Disgust vs. Pragmatism

In a nutshell, this is my politics.

I oscillate between disgust with national Republicans and voting for Republicans in state and local races out of pragmatism.

In my case, I live in Alabama and every federal, state and local race in the 2022 midterms involves the choice of whether or not to vote for someone here. Specifically, I have to decide whether Gov. Kay Ivey, Katie Britt and Rep. Barry Moore are worth supporting along with whether or not to vote in other state and local races.

I’m not really angry at any of these people. Gov. Kay Ivey didn’t go crazy during COVID and has been an improvement over Robert Bentley aka The Love Gov. The Alabama state legislature banned abortion and passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Katie Britt has been more critical of Ukraine spending than MAGA Mo Brooks and Rep. Barry Moore has mostly voted the right way on issues like gun control and gay marriage.

Who is even on the ballot in your state? Everyone here likely has a different choice to make.


  1. You make a good point.

    I’d forgotten that local elections are both important and more difficult to electronically manipulate yesterday when I said our election system is too fraudulent to legitimize with participation.

  2. Won’t change a thing. CBDC is your ruler and they own both parties and all candidates since the war from the enclave in 1861on the sovereignty of ALL of the several Republics-States and their Sovereign’s the “Heritage American’s” (See NATIONALITY ACT OF 1790 and the Dred Scott adjudication and Lincoln’s intended follow through on that adjudication, https://www.ihr.org/jhr/v13/v13n5p-4_Morgan.html)

    With regard to their global monarchy see Jefferson appraisal here: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2020/01/poison-under-wings-constitution-john-devanny.html

  3. There’s no doubt that on more than one issue (Israel and bowing down to the Jewish Lobby being one of them) that republicans and democrats are the uniparty. However, the idea that both parties are the same and that there is not a dime of difference is BS and can’t be believed by someone who acknowledges reality. Republicans may be the stupid party, but they are certainly FAR less evil than the democrats. I understand the idea that voting is futile….but the Dobbs decision showed that years of dedication (and voting) can bear fruit. I’m embarrassed to say that in 2016, I voted for some democrats for some statewide positions. I did NOT vote for Hillary. That was the first year, I had ever voted for some democrats….and my state paid the price. Ever since 2016, I will never vote democrat again. I will not vote for a party that openly despises my existence as a white male, especially a white, gun-owning, conservative male who believes the interests of our country should be put first before any other country (I’m looking at you, Israel) So, yes, Mr. Wallace, to directly answer your question, I will vote republican down the ballot as I have been doing most of my life.

    P.S. I can’t stand DeSantis’s ass-kissing of the Jewish lobby…..but anyone who thinks we would be better off under 4 more years of pedophile and baby-killer Biden than DeSantis needs to have their head examined.

    • One has to wonder if some of them kiss the wall just to move forward. It’s hard to know if any of them really care about them, maybe some just know our government is controlled by their country.
      DeSantis actually has done some things, unlike Trump, who only talked big. Biden is communist, and does exactly what the left wants.

  4. In Georgia, I’m voting for Kemp out of pragmatism. Not bc I like the guy, but if Abrams loses, it might cause a mass exodus of libtard transplants responsible for swing my state purple. An Abrams win would be terrible and black pilling for white Southerners who still wish to fight for the protection of monuments and see abortion banned.

      • I’ll never forget the night I was out taking a walk 6-7 yrs ago, listening to the local news and heard about Abrams for the 1st time because she had said she wanted the Stone Mountain frieze sandblasted off.
        I swear I thought I was gonna have a stroke right there and then.
        My blood pressure had to be over 9000.
        I dislike Kemp a lot, but oh hell no.

          • I wish it were that simple.

            The people who support this everywhere are militant White urban atheists. See Charlottesville and Richmond. Yes, blacks and Jews also support this, but it wasn’t blacks who went on a rampage against monuments in Portland

            Politics can’t be reduced to race because millions of Whites support this and campaign for this. The same people topple statues in Canada. White Nationalists gloss over this fact

          • Why aren’t the churches doing something about this? Why do they sit back and let the monuments be destroyed? Or do they secretly approve of this?

      • HW,

        Wouldn’t the defacing of Stone Mountain mobilize the White South? Unless the power grid goes down and there is no AC/electric power/etc and unless there are tremendous shortages and there is no food in all the grocery stores, etc Whites aren’t really being pushed to fight back. We need an event to shake us down to the FOUNDATION where every White man reaches out to his White neighbors and all agree that we need to ALL meet together and fight off these liberal attacks and for White Southerners that would mean we secede from the Yankee Empire.

        Just askin’…

        • Good question.

          Look at all the other monuments that were torn down. It played a role in getting Glenn Youngkin elected in Virginia. It would probably mobilize normies, but people on the internet would insist on doing nothing because the system is too corrupt to participate in.

    • >libtard transplants responsible for swing my state purple

      Most of the population growth in GA today is due to Hispanics — both Blacks and Hispanics are widely outpacing Whites in population growth (link) — Blacks typically vote at least 4:1 for Democrats — Hispanics typically vote at least 2:1 for Democrats (due to Cubans, FL is often an exception).

      So it isn’t primarily ‘libtard transplants’ who have turned GA purple and will soon turn it blue.

  5. Well I would say judge it on a case by case basis. If I was in Georgia I would vote for Greene. If I was in Texas, I would vote for Abbott(who I know is not great) because I despise Beto O’Cuck. I would vote Kemp to stop Abrams even though the Georgia GOP is quite pathetic. I would vote for DeSantis in Florida for harm reduction. Other than that, I would likely sit out. New York and places like that have terrible candidates.

    Overall, I am disenchanted with Republicans/Conservatives and the like all together. Many are scared to use terms like White Identity or call out things for being anti-White.

    Joe Biden has called us terrorists but at the same time, I don’t know if Republicans are going to bail us out.

    Republicans as shown with the Trump presidency have a real tendency to ignore their base and focus on the groups that will never support them in large like Jews and Blacks.

    I like culture jamming the system and am glad people like Greene are out there. However if these Republicans win, I am also a bit worried like last time because they will get complacent and no longer try. They will likely get comfortable, sitting pretty, and then BAM! An even harder wave of anti-White, PMC, Neo-Liberal shills.

    Proceed with caution. I’m not the biggest voter fraud conspiracy theorist but I do believe the elections can be rigged. 2020 Trump was a bad candidate but even so, the voting process can be corrupt.

    If Democracy is on the ballot, vote against it!

    • The Leftists turned the Democrat Party Communist gradually. They didn’t get there overnight. Most importantly they never stopped organizing, installing their own systems, and advancing. They never lost focus.

      The Right makes small inroads and goes back to sleep every single time. They never completely reverse anything thus their candidates also lean increasingly left.

      Right leaning voters need to make a practice of vetting and electing evermore right-leaning candidates. They need to primary any “evolved” incumbents the moment it is clear that they are being turned by the lobbyists to enforce ideological discipline. And they need to primary that incumbent with a candidate to the right of the incumbent.

      Most importantly, they must make sure that future incumbents can be more easily recalled by their states and districts if they step out of line.

      Last but not least, Congress and their aides should not be drawing federal pay or medical or retire benefits. Those should be drawn from the states and districts they represent.

    • This idea of “punishing the republicans” for not being pure enough or what is very flawed when the alternative is a communist takeover. When the margins are so thin you need every vote you can get and the GOP reflects that. Only when there are supermajorities for some party can the debate begin within it to take it in a different direction. As the democrats become more and more powerful in areas, only then did it feel comfortable showing it’s true face. Back in the 90s in order to fool you Clinton sent a few blacks to the electric chair and passed a crime bill out of political expediency.

  6. I’ve talked a lot about how the House and Senate can make rules for voting. Here’s a direct Democrat law to do just that, but instead to help the Democrats. Why can’t do the same? We can. The Democrats have not one inkling of doubt when they get in power to use every single rule, law, anything, to crush us. I suggest we do the same. In fact letting only provident citizens vote and not the mob we would crush them at the poles.

    “House Democrats and exiting impeachment Republicans pass Liz Cheney’s bill, which allows voting 5 days after elections.”


    Any fool can see that they will just keep voting and adding up votes until every election the Democrats win.

    I cover in absurd detail how we could take over the whole country with just a majority vote in the House and Senate here,


    This would “immediately” change the whole landscape of the political order. Overnight. If we could just get people who will push our interest it would be done and overnight the political landscape would change. I think it would change the bureaucracy also. They would see the writing on the wall and lots of the mischief they are up to they would know that no one was going to back them up. They would be subject to prosecution within a new, far less forgiving government.

    • Your August 29 post was a very interesting one for sure. Definitely a springboard for discussion. Might even be worthwhile for HW to post as an article. Part of the problem we discussed in the wake of that post has to do with several supreme court decisions from the same era as Roe v. Wade. All states are effected by these decisions – nothing more than hamfisted legislation from the bench – all rooted in the infamous “civil rights” law of 1964, which basically abolished civil rights for whites. Extreme cases of the result of these decisions are California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona, among others.

      Illinois is the perfect example. Most of the state south of the counties surrounding Chicago would gladly be rid of that city and its environs. Chicagoland – an utter swamp of corruption and shitlibbery – rules the state. You cannot outvote them even if elections weren’t totally rigged. Like NY, CA and NJ, IL is a de-facto one-party state. The repukes are literally worse than useless like Liz Cheney. Kinzinger is a typical Illinois repuke.

      These city-ruled states would be much less harmful if the original legislative plan – having county-based representation (equivalent to the Senate) to counter the population-based districts (House) would cause the large mass of retards, shitlibs and die-ver-sity to at least have to potentially deal with a genuine opposition rather than the usual fake-and-gay G.O.P (which does not stand for Grand Old Party).

        • “I didn’t see earlier or I would have replied. First it’s in the links but all it takes is a majority vote in the House of Representatives to change the vote for the House and the Same for the Senate. Biden can not change this unless he’s willing to overthrow the Constitution,. Which he might. Judges can only over throw this by purely illegal rulings. Blatantly illegal and very obvious to even the most ignorant.

          The Constitution says,


          “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

          “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part.

          This means Congress can explicitly tell the courts that they can not rule on…say…regional representation. Congress can declare that the courts can not rule on things like, no one on welfare to vote or that all voters must have a high school diploma or a whole bunch of things that would IMMEDIATELY crater and destroy Democrat voters and drive them into insignificance. Overnight. To counter this would take some serious, major illegal bullshitting by the courts. Real bad stuff. Not that they wouldn’t do it but the worse they get, the more it’s evident that they are nothing but criminals. People say they don’t care about doing illegal stuff but they know that there’s some serious possibility of them hanging from their necks on the lamppost. The more illegal stuff they do the greater the possibility that they could suddenly trigger some mass uprising.

          A good start that they could do with only a majority vote would be;

          1. Someone here mentioned they could limit the vote to over 25. I like that one.
          2. No one on welfare able to vote.
          3. They could rescind all court decisions on regional based Senates in the States.
          4. Make it where only people registered to vote six months before elections could vote.
          5. Make sure all the elections are hand counted with a picture of every single ballot is taken and uploaded to the internet while it is being counted. Make sure that all voter roles are uploaded to the internet six months before the elections, with no more names added or any voters after this. This would vastly cut down on fraud. Make sure balanced party and independent poll watchers are present, or have all votes invalidated.

          All of this could be done with a majority vote in the Federal House and Senate. There’s a lot more but that would be a good start. If we could get regional representation in all the State Senates in the US it would totally destroy the city based Globalhomo overnight. Immediately. This would mean that the cities could no longer make policies that anyone not in the cites would not agree with. It would be earth shattering and the regional Senates could make even more rules that would all crush Democrat mobocracy voters.

          When I say “regional representation” what I mean exactly is that the traditional counties in each State would have one or two Senators. Another possibility would be that however many Senators in a State, they must have equal area in size.

          The main point is that we see directly the Democrats are willing to use every single legal and illegal move to remain in power. We can stop them, legally, no evil unlawful moves are needed, but we don’t. The Republicans if they played hardball like the Democrats could grind them into dust politically within a few months if they had the balls. And this is written in plain English right into the Constitution, without any stupid penumbra or other trickery.

          Hell we could even say no one can vote unless they were 35 or older to really screw with them.

          Once the mob vote is cancelled, then politicians will stop catering to the mob. There will be no votes there.

      • These big blue cities are enemy globalist colonies on American soil. We are in a similar position to a lot of the native populations in the countries England and France colonized. The big cities in those colonies were run by the globalist colonial power and stocked full of imported Hindus and Chinese as a merchant administrative class ruling over the locals.

      • That was the post where Sam promoted the arch reactionary anti-revolutionary General Wrangel, via an article promoting General Wrangel by a libertarian activist and proud (unrepentant!!!) veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Regarding his plan to make clever use of the Constitution to change voting laws:

        It is right-populist reformism, not the Revolution that people need.

        • “…It is right-populist reformism, not the Revolution that people need….”

          I don’t care what you call it. It would mean that the people I want in political control would be in control and would be making all the law and the rules. What do we need a revolution for? What would we get with a revolution that we could not get by having regional State Senates and limiting the vote to people not improvident?

          An example. If you wanted a cup of sugar and went to your next door neighbor and he let you borrow one, would you kill him for it? I mean you have the cup of sugar. What’s the point. If you overthrow the system where the Globalhomo is harnessed, then why wish for some sort of bloodletting meltdown? There’s no point.

          Revolutions are always silly assed stupid things, mostly. I doubt and armed rebellion in the US would in any way work out to our advantage.

  7. Michigander here. Pretty much disgusted and believe voting is a waste of time at the national and largely at the state level too. A couple of local (county) decisions to be made via the polls which I will go to vote on. Since I’ll be there, probably vote for the Repuke candidate for governor just to help get rid of incumbent Witchmer.

  8. Italian polls just closed – exit polling has ‘far right’ victory in Italian Parliament and Senate too, big impact for all Europe … Projections:

    Coalition of
    FDI Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia ‘Brothers of Italy’ the big winner, 25% of the national vote
    LEGA – Salvini’s Lega
    FI – Berlusconi’s Forza Italia

    Tho the coalition has maybe 45% of the vote this becomes clear majorities of actual seats in both houses of parliament –

    Parliament – 222 deputies of 400 for above coalition
    Senate – 113 senators of 200 for above coalition

    photo of charts from Italy –

  9. I am voting against Democrats. I was an independent before but after this disastrous Biden administration I will be permanently voting against Democrats. Never again.

  10. I will continue to vote for the lesser evil, the Democrats. Republicans want to bulldoze my home and build Walmarts and payday loan centers on the land, then import Blacks and Mexicans to work there. If they believe mouthing some rehashed Judeo-Christian rhetoric from the 1980s is enough to rectify that, then they are mistaken.

    As for the FBI raiding Q-tards and Trump grifters like that pillow salesman, I view that as a positive development.

  11. Don’t forget about the school board elections. Most of the woke BS comes out of the govt. schools.

    Ryan Girdusky runs runs the “1776 Project” pact and has enjoyed a lot of success in changing school boards from being controlled by Leftists to people who take a pro-American stand, especially history. I live in Florida and a number of boards have been flipped recently including the Miami-Dade school district, one of the largest in the country.


    Controlling immigration and education are the two biggest weapons in the cultural Marxists’ arsenal.

  12. Here in the Pacific Northwest the battle has been joined against the blue-haired Karen’s and the Lesbo who wants to take the Governor’s mansion.

    The Repubs are pumping in a bit of money into some of the more rural races. If we can get a beach head there then there is a chance of completing the full Christian DOMINIONIST take over!

  13. I am in a state that I’m pretty sure rigged the mail-in last time. I have maybe one decent (long-shot) candidate on the ballot in November but i can’t decide whether worth voting or better to protest the vote shenanigans. It’s like if i just vote again I’m condoning the system and the counters as legitimate.

  14. I am going to vote in my Governors race.

    Nationally, the GOP/RNC will funnel all the current outrage against the Great Satan into more support for Israel, more funding of Ukraine, opposition to Russia/Iran, more support for immigration/diversity (anti-Whitism), more war (patriotardism), more tax cuts for the rich/corporations, and opposition to the social security safety net (socialism).

    The GOP/RNC are magicians, truly. Watch it happen in real time, soon.

    What will change this is NOT voting for the Republicans on the national level. The Great Satan will accelerate this to a point where hopefully the entire Senate GOP will be replaced due to the tsunami of anger against them for remaining silent and passive.

    The bogus Hollywood hearings the GOP promises won’t do anything because they have zero police power and zero will to use police power against the Left with control of the executive.

    They could work to defund the DOJ/FBI but they won’t. And that is the entire point.

  15. Do you not know Stacy Abrams is president of Earth? She loves Star Trek and so they made her president of Earth. Look it up on You Tube. And that is why I always root for the Klingons!

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