1. When it comes to blacks having segregated schools, organizations, PACS. etc, that is good segregation but Whites what the same thing for their people, that is racist segregation.

    • You need to understand that America’s morality has changed to consider Nonwhites instead of Whites. This change in morality has been brought about through continuous empathetic narratives of Nonwhites which portray their viewpoints of history and their conflicts with other people with the bulk of these conflicts being between them and Whites. White children, through a combination of emotion stimulation and rhetoric, are drawn towards identifying with these Nonwhite viewpoints and they soon come to identify with these Nonwhites like hating what they hate, loving what they love, and fighting for what Nonwhites fight for which is why Whites will be willing to bow down in guilt and say Black Lives Matter or fight against hate against Nonwhites. What’s even worse is that Whites are told this identification with Nonwhites is “socially progressive” as if this is the same as expanding your knowledge of the objective world that we live in when in actuality it a change in perspective in human affairs is just neither of which are anything objective except for the fact that these perspectives a part of a conflict.

      This “virtue” of empathy is also taught to young White children in order to make it easier for them to identify with Nonwhites which is a teaching method that goes as far back as the boomer generation through educational and entertainment. two institutions that Jews dominate.

      So, Blacks can have segregated schools and Whites can’t which is stupid because Whites have every reason to be segregated because they are, believe it or not, anatomically different from Nonwhites, who are a genetic threat to them.

  2. “Why do these people believe in rightwing conspiracy theories like the Great Replacement? I don’t get it.”

    That made me laugh. It certainly is odd to see mainstream media presenting as groundbreaking analysis what’s been discussed at blogs like this one for—what? Two decades?

    • >That made me laugh.

      Does it bother you that the media is so dishonest? — that they seem to call into question the obvious reality that Whites are being replaced as the majority population? — that they seek to stigmatize noticing or acknowledging this fact? — they want to make Whites afraid to notice, as they have made Whites afraid to be called racist — if Whites are afraid to notice, they will also be afraid to object.

      As I mentioned before, by calling it the ‘Great Replacement’ and designating it a ‘conspiracy theory’, they seek to make it difficult for Whites to suspend disbelief — they want Whites to ask themselves how this ‘conspiracy’ operates, e.g. do the conspirators have weekly zoom calls? — etc — this will lead some fraction of Whites to reject the reality of the ‘Great Replacement’ because they cannot believe, or due to the stigma don’t want to believe, in the ‘conspiracy’.

      In a similar nefarious campaign that has been waged for decades, the media praises ‘diversity’ while at the same time cleansing race crime stories, and never openly acknowledging in any direct way that non-whites commit more crime and make for ‘bad schools’.

      • “Does it bother you that the media is so dishonest?”

        Why would it bother me? It’s just a method. What bothers me is that whites are so lacking in wit that they’re being defeated by it.

        • It seems like someone bothered that ‘whites are so lacking in wit that they’re being defeated by it’ ought to also be bothered by, i.e. find objectionable, the ‘it’ — especially when the ‘it’ involves a kind of dishonest moral blackmail designed to defeat innate rational self-interest in the face of the obvious threat posed by racial/demographic replacement.

          Of course at the same time the media stokes resentment against Whites by saying (with a straight face) that Whites have ‘privilege’ and enjoy ‘supremacy’ achieved via ‘institutional racism’.

          Seems like a lot to not be bothered by.

          • “… especially when the ‘it’ involves a kind of dishonest moral blackmail designed to defeat innate rational self-interest in the face of the obvious threat posed by racial/demographic replacement.”

            Repeating yourself doesn’t make your point any more valid.

            Your enemies have been running from the same playbook for millennia, and all you can do is splutter about it.

  3. Steve Phillip’s wife is the heiress Susan Sandler. She has Glioblastoma, brain cancer, and does not have long to live.

    it is nice he has time to sell books on MSNBC.

    They are all better than us, don’t you know?

    • Sandler is the Daughter of the Golden West (((Sandlers))) who profited massively from the mortgage-racketeering which led to the 2008 bailout of the Banksteins. She’ll be off to see the devil soon but her monkey-mate Phillip will probably get some of the loot. He’s the author of Brown is the New White, a tome openly celebrating the Great Replacement that Jewsmedia promotes and denies the existence of at the same time. The Sandlers lived on ‘Billionaire’s row’ in San Franshitsco – a city which is high on my wish list for some urban improvement using highly radioactive explosive devices of massive power.

      • @Exalted Cyclops—have you seen all the Irish who have died from Glioblastoma—-

        Ted Kennedy
        John McCain
        Beau Biden
        William Casey

        And the Jews like Susan Sandler. There is a genetic link to glioblastomas. Both the Irish and the Jews are guilty of inbreeding, producing and breeding children within their own bloodline. God does not approve of these breeding practices.. There is your evidence. Add to that homosexuality.

        And how can a peoples, the Irish and the Jews lead and rule over us when their blood is condemned by God?

        The blood is incestuous and racism is an attack on the blood. Why didn’t any of your highbrowed racists ever think of that?

      • @exalted
        “Sandler is the Daughter of the Golden West (((Sandlers))) who profited massively from the mortgage-racketeering which led to the 2008 bailout of the Banksteins”

        Aha, so that is how he is plugged into the kosher network. I knew his ideas and terms of expression weren’t his own. His script and books are written by the nose behind the curtain.

  4. America is well on its way to becoming a predominately Black country with a mixed Jewish upper class. The sad part is that Whites are anatomically different from Nonwhites meaning they are a special race of people who aren’t even evolutionarily or ancestrally related to Nonwhites even when Whites mix with them. Nonwhites in comparison, no matter who they are, are all the same genetically and both of these racial differences are explained here.

    I highly recommend that all Whites should read this information because it is crucial to their racial identity and survival otherwise those Jewish elites and their Nonwhites will contentiously destroy the White Race. The shrinking of the White voting block is already showing that Whites are having less influence and control over their government.

  5. It doesn’t matter how unpopular the Democratic administration gets, they’re going to pull off a midterm “miracle” because of “new Americans” and embittered and angry women who feel their “right” to abortion has been taken away. In other words, get ready for banana republic style vote fraud from here on out goyim.

  6. The implicit assumption of these idiots like the colored people on MSNBC and the rest of the Lügenpresse is that they will inherit and get to enjoy the spoils of a high functioning, White country with Whites either out of sight, dead or relegated to vastly inferior positions. They will learn the hard way that life isn’t that way. When the White man departs. civilisation departs with him. See South Africa or Rhodesia for examples of this rule in action.

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