Tales From The Movement: Christopher Cantwell

There are a lot of stories which I could tell about Christopher Cantwell.

In 2017, I was swept up in the Alt-Right and attended a few events with Cantwell in Auburn, AL, Pikeville, KY and Charlottesville, VA. We never really crossed paths though. I never spoke to Chris until he got of the Charlottesville jail in December 2017. He spent 101 days in the Charlottesville jail after getting arrested over the pepper spray incident that happened at the torch march at Unite the Right.

Chris is someone who has a big mouth. He is a shock jock. He is attracted like a moth to a flame to the dangerous edge of politics. He yearned for media attention which is why he did that VICE documentary with Elle Reeve. He went to Charlottesville and other Alt-Right events to promote himself and his show The Radical Agenda. He was also notoriously naive about the FBI and law enforcement. My overall impression of Chris is that he is the kind of person who likes to chase tornadoes, but a guy who wears body cameras and who has the cops on speed dial to get out of trouble isn’t a cold blooded criminal.

Living on the edge proved to be his undoing.

He was only willing to flirt with violence. He was a tease.

As we have already seen, Robert Bowers was a shitposter on Gab who shot and killed 11 people in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in October 2018. There was a pile on by tech companies and Gab was deplatformed from everything including its domain registrar. Eventually, Gab came back online that fall with spotty service, but I was demoralized by the episode – in my view, the latest act of self sabotage by idiots who lack a moral center and screw everyone around them – and returned to Twitter.

Before I quit posting on Gab, I saw the demise of the Clark brothers who were friends with Robert Bowers and who I thought of as being associated with a group called The Bowl Patrol.


“When FBI arrested Clark on Nov. 9 and searched his home, they found flyers from a neo-Nazi organization, boxes of ammunition, body armor, a rope noose hanging above his bed and a Nazi flag containing the handwritten inscription “Hail Victory,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo.

“After the death of Edward Clark, Jeffrey Clark became more outspoken about his radical views, expressing them openly to his family members who were in the area following Edward Clark’s death,” an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit. “During these conversations, Jeffrey Clark defended Robert Bowers’ killings at the Tree-of-Life Synagogue. Jeffrey Clark also stated that he and Edward Clark had both fantasized about killing ‘Jews and blacks.’”

The relatives also believed 23-year-old Edward Clark may have been planning to carry out an “act of violence” the day before he went to Theodore Roosevelt Island in the nation’s capital and killed himself, the agent wrote. Clark’s plea agreement says a “post-indictment” investigation by federal authorities found no evidence that he had advance knowledge of the synagogue attack or that he was planning an “independent attack against similar targets” in Washington. …”

Edward Clark aka DC_Stormer killed himself.

Jeffrey Clark aka DC Bowl Gang was arrested on a gun charge.

Huff Post:

“WASHINGTON – Jeffrey Clark, the 30-year-old man federal agents arrested here Friday after he called the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting a “dry run” and his relatives worried he might try to launch a race war, wasn’t shy about being a neo-Nazi.

In April 2017, when someone asked Clark at a White House rally organized by “alt-right” coiner Richard Spencer whether he considered himself a fascist, he said no ? he considered himself a Nazi. Antifa activists photographed him at the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017. He has posed for pictures in front of Nazi symbols and holding Nazi memorabilia.

On Gab, the favored social network of racists and anti-Semites, Clark had the username @PureWhiteEvil and called himself “DC Bowl Gang,” a reference to Dylann Roof, the bowl-cut racist who murdered nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. …”

Naturally, law enforcement went after the people on Gab who were associated with Robert Bowers in an attempt to uncover whether any of them were part of some greater Neo-Nazi accelerationist plot or whether they had advance knowledge of the synagogue shooting.

After I left Gab for Twitter in 2019, there was a huge falling out between Christopher Cantwell and The Bowl Patrol over Robert Bowers. Cantwell wanted to distance himself from the Pittsburgh shooting which made him a traitor in the eyes of The Bowl Patrol who had become part of his audience on The Radical Agenda. This is a group of guys whose identity was based on their mutual admiration of Dylann Roof. It will suffice to say that this is a story which probably wasn’t ever going to end well.

I don’t know the details of what happened between Cantwell and The Bowl Patrol. I wasn’t really following it because I was on Twitter. I only know the broad outlines. The Bowl Patrol got pissed at Cantwell for distancing himself from Bowers. They began trolling him on his show. Cantwell got angrier and angrier at The Bowl Patrol and began threatening to dox them and contact law enforcement. He also made other threats against Vic Mackey, CheddarMane and Bowl Patrol members. The shitstorm escalated into a total clusterfuck in which they all got doxxed and Christopher Cantwell ended up in federal prison.


“CONCORD – Christopher C. Cantwell, 40, of Keene, was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison after being convicted of extortion and threat charges by a federal jury in September, United States Attorney Scott W. Murray announced today.

During four days of trial testimony, the jury was presented with evidence that Cantwell maintained an active online presence, including operating a website and an internet call-in program.  Evidence at trial showed that Cantwell believed that members of an online group called the “Bowl Patrol” had been harassing him online.  Cantwell contacted the victim in this case seeking to obtain identifying information about the leader of the Bowl Patrol, an individual who used the name “Vic Mackey.”

When the victim did not disclose the information Cantwell sought, on June 16, 2019, Cantwell sent an electronic message through the Telegram messaging application, stating, “So if you don’t want me to come and f*ck your wife in front of your kids, then you should make yourself scarce[.]  Give me Vic, it’s your only out.”

Between June 15, 2019, and June 17, 2019, Cantwell also sent a series of messages to the victim in which he threatened to injure the victim’s reputation by posting identifying information about the victim online (commonly referred to as “doxing”) and reporting the victim to child protection authorities if he did not receive information about “Vic Mackey.”  Evidence presented at trial showed that Cantwell did “dox” the victim on June 17, 2019, by posting identifying information and photographs related to the victim and the victim’s family online.  Cantwell also called child protection authorities in Missouri and made a report about the victim.

Cantwell was convicted of one count of transmitting extortionate communications and one count of threatening to injure property or reputation.  The jury found Cantwell not guilty of cyberstalking.  Cantwell has been in custody since his arrest on January 23, 2020. …”

CheddarMane testified against Cantwell at his trial.

It was the first time those two united only by shared hatreds had ever met in real life.

Concord Monitor:

“Lambert – who went by the online handle “Cheddar Mane,” among other aliases – was part of the Bowl Patrol.

The Bowl Patrol has used its online channels to venerate mass shooters and glorify racist violence. Its name refers to the bowl-cut hairstyle of Dylann S. Roof, who murdered nine Black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., in 2015.

Lambert joined the group in 2018 after seeing a YouTube video posted by a group member known as “Tactical – Bowlcut,” he testified in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, the second day of the trial. …

But Lambert and his friends soured on Cantwell around the end of 2018.

“I think that many of the members of Bowl Patrol thought that he had shifted his ideology, and so it appeared that he was trying to use his platform to make money and didn’t believe what he was saying,” Lambert testified.

Lambert and others began prank-calling Cantwell on air, which seemed to enrage him, according to evidence presented in court.

In February 2019, when someone defaced Cantwell’s website, he blamed it on Bowl Patrol members and reported it to the FBI. (Lambert said he wasn’t involved in that.)

The following month, in an online exchange, Cantwell warned Lambert to stay away “or I’ll dox your stupid ass.” Doxing means to expose someone’s real identity or personal information online.

Lambert said he stopped bothering Cantwell for a time and told others they should stop, too.

But in June 2019, Lambert said, he followed a link for a chat group called “Peaceful White Folk” on the social-media site Telegram, without realizing it was run by Cantwell. He posted a few times, then was kicked out, and Cantwell messaged him privately.

“I guess you forgot the lesson which kept you away for a short while, do you need to be reminded?” Cantwell wrote before adding the name of Lambert’s street, according to a screenshot of the conversation displayed in court.

The back-and-forth that unfolded over the next couple days forms the core of the government’s case. Cantwell threatened to dox Lambert and publish images online of him, his wife and their three kids; said he would report them to child protective services; and implied that he or one of his listeners would sexually assault Lambert’s wife if he didn’t get what he wanted.

Prosecutors say Cantwell was pressuring Lambert for information on the Bowl Patrol’s unofficial leader, who goes by “Vic Mackey” online.

“Give me Vic, it’s your only out,” Cantwell wrote.

Lambert declined. …”

Why did any of this happen?

Why can’t these people just let little disagreements go? Forgive and forget?

Why did this whole circle of Gab shitposters spectacularly self destruct like this? Bowers went to prison. Cantwell went to prison. Edward Clark ended up dead. The Bowl Patrol members ended up getting doxxed. None of these people are still around contributing to the movement in any positive way.

Cantwell fought like hell to defend himself in the Unite the Right trial only to get screwed like everyone else and blamed for a “conspiracy” that no one ever imagined. He never knew James Fields, Jr. until seeing him in the Charlottesville jail. He ended up behind bars though because of this separate episode. The two episodes that ruined Cantwell aren’t entirely unrelated though. There is a common thread there.

Note: Everyone involved in this sad story was J-woke and redpilled on race. These are the only qualities you need to build a successful racial nationalist movement.


  1. White Nationalists typically always view human races as hierarchal but not without good reason. It should be obvious that the human body and pretty much anything else that is physically existent has a structural/constitutional & quantitative aspect to them and it is these quantitative differences, which naturally occur by nature, gives us our distinct appearances and abilities & drive the process of natural selection, that are responsible for the racial, sexual, and social inequalities that are found among some people and races and it is this very idea that WN support because they think it is the only kind of difference that can exist among human races given the widely-accepted idea that all humans come from the same common ancestor which is also something that “justifies” the so-called diversity and cultural enrichment that are pushed by Jews.

    But these WN’s, who have only consumed mainstream ideas of White racial superiority but not the other kind of racial differences that have gone unnoticed due to the heavy association between racial difference and superiority thanks to colonialism. The other kind of racial difference is the constitutionally biological differences that White People also have which, unlike racial superiority, isn’t based on inequality but functional differences which indicate an ancestral unrelatedness between true Whites who have rosy-white skin, not lightly pigmented Nonwhites, and other darker Nonwhites which both provide a strong argument against racial integration and mass Nonwhite immigration. The difference between the aforementioned skin colorations between Whites & Nonwhites along with other White anatomical differences are explained here.

    This idea would ultimately be better for WN and should encourage more racial sepraration and less racial aggression by lone White men who have been misguided as to the true purpsoe of White Nationalism.

    • You wrote: But these WN’s, who have only consumed mainstream ideas of White racial superiority but not the other kind of racial differences that have gone unnoticed due to the heavy association between racial difference and superiority thanks to colonialism. ”

      Why would you ever assume people are not investigative or researching about race? Everyone doesn’t just go on some website and accept everything they read, or say, “Oh wow, I never knew that.” Most people are reading things they already know. I rarely read anything new anymore.

      If you’ve read Rushton or Kemp, or any of the other good books, this stuff is known. Whites come in an array of eye, hair, and skin tones, and there are people who think “darker” whites are somehow “not as white”, but that’s not true.

  2. I have and will always have a soft spot for Chris, and I hope he makes it out of the system clean and in one piece.

    As someone that has also struggled mightily with addiction, alone with all that it does to your soul and your self esteem, I can honestly say it was a shameful waste of an incredibly talented White man. But it won’t have to be forever.

    That’s up to Chris. I wish him all the best and look forward to the days after he is released.

    There are alot of other broken White guys who could use an example they can relate to.

  3. What a total shitshow — mostly a bunch of pseudo crimes used by the government as pretexts to crack down on these guys due to the racial aspect of their online activity — is there a single one who isn’t a disaffected lower/working class white man from a de-industrialized part of America? — you know, the ones whose plight has been ignored by the elite for literally a half century now.

    Meanwhile, there have been over 700 homicides so far in 2022 just in Chicago and Philadelphia.

    And follow Andy Ngo on Twitter for regular updates on all the violent antifa miscreants who are let off without charges by DAs all over the country.

    I’m supposed to believe these guys are real criminals, but Obama, who goes to Indiana to tell a roomful of paunchy, tired-looking, middle-aged white guys in dirty baseball caps, all of whom have just lost their jobs at a Carrier plant, about the great careers in green energy they’ll soon have is some kind of fucking hero.

    Makes me want to puke.

  4. Ted Sallis on Der Movement:

    “One must at this point question – why is the “movement” so stupid and defective?

    I propose four reasons that certainly do not constitute a final and/or exhaustive list:

    1. Dissident activities tend to attract marginal personalities.
    2. These marginal personalities create defective environments that repel quality people.
    3. The System’s social pricing reinforces the alienation of quality people from dissident activities.
    4. The “movement’s” affirmative action policy elevates mediocrities to leadership positions.

    Thus, we need to reject defectives, overcome social pricing, and get rid of the (ethnic) affirmative action policy.”

  5. “””…Why can’t these people just let little disagreements go?…”””

    In case of extreme risk, opposition becomes only fanatic’s playground. Fanatics are mostly self righteous people with a lot of character flaws. But fanatics moving goalposts. Scared friendly normies never do.

    In Eastern Europe something similar happened. Our anti Soviet dissident leaders had also horrific character and couldn’t cooperate with each other and everybody else. This was one of the many reasons why Mr. Soros and his buddies caught us so easily.

    Jewish fanatics were the ones who built Jew World Order. In the pre 1917 Russia many Jews died in the pointless attacks, Lenin brother was hanged, in the revolution, many Jews were killed, in the WW II also. In the US Rosenberg’s went to hot seat, Carl Weiss sacrificed his own life to stop Huey Long.

    Fanatics and crazy people are the ones who make revolutions. Normies never do. Normies have mortgage to pay and good job. When Normie behaves well, Normie has the chance to become manager and keep up with Joneses. Normie joins revolution only when fanatics moved Overton window and made certain things normal. So crazy people and crazy behavior is part and parcel of every revolution.

    • “…So crazy people and crazy behavior is part and parcel of every revolution…”

      I agree with this very strongly and wish all the crazies luck.

      Hunter, it appears to me, is on a anti-White Nationalist (lite) kick. I’m not saying he’s totally against them but he keeps pointing out the flaws of which there’s many. But if we look at the far left. Holy smokes these people are far off the deep end. Way more radical than any White Nationalist. So Hunter I don’t think going after WN is in your interest. Just ignore them like the left does theirs. They don’t turn on their more radical wing.

  6. “Everyone’s a glownigger Fed, everyone’s a camouflaged kike, everyone’s a light-skinned mutt, everyone’s a orangutan mick. At least, everyone but me, a 100% Bohemian phenotype super-Aryan, and everyone who agrees with everything I say.”

    • The inequalities that exist are between individuals not so called races. There are no distinct genetic or biological markers or evidence for “races” because they are created fictions of man. Once you realize that coupled with the clusterfuck disaster of the WN movement, why on earth would you want to identify as “Pro-White”? That blows my mind. On one had you got guys like Brad who want to claim to be “Pro-White” yet he makes individual judgments based on which Whites he likes and seems worthy of his associations. The majority of Whites he would not consider them as friends because of various differences. At this point Brad why would you still call yourself “White” and “Pro-White” when you distance yourself from the majority of them? You dissect the flaws/ and undesirable qualities of all other “Whites” until you are left with only a small circle of folks you call kinsmen. If you stepped back and looked at it from a rational and realistic perspective then you would drop all of it at this point because it makes no sense to continue in it. Just some food for thought Brad.

      • If you remember about a month ago the SPLC writer Michael Hayden wanted an interview with Brad on the upcoming 5th anniversary UTR rally and Brad supposedly said no. Did he really say no by writing hit pieces on everyone?

        Makes you wonder what Brad’s intent or motive is smearing everyone he wrote about so far?

        IMO it’s anti-White by smearing everyone for some reason instead of being interviewed by Michael Hayden directly.

        The whole ant-White throwing them under the bus writing stinks of shit!

        • Unrelated.

          It was the Christian nationalism debate in the comments that sparked this. That’s what inspired me to write about my thoughts and experiences in White Nationalism and the Alt-Right.

          • Sure Brad, when is the hit piece on Matt Heimbach coming? I’m sure you don’t have the balls to do that one.

      • The inequalities that exist are between individuals not so called races. There are no distinct genetic or biological markers or evidence for “races” because they are created fictions of man.

        LOL — paging ‘Orthodox Slumlord’.

        What a fucking moron — infantile race flat-earthers like you are an absolute gift to non-whites.

        You’re probably an ideologue about this, as well as ignorant about modern genetics, so it’s pointless to present that kind of evidence — but I will mention one thing:

        Whether or not you want to believe there are immutable biological differences between races (there are of course), it is certainly true that significant, seemingly irremediable differences between races manifest themselves in social metrics — one example:

        View Park-Windsor Hills is statistically the most well-off black community in the US, with a median income of $160k (link).

        Owsley County Kentucky is the poorest white area in the US, with a median income of $16k, i.e. about a tenth of View Park-Windsor Hills (link).

        Yet on standard academic achievement tests, the poor white kids of Owsley County Kentucky outperform the rich black kids in View Park-Windsor Hills — link

  7. The West fought & won a war (WWII) for these unfit wretched deranged Jews, so this is the Brave Jew World you get…Basically a cult of dysgenic freaks from a Shriners Hospital TV commercial rule your world…but hey that’s what happens for believing in humanist cosmopolitan Christianity for centuries..

    Welcome to Whiteocide. The Jewish Overlords will utilize whatever means (vaccines/war/wog invaders/miscegenation/geoengineering change) to further reduce/decimate the white gentiles & replace them with nonwhites. Remember those Deagel forecasts for 2025 where the major population diminishment was only based in ‘white western nations’—Africa, Asia, Central/South America were excluded. Who knows if their exact numbers will materialize, but we do know that the white global population decreases every year, while the nonwhites increase..

    • What’s strange is that when Jews mixed with Whites as they travelled all over Europe; they ‘stole” those anatomically different traits of White people for themselves while also having a Black genetic predominance over these traits. White genocide is therefore a campaign to either genetically eliminate or dilute the biologically different White genetic lines and establish Black predominance just like how the Jews are composed genetically. All this talk about eugenics, White mental superiority and the inferiority of Nonwhites is a waste of time, even though it is true, because the real threat that Jews and Nonwhites pose is a biological replacement of Whites who because of their anatomical differences, are not related to Nonwhites in the sense that both racial groups do not share a common ancestor which is something which has already proven after years of research on race.

      Nonwhites on the other hand are all the same genetically with numerous variations and all these variations are set to mix together to create a greater Nonwhite/Black racial dominance so think of the Great replacement as a wider Black world where any evidence of a biologically different White race has been gone and forgotten by the now Black descendants of those Nonwhites who have conquered the West successfully.

  8. If you’re going to form a group don’t advertise it and don’t put it on social media. Anything that is put on the internet can be traced. This of course doesn’t apply to leftist groups like Antifa and BLM because they have the blessing of the govt.

  9. I fail to see the point in you even writing things like this, people have disagreements for good reason, Cantwell was a junkie grifter who was a federal informant, and a lot of these other people are smoothbrains who are not thinkers to start with. I haven’t read a single interesting thing from your website in years at this point, you just follow normalfag fads and complain about shit in the past that you were barely part of, and never had any control over.

  10. If the Democrats can go after a major league clown like Roger Stone, a minor league clown like Cantwell is no problem.

  11. What “morals” restrain the actions of the kikes – ya know, those “people” who win against Moral Christian Whites time & time again?

    What’s called for is not jewshit morals, but brains & common sense. The ability to weigh risk vs, reward.

    • >What “morals” restrain the actions of the kikes

      Related: what good will is shown toward Whites? — ask Whites if they hear good will expressed toward white people in public discourse — when the answer is ‘No’ (as it should be), ask them where they think this might lead in the future when Whites are a minority.

  12. Vic Mackey was doxxed by the Huffingtonpost.

    I don’t know what prompted these Tales but I don’t really disagree with what you’ve said. When you mix young men with extremely toxic liberal politics like with what we have today, and then the internet, these results are kind of inevitable. White men have been cornered. Christianity is oppressed everywhere by leftism. If you beat a cornered dog with a stick long enough, that dog is going to bite back. That doesn’t excuse killing old people in a church for example but let’s not forget that the ultimate guilt lies with this system. Liberals constantly uses this logic with their own killers. Why shouldn’t we? Make liberals eat their own medicine.

    Looking forward to more tales. I’m just as disillusioned with the movement. It’s beyond over and it’s not coming back, ever. Millennials are the last white majority generation and they’re already middle aged. The Altright really felt like a Last Chance Saloon. Too much damage was done by the Cantwells and the Spencers. We’ll see what this Biden radicalization of the normies will amount to. I’m not holding my breath. We’ll know for sure this fall if the election becomes a referendum on the Bible. If abortion suffers more Kansas setbacks, stick a fork in it.

    • A few reasons …

      1.) Reflecting on the 5 year anniversary of Charlottesville

      2.) The argument that erupted in the comments over Christian Nationalism vs. White Nationalism. That’s what prompted me more than anything else to write about how the obsessive focus on race and the lack of interest in morality was a major flaw which repeatedly hobbled our collective efforts

      3.) Just thinking about where so many people we were involved with back in those days ended up

      4.) Never really sharing my thoughts on the movement because I decided to just move on and didn’t want to start drama. I never changed my values and beliefs. I just got sick and tired of attaching myself to labels and watching it all go to shit

      • @Brad, why even hold racist beliefs at all? Why not leave those in the past as well as the movement?

        • I was disappointed in the way the Alt-Right burned itself out.

          It doesn’t mean that I changed my views or that I am blackpilled. I just think that stage is over. I think we are on the verge of something a lot bigger and more promising than the Alt-Right

        • Jimbo ” why do you hold racist beliefs at all ” preservation of your kind is not racist, it’s called survival, I assume you have never been in an environment, where your skin is your uniform……..

          • You are an autistic racist idiot. My skin is not my uniform because the personal enemies in my life are other White people. As a Christian I have zero problems with other races living amongst me. I do my best to show Christs love to everyone as I’m commanded to do.

          • Apparntly, for some race traitors, ITZ only wrong for Whites to be racially aware. A ‘racist’ is the opposite of being a self-loathing race traitor. No person who isn’t racially conscious can love his own race. To deny your blood is to deny yourself. Certainly, all Whites, as all NONWHITES do, should embrace racial consciousness, as opposed to wilfull blindness, delusion, and a rejection of human nature and the Natural Order. Racism, a term coined by fucking repulsive jews, is a political doctrine that rejects the liberal dogma of racial equality. Racism by definition, embraces racial inequality, WHICH IS REALITY! — which necessarily calls for racial consciousness, for example, the conviction that mankind falls into identified races that are readily distinguishable, by their appearance, their behavior, and their differences.

            Incidentally, much of what mystifies leftists concerning human behavior is remarkably apparent to anyone with racial consciousness. It is natural that all races value their own kind above all else. All healthy organisms share this instinct. Obviously blacks, hispanics, and jews are hyper-racially conscious, and work in their own racial interests, while they ostracize Whites who are racially conscious, and accuse them of “racism” — a clear double standard. Plainly, smear and namecalling, which of course is all they have in the face of TRUTH! That is why we racially aware Whites are working on preserving the European peoples, our culture, and our interests, just as every other racial group currently is.

          • @jimbo dickhead: You’re the fucking idiot. At some point it will become obvious to the thickest numbskulls among White people that the dusky hordes hate all of us because we are White. Period. You’ll find out that exactly, your skin is your uniform when the niggers and jews you apparently love decide to fuck you over. Nobody’s heard or seen Jesus Christ for over 2000 years if he even did exist in the first place, thumper.

            As a Christian I have zero problems with other races living amongst me. I do my best to show Christs love to everyone as I’m commanded to do.

            You got to be kidding. Are you lost? Fucking moron. So much for Christians taking charge of White survival.

          • @ DICARLO AUGUST 9, 2022 AT 3:11 PM

            Incidentally, much of what mystifies leftists concerning human behavior is remarkably apparent to anyone with racial consciousness. It is natural that all races value their own kind above all else.

            I agree — but trying to explain this is usually a waste of time — I remember once a teacher was bemoaning online how students at her school self-segregated in the cafeteria: white kids sat with white kids, black kids sat/ate together, etc — I explained affinity for one’s own kind was natural, probably an evolutionary adaptation from a time when being suspicious of ‘the other’ was a matter of both individual and tribal survival.

            At some point it will become obvious to the thickest numbskulls among White people that the dusky hordes hate all of us because we are White.

            I like to remind Whites that non-whites are being taught that Whites have acquired wealth via unearned ‘privilege’, and exploiting non-whites in an ‘institutionally racist’ system — then I ask them: what makes you believe the non-whites here are any better than the ones who robbed and murdered Whites in Rhodesia, and are now doing the same in South Africa?

            Too many Whites do not want to face the reality of what is going on, and that worse is ahead for them as they become a minority in the US.

          • Yes, and thanks for responding, trying to explain these things to rank and file Whites is a waste of time because they don’t want to know. If it’s not about entertainment of some sort, or about money, they have no interest. Even if they bring up something political or racial, if I try to expand on what they have brought up, the conversation ends quickly.

          • “trying to explain these things to rank and file Whites is a waste of time….”

            You to have discovered this 🙂

            As I’ve posted b4,
            WHITES are like the Nordic girls in Morocco, clueless until the knife is on their throat.

          • “As a Christian I have zero problems with other races living amongst me”

            Yes jimbo Pollyanna, tell us about flowers and sunshine when the storms come.

            ( you’re a ftard hypocrite, like all the rest of your breed.
            You live and breath in a nation built on racism, that produced the prosperity and safety that you enjoy. You don’t live in an area where you are outnumbered by POC. )

          • @Jimbo Fisher You wrote:”As a Christian I have zero problems with other races living amongst me. I do my best to show Christs love to everyone as I’m commanded to do.”

            THIS IS WHY “Christian Nationalism” will never work.
            Maybe you’re just a troll, but I also know that most Christians think just like that. You’re way too stupid to recognize your enemies or danger. You love “everyone”, and can’t see that it’s not reciprocal. Even early man knew to protect himself and his family.
            Evolution/Natural Selection will solve this. Like the minister who took his family into the ghetto and was shot, a lack of intelligence is solved by Evolution.

    • If you want people to know who you are clip the segment at UTR where you accepted the drink & exchanged a hug. And if you want people to know what happened clip the segment when you were outraged. Anyone who views these back to back will start think – something happened here…

  13. I feel bad for Chris. He is likely just a troubled dude who has been through a lot. We all have. Antifa is always doing violence. Chris just defended himself. We are always targeted and some of these people just need a break.

  14. Victor Samuel Mackey, played by Michael Chiklis, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the FX crime drama series The Shield, which ran for seven seasons.


    He is Irish, and associating with their kind was your first mistake. You can’t trust them, they are all the same.

    • So you get some your “information” from TV shows. That explains alot about you and your delusions about the Irish.

      • Sertorius—-The Shield was an Irish show. Created by an Irish writer who wrote a story of a typical Irish cop/criminal. The name Vic Mackey was taken from the show by an Irish FBI agent to setup Cantwell. Come on Mick even an Irish retard like yourself can see that.

  15. “Christian Nationalism vs. White Nationalism…”

    “…obsessive focus on race and the lack of interest in morality was a major flaw which repeatedly hobbled our collective efforts…”

    I don’t believe this is true. Not that any one error on the part of WN is not troublesome to us but that focusing on ethics with an enemy with zero, no ethics at all . Beating ourselves up over ethics is a losing position.

    Just because the Jews say that some people have similar ideas to us that are not ethical, then it does not mean we are unethical. It’s just another fake narrative to beat us over the head with.

    I mean by complaining about this you are in essence saying their point is correct, but we have no influence or control over what every single White person does so we should stop apologizing for them.

    I’m pro-White but I don’t feel responsible for Dylann Roof. At all. Not even the slightest. This extra sensitivity to what others think is a big problem and a well known attribute of Whites. It’s why we’re in the sort of mess we are in today. If Whites didn’t care about people calling us racists, we would throw all the migrants out the country tomorrow.

    What I’m trying to point out is sure talk about what you think are mistakes but I don’t think saying, “Christian Nationalism vs. White Nationalism…” is in our interest. They not our enemies, none of them are. That they have made mistakes is fine to point out, but it doesn’t make them your enemy.

  16. The zeitgeist seemed to have shifted in 2014 & the term “Alt-Right” became associated with trangressive online humor. Jokes, memes, satire, mockery & trolling. This was effective at going after what Sam Francis & Hunter Wallace have described as the taboos & -isms & -phobias. A countercultural scene which supported the highly unusual candidacy of Trump in 2015.

    There was also a rapid & entertaining reassessment of the 20th century & its ideologies. The Owl of Minerva had flown on the 20th century (1914-2014) w/ myths deconstructed & movements reevaluated.

    There was unfortunately a subset of people who found it difficult to distinguish between online jokes & real life. Or that considering interwar ideologies online is different from turning up at public events with armbands, salutes & the NSM. Or that running for office & promoting the work of Kevin MacDonald are not the same thing.

    Spencer wanted to make the Alt-Right “real” w/ a corporation (though he had dropped the term in 2013 for Radix/NPI). The 2 Andy’s wanted to “Nazify” it & fought w/ the 2 Matt’s over who would be the real representative of TrueNS. Others saw Trump as the start of a shift in the electorate w/ the GOP as a vehicle.

    But what happens when you want to make a trangressive scene “real” & create a hierarchy w/ such a disparate set of personalities w/ their own ideas. Or associate it with a figure who unexpectedly won the presidency & turned into a bit of a joke. And the AR was all about following the jokes.

  17. There are 2 contradictory things:

    1) In hindsight UTR was maybe the wrong location & some of the wrong people turned up
    2) But a lot of the right people did turn up. They unjustly got screwed.

    2) is more important than 1). Though 1) should be acknowledged.

    On the 5th anniversary that should be the focus.

    I don’t see why you don’t put your heads together & make the speeches you would have made . You can disagree about various things. But surely you can agree that rally was legally permitted for a legitimate cause and what happened was an outrage.

    Also I never understood what you were doing w/ a group like the NSM. This was my primary concern re UTR. People who wanted do something pro-heritage/speech/white were being “united” with literal not online ironic Nazis.

    • >2) is more important than 1). Though 1) should be acknowledged.

      I agree, and have pointed this out numerous times: UTR can be seen as a PR disaster only in hindsight — the organizers are participants were not responsible for that, as the Heaphy Report made clear.

      And without the Fields incident the reputation of UTR would not be nearly so bad.

      Besides, the later removal of the Lee statue shows concern was more than warranted.

  18. Cantwell did our cause a ton of harm. He thinks any publicity is good publicity- how wrong he is. I do like his banter though, and he did get too much time in the clink. I predict that when he is released some fresh charges will hit him, he will be arrested again within days or months of him getting out.

    • I’ve heard others say that, that bad publicity is good, because it puts them in the spotlight. That’s really bad thinking.

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