Joe Biden: Democracy Itself Is On The Ballot

I haven’t voted since the 2016 election.

I voted in primaries in Alabama, but Jeff Sessions and Mo Brooks lost. I will be voting against Joe Biden and American Democracy and for MAGA Republicans in the midterms though.

The single biggest reason that has motivated me to do so is that Joe Biden acts like a Third World dictator and has weaponized law enforcement against his political opponents. Democrats can’t be trusted not to abuse power to trample on civil liberties. This is why I changed course in February 2021 because this is what makes them the far greater evil.

If you would rather just not participate in politics because you don’t like your options, as I did in 2014, 2018 and 2020, there isn’t an out anymore. These people won’t leave you alone because to oppose their agenda even if you don’t even like Donald Trump or Republicans is to oppose Democracy itself. Also, if MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascists” and “Enemies of Democracy,” then I must be on some kind of enemies list as a full blown “fascist” because those people aren’t nearly as radical as me.

I’m also sick and tired of the 1/6 Committee. If MAGA Republicans win the midterms, they will at least get rid of it. I’m tired of hearing about 1/6 which is being used as a Reichstag Fire incident to justify a power grab.


  1. The problem with voting between the two party charade is nothing really ever changes for the better because both parties are more concerned about pandering to special interests groups while ignoring the White majority. It should be the other way around but have have seen over the decades, it’s not.

    • It changes. When too many outsiders enter the system, system network collapses.

      In the Soviet Union we had only one party and non believing members made enough damage to crack this monolithic monster and make it defunct.

      This is why local elections are so important. Sometimes one honest person inside the system who dares to say no is enough to paralyse organization and derail evil plan.

  2. „If you would rather just not participate in politics because you don’t like your options, as I did in 2014, 2018 and 2020, there isn’t an out anymore.“

    There is, but people haven’t gotten kicked enough by the big boot to support it…yet.

      • Amphetamines will shorten whatever lifespan the dirty old bastard has left and diminish his already limited mental capacity too. Dementia Joe’s handlers have no choice though if they want their boy to stay vertical. Dementia Joe may just seize up anyway one day like a filthy old lawnmower engine and keel over, all done.

        Then it’s “Cackling Kamala, Come on Down! You are now Mr. President, you won the booby prize!”

        • “diminish his already limited mental capacity too”

          That’s the reason i ask if he has a micro earpiece concealed in his ear canal. I suspect he is being ‘prompted’ in his speeches.

  3. LOL — look at the demographics behind him — some senile old white fossil exhorting the darkies on the ‘democrat plantation’, along with pleb Whites who are dumb enough to still think the Democrats give a shit about them, to ‘save democracy’ — how can any self-respecting white person look on a scene like that and feel this is their country, or one they want anything at all to do with?

  4. “This country wasn’t founded or built by a silent majority. Those people who have resigned themselves to being a part of the silent majority have resigned themselves to no longer being a part of this democracy.”
    — Ralph Nader (university speech, 1972)

    The Left has this elusive demon-crappy that no one but their wackos can “find” (it probably “found”/captured them) it. Only Marxists, Communists, sexual perverts, woke&broke enlightened ones, etc can ever attain this “utopia”, it would seem. How about the Kingdom — the Kingdom of God?

    • They are members of the genius class like that dinosaur, Ralph Nader. They believe Nietzsche: “God is dead.” God’s response: “Nietzsche is dead.”

  5. “Democracy Itself Is On The Ballot”

    Addressed to a population so stupid that don’t know America isn’t a democracy. What’s to be done with a nation of tards ?

  6. No democracy lasts long, they always fail hard and quick.

    What is on the ballot is The End of History: Technocratic Oligarchy vs an inchoate “No”

  7. Implying the biden occupation isnt just a front for a 3rd obama dictatorshipde

    Biden is going faster than Obama’s fuckery while being a severely worse dumbass. Obama wanted to do all of this too he just couldn’t because people were less stupid back then, still extremely stupid regardless but still less
    Bidens policy is basically continuing what the negro in chief wanted to do if he had the chance.

  8. OT

    Elsewhere (here) I made comments about rising interest rates and the impact this will have on required interest payments on the national debt etc — I’m not going to predict financial Armageddon because people who do are almost always wrong, and even if you manage to get such a prediction right there is always a stopped clock aspect to it.

    But as everyone knows there is political instability right now, even risk of a major military conflict; this is roiling financial and commodity markets (e.g. oil), with no sign it will end soon — high inflation robs people of purchasing power and creates feelings of economic and financial insecurity — the Federal Reserve is raising rates, and the federal government passed a bill, both nominally to combat inflation — both of these are more likely to make things worse.

    So take note of this: there’s a lot going on, none of it good, combined with incompetent and/or malevolent (however you want to see it) world leadership.

    linkPrinting money caused inflation. It’s that simple. A child can understand the principle of dilution. But now, to combat inflation, the government’s plan is to slow down the economy by increasing interest rates. I hope enough people will realize the firefighters are arsonists.

    (I personally do not agree ‘printing money’ = deficits alone caused inflation; as I said before, due to its international role, the world has an amazing ability to absorb US dollars — right now there is a rush into the USD, i.e. the dollar index is nearing all-time highs — this is a ‘flight to safety’, and NOT what you expect when a currency is seen as inflated.)

    linkBottom line: The Fed can’t go much higher. The Fed can’t stay at high rate levels for years. If they do, interest to service the national debt approaches $1.5 trillion per year, which is 35%+ of our total tax revenue.That is debt death spiral level.

    • linkLast 12 months federal interest expense continues to go parabolic, breaching $716 billion as of the end of August … We are continuing on the “no pivot” scenario currently … On current trajectory we will surpass $1 trillion in annual interest expense in April or May of 2023

      I assume ‘no pivot scenario’ means the Federal Reserve will not reverse course and lower interest rates.

      So total interest expense on the debt over the last 12 months thru August 2022 reached $716b.

      To compare, in Trump’s final budget (FY 2021), defense spending was $696b (link).

      So if this data is correct, and the trend continues, barring a significant increase in defense spending interest on the debt has already surpassed defense to become the 2nd largest federal budget item.

  9. I hope if Democracy is on the ballot, it gets BTFO’d.
    I realize that this is not going to happen, but I am allowed to dream.
    We seem to be stuck with this block tied to our necks for eternity.

  10. Oh, while I was disappointed with the GOP hacks Trump had on his staff, his administration had the best policy for 30 years and to have sat 2020 out and not voted against the Marxist Democrats as I see it was dereliction of duty. Who ever heard of Kushner’s silly “platinum plan” to toss away a dollar on a long shot other than a few in the far right who fixated in something so inconsequential like a girl with borderline disorder having a meltdown about nothing. No 2020 was critical and we needed all hands on deck to at least try to overwhelm their ballot box stuffing fraud machine. Not voting for Trump in such a critical moment in history was girls shit.

    • LOL

      There was no ‘policy’, only talk and monitoring — Trump was Situation-Monitor-in-Chief.

      If you subscribe to the logic of OD, then the excesses of the ‘Marxist Democrats’ since the election may have done a lot to enduringly turn voters away from them.

      So speaking for all of us (if I may) who were ‘derelict in our duty’ to vote for the Orange Man: no need to thank us.

  11. Democracy (or true democratic, people’s candidates) is not allowed to be on the ballot. in the U.sury S.ystem’s so-called democratic (s)elections. Nothing new! Remember, socialist Eugene Debs was arrested and held in federal prison through the 1918 (s)election cycle, for having made a democratic speech!

  12. “No democracy lasts long, they always fail”:

    What always undermines, corrupts and destroys people’s democratic republics must be, and eventually will be, eradicated. The good in human nature will finally triumph over the evil inclination.

  13. It is amusing to see Shitpants Joe wandering around after a speech or at some other event looking for someone to tell him what to do. But everyone, including his handlers and even Barry Soetoro, deliberately ignore his ass because they hate him and want him to look foolish.

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