Secular Talk: 62% of Republicans Support Christian Nationalism

Kyle is incapable of grasping this.

In his view, it is fine to use the Supreme Court as a battering ram to impose birth control, abortion, gay marriage, “trans,” feminism, interracial marriage, hardcore pornography and so forth on all 50 states. It is not “authoritarianism” to use the power of the government to, say, remove prayer from schools. Every state in the country should be forced to live under social liberalism.

Christian nationalism is nothing more than Christians wanting to see their own values reflected in government instead of the status quo where secular progressivism is just imposed on everyone.


  1. They are not going to stop the drag queen storytelling sessions with small kids. It is an obvious provocation. If mans law will not protect small children then gods law must……and will, Kyle.

  2. This is why the Left pushed so hard to have the fiction of “church and State”so hard. They knew since traditional culture is based on religious morality, they could use this fiction to keep our moral wishes out of the public square, while since the Left has no religious basis ,( which is of course nonesense, as what is “wokeness” after all ) if we complained, out came the charge “ church and state”. The Right has finally realized this is just a BS tactic. And are now saying, I’m Christian, and proud of it. Deal with it. And it’s about time, too. I’m not too proud to say the Christian world is better than the Lefts homosexuality, atheism, debauchery, abortion, sexualizing children, childlessness, vulgar lifestyles, male, and white racial hate, etc, etc. I think we really have the winning hands, if we really put the effort in

      Because they DESERVE IT.

      “The Bible reaches that there can and will be a progressive manifestation of peace in history, but only as a product of covenantal faithfulness in Church government, family government, and civil government. God’s people today have almost universally assumed that peace in the third covenantal institution- civil government- is possible only on the ‘neutral’ legal terms set forth by GOD’S ENEMIES… Thus, to defend God’s covenantal standards in the first two realms, Christians must now seek long-term victory in the third: civil government…. [this book] is a sustained attack on… this familiar compromise.’

      “Problem: knowing what failed to work before is not the same as knowing what strategy will lead to victory in the future.”
      “Rushdoony is correct: ‘To limit salvation to man’s soul and not to his body, his society, and his every aspect and relationship, is to deny its Biblical meaning.’ ”

      “Man thinks that he is disobeying God on his own account, in his own authority, but in fact, man must serve only one maser. Ethically, he subordinates himself to Satan when he refuses to obey God…”
      Dr. Gary North, Christian Economist, “Political Polytheism.”

      “Ye (Jews) are of your father, the Devil, and the deeds of YOUR FATHER (Satan) YE WILL DO.” – John 8:44 – JESUS CHRIST

  3. While Kyle may be a progressive liberal/left-libertarian, authoritarian progressives were thrilled to impose lockdowns, mask and vaxx mandates (which were proven to be useless and socioeconomically costly to say the least) during the scamdemic.
    They’re thrilled to impose carbon taxes and run small farmers out of business, to ban natural gas vehicles and energy from Russia dramatically inflating prices.
    Thrilled to trample on due process, free speech, privacy and firearms while they let homeless people loot, defecate and shoot up in the streets.
    Thrilled to impose their racial, sexual and gender ideology on minors,

    or in other words, it’s okay when progressives force people to do x but not okay when Christians and conservatives force people to do y.
    Progressives have no qualms about government forcing people to do whatever both in the economic and environmental, and in the medical and sociocultural spheres.
    They have no qualms about mob violence either so long as it’s Antifa/BLM mob violence.
    No qualms about racism and sexism so long as it’s anti-white racism and misandry.
    They’re totalitarians, so naturally Christians and Conservatives are taking off the gloves with the left, and rightfully so.
    Politics has become a zero-sum affair, and in all likelihood, it’s only going to get more bitter and uncompromising from now on.
    Which side will prevail?

    • Our side will prevail for simple reason. They do not have numbers. There are only 2-4% of genetic liberals.

      Yes, in 1917 Soviet Russia they won temporarely, but there were unique circumstances what we don’t have today.

  4. I could be wrong but at this point I doubt that Christians and conservatives will be strong enough to slay Globohomo/G.A.E. We are going to need men who are the equivalent of Heydrich, Mussolini or Napoleon to do that. And I don’t see such men anywhere in sight.

  5. What we need is a separation of synagogue and state. Contrary to what this Politico faggot says the Founders never intended America to be an officially atheistic state or a multiracial socialist democracy.

  6. They are anti White and anti Christian, their opinion is irrelevant.

    Gay marriage wouldn’t have been accepted as gently as it was if the majority of people had understood that in 8 years we’d be debating the merits of state sponsored mutilation of children and drag queen story hour.

    It was always a slippery slope, and its gotta go back. All queers must be pushed back into the shadows and marginalized utterly. Perverts should never be given recognition as legitimate. Ever. They are sick, and they intend evil and cannot be shown quarter.

    If they truly just want to “live their lives” they can do it on the downlow like they always did before.

  7. Kyle has dropped a new video about evangelical censorship. Kvetching about race-mixing and White identity politics.

  8. “Perverts should never be given recognition as legitimate. Ever. They are sick, and they intend evil and cannot be shown quarter.”

    The queers are ruining Hollywood..
    I was looking forward to watching Thor: Love & Thunder and the director came out and said he thinks EVERYONE is queer.

    Yuck if you give them an inch they will take a mile.

    Natalie Portman is very easy on the eyes but now these bully gays have ruined watching the flick for me.

  9. >Support Christian Nationalism

    Do they actually know what they’re supporting? — link

    Here is what I see as an attempt to characterize one aspect of Christian Nationalism:

    linkThis is also why Christianity is such a nuisance to totalitarianism. Its insistence upon the authority of the church & the family and its view of children as a protected class are impediments to tyrants

    Perhaps it ought to be renamed, or at least thought of as, Christian Anti-Federalism.

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