Tales From The Movement: Shelbyville

Editor’s Note: Tales From The Movement is a series of articles which I am going to write which will explain why I decided that it is better to just be me and not to wear labels.

I’ve never written anything about why I gave up on White Nationalism.

I have dodged the subject because I know that people who are emotionally invested in the movement would just get mad and I would rather just move on. Unfortunately, this has left a lot of my readers confused and unable to understand my perspective because I haven’t elaborated on it.

I dislike the people who are professional former White Nationalists like Derek Black. I also hate dramatic exits and drama. I am not one of those people. Besides, I also haven’t really changed my views that much. I’ve just lost interest in publicly wearing brands and labels under my own name. I’m a lot more skeptical of movements after the implosion of the Alt-Right and everyone who got burned up in it. I still share so many views with White Nationalists that I will always be labeled one anyway. So why bother?

Back in the 2000s, I identified with the White Nationalist label. I was involved in the anonymous online side of the movement for about eight years. I was attracted to the movement because it was pro-White and rejected the cult of antiracism. I was also concerned about changing racial demographics and cultural decline. Nothing has changed on that front and I am still concerned about these issues. It is why I am pleased that millions of people now understand the threat posed by the Great Replacement.

After a period of introspection, I concluded that the reason why I was interested in these issues in the first place was due to my background. I’m from a small town in the Deep South. White identity, rightwing populism and race realism are part of my traditional culture. I wasn’t introduced to any of this by the White Nationalist movement. It is why I found it. I was angered by the attacks on Whites because I come from an honor culture, not a guilt culture. I’m inclined by nature and temperament to respond to insults and defend my community. I come from a settled rural family with deep roots in my area.

This is my personal background story and it can be traced back through history to the George Wallace presidential campaigns and the tradition of Southern populism. This is not, however, the origin story of the White Nationalist movement. It can be traced back to George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party. These were separate worlds in the 1960s when segregationists still dominated the South and George Lincoln Rockwell was trolling the media, naming the Jew and founding Neo-Nazism.

Anyway, it is important to understand this because it was the slow accumulation of experiences over the course of 20 years which have shaped my view of the subject. I don’t write and share my opinion about everything that I see, but I have seen a lot of things though that have shaped my opinions.

Case in point, the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville in October 2017.

It was inspired by Emanuel Samson, a 25-year-old Sudanese immigrant and refugee, who gunned down a bunch of White people at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, TN. It was an explicit racial attack on Whites that was revenge for the Dylann Roof church shooting in Charleston. The media, of course, downplayed and buried the story because it wasn’t useful for their narrative.

The Antioch church shooting struck a chord with us because we had been to the area before to protest refugee resettlement and the Great Replacement in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville. It was the second such rally that I had helped to organize and it occurred shortly before I got married in 2013.

We were protesting this stuff when no one was talking about it.

I was proud of the work that we had done. I remember going into Shelbyville and seeing the positive and enthusiastic response from the locals who never asked for this deluge of raw Africans in their area. It was evident then that people in the area resented it and felt like no one was voicing their sentiments.

The White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville was a Nationalist Front rally.

In the wake of Charlottesville, we were also trying to rebound and keep things going. We wanted to make the point that we had walked into a trap in Charlottesville. We never showed up that day with the intention of doing anything other than attending a peaceful protest. The governor of Virginia and the Charlottesville police dropped the ball and failed to secure safe entry and exit points which led to street fights and going somewhere else would show that Charlottesville’s unique issues with public safety were due to the fact that Unite the Right was hosted in a “progressive” shitlib college town.

White Lives Matter fueled the Optics War.

There were no more large rallies after Shelbyville. It was the end of that era of pro-White activism. There have been public protests and rallies since Shelbyville, but it has been groups like Patriot Front doing flash rallies with their own vetted membership. Organizers prefer to exclude both the general public and other people who are associated with the movement in order to protect their own image.

Shelbyville in October 2017 was the last rally that I attended as an activist. It became a lower priority for me moving forward. I have attended conferences and done some hurricane relief work since Shelbyville, but I haven’t participated in any street protests since then. We were supposed to have two rallies that day in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, but we called it quits and didn’t show up at the second event.

I will never forget one of the last things I saw in Shelbyville. The image vividly comes to mind to this day. It didn’t happen at the White Lives Matter rally, but after the event when we had reconvened at a public park for lunch. I remember eating a sandwich and watching this in astonishment.


“CHAPEL HILL, TN — After no-showing their own rally in Murfreesboro, the “White Lives Matter” ralliers briefly met up in a secluded Tennessee state park and formed a “human swastika” as a police helicopter flew by …

They stayed at the park for about a half hour, according to the Chapel Hill Fire Department, ate lunch and formed a “human swastika” when they were overflown by a police helicopter. …”

I never said anything about it.

I wasn’t angry about it. It didn’t matter.

A bunch of guys were moved by the spirit and ran out and spontaneously formed a human swastika below a police helicopter which was tracking our movements in the area.

I was too angry with the Optics Cucks who were attacking us at the time. I did think about it over the winter though. It just put an exclamation point on the seriousness of the people who I was working with. Is this going to be an edgy very online subculture that only appeals to marginal people? If so, what are we doing going to places like Shelbyville to reach out to the locals? Why take the risks?

This stuff has always been a part of the DNA of the White Nationalist movement. It is not in my cultural DNA. We overlap in the sense of being pro-White, but clearly not in everything.


  1. “I dislike the people who are professional former White Nationalists like Derek Black. ”

    Don Black was too enthusiastic and brought derek into the cause way too early.
    Derek was getting multiple death threats WHEN HE WAS 9 YEARS OLD.
    That’s too much emotional trauma for a child.

    Let that be a lesson to all pro-WHITES, DO NOT PUBLICLY EXPOSE YOUR MINOR CHILDREN AS PRO-WHITE ACTIVISTS ! Wait till they are in their 20s and have solidified strength in character.


  2. “millions of people now understand the threat posed by the Great Replacement.”

    50 years late….why is most of my race so dull, so gullible, so lax ?

    • I think about that too. People are far more consumed with TV, sports, pop culture, trends, and outgoing their neighbors.
      Some people don’t think very deep at all. Some of us want to know why the universe is expanding, and others don’t care at all.
      My guess is that modern life and technology have allowed almost everyone to survive. There isn’t much natural eugenics anymore.
      Some sources say the human brain has gotten progressively smaller in the past 10,000 years. I think Cro-Magnon man must have been very smart to survive in the four seasons like he did. I doubt even with tools, if we could do better than them.

      • ” modern life and technology have allowed almost everyone to survive. ”

        ……and reproduce.
        The worst breed the most.

  3. The Southern culture has always been tied with race even during its beginning of the settlement of North America and there is nothing wrong with that on the objective level unlike the Anti-White subjective level.

    Liberals themselves created this guilt culture by exposing Whites to the perspectives or subjective viewpoints of Nonwhites via empathy, which I have firsthand experience with being a city dweller, which the Liberals and their Jewish leaders always project as an objective truth where all nonwhites are always victims while all Whites are evil oppressors hence why many Whites fall for this guilt narrative and end up hating their own race and culture. In general, one-way empathy for other groups causes antiwhite sentiment and empathy in general can’t achieve racial equality & world peace because of the inherently selfish nature of humans & animals which Nonwhites show more as they terrorize, murder, or assault innocent White people.

    White People, along with having many cultural traditions some of which are appropriated by Nonwhites like Halloween & Christmas, also are the only race of people that are actually genetically different from Nonwhites because I found that some of the differences that White people have compared to Nonwhites are biological or anatomical differences which are described in detail along with the truth behind the so-called evolutionary idea that all humans came from a common Black ancestor from Africa.

    This real difference is what truly defines White People and is the reason why they have fought against racial integration with Blacks and Nonwhites in general so the events that occurred in Shelbyville is just another attempt by Nonwhites to conquer these lands for themselves and wipe out the only truly different human race on Earth.

  4. “so-called evolutionary idea that all humans came from a common Black ancestor from Africa.”

    This is yidshit right on the face of it. Jews are related to africans we are not. Africans have zero Denisovan or Neanderthal genes.

    • 6v6
      So right.
      The zoglings are ruining all our history and science with stew of lies. Completely destroying our culture.

  5. Brad I say this sincerely (you know that I have no problem saying what I think even going against the current, as I have done several times on this website), it is always nice and interesting to hear your thoughts, I think it is one of the reasons why I chose this website as my final port of call, after following other youtubers for a while. I always say that there are three types of people:
    – those who never change their minds and never self-criticise (this is the case with the majority of the woke left and some right-wing neo-Nazis)
    – those who change their minds radically, going from one side to the other; these are people with weak personalities, easily manipulated, without a thought of their own and who always reason following the masses (e.g. Picciolini or Evan McLaren)
    – finally, there are those who maintain their principles and ideals throughout their lives, without betraying them, without being afraid of what others think, but who at the same time know how to be self-critical and understand what they could have done better or what they did wrong (again, without jumping from one side to the other like bipolars).
    I personally belong to this third category and I believe you Brad and probably many of our friends at Occidental Dissent also belong to it.

    I too have supported or rather sympathised with radical right-wing groups over the years and I believe this is because the world has been very polarised over the years and still is today. The left, even those who call themselves moderate, support extreme left-wing groups or extreme politics (they do it here in Europe too), so we on the right have also supported our extremes, I think it is normal that in a battle everyone unites, I repeat the left has done and still does the same by supporting extreme left-wing activists.

    I remember seeing a video of the Shelbyville demonstration, made by a fairly obnoxious leftist youtuber who also filmed the torch march and Charlottesville. This youtuber was kicked out of the group while filming the nationalist front, I remember Jeff Schoep, Mike Scholer, Burt Colucci and a neo-Nazi I think his name is Dutton were the ones who kicked him out. Apart from the fact that that youtuber was a provocateur and they were right to kick him out, I remember that once he was kicked out he met you and you were the only one to greet him in a polite manner, you didn’t fall for the provocation. Finally I say this: the mistake in my opinion today is to give oneself labels and brands, like Spencer who keeps saying he is the saviour of white people and hangs out with dissident activists but fails because he is looking for his own label. In my opinion, and I’ve said it many times, the older generation born in the 50s and 60s was more successful because they didn’t give themselves labels or brands and simply held on to their ideas until the end.

  6. Everything is a label these days. You know in your heart what you. Besides, many of these so called White Nationalist groups have been infiltrated by jews and people who have an agenda.

  7. My interpretation fwiw:

    I was wary/skeptical of UTR because of the involvement of the NSM & Azzmador. The AR was already an edgy brand and these guys seemed to push it too far. Also the event seemed a bit too ambitious & overloaded.

    So on the day the initial core visual was a massive street fight with an NSM/1488 banner & guys in black shirts. I was wondering what the 2 Matt’s had been up to. So I kind of switched off & felt it would go badly for a lot of the attendees.

    Few weeks later listened to an interview Kessler gave to a “journalist” & he ran rings around her. The thing that became clear was that UTR was a *setup*. My definite bad on not picking that up. My theory is that the public didn’t and still haven’t got it.

    At the Shelbyville event there was an an NSM banner behind the speaker & some salutes/hailing etc. Before the event you gave an interview & came across very well. But your setup didn’t seem to match the feel of the event. If someone saw your interview, liked it, & checked out your website they could have been perplexed by the event. Enoch’s speech was good & most folks looked fine.

    Then there was the Kate Steinle rally in DC. Policed & no NS-ism. Really nailed it. Good organisation & visual. Also highly symbolic. The killer was given a joke sentence. Trump’s campaign started with Kate Steinle & she had been forgotten. Who remembered – the AR w/ Enoch, Spencer & Heimbach. Good fun speeches. The video could be clipped & distributed. Imo Shelbyville would have been a win along these lines. Imagine a banner behind the speaker saying WLM. It was a strong theme that connected Shelbyville to DC & to more recent protests. Like a front group.

    Then Michigan. Unpoliced & NS-ism (salutes & arm bands & salutes). Like UTR a tough spot tho.

    Lots of comments about “optics” seemed obnoxious or irrelevant. NJF when reviewing UTR footage focused on a guy wearing cargo shorts. Cargo shorts in August wasn’t the issue. Getting violently attacked attending a legally permitted rally was. That guy had the spirit to turn up. Going by the footage most people at CVille looked fine or actually pretty good. There was band of brothers effect. People from different backgrounds coming together.

    But “optics” seemed to be about “cover”. Say if you had a mass of folks with the Betsy Ross (13 stars?), Battle Flag, State Flags & other recognisable flags – everyone goes into the event together en masse – big guys wearing yellow vests doing security. (Also the different org flags tho strong in themselves could be confusing for viewers & leave groups open to lawfare). Organized w/ a clear message.

    But then 2020 & 1/6… 2020 had antifa & blm literally burning down cities to applause. On 1/6 NJF had an optical overcoat & American flag at an event w/ the sitting U.S. president & it still ended up like UTR – lawsuits, legal bills & even prison sentences. The irony. There may also have been Epps-style agent provocateurs at the UTR.

    Maybe the real lesson is that if the state is going to set you up the state will set up. Leviathan has gone mask off. Sam Francis was a prophet. It’s hard to be optical when being violently attacked.

    After UTR I remember you on twitter saying “Why do we put up with this shit?” Good question. Overall the people who turned up at UTR (& WLM) have been vindicated. No one predicted that the authorities would throw the event.

    Imo your take on the AR & activism was basically solid. But there were some folks with alcohol issues who wanted to take their hobby horses for a drunken gallop. Have they learned anything?

  8. They were ‘moved by the spirit’ to perform Hollywood Nazi for the waiting cameras and police.

    Another word for spirit is ‘spook.’ Or maybe one of their Jewess wives thought it would be fun, or maybe one of their Jewish writers, like Daily Stormer’s Joshua Ryne Goldberg.

    The purpose of the ‘WN’ movement is to be as repulsive as possible to ‘normies.’

    Just read your own comments, they hate Southerners, they hate Christians, they hate America, and fundamentally they hate white people, just listen to them speak about ‘normies.’

    No one has ever needed them or their crank ideology.

    • “They were ‘moved by the spirit’ to perform Hollywood Nazi for the waiting cameras and police.”

      I don’t think there is necessarily some kind of conspiracy going on. Many in Der Movement have genuine respect for German National Socialism as the last movement to have (temporary) success in standing up to ZOG and therefore want to emulate them. Unfortunately, they are not willing to take a critical eye to Natsoc Germany in order to understand all the things they did wrong, nor are they able to understand that the circumstances in modern America are very different. It’s more of a thought process, “I admire what German National Socialism achieved. They are going to call me a Nazi anyway, so I might as well wear it with pride.” Idiotic, but understandable. Also, some people just like attention and being an edgelord. Similar to the Swastiska, one could argue that the Rebel Flag also repulses the normies due to its association with slavery.

      “The purpose of the ‘WN’ movement is to be as repulsive as possible to ‘normies.’”

      Whether or not that is the purpose, that is definitely the effect the Type-1 Nutzi faction of Der Movement has on a lot of people. Other factions repulse Southern and Eastern Europeans. Others repulse Christians. Others repulse scientific minded, non-religious people.

      “Just read your own comments, they hate Southerners, they hate Christians, they hate America, and fundamentally they hate white people, just listen to them speak about ‘normies.’”

      That’s a bit hyperbolic. I don’t know any faction of Der Movement that hates Southerners outside of maybe the Spencer wing. Bias against Christians has more to do with Christianity itself (its universality, ties to Judaism, etc.) than Christians as a people. I mean, Christians don’t exactly hide their hatred of atheism or atheists. That said, Hunter has convinced me that hostility towards Christianity is not a winning formula for White Nationalism. My previous statements were ill-advised. Better to build a secular movement where both Christians and non-religious people feel welcome. I don’t know many that hate America either; they just hate what it has become. As for the normies, they are what they are. It’s pointless to hate them because they are still necessary for a functioning society, but it is true that there is a significant percentage of the masses of any race that do not engage in critical thinking about various political issues the way that you or I might. You may think of yourself as a normie, but just having moderate beliefs does not make one a normie. It’s how you arrived at your beliefs that sets you apart.

      “No one has ever needed them or their crank ideology.”

      There will always be a need for White Nationalism as long as Whites exist. But in order for a true mass-appeal, Pan-European racial movement to emerge, Der Movement must be done away with. Racial interests are genetic interests. Genetic interests are ultimate interests.

      • The Rebel flag does not repulse American normies, not even in the rural North, although many people are intimidated since the Roof op. The swastika has zero to do with North America and in fact has far more resonance in India.

        One is free to give the benefit of the doubt to ‘Der Movement’ as you call it, but since I’m familiar with their history I can judge them by their actions as opposed to the copious verbal tripe their Fed/Jewish writers like Hal Turner, Covington, NSM, Goldberg, Burros, and even Mrs. Enoch spew out constantly.

        I hope the LoS works to defend the Greater Dixie people and culture, as it exists today. Last thing they need is some crank from Chicago with a Hitler fetish and a Reddit tier ‘I hate my dad for making me go to church’ vibe.

        Frankly, I hope Alt-MSNBC is successful. But clearly there is zero reason for Southern people to care what Richard Spencer thinks. LoS can be successful if they can represent the real, actual Southern people and not associate with the cranks, feds, and jews of ‘Der Movement.’

        • @BannedHipster

          “ I hope the LoS works to defend the Greater Dixie people and culture, as it exists today. Last thing they need is some crank from Chicago with a Hitler fetish and a Reddit tier ‘I hate my dad for making me go to church’ vibe.”

          Frankly, I’ve come to believe that regional differences are more like separate countries are in Europe than we want to admit. A solution for the South probably won’t work in the West for instance. We all keep making the mistake of thinking that there is a one size fits all solution because we’re all Americans. I don’t think it’s gonna work that way.

          For instance, where I am Christianity is more and more associated with Mexicans, illegal aliens and reconquista BS. Actually THAT is the first thing I think of when you say Christian, not Whites. So, you can understand why I don’t see Christianity as particularly helpful. Seems to be a different story for Southerners. That’s why at the end of the day, Pro-White Southerners have to handle their own business. We can make alternative suggestions but you know what works best for your region.

      • The reason for some of the animosity toward Christianity as an institution(s) are some of the things you listed. However most people forget to mention that this isn’t 1930s Christianity either anymore and some churches are directly involved in the Great replacement, better known as White Genocide. THAT is why people get very aggravated.

        I’ll give an example. I’m in the Southwest and I’ve seen Churches go from mostly White to being filled with Mexicans, services in Spanish and advocating for the illegal aliens (ie those same Latinos.) Basically they drove the Whites from their own church, but expect those same Whites to support the church financially. With all due respect to the Christians here, I won’t look the other way when an institution is trying to commit Genocide against my race just so they can get more butts in the pews.

        Frankly, I think it’s up to the Christians to clean their own house, so to speak. That would go a long way to eliminating much of the conflict about it. If you make others do it for you, it won’t end well for any of us.

  9. Optic advice for the future: no Swastikas, no Rebel flags, no flags with other “hate” symbols, no Sieg Heils, no black shirts, no sloppy dress, no morbidly obese, no shields, no helmets, no visible tattoos, no long hair, no shaved heads unless you’re actually balding,

    When one is advocating for a political position outside of the mainstream, it’s best to look as normal and appealing as humanely possible.

  10. I was very honored to be a big part of those protests against Tyson Foods flooding Middle TN with lowest wage Somalian Bantu Muslim food workers.

    No Jihad in TN.

    Our protests were well organized and well received.

    I personally took out large billboards and full page adverts in local Conservative newspapers naming Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Smith listing his $8 million annual compensation as he shafts local Southern workers and ruins their/our communities.

    Lots of lessons here – don’t just let anybody come to a protest who says they’re on our side. Have strict dress codes, codes of conduct. Don’t engage the Leftist protesters.

    I was quietly reprimanded by a solid League of the South member for engaging with a local Leftists.

    She was getting in my/our face and shouting:

    “How many of you are from Shelbyville huh”

    I responded “How do you feel about outsiders from Mogadishu Somalia – are you fine with female genital mutilation honey”.

    I was quietly advised to not do this anymore.

    I complied.

    I’d be honored to share my experience with what worked in our “No Jihad in Tennessee” protests especially in the area of political propaganda.

    Our side tends to well rather suck in our political propaganda.

  11. One point I fondly remember was our most handsome activist “M” who dressed and looked as good as any of the Dukes of Hazard actors.

    He was passing out “Free Magnolia” newspapers and dozens and dozens of women drivers were stopping their cars and trucks to accept whatever he was giving out.


    This is a key component of political activism – have really good looking, well dressed representatives. This was a key to David Dukes success in the late 1980s and early 90s – good looking spokesmen, salesmen.

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