life and gun rights voters. Both issues are litmus tests in the party. White evangelical Protestants are also the group which is the most strongly opposed to illegal immigration. These issues all overlap to a large degree. Insofar as Trump ran on Building The Wall, he excited White evangelical voters to turn out for him. He won all the Southern states except Texas and Oklahoma in the primary

            There isn’t really much difference between how evangelicals and atheists voted in 2016 over 2012:


          • Hunter, the religious right was not highly motivated to vote for Trump until after the primary. They were Cruz missiles, and Trump had a hard time beating him because of them. Then after Trump beat Cruz, they voted for him simply because he was the Republican on the ballot, same as they vote for every other Republican like Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell for years and years.

            It was the centrist-populist vote that was with Trump early because of his populist rhetoric, and that group pushed Trump out in front of the other candidates and ahead of Cruz in the end. The same people that pushed him over the line in key states against Hillary. If he had leaned heavily on religious right stuff during his campaign, instead of actually popular issues, then he would have just carried the standard red states and lost like Romney and McCain did. The religious right didn’t really become Trump fanatic until after he became president and he started doing stupid normal Republican stuff. They thought that was great. His popularity with the religious right could be viewed as almost inversely proportional to his popularity with the populist center.

            A lot of people who answer “Christian” on some poll are pretty much borderline agnostic or “believe in something,” but not church-going Christians. They will prioritize things like economics (often with views that are at odds with religious right neoliberal economics) over religious right pet issues like abortion, banning sharia law, or sending infinity money to Israel.

          • This is misleading.

            Trump dominated the South in the 2016 primary. He won all the White evangelical states except Texas and Oklahoma. Cruz also won in Iowa. Trump struggled in Utah and the Great Plains. Cruz lost the Republican nomination because he failed to carry White evangelicals.


            White evangelicals differ in their politics. Some are Populist Right. Some are Faith and Flag Conservatives. Some are Committed Conservatives. It is just a matter of what issues are really salient to them. Lots of White evangelicals are more amped up about immigration than abortion


          • Trump won the Southern primaries by uniting everyone in those states who weren’t churchgoing Evangelicals. He crushed them in the primaries and made them bend the knee, because they are politically weak people who will vote for any Republican. If Evangelicals had their way, the GOP would have nominated Cruz and gotten crushed in those Rustbelt states.

          • This is delusional.

            Trump couldn’t have won the Republican primaries in any of these states without defeating Cruz among White evangelicals. He lost to Cruz in states like Iowa, Colorado and Kansas where they aren’t as numerous. Neither Trump or Cruz, however, were stupid enough to run on an atheist, pro-abortion, anti-Christian platform because that would have been toxic

          • “atheist, pro-abortion, anti-Christian platform”. I never said Republicans should do that. The problem with Evangelicals like yourself, you think anything that isn’t explicitly Pro-Evangelical and is religiously neutral is “Anti-Christian”. Just like the Left, you can’t tolerate anyone deviating from your religious values, you take it as an attack on you.

          • The GOP is a lot of things, but anti-Christian is not one of them. Neither Trump or Cruz attacked Christians or ran anti-Christian campaigns. Nearly all conservatives conflate Christianity with American identity. Few elected Republicans are pro-abortion these days.

            I don’t see much of that except from some of the geniuses in the White Nationalist movement who excel at self marginalization. I see lots of them attacking Andrew Torba on Gab for being a Christian nationalist. I see others on Twitter recycling and echoing MSNBC and Talking Points Memo

          • I used the term “religious right” to mean those who attend church often and are primarily motivated by their faith, those who would be most supportive of something like “Christian nationalism.” That would probably be “faith and flag” in the pew types. I was not talking about all people who answer that they are evangelical protestant on a poll, since that would include many people who rarely or never attend church and aren’t primarily motivated by their religion or maybe are not even strongly religious at all. For a lot of people, that can just mean not atheist, not catholic, not mainline protestant, and not Jewish.

            I was talking about this:


            In the first link, you can see that steady Trump support was highest with people who were politically “liberal/moderate” and attended churc “less often.” Interestingly, White evangelicals actually had the lowest support for him out of the religious groups in the poll, up through April.

            I remember this specifically because everyone was getting pissed off at these voters who seemed to be keeping Cruz alive.

            I also believe there were polls showing that less frequent church attendees were more attracted to Trump’s economic populism and anti-immigration stances over the more frequent attendees. Also less frequent attendees were more likely to be “racist” in attitudes to Latinx and Blacks. I can’t seem to remember what these polls were from or where to find them now, unfortunately.

          • It’s apparent that Christians, whether they call themselves simply Christians or White Christian Nationalists are Christians first, and White interests are somewhere down the line — where exactly? I’m not sure. They’re so mired (brainwashed) in their religious gobble-de-goop they think that those who don’t believe are obsessed like they are in leading others to not believe. What the hell — they send millions to Africa, and have for a hundred years, to save the little black chillens.

            I don’t care if a WN chooses to believe in God. I only care what he has to say about White Nationalism. It doesn’t even enter my mind, and I doubt it enters into the minds of other White Nationalists who don’t believe in spirits to convert anyone to my way of looking at religion. Christians just don’t get that.

          • @Steve Denison What’s amazing is…they have no plan. This stuff has been tried before. He wants to put “reliigion” before “race”. Technically, “Christian Nationalism” is favoring a theocracy, which is what the Founding Fathers did not want, hence that “there shall be no national religion” thing.
            If the goals is not “pro-White”, what is it? Clearly missionary? What do they want, a religious right party? That’s pretty much been inside of the Reps for decades.
            It wasn’t until these people felt their religion was attacked that it galvanized them. So it’s not about being white at all. Their religion forces them to include nonwhites, so it’s a failure from the beginning. They can’t reject Jews, even if they find some bible verse to twist, because that’s not biblical, either. Christianity is always pro-Israel.
            As an agnostic, I think the biggest problem facing whites is losing our power, and the threat of being pushed to extinction. I don’t see how any Evangelical can fight against “anti-white” policies, when they clearly have to accept all men into their religious brotherhood.
            The people who have jumped on this seem compromised, because this is clearly a leftist op. I don’t even think it’s about voting, as it’s been proven now, that they can manipulate the polls. I think it’s a way to keep people from becoming pro-White.
            I think this is just another site that, in order to stay online, had to take a backseat to being pro-White. Everything was fine, until he posted those “radio shows” with James Edwards and Jared Taylor, who are clearly philosemitic.

      • @HW There is no “atheist anti-Christian White Nationalism”. White Nationalism always included anyone pro-White, who did not have an allegiance to the tribe. There is also no “Christian Pro-white Nationalism”.

      • DART said: A lot of people who answer “Christian” on some poll are pretty much borderline agnostic or “believe in something,” but not church-going Christians.

        I agree with this, but I think it’s even worse. Most of these socalled conservatives wouldn’t dare admit to their fellow conservative liberals that they are not believers. Hell, they are even afraid to be called racists, let alone an atheist. They’re a bunch of phonies. They’d rather go along to get along and pretend they’re Christians. IMO, you can put Trump in that pile of shit too.

    • > like thr NSDAP


      A Southern Nationalist website and 80% of the commenters are simple 4chan/TRS types that live in the online fantasy world where a new Hitler leads the masses.

      Remember this entire subculture went hard for Trump, and like the media said he was the New Hitler.

      Hilarious that the NSM types think the Evangelical vote doesn’t matter, instead they will appeal to the Masses with fashy haircuts and verses from Mein Kampf.

      Back in the real world these people are just a fringe and repulsive subculture. Offline, in the real world, you can’t suspend disbelief.

      Hence the so-called ‘optics debate.’ There never was any debate, this subculture is repulsive, the people attracted to it are repulsive, and it is more like a fringe religious cult than any sort of social or political movement.

      Now that they destroyed the ‘Alt Right,’ an attempt at a serious movement, I hope they go back to parading in the streets ‘throwing Romans’ and dressing up in costumes like the clowns they are.

      • Pilot says: “I don’t see how any Evangelical can fight against ‘anti-white’ policies, when they clearly have to accept all men into their religious brotherhood.”

        I don’t see any inconsistency here. Anti-white policies are injustice, and Christians have the right and indeed the duty to stand against injustice.

        • But the proof is in the pudding. Christians don’t fight for shit. Whites are being replaced and marginalized and there is no Christian outcry against these injustices to Whites. So, what are you saying? NOTHING! Pilot’s statement is correct.

    • Look to what worked, works in populist, nationalist places in Europe, Scandinavia. It’s not Evangelical religious Right theocracy.

      The Swiss People’s #1 Party in Switzerland
      Victory Orban nationalist, anti Soros cult marxism, Islam, 3rd world migration restrictions.
      Danish politics, pretty much all parties are anti ME, Afghan migrants – abortion is never a big issue

      Again, did these Evangelicals in Kansas do what the victorious GOP governor of Virginia did – make opposing CRT and sexual grooming, BLM propaganda in public schools or did they put the word out that they were trying to impose a Christian Evangelical Theocracy in Kansas and scared, pissed off pretty much everyone that was:

      Sort of Catholic
      Sort of Mormon
      Sort college educated

      Let’s face, our people often really suck at political campaigning, don’t know how to talk to different types of what should be our people.

      Sure, Hunter Wallace is right, we can’t try to push anti Christian, Pagan, atheist White nationalism on small town, rural Whites in Kansas or anywhere else.

      But, we can compete well and win elections in Kansas, Virginia Arizona, Texas as our people do well or win elections in places like Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden.

      Did any of these campaign feature opposition to Islamic terrorism, videos of the 9/11/01 planes crashing in to the World Trade Center – video of (White) Americans jumping to their deaths to escape being burnt alive and photos of ugly ass Muhammed Ata.

      Or was it all about anything goes military AR 15 guns, abolition all abortions in eluding instances of rape and incest, featuring Roy Moore Style Ten Commandment monuments, creationism in public schools, talk of making America once more a Christian Nation.


      I’m happy to teach any interested parties time tested, effective political and cultural propanganda. I’ve won every single election I’ve worked on these last 25 years.

      Let’s play to win or at least be competitive.

  4. Kansas is hardly an example of all whites. For instance I live in Missouri next door. Very different politics. Don’t jump to conclusions about what whites believe or don’t believe. It’s going to vary a lot. Oklahoma for instance, outlawed abortion generally. Also very different place than Kansas.

      • Kansas is certainly a White stronghold. If you can’t win Whites there, then you can’t win them in most other states.

        • Kansas has a Democrat governor. Kris Kobach lost his Senate race there. It is a state with moderate Republican politics, not some evangelical stronghold.

          Where does atheist anti-Christian White Nationalism resonate? It doesn’t even resonate with the 15% or so secular voters who vote for the GOP. Most of those people are libertarians

          • You better pray for Jesus to come back before the next election, because at this rate, Evangelicals will not only cost the GOP the 2024 election, they might cost them the Midterms as well.

          • In your case, praying might not be such a bad option. It will take nothing less than a miracle for atheist anti-Christian White Nationalism to appeal to more than 1% of the White population. I don’t see how it ever breaks out of the 3% atheist ghetto

          • I am a White Nationalist who believes in free Dixie but also a Christian. I guess I could be a White Christian Southern Nationalist? The edgy atheist’s are all on their own because many atheists are leftist.

            The GOP base is Evangelical and worried about White discrimination now. In certain ways we are the normies.

          • Steve D. Kansas doesn’t have enough criminal Blacks or diseased illegal alien Mayan Orcs or Islam to scare poor and working class White voters to vote Republicans. It can go like Vermont the Whites state in the Union.

            In al White places lots of “Liberalism” empowering women, funding public schools, environmentalism, thumbing their nose at the Religious Right – this stuff sells – people want to be like extremely rich liberals, the Kennedys, the Obamas, Clintons, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift.

            What could change that?

            A BLM Chimp out riot, A Rodney King Black Gang banger pogrom against Asian merchants.

      • From that data only 4% are non christian religions like hindu, buddhist, jewish, and muslim? It appears that Kansas mustn’t have much immigration yet other than probably catholic hispanics. I do know that when I got a motel room way out on the plains on I-70 it was the Patel Clan yet again…

    • The FBI,ATF etc are the enemy and should be considered as such

      it´s the First hammer that is bashing us on the anvil of neo liberalism, the second one will be the military when it is turned inward

  5. I hate to bust out my fedora and talk about logical fallacies, but this is a false dichotomy if ever there was one. There’s a world of difference between being openly hostile to Christians and going on about “Christian Nationalism.” The winning path is to avoid alienating Christians and also avoid alienating those who don’t want to see crucifixes everywhere.

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